19 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 8-26-17

  1. Elvera’s subscription to Better Homes & Gardens expired long ago.
    But she still gets it.
    I think the magazine wants to tell advertisers that it has so many subscribers.
    Theywon’t just let one go.

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  2. 😦 🙂 Camp is over for the summer.

    🙂 Another great season

    🙂 Great seasonal staff

    🙂 🙂 🙂 The full time staff get a whole week off in SUMMER! (It just worked out that way with the school calendar)

    🙂 My foot is starting to heal

    🙂 I was able to provide a friend with several large pails from our apple tree and a pail full of chokecherries. 🙂 It was also fun to pick together. (No bears showed up, thankfully, while picking the chokecherries)

    🙂 Today will be a day of rest and puttering and trying to get the house in order so we can go visit our daughter at the end of the week.

    🙂 Antibiotics are working.

    🙂 This faithful group of friends.

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  3. 🙂 I’ve never worried about bears while picking apples.

    🙂 Plenty of opportunities for faith this week and next.

    🙂 New car and phone which

    😦 may be getting along too well.

    🙂 Visit with Jo!

    😦 Stargazer leaves on Monday.

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  4. Reminds me of when my wife and I were on a country road in Kentucky in 2001 and I commented on all the sheep in a field we were passing near. They were hay rolls. We still call hay rolls sheep whenever we see them, and vice versa.

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  5. 😦 🙂 I imagine it is those shared memories which are so missed when our family or loved ones die. It was nice to see many family members at the latest funeral on one side of our family. I suspect we will gather for many of these in the next few years. It was a blessing for this uncle to go. He was, apparently. ready for at least a couple of years. He was buried in the same cemetery my dad’s ashes were buried. We were able to go with my mom and the couple of siblings there to visit the site.

    🙂 I was able to spend some time with a former sister-in-law. She was a friend before the marriage and was married over thirty years to my brother. It is always sad to see the destruction of divorce.

    🙂 Newest grandchild is still staying put. Made it to 34 weeks. The doctor will induce if she goes as long as 39.

    🙂 Husband is going to play at a small local fair today. 😦 Rain and cold. I suspect they will be inside. His group played at an assistant living place a few days ago. One guy was so moved by the song, “Red River Valley.” He teared up, but said it was a good sad. I was just reading in the book, someone recommended here on dementia, about the effect of music on dementia sufferers. I had my husband read that section.

    😦 I have been helping with some quilting at church. This is a new group, which I think I mentioned before. The individuals are new at it and some do not sew at all. What I find interesting is that some think they can just ignore the rules of quilting. In some ways, there are no rules. Creativity can be used to make all kinds of different quilts. In other ways, a person is bound by the rules of math. Like God’s law, they stand—whether you want them to or not. In spite of experiencing this first hand by having a quilt top that is crooked, has seams that do not match, or edges that are all uneven, some will continue in their sloppy way. In spite of having to spend extra time and energy trying to make up for initial sloppiness and still end up with a poor looking quilt, they will go one dreaming the outcome will somehow be different next time. There is such a spiritual lesson in this for us. Law based on truth stands–whether God’s law or the physical laws He has created.

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  6. Kare, wait, it’s a Christian camp, and they don’t make a way for the staff to attend church? That isn’t good! Sorry you’re sick today. (So is my hubby?)

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  7. Cheryl, the rest of the staff are able to attend church. Part of it is that I live on the other side of camp from church and I cannot handle the extremely long day that Sunday would become for me. I do get to run down for the morning chapel times during the week, however, but I miss my home church family.

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  8. I once thought a shovel was a cat. It was nighttime, I was in college and walking with my boyfriend. I think I was still resisting wearing glasses full time back then, I was very self-conscious about it and thought I could still see well enough most of the time. Apparently not.

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  9. DJ, I got glasses two years before college, but for the first two or three years I wore them only for driving and such. My freshman year I switched to wearing them full-time, and a year later I got an update on my prescription.

    With brand-new glasses, I walked a couple of blocks back to campus, coming in through the bookstore. There was a mat or rug at the entrance to the bookstore, and with my new glasses it looked like it was raised about eight inches off the ground, so I took a great big high step and my foot came down onto a mat maybe half an inch thick. Then I saw a couple of middle-aged people looking at me funny, and I realized how odd I must have looked. “New glasses–it looked like a step,” I said, and they laughed in understanding.

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  10. My husband once almost pulled into a truck inspection area for coffee. We were with friends and it is still a joke to point out one and ask if we should stop for coffee. 😀

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