25 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 8-13-17

  1. 🙂 Ellie is in America.
    😦 Tom, Mary and Ellie are stuck in Newark.
    🙂 Better stuck in Newark than Hong King.
    Actually, it may be better for Tom and Mary because they were likely tired last night when their body clocks had them starting the day. It helps to get adjusted. .

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  2. Thank you Chas, for making me smile. I tell Mr. P that often. I don’t think he understands the depth of it. Those words…I am glad I have you…carry a whole range of meaning.

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  3. 😦 Found out I had a fracture in a bone in my foot after walking on it for 4+ weeks

    🙂 Thankful someone finally sent me for an x-ray and arranged for me to get a boot to help immobilize the joint where the crack is

    🙂 The boot is uncomfortable but so much better than a cast – I can take it off to go in the pool, shower and to sleep.

    🙂 I am thankful I have my husband. He installed a new water heater yesterday as ours had started leaking – I have even more admiration for rkessler today!!

    🙂 Beautiful, hot, sunny weather for the next couple of days – I will spend most of today floating in my pool, reading and relaxing. Gotta soak it all in before winter comes again.

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  4. For years, we have said about the ultra clever members of my family (based on a true story), “he’s so clever and got such a great deal on his new car he forgot to buy a radio.”

    😦 No radio on my fancy new car. Apparently it needs an Iphone to do anything.

    Sigh. The nuclear engineer will figure it out. I may have to buy a transistor radio and hang it from the rear view mirror (which is what we did with another car . . . ).

    Humility is always good for the soul.

    🙂 At the moment, all members of my family are accounted for in their proper places in peace this one last weekend.

    😦 Life becomes totally crazy with the start of school–for everyone.

    🙂 😦 My daughter-in-law, returning to teaching after 10 years, finally got her class schedule on Thursday: three classes of Geometry (no book) and two of Algebra (no book).

    School starts Monday.

    😦 Two sons still without jobs, but they’re not parked cars and that is good.

    🙂 The Lord is in control and it’s interesting to watch–particularly when I start to worry and remember God knows their needs and future better than I do. I can only trust the Lord and believe He is in control.

    🙂 Time and again, over and over, reminders from the Lord that I need to 1. trust him; 2. not fear; 3. not worry. I’m trying . . .

    🙂 Surprising Biddy opportunities–demonstrating the point above. Two this week alone. 🙂

    🙂 My dishwasher still works. It’s the little things, folks.

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  5. I am doing virtually nothing today. I have no excuse. But I will enjoy it. In fact, I have begun my yearly sojourn with the Hobbit. One child is indoors playing with Lincoln Logs. Another is cleaning the bathroom. A third is outside tying string from feed bags to little pieces of wood for some purpose or another. Another is harvesting lentils and the last is looking for work. Somebody did call here looking for him for a job, I told the person to look for him just getting to town on his bike.

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  6. Two of the grown daughters, who are on the outs with me, showed up a couple of nights ago. Both were pleasant. One was her extremely talkative self the other was quiet and smiling. Good.

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  7. 🙂 We had a pleasant afternoon at our local county fair. We did work the pro-life booth for a couple of hours. We had the most positive comments we ever have had doing that. We also had several people stop by just to thank us for being there. We have done this for years, so we found that quite interesting. The most fun is hearing the birth stories and seeing the fascination on the children’s faces as they see the models of a fetus in the womb.

    🙂 Daughter has made it to 32 weeks of her pregnancy. Her doctor told her to return in two weeks. She also told her what to do if the baby comes at home! 😦 That was nerve-wracking, but a blessing to know the information, according to my daughter.

    🙂 I have joined a few woman at church who decided to make quilts once a month to give to to new mothers or graduates etc. I was totally shocked that none of these women have much of an idea of how to quilt. One has never sewed, so does the tying, which is helpful at any rate. I almost had to pull teeth to join them, even though they have said they want anyone who wants to come to do so. I find myself in the position of teaching basics, such as how important exact measurements and seams are. I am not sure why they decided this was something to do when no one actually makes quilts or has any experience. I am trying to be sensitive with my teaching. I am, by no means, an expert, but I do know the basics and am glad to share them.

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  8. From Mary’s e-mail

    F”light after flight kept getting cancelled due to “air traffic control”. When our flight was supposed to begin boarding we learned that it had been cancelled. We were devastated. Tom stood in the customer service line for over an hour before learning we couldn’t get a flight until the next evening. He had them check Raleigh, Charlotte, Roanoke, Charlottesville, Columbia, and Charleston. Nothing”

    But they aren’t in Hong King. That’s something. I checked the “find friend”. they are still there.

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  9. 😦 Kbells

    🙂 Visited Carol, hadn’t been up there in probably a month, so it was a good visit, kept it simple, no outings, just sat and talked in her room for a couple hours.

    🙂 A week of “va-stay-cation,” needed but it will be busy.

    😦 Work shakeups (again). For some of us in the business, it is feeling like a recurring dream you can’t wake of from — I said to a co-workers wouldn’t it be nice if we DID wake up and were back in our bustling, crowded, HAPPY newsroom in the old building (now demolished)?? Still owned by the generous media family that had us before? Like Bob Newhart waking up in Chicago with Emily …

    😦 KBells

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  10. So much for the Hobbit. I managed a couple of paragraphs and cleaned the pond filter. Another couple and got eleven year old started building a bird house with some wood a friend brought by from a construction site. We plan to have him build about twenty of them to hand around the deer fence. Should be fun. He says he likes building birdhouses. He gets to use the electric screw gun and the jigsaw. He has come a long way from four year old in glasses who could not listen at all or communicate through any words.

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  11. He is except when he isn’t. Today he is off emptying the mouse traps in the gardens. And then re placing the traps near the house in his ongoing effort of ridding the house of mice. A life time occupation.

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  12. For now, we’re just acting as if everything is normal, although the evening of the day he got the call was filled with tears & worry. I guess we’re waiting until after he has his tests, & we hear the results, to decide how to feel or what to do. There is still the possibility that the cancer is behaving itself & not doing any more damage.

    Today we (Hubby, Chickadee, & I) are childsitting the little boy & the puppy. (We didn’t make it to church, since we were both so tired from the last couple weeks, & Chickadee came in late last night.) Just a little while ago, I was thinking of how enjoyable the morning is, with each of us kind of doing our own thing, but we are also interacting with each other. (It’s very hard to avoid interacting with Little Guy. 🙂 ) Chickadee made eggs for Little Guy & herself, & Hubby made eggs for me & himself.

    And my feeling was to not take it all for granted, but to enjoy & treasure the time together, more so than usual.

    Almost every Sunday morning, whether we will be childsitting or not, Little Guy will come down early to spend some time hanging out next to his Papa on the couch. 🙂 He does treasure that time.

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  13. 🙂 The saga of Ellie Harris is over. The arrived in Greensboro last night.
    There were about 25 people there to meet Ellie. She is a tiny little girl, even for one year..
    She smiled a lot, but otherwise just stayed in Tom’s arms. They left for Florida early this morning.

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  14. Re: The note Ellie’s mother left.
    They (the nursery) are keeping it. They will give it to Ellie when she reaches 18.
    Tom says they may go back then.
    Until then, not a factor.

    I thought Ellie became a citizen at the US embassy in China, but it was not until she passed through emigration at Newark.
    She is an American citizen now.

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  15. Yeah, I think she shared that.

    That song was popular the year my dad was dying (2004). There is a line in it about finally reading the Good Book. It made me sad that my dad wouldn’t do that.


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