21 thoughts on “News/Politics 8-26-17

  1. The winds were around 130 mph when it hit the coast, but the real problem is flooding. There is some concern it may turn around and hit the coastal areas again.

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  2. Excellent Dreher article on the Confederate statues. And as an aside, this is a (shocking to me) factoid from one of Dreher’s links: ” The study shows that seven out of 10 non-Caucasian adults listen to country music at least once a week.” !? And a real uptick occurred after 9/11 and the Great Recession.

    The content of country music shifted, too, moving from songs about loss, regret and frustration in the 1960s through the 1990s, to a focus on love, pride and “homespun wisdom” in the early 2000s, according to a 50-year analysis by Peter Lewis at Medium.

    I can’t remember listening to a country music song in years unless linked from this blog, except for an occasional Johnny Cash. Has it changed that much? I have thought that the story-telling aspect of much popular music has been missing for decades, which is just another reason I have preferred classical.


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  3. Debra, Your love of classical music was shared by Virginian Douglas Southall Freeman. Freeman rose at 3:00 a.m. and worked until noon editing a Richmond newspaper. He then went home, and worked all afternoon on his Pulitzer-winning books while listening to Haydn.


    Last night I discovered that Freeman was the link between Eisenhower and Lee. In 1942 and 1943, Freeman published the three-volume Lee’s Lieutenants which became favorite books of American Generals and admirals in World War II. This led to close friendships between Freeman and Eisenhower and George C. Marshall.

    I had always heard that business leaders persuaded Ike to seek the presidency. However, Eisenhower said it was Freeman who first led him to seriously consider that effort.

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  4. Thanks, DJ. We haven’t even had any rain yet. The storm needs to move toward us and Oklahoma and Arkansas to give the folks in Houston a break, but I’m not sure that is going to happen. This video is from Dickinson, which is a low lying town between Houston and Galveston. Hundreds of people came out in boats to rescue neighbors off their roofs.

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  5. @ 5:15 It looks bad, but it’s good to see people are helping each other. Few things can be as devastating or as awe inspiring as when nature’s fury descends on an area. The 2011 tornadoes left a permanent mark on our neighborhood. But what really impressed me was the way people and churches pulled together to help those who were hit. The people and churches were out front and center days before FEMA or the Red Cross showed up. But that’s not to fault FEMA and the Red Cross who are able to be very useful for the long term cleanup. And it looks like there will be quite a bit of cleanup from this storm.

    Stay safe, Ricky.

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  6. Christian group sues SPLC and Amazon


    Coral Ridge Ministries Media, Inc., which does business as D. James Kennedy Ministries, has sued the Southern Poverty Law Center, Amazon and Guidestar in federal court in Alabama. The complaint is here. The case arises out of SPLC’s designation of the Kennedy Ministries as a “hate group” because, consistent with Christian doctrine, it opposes gay marriage. Because of that designation, Amazon has barred Kennedy Ministries from its Amazon Smile program for nonprofits, and Guidestar has republished SPLC’s smear in its guide to nonprofits, which is heavily relied on by donors. …

    … I doubt that this case has much of a chance. … Still, it is heartwarming to see someone go after one of the most detestable organizations in America. And the politically correct Amazon, too. Even if unsuccessful, the litigation may alert more people to what an unreliable, partisan organization SPLC is.

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  7. The SPLC is apparently very indiscriminate in who gets on its list. The Family Research Council has been on there for years according to Wiki. But it didn’t look like Wiki has been updated this year. I wonder who the newcomers are, and why they are now in the cross-hairs…or maybe the current unrest has proved to tempting for an unscrupulous SPLC, and the why is all too obvious.


  8. It looks like “Gone With the Wind” is, well, gone with the wind.



    The dismantling of American history continues. The Orpheum theater in Memphis announces that it will no longer show the Hollywood classic Gone With the Wind:

    “For the first time 34-years, the Orpheum Theatre will not show “Gone With The Wind” during its Summer movie series in 2018.

    “Gone With The Wind” was shown on August 11th, and after the theater received several comments about the showing, management made the decision to not show it again. … ”


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