27 thoughts on “News/Politics 8-11-17

  1. David Brooks on the Google mess.

    This is what happens when you take a perfectly rational Indian male and turn him into a modern American.


  2. Easy and convenient…… Or the mark of the beast?

    You decide.


    “You will get chipped. It’s just a matter of time.

    In the aftermath of a Wisconsin firm embedding microchips in employees last week to ditch company badges and corporate logons, the Internet has entered into full-throated debate.

    Religious activists are so appalled, they’ve been penning nasty 1-star reviews of the company, Three Square Market, on Google, Glassdoor and social media.

    On the flip side, seemingly everyone else wants to know: Is this what real life is going to be like soon at work? Will I be chipped?

    “It will happen to everybody,” says Noelle Chesley, 49, associate professor of sociology at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. “But not this year, and not in 2018. Maybe not my generation, but certainly that of my kids.”

    Gene Munster, an investor and analyst at Loup Ventures, is an advocate for augmented reality, virtual reality and other new technologies. He thinks embedded chips in human bodies is 50 years away. “In 10 years, Facebook, Google, Apple and Tesla will not have their employees chipped,” he says. “You’ll see some extreme forward-looking tech people adopting it, but not large companies.”

    The idea of being chipped has too “much negative connotation” today, but by 2067 “we will have been desensitized by the social stigma,” Munster says.”


  3. Every now and then the mask slips………..


    “So let’s get this straight: the terrorist- and cop-killer-celebrating Women’s March, which hosted on stage a convicted kidnapper and murderer and a singer who shared her dream of blowing up the White House, accuses Loesch and the NRA of directly endorsing violence against black and brown protesters, and a sitting member of Congress decides that’s the train to jump on.”

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  4. The political donations to Democrats by “investigators” are one thing. But having the investigators -Mueller, Zebley, and Rhee all be partners in the firm that until yesterday represented Paul Manafort is quite another. And yet there’s supposedly no ethics issues or conflicts of interest?

    Little wonder why Manafort fired them. He probably should have long ago. And why did it take until Tuesday for investigators to disclose they’re financially involved in the firm that was defending Manafort? And what info for Manafort’s defense did they have access to being lawyers for the firm representing him?


    “According to the documents released by the Justice Department after CNN requested the disclosures, Mueller holds a roughly $3.5 million share in the Washington law firm WilmerHale. He also made tens of thousands of dollars delivering speeches to groups including Ford Motor Company, Citi bank and Banamex, a Mexican bank.

    Mueller and Aaron Zebley, Mueller’s former chief of staff at the FBI, both represented Facebook at WilmerHale before leaving for the special counsel’s office. And Jeannie Rhee, a senior lawyer on Mueller’s team, represented Google at WilmerHale before joining the special counsel’s team.

    The proliferation of fake news and pro-Trump messaging on major platforms, including Twitter, Google and Facebook, has drawn the interest of both federal and congressional investigators and could potentially play a key role in the investigations.

    The disclosures also showed Zebley had a WilmerHale partnership share of $1.437 million; Rhee’s partnership share and capital contribution interest totaled $2.063 million; and James Quarles, a senior lawyer on the team, had a WilmerHale partnership share of $5.889 million.”


  5. Trumpkins are nervous about Mueller because they don’t think Trump is so dumb that he would act so guilty unless he really had something to hide.

    NeverTrumpers to Trumpkins: Relax. He is that dumb.


  6. And there is still zero evidence that Trump did anything wrong, or that he’s even the focus at this point. But hey, if Never-Trumpers wanna dream, dream big, right?

    And just think Ricky, if they are successful, which looks less and less likely, you’ll get your wish. Trump will be gone.

    But then you’ll have no Republican party left to speak of. Trump supporters will flee the party in droves. Then you can have your purified party back, minus half it’s members. Not really a win, but at least you’ll be rid of the malcontents, right? You won’t be able to win anything, but you’ll still have your dignity, the little left after your behavior the last 8 months anyway. But not much else.

    But at least then a 3rd party might have a shot, which R’s won’t. Not really a winning strategy.


  7. We already have no party left to speak of. Trumpkins have already fled the party. They did that when they joined The Cult.

    NeverTrumpers have known for over a year that another intelligent conservative would never be elected. Last spring the US officially became an Idiocracy.


  8. And let’s face it, at this point, he needs to charge someone, anyone really, in order to justify the massive resources and money wasted on this witch hunt.


  9. Mueller is going to spend a lot less than Trump will on his golf trips. At the rate he is going, Trump will spend as much on travel in one year as Obama spent in eight.

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  10. Speaking of Obama, if anyone should be convicted for election collusion, it should be Obama who spent many tax dollars in attempting to defeat Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu. He didn’t even try to hide that illegal move, yet almost nobody questioned it.

    But now, they are desperately looking for something, anything, to call a crime.

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  11. Eric Metaxas, Chuck Colson’s successor on Breakpoint, has been a staunch supporter of Trump since the Republican primaries (I get his Facebook feed, so I’ve seen what he has posted on the topic over the past two years). He recently interviewed Judge Ken Starr, who investigated Bill Clinton, on the current investigation by Mueller of Trump:

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  12. Tychicus,

    “Speaking of Obama, if anyone should be convicted for election collusion, it should be Obama who spent many tax dollars in attempting to defeat Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu. He didn’t even try to hide that illegal move, yet almost nobody questioned it.”

    And who was supposed to be responsible for looking into such matters? That would be the Republican controlled House and Senate. But they did nothing, yet now half of them are after the leader of their own party, with no evidence. A traitorous lot for sure.


  13. AJ, You hate the Republicans and you like entitlements. Why don’t you just become a Democrat? That’s what your hero Trump was for most of his life. He’ll probably switch back soon. You can be a trendsetter.


  14. The problem isn’t Democrats vs. Republicans. No one depends more on favors from DC than corporate America and they are heavily invested in both parties. No one has more power to institute ‘entitlements’ in their own favor than corporate America. They just don’t like to call them entitlements.

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  15. Wait. Which entitlements do I love again? I forget…… 🙄

    And I can’t become a Democrat. I’m pro-life, and they don’t allow us people. Being an independent is my only option at this point.

    You also seem to have forgotten that I’m the guy who wanted Trump because I wanted to see it all “burnt down” in DC. If nothing else, Trump has begun that process. First it was the Dems in the election, plus their inability to recover from their losses, and now it’s the Repubs turn. And they can’t help but throw fire on it themselves, as their repeated failures so aptly demonstrate.

    An independent only has a chance after the first 2 parties are broken down and lose some of their appeal. And we’re well on our way to that, as both are losing middle America.

    As far as I’m concerned, it’s Mission Accomplished thus far. Two thumbs up for the guy with the orangy-yellow hair! 👍👍


  16. AJ @ 7:06

    1. You like all the big entitlements (all of which Trump promised not to tweak):
    A. Social Security;
    B. Social Security Disability; and
    C. Medicare

    2. We found out during the healthcare debate that you like Obama’s latest entitlement: new health insurance for those with pre-existing conditions without them even having to pay higher premiums for one year.

    Trumpkins have no clue what they mean when they say “Burn it Down!” If they burned down the Social Security or Medicare office and the checks stopped coming, Trumpkins would squeal.

    You are not far from Debra, and I have always considered her to be a pro-life Democrat. Neither of you like free trade or Reagan and the more you learn about conservative economics, the less you like it.

    You could switch from The Trump Cult to being an ideological Trumpkin, but you have to take the following steps:
    1. Don’t defend his daily idiocy.
    2. Whenever you hear the words Mueller or Russia, don’t go into Trumpian panic and distraction mode with tales of Hillary, Seth Rich, unmasking, tapps and Obama. Be cool. If Trump did nothing wrong, he will be exonerated. Even if he did quite a bit wrong, his cult will likely not let him be removed from office.


  17. The funny thing is that conservatives (NeverTrumpers) know these are “the good old days”. Nothing much is happening legislatively, but that is not all bad. It is probably going to get a lot worse. Consider what the future holds:

    2019-2020. The Democrats will likely take the House and could even take the Senate, though that will be tough. Selecting a deranged imbecile as your leader has consequences. I expect Trump (who like his followers does not like Republicans) will make friends with his old friends the Democrats. Debra will get her trillion dollars in infrastructure spending that Obama and Trump promised. Unbelievably, healthcare spending will balloon even more.Trump will join with the Democrats to spend trillions of our grandkids’ dollars to “make America great again” before the 2020 election.

    In the unlikely event that Trump has committed some crime so heinous that not even his cult can protect him, a wounded Pence will take office like a wounded Gerald Ford did in 1974 and the results will be bad, though not as bad as if Trump serves his full term. Which leads us to:

    2021-2024 The Democrats are going to kill us in 2020. Trump won’t get to run against Hillary this time. As AJ correctly noted above, if the Republicans defeat Trump in a primary or go along with his removal for impeachable acts, The Trump Cult will not support Republicans.

    So enjoy “the good old days”. It can only get worse.


  18. Debra @6:14 Your rhetoric is good. You could be a candidate. Unfortunately, here are the facts of the 2017 US budget:

    28% is spent on healthcare. Most of that is Medicare.
    25% is on pensions. The vast majority of that is Social Security.
    21% is for Defense.
    9% is for various welfare programs for the poor.
    7% is for interest on the debt (and that is going up).

    That is 90%. 4% goes to education. That leaves 6% to do everything else.

    You can rail about “corporate America”. Democrats and Trumpkins are getting the vast majority of the money.



  19. Ricky @ 6:51 am, could you unpack your statement, “This is what happens when you take a perfectly rational Indian male and turn him into a modern American”? I don’t understand at all what you’re getting at.

    I read the David Brooks piece you linked. Nutshell: Google employee James Damore writes a controversial memo. CEO Sundar Pichar fires him. David Brooks thinks Pichar doesn’t belong in leadership.

    With that background, who is the “perfectly rational Indian male”, and what is the “this” that happens?


  20. Happy to do so, Kevin.

    Pichar was born in India. He then moved to the US where he went to college and earned his degrees and still works. Indians, like Nigerians, Cambodians, Chileans, Tongans, Mongolians and other non-brainwashed people on earth, understand that there are differences between the genders. Such a fact is obvious to rational males or females around the world. Poor Pichar had to spend several years in the US before he could believe the ridiculous myth that there are no gender differences. I do not know how he might explain the fact that my heroine Dafne Schippers (the fastest woman on earth in the 200 meters) is still two seconds (10%) slower than the fastest men on earth over that same distance. Have Pichar’s years in America also dulled his brain to the point where he no longer recognizes that his female relatives generally have gifts, abilities and talents which are different than those of his male relatives?


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