58 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 6-10-17

  1. Good Morning and good nite Kare!
    Beautiful flowers Miss Kim…and Happy Birthday Michelle!
    It is 2:30 here and I am awake for the day it seems..cannot sleep and I’m kind of glad about it..you should just see this beautiful forest this early morning..the moon is shining so brightly and the shadows are breathtaking! (And there just might be an owl hooting in the distance!)

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  2. Just got home from a nice dinner. When they invited me, they told me another fellow, whose wife is in the states for the birth of a grandchild, and a college student who is visiting would also be coming. So I decided to walk as I knew that they would not mind escorting me home. What a privilege to walk home in the dark.

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  3. 🎂 🍨 ¡Feliz cumpleaños, Michelle! 🍨 🎂

    (Those are cake and ice cream emojis for those whose system will only show squares.)

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  4. Happy Birthday Michelle!

    Beautiful front-porch flowers. That reminds me that I have to water my little tree this morning. 🙂

    I’m hoping to make some visible progress in the house today, wish I could just wave a magic wand. Or maybe have the ‘Elves’ do it, but I suppose they’re all resting up for Christmas.

    Tonight’s a retirement dinner for a friend. How can I be old enough to know people who are retiring?? I think the last retirement event I attended was for my mom ages ago. Or was that just yesterday?

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  5. It’s only 7:15 and I’ve had two birthday messages and a long email from a young woman who asked me once, “should I take my first set of orders (out of USNA) to San Diego or Hawai’i?”

    I wrote her back about both places and off she went.

    I hadn’t heard from her in years. She said the email changed her life– she went to Hawai’i, did her five years, fell in love, had two babies and is now a civilian living happily ever after with three children 20 minutes from home in MO.

    So odd, how you never know the results of things you say (I gave San Diego and edge over Hawai’i in my assessment!), and how they can influence someone. I was only one of two people she asked.

    I try to “advise” very gingerly–God works in each of our lives according to his Spirit and direction. I don’t want to hijack God’s words in someone else’s life. I always tell my friends, “this is what it seems to me, it that may not be what God is telling you. So, if my suggest fits, great, otherwise feel free to ignore. My feelings won’t be hurt.”

    My daughter told me the other day that wasn’t always helpful. I should just tell her. Odd how that didn’t work well when she was a teenager . . . Lol.

    Birdhouse birthday party at noon, here, if you’re in the neighborhood. Adorables are very excited to give me the ornamental birdhouses they personally painted. We’ll be posting them on my old back fence for decoration. 🙂

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  6. Any one care to explain to me why I continue to buy linen when I hate to iron and why I take it one step further and buy white linen when I am a dirt magnet?

    I miss my father when I have to iron. He was fantastic and easily conned. I can get Mr. P to do it but it takes more effort to con him…and he wasn’t home just now.

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  7. Running the new washer/dryer again today while I sort through more throw-away, give-away, re-pack-and-store-and-organize stuff. I love these new machines.

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  8. Remember that old punctuation saying….If in doubt, throw it out. (Mostly clothes)
    If it is broken and you aren’t going to repair it…free it to the universe. Someone else may love it and fix it.
    If you don’t love it get rid of it.
    Should I send you the Konmari Method?

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  9. Those flowers are beautiful, Kim.

    I may have a sunburn for my outdoors time at the rally. I found out that in my county there are more black babies aborted than there are born. So sad.



    This is a ZUMBA CAKE because it is so rich that you have to do ZUMBA for a full year to burn off the calories from a slice!❤

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  11. Last night I dreamed I was a kindergarten student (as an adult). I suspect it’s Jo’s fault. I don’t know if I was wanting to write something about what it’s like to be a kindergarten student or what, but after being a student for a while, I decided that even though I wasn’t officially a teacher’s aide, I was an adult and the students wouldn’t know any difference, and the teacher clearly needed help keeping order. I saw a couple of them come back into the classroom from the hall, which meant they had simply wandered out of the room and come back on their own, and otherwise there were just too many children for one adult to keep an eye on.

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  12. It is quiet in the house. Hubby & I are the only humans home, & he is now sleeping.

    Chickadee had made plans to go somewhere this evening with friends, forgetting that this is Nightingale’s regularly scheduled every-other-Saturday-night shift. So Nightingale made plans with her friend Stacey to have Little Guy spend the night with her kids. (Nightingale has babysat Stacey’s four little kids single-handedly a couple times, so Stacey was glad to return the favor.)

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  13. If it weren’t for the addition of this active puppy, I would have babysat Little Guy on my own. But I’m tired after being extra-busy for a week, including babysitting more than usual the past couple weeks & didn’t feel up to taking them both on at once on my own. (Well, Hubby was here & awake for part of the time, but still.)

    And yes, I feel a little silly about it. But I am glad Nightingale could make an alternate plan for Little Guy, & I know he must be having a great time. (Hopefully all of the children are asleep by now.)

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  14. Janice- If African-Americans knew how many of them had been murdered by abortion over the years, there would be a major outcry. I read that PP purposely puts clinics in black neighborhoods because Margaret Sanger wanted to reduce the black population.

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  15. Peter, I seriously doubt it is quite that close a “because.” In other words, Planned Parenthood isn’t following Sanger’s desire for black people to disproportionately be killed for racist reasons. Today’s liberals aren’t generally racist in such a direct fashion.

    However, I do think it is true that poor blacks are the greatest clientele, and that PP somehow has no problem taking large sums from poor people to kill their children, justifying to themselves that the children would live in poverty and would be likely to end up abused, and thus it is a kindness to everyone involved to spare them such a thing. Life in poverty is seen as worse than death to many.

    The bottom line, though, is that the group most willing to pay is going to be the group most targeted, and that means single women who did not choose to become pregnant, and that largely means minorities. (The white rate of out-of-wedlock births is very high today, too, but is much more likely to be intentional pregnancies and/or pregnancies within long-term live-in relationships, where a baby isn’t as great a financial burden.)

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  16. got an email today from the folks who are putting me up for the night this Friday. I found their address on google maps. I like to know where I am going. They live in Brisbane and used to serve here so they offer a free place to stay and they pick you up and drop you off at the airport. Blessed again

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  17. I’m feeling a bit mischievous. Many of you may already know that this is “Pride Month” for the LGBT-etc. folks.

    Without any further commentary, I posted on Facebook:

    “Pride goes before destruction,
    and a haughty spirit before a fall.”
    (Proverbs 16:18, ESV)”

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  18. Stayed home from church today due to a cold that hit me hard overnight. Seemed to come out of the blue, but then I remembered that Little Guy was acting a little cold-ish the other night. Thanks a lot, Kid.

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  19. Feel better Kizzie — Yes, big ‘pride’ marches planned here, probably he biggest will be at Hollywood & Highland, but also marches in smaller communities all around LA County. A fairly big one happens in the city next to us, Long Beach, where I lived for a number of years in my 30s. The parade was still fairly small back — the “floats” would gather and line up in the park next door to my 1920s apartment house as I was usually leaving for church — but since then it has grown to be a major link in the LGBT community’s round of events.

    My friend’s retirement dinner was fun, probably 30+ people there, her two 20-something daughters organized it all. The one is married to a Muslim and when I heard her mention “God” as she was talking to someone else next to me I took notice, then heard her say something about Muhammed’s wife … She joined her husband and in-laws (who live with them) to fast for Ramadan this year (she’s often been pregnant during this time in the past so hasn’t been able to fast); I suspect she’s fully converted by now — she and her husband who is from Bangladesh have 3 young children — but hasn’t said so officially to her mom (they’re staunch Irish Catholics).

    Strange turns life sometimes takes.

    Off to church then planning to “hit it” in the house this afternoon


  20. Sanger’s original diabolical plans are working out, and people who don’t see that have been blinded by the lack of news coverage and as usual the thoughts of superiority of the more affluent knowing what is best for the less fortunate. My dear liberal friend was in disbelief when I told her about our county’s numbers that show we now have more abortions of black babies than births. She said that was just what one person said. Now I need to get the sources to support the numbers to prove the truth of what I was told Saturday. The black ladies who presented have themselves been misled, and two of them told of abortions they had in their youth. They want the truth to get out by word of mouth about what is happening. These are very brave ladies. Dr. King was one whose home was bombed when she was young in Birmingham. I guess she grew up being forced to be brave.

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  21. DJ, I am reading a book by Wayne Chaney, Jr. who is in the Long Beach area. Do you know of him? It appears he is over a big gospel music festival there. Maybe you have written a story about him?


  22. I did not feel well this morning. My tummy was not feeling quite right so I did not attend church. A big group of the congregation are out on a missions trip so I felt badly not being there. I think partly I was feeling melancholy about our pastor leaving, too, and with him not there today I would have felt the impact even more. So what did I do? I listened to last week’s sermon by the pastor at the church merging with ours. His sermon was excellent. When Art got home I even played it for him. 😁

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  23. I’ll look him up, Janice (4:46), offhand I don’t think I’ve heard of him.

    My former (retired) pastor preached today as our pastor is in China meeting with underground pastors there for some seminary instruction (they’re actually gathering in Thailand where it’s safer). Sermon was on Judges 5:19-31, which I doubt I’ve ever heard used as a sermon topic before. 🙂

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  24. And I’d forgotten, but apparently the Hollywood Pride march this year was more about Resist:

    Few graphs below from our reporter’s story on it this morning.

    Tens of thousands of people gathered in Hollywood Sunday morning for Resist March, a call for unity among communities across Los Angeles to defend the civil liberties of LGBTQ individuals and to remember the victims of the mass shooting last June at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Florida.

    The march replaced the annual LA Pride parade in West Hollywood, an event that celebrates progress made within the LGBTQ community, with Sunday’s gathering instead focusing on resisting President Donald Trump’s policies on everything from immigration to travel bans to transgender youths in schools.

    Carrying signs saying “Resist Insist Persist” and “I Am Human,” marchers filled Hollywood Boulevard by 8 a.m. …


  25. One of the complaints I have heard about Mike Pence was that as governor of Indiana, he supported torturing gay youths.

    What they are referring to is gay conversion therapy, & they say that it includes some things that could be considered torture. I don’t know enough about it to know what it is they consider to be torture. Maybe I should look it up.


  26. Okay. Some of what they used to do in conversion therapy could be considered torture, but those things are not done anymore. (Except maybe by some illegal outliers.)

    The description of those methods, used prior to 1981, is in the fourth paragraph of this Wikipedia article, right above the contents list. I’ll not copy-&-paste it here in case anyone would find the paragraph too disturbing.



  27. Checking in here late…I took a couple naps after church today…it must be spring around here evidenced by itchy watering eyes and lots of sneezing!! Allergy meds make me tired!
    Mike Pence is going to be the target of the left no matter what…he is a follower of Christ. He had advocated the use of taxpayer funds for parents wanting to access counseling for their children who were in an “identity crisis”…the left and LGBT whatever…likes to throw around “electro shock therapy” when the subject comes up…but he never advocated that “torture”. I have followed Mike Pence for a long while before he became VP…I know a young man who knows him personally….he is a good man…not flawless…but a good man….steppin’ off my soapbox now 🙂

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