Prayer Requests 8-14-17

Let’s continue to pray for KBells and her family.

Anyone else have something to share?

Psalm 7:1-9

Lord my God, I take refuge in you;
    save and deliver me from all who pursue me,
or they will tear me apart like a lion
    and rip me to pieces with no one to rescue me.

Lord my God, if I have done this
    and there is guilt on my hands—
if I have repaid my ally with evil
    or without cause have robbed my foe—
then let my enemy pursue and overtake me;
    let him trample my life to the ground
    and make me sleep in the dust.

Arise, Lord, in your anger;
    rise up against the rage of my enemies.
    Awake, my God; decree justice.
Let the assembled peoples gather around you,
    while you sit enthroned over them on high.
 Let the Lord judge the peoples.
    Vindicate me, Lord, according to my righteousness,
    according to my integrity, O Most High.
Bring to an end the violence of the wicked
    and make the righteous secure—
    you, the righteous God
    who probes minds and hearts.

30 thoughts on “Prayer Requests 8-14-17

  1. Heavenly Father,

    Again I lift up Kbells, Tim, and The Kid to You for supernatural blessings. I pray for strengthening for each of them as Your best plans work their way through the course of disease and remedies. You are victorious either way, Father God. You are our God of earthly physical remedies and the Provider of the even greater eternal remedy. Please keep Tim and The Kid in situations where they can get adequate rest, and I pray that no health issues will keep them away from Kathy’s side. Thank You for Your power and strength that is able to lift people out of despair at times like these. Your throne room is available to all who need to cry on Your shoulder or sit with You and Jesus to gain perspective. Thank You for Your desire to communicate with us even when we can only sob out our needs and desires. I pray in the holy and blessed name of Jesus, Amen

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  2. Continued prayers for KBells and family. Have any updates been posted on Facebook?

    DJ, sounds like things are difficult/tension-filled at work. I’m about 3 weeks behind on everything but the prayer thread, so I’m sorry for not praying more specifically, but I am praying for you.

    Kizzie, how is Lee doing? Prayers for you both, too.

    Wisdom appreciated for what to do about the two lumps I found near my shoulder Friday night — who to contact, what home remedies to maybe try first, etc. Life has been so busy lately, I’ve not done anything so far except a little icing one night and some exercises one day to relieve the stiffness. Thanks for those of you who prayed after my late-Friday-night prayer request about that.

    If you could say a little prayer, too, about one piano lesson this week. My student who first started with me in May leaves for college this week. We have only one lesson left — tomorrow at noon — and she’s been such a delightful student to have, albeit for only four months. I’ve been such an emotional wreck lately because of the news with KBells, my lumps, the traffic fatality in our neighborhood last week, and other things, that I’m afraid I’m going to lose it saying my goodbyes to A tomorrow.


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  3. 6 Arrows – Please see your doctor about those lumps. I’m praying they are only “knots” from overuse & that they will soon melt away, but it would be good for you to know for sure.

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  4. Please pray for my friend W. She and her ex husband were in the middle of trying to reconcile when he was killed in a single car accident last August, her daughter died in February, and sometime in the middle of all of this she took on a very demanding job. I have been text message therapist to her this morning. Luckily she is taking Thursday and Friday off this week for personal time, but I am worried about her. You can only stuff down things for so long before it all comes bubbling to the surface and I think that is where she is.

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  5. Yeah, I guess that would make more sense to just get checked, Kizzie, wouldn’t it. I probably sound really stupid, even debating something like that, what to do. Previous bad experiences and numerous medical expenses that wouldn’t have had to be cloud my judgment.

    I have an appointment with a PA on Thursday.

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  6. Please pray for my husband, Miguel, as he was in a wreck this morning. He was airlifted to Odessa. I am on my way there now. I worked night shift last night, so would really appreciate your prayers.

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  7. My sister (the one who lost her husband four years ago to an embolism and has five children, now ages 9-18) went to the doctor this morning. She tried to reach me from the doctor’s office, but I was mistaken about where my phone was and didn’t reach it in time, and she had turned her phone off when I tried to call. But she did leave a message. It seems likely that they will put her in the hospital . . . but while she was in the doctor’s office she got a call from her father-in-law. Her mother-in-law has had a major stroke. She does not think her mother-in-law is a believer, and their only surviving son (since the death of my sister’s husband) definitely is not. So my sister, naturally enough, is quite distressed at the whole matter. She did see her in-laws just a few weeks ago, but she would really want to be with them at this time. I would ask that you pray for her health as well, and a quick diagnosis/resolution of her ongoing pain, as well as proper care for the kids.

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  8. Heavenly Father,

    Please be with RKessler as she faces unknowns and probably decision making that may be tough. Thank You that she has the background to be wise in such matters. At the same time, so much knowledge can be a prompt for anxiety in thinking on all the what-ifs. Please help her to rely on prayer and Your goodness rather than dwelling on possibilities. I lift up her husband Miguel, for Your divine protection during this critical time. Please let everything be under control with his bodily systems. Please give stabilization. I pray all necessary procedures and possible surgeries would be done with the utmost care. Please guide all who are involved with his care. I pray that no bacteria would be allowed to cause infection. Thank you for hearing our many prayers and sending divine help in many forms to cover this need. In Jesus’ name, Amen

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  9. I made it to odessa. He is in surgery. Connor Matthew’s dad is a flight medic, and while he wasn’t on the call, says he has a broken femur. Not sure what else. Now we wait. Thank you for your prayers.

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  10. All of these recent life-changing prayer requests echo ones that happened in my life in the past.

    RKessler, my father had a broken femur due to a car accident 21 years ago. In his case, he was taken to the small hospital nearby instead of being taken to a larger hospital which could operate immediately, and his femur was left overnight. He ended up being airlifted anyway to a larger hospital when he went into coma from fat embolism, but he recovered fully. He said after coming out of the coma, that it was as if he was being carried through a valley – on one side were the lights of a hospital room, on the other a veil behind which was something so beautiful he almost wished he could go, but he knew if the veil was crossed, he would not return. My mother waited in the hospital, sleeping on the couch of a private room that was for grieving family members. The doctors could not tell her if my father would recover, or if he had brain damage. She said the Lord brought her to a point of complete peace that He would take care of her, even if she had to care for her husband as a child for the rest of his life.

    Cheryl, when my mother was waiting leaving us, ranging in age from 16 to 8. The church, members of both the church we currently attended and had formerly attended, saw that we were fed, although some of those who dropped food off never realized that our mother wasn’t home. They saw to it that all of us had a chance to go and see our father in the hospital.

    I have related how my aunt suffered metastases of cancer to her spine and liver, and how she walked in victory in those final years. Within a year, her husband, my uncle, developed an autoimmune liver disease, and suffered a bleeding ulcer, sending his body into shock from which the doctors could not revive him. I had taken care of him during his illness, and I and my parents were with his children at the end. That was the hardest goodbye we ever said. I still miss them so much – my uncle and aunt cheered me on as I sought to complete my education, giving me a place to live while I attended night school – I know they are with the Lord and I will see them again, but it still seems like it was too soon.

    Praying for you all.

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  11. Two broken knees. Right side worse with distal femur shattered, open fx, with shattered tibial plateau. Doc says another couple surgeries this week. Says he will not be able to walk for 3 months.

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  12. I’m so sorry, RKessler. Praying for your husband, and for you and the family.

    Cheryl, prayers for your sister and her children, and her in-laws.

    And for your friend W, Kim.


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