14 thoughts on “News/Politics 9-1-17

  1. The San Diego Zoo is truly amazing, and Chris and I were again amazed by God’s creation. The zoo has the greatest collection of birds I had ever seen. One was found only on Tonga, another only in a certain part of Indonesia, etc. In many cases the male bird looked very different from the female bird. The male gorilla looked completely different from the female gorilla. All of the young Navy wives in small groups with their children looked completely different than the young males. It is truly stunning that Satan could convince anyone (much less the bulk of a nation) that a man could be changed into a woman or vice versa.

    Back in the South, we may be taking down our monuments to the last chivalrous knights, but chivalry is not dead:


    Which reminds me that two of the guilty pleasures I enjoy whenever I travel to Northern or West Coast cities are:

    1. Opening doors for every woman I see; and

    2. Saying “Yes Ma’am” and “No Ma’am” to all females over the age of 15.

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  2. It appears that “Harvey Relief” will dominate at least the first two years (and maybe the full four years) of Trump’s term. No major legislation (other than disaster relief) is likely to pass, but we knew that before Harvey. This may be good news for Trump and Republicans as Trump seems to be “less incompetent” at disaster relief than any other aspect of the presidency. The scale of the damage is truly incredible. The ripple effects are going to pass throughout the economy, and the relief and restoration effort is going to take wisdom.

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  3. Navy wives by definition are terrific, gorgeous and hard working. 🙂
    And if they live in San Diego they usually look healthy and maybe even tanned. (I never lived in San Diego)

    This is from friend Greg Finke in Texas:

    A quick recap* of Harvey’s visit to Houston/Harris County as of this morning:
    + 1 trillion gallons of rainwater fell on Harris County
    (enough to cover the 48 lower states with a layer of water)
    + 43,000 emergency responses by HPD and HFD
    + 500,000 vehicles flooded
    + 136,000 buildings flooded
    + 8 arrests for looting (not a misprint)
    + 190 of 280 HISD schools damaged
    + 364,000 people signed up for FEMA aid
    + 39 dead (19 still missing)

    These numbers are “so far.” Reports, assessments and needs are still coming in. (*source The Houston Chronicle, 9/1/17)

    The Church in Houston is stepping up big time (Yes, church organizations are stepping up, but more importantly is that the Church as thousands of individuals is stepping up.) Well done! But we could sure use help. And we know you are on your way. Thank you!

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  4. @8:16 & 9:37 The sliver of good news in this is the relatively low death toll and the wonderful way people (churches, the Church, governments and individuals) are stepping up. And the good behavior of residents and the pointed lack of violence and looting are all very encouraging. But apart from that, the sheer magnitude of what’s come down on that region is horrifying.

    I hope that Ricky is right and there will be no problem with obtaining funds to help the region rebuild–both individuals and infrastructure. And as awful as this is, it would leave such a blessing behind if our country can become sobered and more unified by it. Misfortunes sometimes have that effect.

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  5. We need more women like that, Ricky! Have you seen some of the skimpy handbags some of these gals carry? You couldn’t herd one of Mumsee’s goats back into the pen with those. :–)

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  6. Thanks for re-posting, Linda. That was a good read — a nice refresher on similar things I’d heard years ago, but since I don’t have much of a mind for retaining historical facts, it was good to review, and that was a well-written article.

    Ricky, my now 16-year-old daughter, when she was quite young, would tell me fairly often that she wanted to go to the San Diego Zoo. She was an avid reader of non-fiction picture books on animals — she’d often check out 20 books or more from the library at a time, most of them on wild animals — so I think that is how she heard about the San Diego Zoo. Our family, here in the Upper Midwest, well, it’s a bit of a hike to get to San Diego, we always reminded her. 🙂

    Maybe someday she will drive her own family there. 😉 Looks like a beautiful place.

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  7. 6 Arrows, No one in my family had been to San Diego since two of my great-uncles returned to the Naval Base here after fighting the Japanese. Your daughter would like the zoo. It is by far the best I have visited, and 20-25 ago the zoo was our first stop in every city we visited.

    She would probably also like the seafood. We like seafood and when we are on the coast we tend to eat it almost every meal. Today it was hot, so we stayed inside at various museums.

    As soon as people here learn we are from Texas, they say something sympathetic about Houston and Beaumont. I think Debra is right that this horrible tragedy may help unite the country even as the horror of 9/11 rallied the whole country behind New York City and the Pentagon.

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  8. Ricky, I’ll tell her that about the zoo — that it’s the best one you’ve visited, and sounds like you’ve been at quite a few of them. I’ll bet she would love the seafood, too. My children have strong opinions about seafood — they either love it or can’t stand it — and she, I am happy to say, is one who loves fish. 🙂

    If you ever get to the Midwest, the best fish I’ve ever had up here was in Door County, Wisconsin (on a peninsula between Green Bay and Lake Michigan). My husband and I once traveled there a long time ago (before there were any little arrows). 🙂 The county is well-known for their fish boils, and boy if that wasn’t the most tender, flavorful fish I’ve ever consumed!


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