26 thoughts on “News/Politics 9-2-17

  1. Trump is really in trouble not:

    Mark Ruffalo calls for Donald Trump to be removed from office as he marches against white supremacy

    Who is this Mark Ruffalo?
    Why do I care?

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  2. @12:42 I’ve only personally known 2 arranged marriages (one I knew fairly well). Both were successful. That only happens if both parties keep a positive attitude, treat each other with respect, and know (and agree upon) their realm of authority—and stay in it.

    For Trump, I suppose that would mean refraining from tweeting any random negative thoughts about Kelly, and respecting his management of White House staff. And for Kelly, no leaks or public grandstanding or grousing, and no contradicting the President’s positions, all while actively organizing and maintaining the White House and its inter-agency relationships with solid, wise, competent counsel. The Mrs. has his work cut out for him in this arranged marriage. I wish him well as long as he is fully on board with the President’s agenda. :–)

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  3. Michelle @8:09 That’s not good. It’s potentially disastrous for Christians who run online businesses. I hope enough publicity is given to the issue to discourage Paypal and Stripe from following suit.


  4. Good post, Debra. However, I don’t think it was an arranged marriage. Trump courted Kelly for months. He respects Kelly, and knew he needed a strong Chief of Staff who would be respected and whom he might respect. Kelly allowed himself to be courted and finally said, ‘I do.” I am sure some of Kelly’s peers warned him against taking the job, but he is a patriot and military heroes don’t shy away from tough jobs.

    Kelly’s top jobs:

    1. Get rid of the sycophants (Scaramucci), cancers (Bannon) and half-wits (Gorka).
    2. Make sure the President gets good information. As the article indicates, this involves a change of intellectual food. Presidents can’t live on Fox and Friends alone.
    3. Make sure the President is briefed before all meetings. If he chooses to free-lance in the meeting, that is his right to do so; but it is the staff’s job to prepare him.
    4. Help the President use his strengths. By all accounts, he is very good with others in person; not so much on the phone.
    5. Keep the President busy. If you don’t want him rage tweeting, give him other things to do.

    And this one is my favorite:

    6. Have Trump tell “his people” in rallies and on Twitter that the jobs are now out there. He has “fixed” the economy. All that is needed is effort, persistence and ingenuity, and maybe a little training and a move to where the jobs are located.

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  5. DJ, Today we are heading to Coronado. Please note that (per your advice) I am wearing socks. And these aren’t little girls’ tennis socks; they are mens’ athletic socks from the 1970s.

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  6. Ricky,

    You don’t need to defend the El Cid statue. He isn’t an American hero so the leftists will leave it alone. And like Che Guevara and Fidel statues in Cali, they’re exempt because they’re heroes to the left.

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  7. AJ, I have discovered that the lefties out here are pretty down on the Spanish. They fault them for bringing Christianity to the Indians.


  8. From Ricky’s link, it appears Kelly’s job is to create and maintain a safe space for Trump to prevent any triggers due to micro-aggressions placed on his desk.

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  9. Kizzie, However, it keeps things humorous. I think we should install a “Hot Line” between General Kelly and Dictator Kim’s babysitter. They probably need to know if the other one’s child is in a bad mood.

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  10. Woo-hoo!

    “The” ship. And something golf-y. And the zoo & the sock-mandated Coronado and Balboa Park.

    I declare: You’ve seen and experienced San Diego.

    Time to get back to your flood and take care of our many California transplants and their Texas mansions.

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  11. Is there still a quaint “old town” section? Sock-less boyfriend, dumped after 3 dates (it was the reptile collection in the garage and liberal politics that did that one in, not just the “no socks”), took me there once, it was lovely.

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