29 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 8-11-17

  1. It’s FRIDAY!
    You know what that means.

    Busy day for me.
    Elvera has Dr. appointment,
    Lunch with SS class,
    Dry run over tot the airport.

    A couple of years ago, that would be trivial. And doing it is.
    But managing all this is getting more difficult.
    πŸ™‚ Mary is on the way home with Ellie. Somewhere over the Artic or Canada by now.

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  2. Somehow I lost my comment. Let me try again.

    Chas, I agree that yesterday’s photo was prettier. I thought that immediately before reading your post.

    My brother got the lawn mowed and the bushes trimmed yesterday. I still have to clean up the trimmings. I got pretty tired just helping yesterday out in the heat and humidity.


  3. This probably belongs on the N&P thread, but here goes:

    Two teenage babysitters were arrested after a Snapchat video emerged showing them placing a baby in a refrigerator, then standing back and laughing while the 8-month-old cried.

    The unidentified teenage girls were arrested and charged with child endangerment and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, police confirmed Wednesday.

    There ain’t nothing that isn’t recorded nowadays. Nothing.

    You have to question the sanity of those two on several counts.

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  4. Good Morning. I did something this morning I rarely do. I reset the alarm and stayed in bed 30 extra minutes. The dogs found this quite confusing. Mama’s alarm went off, we go outside, come inside, eat, drink, and go back to sleep. Why isn’t she up? Doesn’t she know the routine?
    Mr. P let them out and in, but didn’t know the rest of their routine.
    I teach today, but I learned a lot yesterday. My biggest take away? “The BEST stories end in THANKS”. There are lots of people to thank for where I am today. Almost all of you are on that list—can’t say all because I am a little tired and would miss someone. πŸ˜‰
    I need to read through that material and process it tomorrow. We created out “Bucket List”. Some of you won’t be surprised that someone else’s “bucket list” item became one of mine. Mr. P wants to go to California, drive up the Pacific Coast, then take a train across Canada. I want to do that for him. One of my others is that he has 3 boys and therefore we have 4 children and 2 grandchildren. I want a holiday where we are all together. I don’t think he has had all 3 of his boys in the same room in about 8 years.

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  5. What Kim is doing reminds me of a “retreat” I once went on ages ago as part of a service club I joined (the small paper I worked for back then required reporters to join them and the paper paid the dues). We had a lot of those kinds of exercises such as putting the large and small rocks in a jar, trying to brainstorm in small groups about which profession should be tossed off the boat (as I recall most of the other folks in my group voted to pitch the minister πŸ™‚ ).

    Miss Bosley looks like she’s ready for trouble.

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  6. Today will be strange with the phone call and possibly a couple people in our office deciding to take the buyout. Someone said a lot people company wide from other newsrooms would opt for it, but I’m not sure about that.

    Tough industry to be in right now, there just never seems to be any good news coming down the pike. 😦

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  7. Good Morning! DJ the only good news down the pike is seen by those of us who know Him….keeping you and your coworkers in prayer ❀️
    There’s gonna be a meet up today and we are so looking forward to His blessing of it.
    Rain continues around these parts and this forest is soaked…mushrooms are popping up all over the place….trying to make sure a certain curious dog does not partake of the new vegetation available to her!
    And Bosley does indeed appear to be looking for her next conquest !

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  8. I have been reading some dietary type books from the library. A newer one said if you want to lose weight, that it helps to eat bread at the end of meals, and it is best to eat it at the dinner meal rather than at other times. So I will try to do that and see what happens. It was based on a study of two groups on diets. The group that did that lost more weight.


  9. So tired after going to the county fair with two grands for eight hours yesterday. On my feet the whole time and walked five miles. I was in bed at 8:30, but had to get up later because of a painful leg. Had so much fun with them. They were running from ride to ride and I was their photographer. I texted photos to mom and aunties.

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  10. Feeling subdued today. I tired myself out yesterday, and am still feeling the effects of it. It is hard not to wonder about the future when I have so little strength for the present.

    My mother is going through many years worth of accumulated papers in preparation either for selling the house, or at least moving over to accommodate one of her children’s family. She found some of her old teaching plans that she would write up for the school inspectors to see. Throughout my public school years, an inspector would come from the local school board, since the provincial law had a provision that mandatory school attendance could be waived provided the parent/guardian could show that the child was receiving an equivalent education. The inspectors would send letters of thanks to my mother for her hospitality and also a copy of their report. My mother still has the letters and reports, which are uniformly laudatory of her teaching methods and of our learning progress. The inspectors stopped coming when I was about 11. By that time, eldest sibling had nearly finished high school, and perhaps the school board thought that my mother had proved her capabilities with all age levels. We informed, as the records show, the school board fully about being in ATI, and there were no objections. That is right, although ATI proved not to be beneficial in the end and its twisted brand of conservative Christianity was toxic, the secular school system did not raise objections to it. I grew up in an increasingly panicked conservative Christian culture as gay marriage and other ‘progressive’ movements picked up speed, and the threat that the government was out to get your children was actively marketed by conservative organizations, who were looking for donations. Looking at my mother’s records of those superintendents’ visits, I suspect that the conservative Christian movement was hoodwinked by greedy marketers.

    A post worth reading: https://myonlycomfort.com/2017/08/10/i-love-your-church-o-god/


  11. It surely in quiet in here.
    Day didn’t turn out to be a difficult day after all.
    DIL took Elvera to the doctor.
    Doctor said keep doing what I’m doing.
    Everything else fell into place.
    Only I didn’t go to the airport.
    We plan to meet Tom, Mary and Ellie there tonight.

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  12. Thax Mumsee, I hadn’t noticed the “It’s “Friday” portion.

    I was going to use that as an excuse for an early rant.
    😦 Did you know that it’s easier to get from Hong Kong to Newark than to get from Newark to Greensboro?
    The flight was cancelled.
    This is not new to Mary. She was once cancelled in Delhi, India.


  13. Which is why we have a deer fence. Though I notice the deer don’t seem to bother the wild roses. The turkeys have taken down all of the grass in the rose garden so now we can actually see the roses without me mowing. I like that. I have also taken out a lot of plum trees to feed the goats so it is much more user friendly. Though I like the jungle look as well.


  14. Our deer munch on the wild roses, knock out roses…which they are supposed to dislike…and of course they love the fragrant variety…..we have sprayed the flowers with deer be gone, which is the most putrid smell I have ever had the displeasure to inhale!….but, they seem to be unfazed by it…😳
    Wondering as well DJ?
    What a pleasure it was to meet up….Thank you Peter and your lovely bride for stopping by….we are blessed to have met you!

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  15. News was as expected, they held a conference call with some 300 of us at papers throughout SoCal to say they were offering 4-month buyouts in hopes of avoiding layoffs. But everything really is wonderful, they added. πŸ™‚ And there was some vague talk about our “strategy” going forward, how we’re going to change some things but it was all so vague that we soon realized they don’t quite know what they’re doing just yet.

    Some of us have been through these times before — I was joking with a colleague that it’s like being in a recurring nightmare and you can’t wake up.

    Anyway, they’ll be visiting the various newsrooms next week (our meeting is Monday afternoon) to answer questions. I’m not sure if I’ll go or not as I’m on ‘vacation.’ We’ll see. I’m going to try to stay but it sure would be nice to know more about the new strategy and how that affects the reporters and what we do.

    (another interesting point learned today — if I were to get laid off later, I’d get 12 weeks pay based on my time with the company; that’s not as much as 16 weeks, but not all that much less, to be honest.)


  16. So there was a meet up photo yesterday of Jo and Nancy? I was totally away from WiFi yesterday, but at least I met them both, so I can imagine the photo. It was a pleasure meeting Nancy and her husband, Paul, today.

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