38 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 6-29-17

  1. Good morning everyone.
    ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Elvera has a dental appointment this morning.
    It’s a chore getting her ready. I almost would rather it were me.
    But not quite. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. I learned yester day that my climate control thermostat operates on two AA batteries.
    I the illogic of that baffles me.
    I can understand it if had a timer, like the one in Annandale, where it adjusted according to the time of day. But this doesn’t.

    I can’t understand why it isn’t connected to the house current. It can’t work if the power is off anyhow.

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  3. That is strange Chas. I hope they aren’t having to sedate Elvera in any way. They may have to, and if they do they do, but sometimes it throws dementia people off a bit, so just be aware.

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  4. I am going to work from home today and focus on the other part of what I have been hired to do. I have a conference call with the lead coordinator today at 1 or 1:30. Will have to look back at my email.
    Master Amos is going to the groomer today to get his Summer puppy cut. Which reminds me,
    CHERYL, the office needed a good photo of me to announce me to everyone. I couldn’t find just a head shot that I liked so I used the one you took of Amos and me last Summer. Thanks. Everyone loved it.

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  5. Good morning! So far today the sky has a dullness that looks like it can’t make up its mind. Shall it rain or clear?

    I hope there will be no problems at the dentist office, Chas. My friend, Karen, has been having a horrid time with her teeth lately. She had one that broke while eating spaghetti and another was deemed to be in such poor shape that she had both removed. Anyways, Chas, may you and Elvera escape from the dentist with the only extraction being from your bank account.


  6. I just had my own dentist visit. I lost a piece of tooth while eating chocolate. I heard a crunch and knew their was nothing in plain chocolate that should cause that. I never did find the piece of tooth, but felt the ‘hole.’ It was on a wisdom tooth and thought they would pull it. However, the rest of the tooth, which has a big filling, is still strong, so they are leaving it for now. It just needed to be smooth down a bit. Hopefully, it will last for awhile.

    We have had more rain than any of us can stand. The good news is that we do not have to worry about forest fires.

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  7. Our fire season was delayed for a while but it is coming on strong now with hot dry days and wind. The very wet spring let the grasses grow tall so there will be lots of fuel.


  8. I never will forget my dad and me having lunch with my grandparents one day. Daddy bit down on something and a piece of his tooth fell off. He managed to spit it out in his hand, looked at it, identified it as a piece of tooth. I couldn’t finish my lunch for thinking it might be my grandmother’s tooth that got cooked into whatever it was. After he retired and lost his dental insurance he went on the cash only plan at the dentist’s office which was closed on Wednesday’s—the day he got his dental work done ๐Ÿ˜‰
    As a result of him having “bad” teeth, I have REALLY good ones. I can’t remember a time I didn’t go to the dentist ever 6 months. Now I am battling sensitivity, but I think that same dentist above has gotten me “fixed” on that. I have MI Paste I use for the sensitivity. We shall see the next time I have them cleaned.


  9. I should probably go to the dentist, as I haven’t been in at least five years – the last time I went, the dentist said I had the best teeth she had ever seen, so I didn’t feel the need to go back unless I had a problem. I don’t have toothaches or anything like that, but I am having issues with sensitive teeth. I’m just concerned about the cost. I do have student insurance right now, but it won’t cover everything.

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  10. Everything went well at the dentist.
    However, we stopped by Chick-fil-a on the way home and she didn’t finish her coffee. She spit some of it out. We came home and I made her drink a glass of water. Just water. It took her ten minutes and I had to say, “drink some water” a dozen times.
    It’s that or he hospital again. Neither of us wants that.
    They don’t really do anything for her, but rehydrate her.
    Seems she would rather put it through her mouth than arms. But sometimes it a major task
    She doesn’t want to do anything.
    Nothing at all. .

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  11. Dentists are expensive, I’m grateful we have good insurance through work and that I haven’t had to have any real dental “work” done, aside from regular cleanings, in a few years. Last time I thought something was wrong with a back tooth the dentist determined it was the jaw — probably from stress.

    The last two times I’ve been in for cleanings they’ve used the laser thing, which is great — though it can cause some discomfort so they treat you with the numbing gel first. But it goes so much faster with that than the gal using the hammer-and-chisel technique (she still does some of that for what she calls the “detail” work). They’re always coming up with something better. Dentistry has come a long way. Can you imagine going back in the early 1900s or 1800s? Yikes. No wonder everyone just lost their teeth eventually.

    We’ve been plagued with several fires in the hillsides here this week. But our marine layer is back again (yay) so it’s nice and cool and damp. I even wore a sweatshirt when I walked the dogs last night.

    Today I’m dropping the car off (I hope — it’s a new place and I made the appt online and am not entirely sure it went through, so we’ll see when I show up).

    On the house project, I’m about to embark on clearing out the filing cabinet. I think several of those drawers are filled with my old BSF notes in notebooks, so that can probably all “go.” I was in BSF for 13 years, the last 9 of them as a discussion leader, so I figure I went through the “course” during that time (I think it was a rotation of maybe 5 books/themes) at least twice.


  12. That’s why my dad was on the Cash on Wednesday Plan. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    He went in for cleanings during regular office hours but any dental work took place when the office was closed. I doubt anyone else would be able to get on that dental plan.

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  13. For what little is left of June, I changed my gravatar photo to the most vividly colored wild rose I think I have ever seen. I saw it in our local state park yesterday.

    I was mostly trying to photograph wildflowers, but I was hoping to see cedar waxwings as well, and I figured they would be around. As it turns out, I went to one patch of flowers to the edge of the parking lot (in other words, not on the trail), and before I could photograph the flowers, in the tree above my head were a cedar waxwing and a black-capped chickadee. I got good photos of both. There ended up being two waxwings–though unfortunately they didn’t have the “wax” on their wings, which is really the finishing touch to that bird’s great beauty.

    Chickadees are maddeningly hard to photograph–so tiny and they move so quickly–though so cute they are worth continuing to try, and success is sweet. Well, I turned back from getting several shots of the waxwings in a different tree, and found the chickadee had returned to the first tree, he wasn’t far from me at all, and hanging upside down on some clump of leaves (I’m assuming there were caterpillars in it), and he was close enough and staying in one spot long enough that I had several good chances. In fact, I almost forgot about shooting the flowers–when the birds left I walked away, then remembered the flowers and went back. But the birds were better than the flowers.

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  14. Your picture flower looks like rosa rugosa. We have a stand of that in the back yard and I started some from there into my rose garden. I think they are beautiful and they smell wonderful, making the yard lightly perfumed and improving life.


  15. More (iced?) tea in your future?

    So I finally made it to the new garage and, as I half expected, they were swamped with holiday biz and my online appt didn’t fully go through (he said he meant to get back to me yesterday to reschedule it for next week but didn’t). So I’m set up for next Wednesday, which is fine. I think I’ve also figured out a faster way to get there from my house based on some of the heavy, slow traffic I encountered today around a construction area (new golf course & country club being built in the rich people’s neighborhood).

    He did fill my tires today, one had been riding low for a while. Hope I like the new place, they seem super busy, not as personal as my last place, but maybe that was just my first impression today when they were especially packed. They’re about 3/4 of the way to work (and located on the same street as our office), so it’s convenient enough I suppose. The other guy was right around the corner from my house. But these guys offer 1-day rentals, a free local shuttle & late, after-hours pickup times (plus they’re open on Saturdays) and I need that kind of flexibility.

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  16. Chas, I suspect she is living in her memories and you made some wonderful ones with her. You have provided for her old age with time invested and taking good care of your wife over the years. And you continue to do so by encouraging fluids. Job well done.

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  17. Oh, I may weaken on the Bible study notes as they’re all so neatly compiled in 3-ring binders by year … I may slide them into a bookcase in the garage to *think about it* — but they definitely are going out of the file cabinet & out of the house.

    Sometimes if I’m unsure of something I will set it aside. Typically, when I come upon it next, I’m ready to let it go. But sometimes, it’s something I decide to keep so long as it (a) doesn’t take up much space and/or (b) can be stored outside of the house. There is still a lot of storage room left along the perimeters (on shelves) in the garage while leaving it clear enough for the Jeep.

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  18. Cringe-worthy

    How Facebook is like church, according to founder Mark Zuckerberg



    CHICAGO (RNS) Its members gather to comfort and encourage one another. They check in on the sick and struggling. They wish each other a happy birthday.

    But itโ€™s not church.

    Itโ€™s Facebook. …

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  19. Thanks Mumsee

    I mentioned at 10:50 that we went to Chick-fil-a. They were playing bingo. I didn’t play. The prize was a free treat of some sort. I never learned exactly how it worked.
    I thought it was strange, but it looked like good marketing. The place was full.


  20. We haven’t had dental insurance for years. We get 10% off for paying in cash on the day we are there. We have regular check ups every six months and do whatever needs to be done. It is far cheaper to do that, (and less painful) than find out you teeth have been decaying and now you need to have larger work done. We haven’t done that, but I do know some sad stories along that line.

    That rose is supposed to be very hardy. I managed to kill one that was given to my daughter when her boyfriend died. I kept it alive for several years, but it was in a spot that got too wet in a wet year. I was sad that it died. My mom used to have lots of roses and they were beautiful. We do have a community rose garden about 70 miles away and if it ever stops raining we will have to visit it.


  21. Okay, Jo. I’ll be there from 12 noon til 8PM at the ticket counter. But I can arrange to give the tour when you’re there.


  22. This thread is moving along as slow as molasses. I posted 3+ hours ago, then came back 1 & a half hours ago. And here I am with the third post in a row. Someone will accuse me of hogging the thread!

    So, I claim this post as #57 (minus 23).

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  23. 1/2(62) + 4

    Nice one, 6Arrows. My mathematical side says that looks like 1 รท (2×62) + 4, which would be 4.0080645161290323. But I know what you mean since its hard to get fractions here. Try holding the ALT key and typing 171 on the number pad: ยฝ.


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