46 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 7-21-17

  1. Good Morning from New Orleans. I learned a lot yesterday. We went into the French Quarter last night and had the most amazing meal. Somehow we managed to get a table in the bar ahead of people who had reservations. I asked and the hostess, Annette, found us a table. Our server graduated from Fairhope High School. Really? So did I! That capped it and we got great service.
    Have fun today. It is going to be a long one for me. Class, then the drive home, which should make the timing so that I will get caught in summer, Friday, beach traffic. Ugh. But I think I have a plan around it. It will be more miles, but less time.

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  2. Alternate.Routes.Roll. Go, Kim!

    It is another Hot’Lanta day in the making.

    I found out my friend in CA has a malignant tumor and needs surgery. I think one scan has revealed this. Should I advise she get a second opinion? I do not want to overstep by offering unwanted advice.

    Does anyone live near the long road, I-20, between Atlanta and Dallas? Sunday-Monday time frame for quick meet up anywhere along the way?

    This will be an adventure, travelling in July/August. We have never traveled in the heat.


  3. Sorry, Janice. I live 60 miles North of I-70, though.

    Chas forgot again to say, It’s Friday, and you know what that means!

    It means that I have one week to get travel plans all sorted out. I have the meet-up planned in New Mexico, or at least the date and general time frame, and a meet up in the works in Colorado. Hey, I might catch up to Kim in meeting people! This will make 3 this summer.

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  4. Home from working to prepare my little missionary for her trip to Nicaragua. She flies at 1 tomorrow morning.

    While I was gone and my computer, in theory, was on vacation, it reset itself and the screen was microscopic when I opened it this morning. How do these things happen, the computer just decides to alter something?

    I broke into Mr. Fit’s push-up routine and he changed the display.
    It’s now so big, it fills the entire screen and is best read from down the hall.

    And, of course, will not obey my commands to return to last week’s settings.

    I’ll snag him when he returns from his jog . . . but this is too hard. I now cannot read what I’m typing because it is so big on the page. Sigh.

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  5. Michelle, it’s like being Alice in Wonderland …

    Yay for Friday. Thankfully no Tess mess in the house overnight, despite her raiding (again) of the cat food that I negligently forgot to pick up in the dash after getting home from the dog walk and hauling trash out.

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  6. Michelle, on our computers at work there is a percentage button down at the lower right bottom of the screen where you can click on it to set the size print. I am not sure, of course, if others have that feature, but it is worth a check to see.


  7. Perfect answer, Janice, but Imcouldnt find it. Sigh.

    So I’ve returned to the IPad to read. Lots of great stories from the four days, but they may end up in a blog post!


  8. Thanks Mumsee. She is doing well and is now at the Adult Center. I will pick her up about 1:45. I think she has a boyfriend there. There is a “really nice guy there, I think he likes me.” I don’t mind at all so long as she gets in my car in the evenings. 🙂

    And she is still the sweetest and best looking 85 year old woman around.

    It occurred to me this morning that during my waking hours, about 75% of all I do is to, for, or because of her. Fortunately, that’s all I have to do now. And we promised that for each other sixty years ago.
    I’m reading the book Donna suggested. It’s helpful, but I’m not really learning anything new.

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  9. I seem to do that at odd times, too, Michelle. Touching the mouse or screen in certain areas and things can go bizzerko. Makes me go bizzerko, too. Wish I had a computer expert around to straighten it all out for me. Count your blessings! 😀

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  10. It just occurred to me that my 19:49 could be misunderstood. Sometimes we are just watching TV or having dinner together. Not always doing something.


  11. Sadly, even without expertise, I am the go to on tech issues in our home. I found a whole notebook of printouts on Art’s new phone. I guess it was meant for me to find since men are reluctant to follow I structions, LOLA.

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  12. True. I am blessed but sometimes I wonder what my poor long suffering husband is getting out of this arrangement . . . well . . . Laughter, right? 🙂

    Or, the blessing that Chas is to Elvera, a wonder to behold, cherish and appreciate.

    Meanwhile, he wants a kitten. Great.

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  13. Michelle,

    Maybe all your husband needs and wants from the arrangement is a woman who loves him, and the kitten she let him have. 🙂

    Sometimes it really is that simple.

    You have the first part covered, now go get him a kitty! 🙂

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  14. Last night Art and I watched A Man Called Ove which is based on a bestseller book from a Swedish blogger turned debut novelist. It has English subtitles. It uses some coarse language which you don’t understand unless you know the Swedish language. But you get to see the words in English if that is an issue. I am posting a link to the book’s story description. I think the book would be an excellent read to show the difference one person can make in the world. Attempts and funny failures at suicide are a part of this touching story of community.

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  15. We liked both the book and the movie.

    I had this brilliant idea that if I restarted the computer maybe it would reset and all would be well.

    Stargazer has just be called in to consult since I may have killed it instead.

    You have to feel sorry for the good guys living with me.

    Have put out a call for 2 kittens on FB.

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  16. Men do like to bless their women, I have noticed that. And have to put the brakes on myself or I would have everything there is to have and I don’t need that.

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  17. Meanwhile, the storage shed is cleaned out and back in place. I started that project before going camping and finally got around to finishing it. Whew. Lots of stuff leaving in the back of the pickup as we are no longer supporting the camping needs of thirteen people and all of that other stuff.

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  18. What I didn’t tell you is my phone went dead at a most inopportune moment (is there any other?) yesterday.

    In that instance my brother, when I arrived crying at his house, googled “reset” and got it started again.

    Mr. Engineer told me to buy a new one since he doesn’t touch IPhones.

    I may walk to work instead of risking the car.

    But then there’s the work computers . . . Sigh.


  19. Michelle’s experience with computers and appliances is like mine with DIY house stuff. I’m just not wired to do it (or do it well or right, anyway).

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  20. When a former dog gnawed up one of my window frames on the inside years ago, I thought, “How hard can it be?” and went to Home Depot to buy some wood filler putty.

    Well, it looked horrible and I didn’t have the ability or patience to figure out how to fix it. So I covered it up.

    When the wood window restorer guy came over to assess the job I needed done on all my front windows, his face twisted up when he saw that one.

    After the hourlong consultation and estimate was signed, he was getting ready to leave when he paused and said to me, pointing to the wood putty window, “And don’t try to fix any more of them before we can come back.”

    “OK,” I said.

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  21. Yall are a talkative bunch this morning. It would certainly be helpful if smart phones came with users manuals.

    We had plans to go see grands in northern NM this weekend. Found out this morning that hubby has to work Saturday. I will go anyway, along with 4 other grandchildren that are coming to spend the week with me.

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  22. Chas – My MIL’s grandmother was put into a mental hospital due to “senility”. Her husband was still alive, & visited her, of course, but I guess she forgot she was married, & she fell in love with the priest of the place.

    I read that Sandra Day O’Connor’s Alzheimer’s-afflicted husband fell in love with a woman at his nursing home.

    That must be painful for the spouse.

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  23. For those who have cats: Does your cat ever bite on the rim of lamp shades?

    Also, why would a cat even want to sniff at a lunch of lentils and grits?


  24. Chas, you’re a good husband.

    The posts above make me thankful for my own husband. He doesn’t like cats and there is no danger he will ever ask for a kitten!

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  25. Yes, Janice, they will chew on the strangest things. My Brucie likes to chew on scotch tape and the Big Black Goober upstairs eats Styrofoam (and then comes down here and pukes it up). He also love watermelon. They will sniff at anything – if it’s good enough for you, then they are interested.

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  26. Michelle, you remind me of Goldilocks today.

    “This type is too small.”

    “This type is too big.”

    I hope you have found your way to “This type is just right.”


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  27. One of my aunts had a cat that would obsessively lick plastic bags… They’re as bad as goats.

    Chas, I’m glad you understand that Elvera means no ill.

    Kizzie, one of the ugly stories I witnessed when I was working in the nursing home concerned not the spouse in the residence with dementia, but the well spouse outside the residence, who decided he liked one of the other residents better than his wife. Once, the nurse (who was a no-nonsense person) I was working with got up and told the man, who was sitting next to his ‘girlfriend’, point blank to go home since he wasn’t visiting with his wife (it was getting close to the end of visiting hours anyway). We understood what failing memories could do to relationships, but that was a bit much to stomach.

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  28. I’ve been doing research for the group presentation for global health. The topic is on how environment affects health, so we are concentrating on the ongoing famine in the Horn of Africa. Since this course has taught us to look at all the facets, including the one we are focusing on, I’ve been researching the history of the countries involved, as well as the effects of the drought. When one looks at the geographical position of the Horn, the whole picture of climate and the current effects of history comes together. Things never happen in a vacuum, as is demonstrated by the information that refugees from conflict-ridden Somalia are returning from conflict-ridden Yemen (just across the Gulf of Aden) to now drought-and-famine-ridden Somalia, where conflict is still ongoing, and that the cholera epidemic spreading throughout Yemen is also spreading throughout Somalia. The last three horsemen of the Apocalypse, War, Famine, and Death, are never very far behind one another.


  29. Some happy music for a Friday – the meaning of this song is, in short, the first singer is celebrating the marriage of the couple in the film clip:


  30. Eighteen and nineteen year olds traded vehicles for a week. So nineteen year old has the car eighteen just finished fixing after his sister destroyed it. Eighteen year old has other boys’ motorcycle with a completely bald tire. I pointed it out and said that is a bald tire it needs to be replaced before nineteen takes it back. Eighteen said he would tell him. Eighteen just got back from crashing the motorcycle at fifty miles per hour on pavement. Well, he did not stay on pavement, he slid into a rock wall. I don’t know what the motorcycle did. He thinks he is fine. He is scraped up pretty good and looks like a sprained wrist. No officer involvement. This is out in the middle of nowhere after all and you can expect to dust yourself off and move on. He thinks the lack of tread may have impacted on the incident. He felt the back tire lose connection and slide out. Really?
    Eldest son gave me a sign for Christmas a couple years back. If at first you don’t succeed, do it the way your mother told you to.
    Grateful to God for safety in what could have been quite bad.

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  31. Clean those scrapes out well, Mumsee, as gravel in the tissue can cause infection – and I hope his tetanus shot is up to date. I read a book by Dr. Paul Brand, the leprosy specialist, and he recounted cleaning his friend’s road burns with a stiff-haired brush and plenty of soap and water.


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