22 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 7-22-17

  1. 🙂 Nightingale, Little Guy, & Puppy Janie will be away for most of next week, meaning I will have a real break. I love them to pieces, & am glad to have them share our home, & that we are a part of each other’s daily lives, but it is nice to have a time of them being out of the house for a while.

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  2. Rather than retype this, here’s an email I just sent to a friend about my last five days:

    I had all sorts of ups and downs last week–the usual “is there a point to this?” as I slogged away in the “what do I do about marketing?” minefield.

    I was particularly discouraged, but I’ve been reading in 2 Kings and I got to that terrific Hezekiah story–where the Assyrian army surrounds Jerusalem and Hezekiah lays at the altar with the letter before him.

    I thought and prayed about it and realized I’ve been wracked with fear, pride and lack of trust.

    So, the Lord and I had a cozy chat, I confessed (I tell you, confession is one of my favorite exercises!) and left Biddy, yet again, in God’s hands.

    The next day the PW article appeared.

    WHY do I ever even bother to question?


    Just spent the last four days in LA catching my daughter between mission trips–the first trip was with her program in global medical management, where she spent two weeks in Uganda examining medical care there and “working/observing” at a rural clinic.

    I met her at LAX Monday afternoon after her 30 hours of travel, took care of her like a good mom that day and returned Tuesday morning with boxes from Uhaul. She had four days to pack out of her room because her roommates are moving to a house while she’s gone on the next trip. I packed, she snoozed, I ran errands, she snoozed. After 30 hours of snoozing, she woke up, wide awake, helped pack up the rest and went to work.

    On the three nights she was actually in LA, she worked two shifts. I got her ready to go and she flew to Nicaragua this morning with our church for a week-long eyeglass ministry.

    We’re curious about what the Lord will do as a result of this trip–her fifth–because USC gave her a fellowship to go and she reports back to the medical school upon her return. USC is very interested because over the years they’ve been doing this ministry, our head elder has been instrumental through a local Rotary group (even as he’s led our church group) in building a medical clinic in Sabalos.

    USC’s program likes to send medical students to volunteer at clinics in third world countries. Sabalos has little medical care and no eyeglass care for a poor region of 30K people. CR could be the connection to get more volunteer medical personnel down to help.

    I thought you would find this interesting.

    But what was I doing those days in LA? That, of course, is the real question. 🙂

    I was the background support so she could go. The most ridiculous spiritual warfare attacked as I prepared to fly to LA, flew to LA, and on my return home; Satan tried really hard to rob my joy.

    But the Lord was with me. I decided both days to “pull a Biddy,” and just believe God was in the midst of all this and all I had to do was listen to him.

    And now that I type this, I see, yet again, the peace that came when I laid aside that pride, fear and put myself into God’s hands with trust.

    Funny how that works, isn’t it?

    Home and catching up on real life, but so very thankful that our weaknesses can become opportunities–in my case so very often–for His glory.

    Thanks be to God!

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  3. I am delighted and thankful that son did no more injury to himself than a wake up call. And some cuts and bruises and maybe a sprained wrist. But apparently no concussion. He slid on his head rather than bounced on it. And the helmet took the abuse.

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  4. Mary and Tom came up for a one year birthday party for Charlie (youngest great-grand) . There were a couple of dozen people there, Many we didn’t know.

    But Elvera and I were sitting on a couch, just watching. I leaned over to Elvera and said,
    “If it weren’t for you, none of this would be happening.”

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  5. 😦 Emotional manipulation.

    Little Guy stayed overnight with his dad & other grandparents last night, the first time in a long time. (Mr X is living with them again.) When he got home early this afternoon, he was grumpy. Some of what he said pointed to some emotional manipulation from his dad. Poor kid.

    Babysitting this afternoon & this evening may have some challenges. Please say a prayer that he will go to sleep easily. (When he is over-tired, it seems he has more trouble going to sleep.)

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  6. Thanks for asking, Kevin. Biddy comes out in October; I’m in the heavy going marketing preparation. It would be wonderful if I could write all the blog posts I’m going to need for the rest of the year in August.

    Along with find all the people the publisher wants me to ask to help endorse and spread the word about the book. I’m struggling with the asking for favors right now and should be thinking and praying about my list.

    All of which includes you all, right? 🙂

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  7. Wow. Are you in Montana? Until a few weeks ago the highest speed limit I had seen was 70. On my way up north in Michigan I discovered a couple places where it’s 75. I didn’t know it was 80 anywhere in the States.


  8. Husband mentioned you should be able to make good time there. Then you hit 12 and it is down to twenty five and thirty five and forty five. It matters. Beautiful road but speed kills.


  9. Is there a problem with that? I assure you, we will treat her well. Just because we met on the internet does not mean….well, anyway. Some people can attest to a reasonably good or useful time here.

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