Our Daily Thread 8-31-17

Good Morning!

I’m not sure of the exact date, but I know Ricky and his wife are celebrating an anniversary, so Happy Anniversary to the Weavers


Anyone have a QoD?


50 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 8-31-17

  1. Good Morning and Happy Anniversary.
    My cell phone still does not work at my house! It has been over a week of AT&T promising to have the problem fixed. First it was the 29th, then the 30th, then they told me it would happen at 2 this morning and to power off and cycle my phone when I started my day—still no bars. It will work if I go stand in the southeast corner of my back yard, but not very well. That would be fine if were weren’t having so much rain.

    In other news I received a text a little after midnight that my Baby Girl is home. Oh to once again have the stamina to drive 24 hours. (There were two other people with her). My limit is about 8 hours perhaps I can push it to 12.

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  2. Thanks, AJ, Chas, Peter and Kim. The actual date was August 5th, but this was the time that worked for the trip. It has been 39 years. I agree with Kim. Being able to drive 24 hours straight is an ability that diminishes with time.

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  3. Art and I are waiting for his echocardiogram. His eye exam was great. He has good eyes with beginning cataracts with time to wait on that. He is getting new glasses.

    I am bogged down in shopping for the refrigerator. So many choices, and I am having to learn about when prices change. I thought they would be set for this week for Labor Day sales, but some I have to wait for that will just be on Labor Day. It takes a lot of time to try and find the best price. I feel obligated to buy from my brother so I am having to check for price matching at all other stores I can think of so he can match if I find a lower price.

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  4. You know what, Janice? When I reach this point my husband says, “Buy what you want.” It’s always so refreshing when he says that, and freeing.

    Of course then we. Out get to live with the choice . . . . OTOH, he chose me! 🙂

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  5. I quit looking at them years ago. Same as houses. And cars. Buy whatever you want. He knows what I like and what works for me and he tries to accommodate that. He even buys my shoes for me. And I am never displeased with the results.

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  6. Praying. Yesterday we discussed world news and local news and our involvement and time stewardship. Generic prayers were discussed.

    I do pray for the believers in other countries. I don’t know their particular on the ground needs, but I do know their spiritual needs: to know God more. I ask God to grow the Fruit of the Spirit in them as they go about their lives. I pray that He be glorified through their lives and His working in them. And I pray that they will impact their friends and neighbors for Him. And I pray for those who have been moved by God to minister to them, though I may not know their names. Those are prayers I know He treasures.

    We all have our little lives and we like folk to show an interest in them in some way. That is my way of showing an interest in His and at the same time, I really would like my brothers and sisters (and me) to grow in Him.

    Do I pray for the non believers? I do pray that they will see Him in the event and in the response of the believers. I pray that doors will be opened and He will draw them to Himself. I, who do not do well in crowds, do not believe Heaven can be too crowded.

    As to their on the ground needs. I know God and I know He is watching and knowing and aware. I want their needs to impact my prayer life. I want their needs to make me a softer gentler more loving person. I know God uses bad things and brings good from them. I ask Him to do that.

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  7. Interesting link, thanks Mumsee.

    Happy anniversary and have a fun trip, Ricky & Mrs. Ricky. Hope it isn’t too hot for you, but compared to Texas it’ll probably feel cool as long as you stay on the coast. 🙂

    I took a cold shower last night as my house temp was stuck at 87 degrees at 10:30 p.m. Ugh. Old houses have no insulation, I’m told that’s the problem. I was hoping with new insulation under my new roof and above my new bedroom ceiling that it would be a bit cooler in here during heat spikes, but I’m not sure I’m noticing any difference. Maybe once I get my big wooden casement windows realigned and fitted with weather stripping it’ll help.

    I am looking forward to a 3-day weekend. I used to always volunteer to work on Labor Day for the OT, but then they quit paying OT so that went out the window. 🙂 Just as well, at this point I’d rather have the time off.

    My cell reception has greatly improved in my house over the years, we’re near a hill so it was always spotty before (in the early days I could only get reception in my bedroom). But now it’s good enough throughout the house that I was able to pitch the landline.

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  8. We had another interesting windstorm last night. Son told me a power line was down on the way home and folk were diverted. Husband told about another one when he took the trash to the dumpster.

    Meanwhile back at the farmlette. I was closing windows up at the top and noticed a large piece of roofing material out in the horse pasture. We don’t normally keep such things out there so I looked at the building roofs to try to identify where repairs would be needed. Finally found it. Jake’s roof had blown off and up and over the eight foot deer fence. Her roof is quite heavy as she has a four by eight foot doghouse, insulated of course, with two entries. No windows. The roof was attached to a sheet of particle board and one by fours to hold it in place. The roofing is bigger to allow for her awnings. Spoiled dog. Anyway, son went out and got it when he got home from football and we carried it around and got it all put back together. He added some stuff to the corners to reinforce and give more solid anchor points. I imagine that was not what she and Barney expected to happen to their house.

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  9. I had hoped the insulation would help, but unless the whole thing is done, I suppose there will be hot spots or cold spots.

    Our cell coverage is excellent unless you are any of our guests.

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  10. Janice, I don’t know why you would be obligated to buy from your brother. You need the best fridge for your needs, at a price you can afford, which he may or may not be selling. If he can give you a good deal on a fridge you like, then sure, but from him. But I don’t see it as an obligation.

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  11. BTW, in my comments yesterday: I agree with 90% of anything that Roscuro says and only disagree on secondary details. I was not meaning to imply it is wrong to follow international news, and certainly not that it is wrong to care about people in other places. My concern is more with the idea that it is morally superior to follow the news, that somehow it is our Christian duty.

    I would say it is morally neutral whether or not someone watches or reads the news–but that we should keep informed of things that affect those we love. If Indiana were to contemplate drastic changes to laws regarding homeschooling, for instance, as a Hoosier with homeschooling friends I probably should keep on top of that a bit. With a brother in Dallas, if this flooding were in Dallas I might have followed it a bit more closely.

    But how and why we keep up with the news, and what we do with it, is important. If we choose to watch but use it only as entertainment (even “sympathy” entertainment), that’s potentially worse than not watching at all.

    At any rate, that’s my take, that it isn’t “wrong” to watch the news, but neither is it somehow mandated of the Christian that we do so.

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  12. That is pretty much what I got out of your comments yesterday.

    However, along the note of “if Indiana were to contemplate…”, it seems like knowing how other states are doing in that regard might be helpful. Attach that to whatever the individuals particular interest for their state might be. For example: following the legalizing of marijuana in Washington because Lewiston, Idaho and Clarkston, Washington are across the river from each other and I have children interested in drugs. Which they can get anyway but WA makes it easier. Which follows Colorado and Washington DC etc.
    Or the political correctness in schools. It is easy to say, my school would never accept that but maybe we should not be surprised when suddenly we get that letter sent home from the first grade teacher, “please teach your children not to mention God or Jesus or the devil, in school”.

    Not that I think news watching is a priority but just a question I had about how our news goes.


  13. Another coffee ministry Morning for me….sweet precious moments, although we had our destinations mixed up which meant I drove all over town this morning!😁
    Janice we have a Whirlpool gold series fridge….French doors up top , drawer freezer on bottom. I do not love the bottom freezer…smallish and difficult to arrange stuff in there…absolutely no room for a Thanksgiving turkey I tell ya….unless of course he weighs a pound…then it is doable 🦃

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  14. Oh, it’s just a number not a measure of your character.

    I wrote that on a card and handed it to the nurse the last time I had to be weighed. He liked it so much he taped it to the wall about the scale. 🙂

    But then, he’s heavier than me.

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  15. Good news. The doc went over my labs with me. Last time I was pre-diabetic. This time I wasn’t even close. Something not to worry about. The eating habits that I have developed are working.

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  16. Great news, Jo.

    I agree with NancyJill’s review of her refrigerator (I have the same style in a GE). I’m not crazy about the bottom freezer but … It’s much cuter than my old refrigerator.

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  17. Wonderful health news, Jo!

    Art got a good cardiac report, although he has gained too much weight. Tax season does that. We will be working on getting his weight down. I am too heavy, but have not gained this year since I try to be careful..

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  18. I think that since I was a little child that my parents have me a sense of duty to watch over and care for my brother since he developed diabetes at age two, when I was three. Since he only has part-time work now with no insurance, I feel if I can help him make a little in commission on a sale then that is what I need to do. He has continued to work a little bit in Art’s office, too. He will have a little bit of employee discount to apply to my purchase unless it is a deeply discounted refrigerator. He helped our cousin get a great deal on a big television package awhile back.

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  19. How much sleep we should be getting according to a study:


    Newborn (0-3 months) — 14-17 hours.
    Babies (4-11 months) — 12-15 hours.
    Children (1-2 years) — 11-14 hours.
    Preschool (3-5 years) — 10-13 hours.
    School Age (6-13 years) — 9-11 hours.
    Teens (14-17 years) — 8-10 hours.
    Youth (18-25 years) — 7-9 hours.
    Adults (26-64 years) — 7-9 hours.
    Seniors (over 65 years) — 7-8 hours.

    Insufficient sleep leads to severe health problems, so try to get enough rest throughout the night.

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  20. My problem is I go to bed but don’t fall asleep. Last night I slept three hours and that was it. I just got up from a 20 minute out of it completely nap. The hot dragging weather isn’t helping.

    So, when I see a chart like that, I just feel guilt/shame/frustration. I’m lucky if I get five hours these days and it’s not because I’m not in bed by 10 😦 I don’t remember the last time I slept even 7 hours; mostly it’s about 5. 😦


  21. Exacty. For all of us except husband who comes and goes.

    But I am able to relate to the insomniacs on here. Just the other night I was in bed at my bedtime and tossed and turned for a good three to five minutes before dropping off.

    And another night recently, I kept waking up as the powerful lights from the utility repair truck would hit my window.


  22. Recently I read a sleep trick I’ve used several times, mostly successfully. I don’t remember the details of how it was explained, so I’ll tell you how I use it. The trick is it works with the brain, breaking up the cycles that have been keeping you awake. Sometimes I am in the middle of using it and I forget I am and go on with the random thinking for another hour before I remember, but only once that I’ve stuck with it has it failed to work. My husband tried it once and said it didn’t work for him, but he isn’t a certified insomniac. Anyway, for those of you who struggle, it’s worth a try. Here it is:

    Choose a four-letter word that doesn’t repeat any letters, say TIME.

    Start with T, and think of as many words as you can that start with that letter. I don’t remember if there was any specification that they be nouns, verbs, whatever, but I just use any words. “Together, tether, tarantula. . . .” Sometimes I’ll mix it up a little by trying to think of an animal that starts with that letter, and then a food, and then something you use around the house, and so on–that seems to help my brain to stay on task when it is trying to wander.

    When you can’t think of anything more starting with T, move on to I. If you wake up during the night, go back to wherever you were or start a new word.

    Generally I get to two or three letters, sometimes all four, but more commonly not.


  23. terrible

    Sleeping is generally not one of my problems, I typically get 7-8 hours a night, sometimes more on weekends.

    Well, the heat has made its way to the coast, it’s 91 degrees at 7 p.m. (in my house, also). So I have a wet washcloth around my neck and will take another cold shower (or two) tonight before bed. Tomorrow is supposed to be the worst day and then temps will start going down slowly.


  24. Oh, 6 Arrows! I am laughing so hard I’m crying! I couldn’t even read your line about tarantulas to my husband for laughing and crying all over again! Here come the tears again? Lolololololol

    9 o’clock. I’m going to bed!


  25. Happy Anniversary to the Weavers.

    Late happy Anniversary to NancyJill and Paul.

    If I could fall asleep at night as quickly as I can for a nap during the day time, I would be so happy.

    Re: downed power lines. Several years ago we had an ice storm which broke several power lines. One happened to fall on our camper trailer, which was plugged in at the time. It burnt a hole in the top of it, where the live cable hit. It also fried all of the wiring in the trailer. Mumsee’s family was so fortunate to not have anyone hurt.

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