11 thoughts on “News/Politics 6-12-17

  1. A look at how our heroin problem has escalated.

    “People simply don’t overdose on prescription painkillers under medical supervision. They overdose when they can’t get the medicine they need and turn to the black market for help. The DEA’s efforts to keep chronic pain sufferers from accessing prescription painkillers and methadone is literally killing them.”


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  2. The worst part of it all that people with a legitimate need for a pain killer, like a serious ortho injury, have difficulty getting a doctor to address their pain. The doctors are too worried about their treatment method being called into question by the non-medical authorities. So patients are now expected to suffer thru it. I saw that with Cheryl’s leg injury.

    And those who treat anxiety with Xanax are next on the list. The govt is coming for that now too. As with pain killers, there’ll be consequences, side effects if you will.

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  3. It’s sad that this is necessary, but people have deluded themselves and others about their deviancy to the point where it is.

    And what the heck is cisgender? I guess even the normals who identify with their birth gender need a new name to feel special too.


    “A new (well, actually old but renewed) piece of legislation introduced by Congressman Pete Olson (R) of Texas this week seeks to reestablish the power of Congress, and in some cases the states, when it comes to deciding definitions of gender and sex for legal and policy purposes. The Civil Rights Uniformity Act of 2017 lists its raison d’etre as, “To repeal executive overreach, to clarify that the proper constitutional authority for social transformation belongs to the legislative branch.”

    The phrase “social transformation” is a scary one to see showing up in any sort of legislation and the more libertarian among us are probably put off by it for good reason. But what other choice is there? The crux of the bill is to roll back executive mandates from the Obama era where the well understood and scientifically sound concept of “sex” was morphed into suddenly bowing to concepts of “gender identity” as put forward by transgender advocates in the social justice community. Normally, “social transformation” belongs in the public square, but when the government dips a toe in those waters it has real world impacts on the privacy rights of citizens.

    Here’s a short statement from the bill’s author.

    Rep. Pete Olson said, “The Obama Administration strongly overreached by unilaterally redefining the definition of “sex” with respect to the Civil Rights Act outside of the lawmaking process. We must reject the notion of false power stolen from Congress by a White House seeking to impose social policy on America. The Founding Fathers never intended unelected bureaucrats in federal agencies to make sweeping changes to the definition of gender. While we have a new president in office, we must restore the voice of the people given to them by our Constitution and put an end to this dangerous precedent of removing Congress’ power to make laws.”

    This isn’t the first time Olson has attempted this. When President Obama first issued his directives on the subject in 2016 Olson rolled out a similar proposal but it obviously wasn’t going to make it into law with the old administration in charge. Now, however, conditions have changed. Who knows how the dice will roll this time?”


  4. I know this personally. Mr P has taken some heavy duty pain meds in the past. The way the VA decided to address the issue was to pay a bonus to their doctors for NOT prescribing or renewing a prescription for the pain medication. Luckily for Mr. P he was a corpsman and knew how to navigate the system. He was also lucky that he was being scheduled for surgery to insert a spinal cord stimulator to help with the constant pain.
    As I have stated many times here, what you hear about the VA on the news is only a fraction of how bad it really is.
    Some of the medication he was prescribed and the doctor refused to refill has a specific protocol for weaning a patient off. You can’t just stop taking is cold turkey. You have to step down with lower and lower doses. But the doctor got a bonus for not refilling the prescription.

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  5. A minor anecdote, but when I was hit with that horrible flu earlier this year — the one where I completely lost my voice and had the worst, deep cough that was especially bad at night when I was trying to sleep — the urgent care doc gave me a prescription cough syrup that did virtually nothing. That’s odd, I thought.

    When I checked the prescription/label I realized this wasn’t the usual codeine formula but was something else that (according to the Internet) was less than half as effective. No wonder. I tried it for a couple days and then called them to see if they could prescribe something stronger and they said I’d have to come in for another appt (waiting the usual 3-4 hours before getting called in) so I just said forget it, it’ll eventually run its course, which it did. The over-the-counter formulas were just as effective as the stuff they prescribed for me. I think it’s probably part of the same trend.

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  6. AJ – My understanding is that the transgender folks (or their “allies”) decided it wasn’t fair that you & I could be called a man & a woman, but trans folk had to be called “trans men” & “trans women”, so they invented a prefix for us – cis. So we are a “cis man” & a “cis woman”. 😦

    It’s part of “normalizing” transgenderism.


  7. Re the “cis” nonsense: that is exactly why I stopped using the word “heterosexual.” The word “homosexual” refers to a specific desire, and we don’t need a word for “normal sexual desire.” The whole reason for the word “heterosexual” is the nonsense that “sexuality comes in different flavors, all of them normal variations.” We don’t say “thief” and “non-thief.” Nor should we say “homosexual” of someone who has same-sex temptations but has chosen not to act on them. That is like calling everyone who has ever experienced lust an “adulterer.” The one who cherishes and savors the temptation, even without acting on it, might fairly be called an adulterer, but not everyone who fights lust loses to it.

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