58 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 9-1-17

  1. It’s Friday.
    You know what that means?
    It means that it’s September already.
    I’ve already changed my calendar
    And it’s 68 degrees in Greensboro.

    Aj can’t count for first.

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  2. Good Morning Everyone. I like the photo of the church and the cemetery. I think we have lost something when we no longer have a churchyard cemetery. There is a cemetery associated with Brightwater Methodist where I am related to almost everyone there. You learn your family history there. The first Sunday in April is “Memorial”. Dinner on the grounds and your “people’s” graves must be cleaned up with fresh flowers. I haven’t been in years but should probably mark my calendar for next year. As a child it always meant a new dress. Yes it was close to Easter, but I still got something special to wear to that.

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  3. DJ, It was a little warm yesterday at the zoo which (like the one in Colorado Springs) requires hiking up hills. Chris was tired, but I magically revived her with a plate of Mexican food at a little hole-in-the-wall family-owed place I found in the barrio. Still, I decided it would be a little toasty below the flight deck of the Midway, so we opted instead to find a scenic spot. Chris was prepared to defend the statue of her countryman in case any Red Lives Matter folks showed up. I hope it cools down in your part of California.

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  4. Someone special is coming to meet me!

    If you listen to Dolly to the end, you get a chance to hear it by the Carter family.
    You will notice that it is not exceptional talent. I could likely say “come come” better than AP Carter. But they are the ones who took country off the front porch and onto the air. And it lasted for a couple of generations. The women took the lead throughout. So far as I know, June, Johnny’s wife was the last.
    About that time, Jimmy Rodgers did the same for western. But he died early. After that was Gene Autry and Roy Rogers.

    Everyone on the Opry stage owes the Carters.

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  5. Good morning! The header photo was taken during the eclipse. I think the tablet camera made the sky look lighter because of the clouds so you can see the church and cemetery even though it was dark at that moment. This is in the Nantahala area of NC where Art’s folks lived. This is where both sets of his grandparents are buried along with other relatives. It was a blessing from God to have this site to ourselves during the eclipse. We both had our individual binoculars, but I chose to get photos during the actual time of the eclipse.

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  6. I had delayed my morning walk as I felt certain Chas would make a gallant defense of the Carters, and I was not disappointed.

    Y’all have a Good Friday.

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  7. Art and I saw the Bill Murray movie, St. Vincent, in which Murray plays an aging vet with a heart and a lot of addictions. The movie has a good message, but some of the language was a bit much for my delicate ears. It is rated PG-13, but I would not want a young teen to view it.

    We also watched a Japanese film last night, Still Walking, which was a fictional portrayal of Japanese family life from a director of documentary films. It was engaging. It really captured universals which everyone can relate to who interact with family during visits home.


  8. Gee, if I do all my caterwauling and whining here and tell you all my problems, will you solve them all?

    There I was last night, “Terrible, turquoise, not tarantula, turtle . . . ”

    And then it was 5:10. I slept seven hours for the first time in years last night . . . thank you.

    This is what normal feels like? I like it. πŸ™‚

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  9. Is it Morning already? I couldn’t sleep at all last night…tossin’ and turnin’…tossin’ and turnin’ all night!!!! Tarantulas indeed!!!First cup up of coffee down heading to the Kuerig for a second!

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  10. I have never put this much time into shopping for a large purchase. In the past, for appliances, I always went to Sears Outlet for a dent and scratch model. Cars are good for me if they go. A house, you walk through and make an offer knowing it won’t be accepted, but it is. Easy peasy. But a refigerator in 2017? Colleges should offer degrees in wise consumerism.

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  11. Force Friday is when all the new Star Wars merchandise is released. We managed to find 3 of the 5 items we were looking for in stores, plus one we weren’t looking for, and got the 4th on-line. Only 1 to go. And it only took a trip to 4 different stores, the first at midnight last night. πŸ™‚

    What can I say? My daughter is a geek. πŸ™‚

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  12. Janice, I research the heck out of buying big things, cars included, but then I hardly ever buy cars since I drive them until they die. It’s a once in a decade+ event for me. Appliances, even more so.

    My old Quaker church had a cemetery connected to it and it was said that it’s an important connection, to remind churchgoers of their mortality every Sunday.

    I’m about to drop back off to sleep here, I stayed up way too late watching the movie McFarland, USA. Very good, but it went later than I expected it would and was good so I *had* to finish it.

    Maybe a second cup of coffee will help.

    Ricky, is that statue in your one photo something that should be torn down? You were right to stay away from the USS Midway in the heat, nothing hotter than a big, metal war ship in a heat wave.

    Ours is continuing, though I managed to cool down my house to 82 (!) by midnight by leaving the doors and multiple windows wide open and by running every fan I could find on high speed.

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  13. Shopping for my refrigerator was made easy by my space limitations — finding one that fit was the biggest challenge I faced, so my choices were quite limited.

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  14. “Lesson in successful living: One side of the story is never more than that.”

    Source: https://www.facebook.com/showsmarkroth/posts/111126582277257

    Hi, Chas and Crew. I forgot about this place till I saw this from Karen a few minutes ago: https://www.facebook.com/showsmarkroth/posts/4199661401815?comment_id=4345398&comment_tracking=%7B%22tn%22%3A%22R0%22%7D

    There. That ought to be enough links to force this comment into moderation. 😯

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  15. Too many choices, Janice, and a fear that you will make a mistake, because of too much information on the internet. Shopping used to be fun. I seldom find it fun anymore. 😦

    Also, in the technology realm, too many purchases mean an upgrade to other items. A domino effect that is most unpleasant, unless you have one of those geeks around. Geeks are good in those situations.

    Chas, the Carters would never have been heard of without the people who sought them out to make money from their sound. I guess business people and capitalism get some credit, too.

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  16. Hi Mark.
    Sure, without the entrepreneurs, the Carters would still be on the front porch and Kim would never heard Johnny and I wouldn’t have heard Anita.
    And he was just trying to make a buck.
    Or two.
    And WSM was just trying to sell Prince Albert smoking tobacco.
    It works.

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  17. Welcome back, Mark. It’s been ages. I used to go to your blog, but when our computer died, I lost the link. So here you are again and we can get your insight on whatever we talk about.


  18. I enjoyed the Church in the Wildwood. I really enjoyed the second one. And now I am really really enjoying the Celtic Woman singing You Raise Me Up after Amazing Grace…..

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  19. with bagpipes…

    Do you have any idea how challenging it is to move a herd of goats and a herd of sheep without a sheep dog (Jake, you say? She is a bird dog and I did not bother with her though she would have helped) and four people who don’t know what they are doing?

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  20. But eagle eye ten year old hollered out, ” the goats are going into the sheep pasture!” and she and I raced down. I had to stop listening to the Celtic Woman at that point. I told her to toss branches into the goat pasture while I grabbed my air soft rifle and started loading up. I shot towards the furthest out buckling, he scampered back to the goat pen and the others went along. Only had to get Samson’s head out of the deer fence. Dumb wether….and wether owner…..made in God’s image, don’t say that. Thoughless act. Pay attention.

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  21. No sixteen year old, we don’t stand between where we want the bucks to go and then wave our arms. They stop going there.

    No eleven year old, we don’t stand up suddenly in front of the sheep when they are going the right direction.

    But it is done and they are all a little bit stronger for it. I told them they were working like the big children now. They grinned. Self confidence is usually a very good thing.

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  22. Mumsee, I am happy to see that I am not the only adult who leaves gates open. The cows will be out, and when I go to round them back up, sure enough, I was the guilty one. We have a blue heeler, that is a header. Always gets in the gate and barks when you have them going in the right direction. I think that’s why he ended up living at our house.

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  23. Michelle, from last night, LOL, I’m glad you found my tarantula line humorous. πŸ™‚ I sometimes also laugh so hard I cry at people’s quips, so am thankful I can provoke a good belly laugh in others on occasion. πŸ˜‰ (And if your family is like mine, they mostly laugh at me laughing so hard I can’t choke out what is so funny, ha!)

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  24. Has everyone started their weekend early? Over two hours since the last post.

    I am writing a post for my piano website blog right now (OK, not right now, right now I’m typing on AJ’s blog, LOL), but am getting too analytical over there, typing, erasing, typing some more, somewhere in the middle, instead of just getting words on the page, top to bottom then editing after that.

    I am not very good at just spilling my thoughts onto the screen first, without all the back and forth, “no, that’s not how I want to say it!” thinking getting in the way.

    So I’m taking a break, and checking out what’s happening with you guys. And nothing’s happening here!

    Alright, end of the diversion. Maybe I’ll go take a walk. Fresh air might get the creativity flowing.

    How DO you writers do what you do? I’m in awe.

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  25. Jo, you have mail. πŸ™‚

    If anyone else who doesn’t already have my web address would like it, I can email it to you on request. It’s got a lot of my local contact information, or I’d post it here, but I am happy to provide it behind the scenes, if you will, to my friends here.

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  26. 6 Arrows, I’d like to see it. I didn’t offer to critique it when you asked for that, since I’m no expert on websites, but I would be interested in seeing it.


  27. It’s a lovely website.

    My day went in all sorts of different directions. Apparently my phone won’t post here, so you didn’t learn Mr. Fit had to go to Urgent Care this morning after tripping while jogging.

    He scraped up his knee, elbow and shoulder and somehow wound up with a half-inch cut next to his eye. I told him he needed stitches, he decline.

    So I took a picture and sent it to our favorite EMT who called and told him to get stitches. I bandaged it up with an adorable Jane Austen bandaid and off we went.

    Because it’s him, the entire trip was flawless. Brand new urgent care that opened today. Short wait, triage nurses falling all over themselves because he wore a princess bandaid.

    He corrected them on the subject and impressed them even more. We were home two hours later and I went to work.

    3 stitched. I won but CR got the credit . . . .

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  28. We just returned from visiting our daughter down south (Saskatchewan, that is). It was a good time just relaxing beside a prairie lake (in a very large coulee) under the trees and just talking and enjoying each other’s company.

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  29. Me too, 6 arrows

    Glad Mr. Fit is all stitched up.

    Home, wrote 3 stories, not bad for a Friday before a long weekend.

    The house is sweltering, of course — 92 degrees at almost 7:30 p.m. — but all the windows and doors are open and the fans are blasting. Let’s hope it drops a few degrees by bedtime. Poor dogs, they really don’t like the heat either, they went through 2 bowls of water today and Cowboy’s eyes are really weepy, not sure what’s going on with that but I’m keeping an eye on it. (An eye on his eyes, as it were.)

    Did I mention it’s hot?

    I see where even in SF today it got up to 106.

    We hovered around 100 + or – a few degrees here or there.

    Tomorrow looks to be about the same. If we’re lucky, it will drop a little bit by Sunday and Monday.


  30. Mrs L and I enjoyed a stroll in a local park dedicated to preserving the largest population of grey bats in the world. They are endangered and over 200,000 hibernate here every winter. There were other bats out and about. The city parks department sponsored the event, but I think all the noise the children were making made the bats find somewhere else to fly.

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  31. I have been thankful the hot water heater decided to go out and be replaced before all of this. Miguel had repaired the air conditioner the weekend before. He has not tolerated extremes in temps well. Probably the blood thinners. I would certainly welcome any of ya’ll to sit in my airconditioned living room and drink tea.

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  32. DJ, I sent a link to an email I think is yours. πŸ™‚ We ended up on a group email together some time in the past, so my email address book put your address at the time into my contact list. Yours was a gmail address, and I sent it a few minutes ago, and it looks like it went through fine. Let me know if you don’t receive it.

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