39 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 5-22-17

  1. I feel like Dj as I arrange for work to be done here. I contacted a plumber to do some work after hours on his own time. There are no outside faucets at this home, so he will install one on the front and one on the back. And he will hook them up to the RAM or ditch water, not to our precious tank water – rain water from the roof gutters, stored in tanks.

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  2. Good evening, Jo.

    I woke around 4:30 and did not go back to sleep. It’s nice to get an early start to the day.

    It’s garbage day here so several of the neighbors were moving things to the curb for pickup around the same time. It strikes me as a bit comical how we all emerge from our houses according to garbage truck schedule. You could get away with not setting an alarm on Mondays here. But with a Miss Bosley, who needs an alarm anyway?

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  3. Good Morning! The rain clouds are moving along and the overnight rain has melted much of the snow on the forest floor…warmer weather ahead…I hope!
    Chas must still be in Surfside Beach…hope he is having a delightful visit…his ocean view is very different than Kim’s…. 🙂


  4. The photo is taken from the upper deck of the boat where we stayed. It is the Palafox St Marina. Over the breakers is the Intracoastal Canal and if you look at the top right out past the breaker and across the canal you will see a tiny white square. That is a condo.
    It was beautiful that morning.
    Our guests just left to drive to Birmingham for the night. They will fly home tomorrow.
    It’s a Monday!!!!

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  5. My husband called to check in last night–this morning his time–and I marveled that I could just pick up the phone and chat with him in China. Technology shrinks the world!

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  6. Oh what a beautiful morning! The sun is shining brightly. All is well in the world. And 35 years ago today, it was a cold rainy day for a wedding.

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  7. It’s Monday (and that gets no exclamation marks in my world this morning). Kim, do you expect to hear something about the potential new job(s) this week? Beautiful photo.

    Our May Gray is back after a pretty hot weekend. I slept like a rock on my *new* bed after the night of chaos I had (see yesterday’s Daily Thread for the horrific details). Cowboy is pouting (he really didn’t want to come home with me last night), Tess has managed to leap up onto the bed without the help of the cedar chest (which is now against a wall in hopes the dogs wouldn’t be able to make the big jump without it, no such luck). I did find a spare (new!) mattress pad I’d bought a few months ago (since mine remains in the washer, half washed and still soaking).

    I’m exhausted but the washer repair can probably wait until tomorrow (I’ll call them today). Hoping it’s a hose issue that can be fixed easily so I can have some breathing room to look for a new washer/dryer, though i’ve already been kind of looking and have a couple models picked out that are pretty basic, have good reviews & would fit the laundry space.

    I’m exhausted. But I did sleep well.

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  8. It’s Monday!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And we hope to be off to Moscow, though I have not heard from my dad to know if they are open for visitors. Can’t call him as he can’t hear. He does not remember to check his email. I write him letters but that is difficult for giving same day plans.

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  9. And I may be in luck as I think there are Memorial Day sales on appliances coming up.

    Meanwhile, so nice to have that bedroom closet totally cleaned out. Nice view of the bare wood floors in there now. 🙂

    Happy anniversary Peter !

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  10. Let’s see if this works … (my parents’ wedding certificate found yesterday in a box of “very important papers” in my closet clean-out).

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  11. And this is my mom’s “student lamp” (oil, of course) that she used as a child growing up in Iowa. The next antique restoration project I’d love to have someone do … She always wanted to get it put back together again but never did. So now I’d like to do it (and probably will see about electrifying it as well).

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  12. We have baby birds everywhere. Two pairs of robins seem to have fledglings, plus song sparrows, house finches, and probably some others. Yesterday we came back from visiting my mother-in-law but we also got the Bibles out of the car from coming home from church earlier and not getting them then. I was carrying the Bibles, and tried to hand them off to my husband so I could get a photo of a song sparrow fledgling on our deck. He didn’t get the Bibles from me fast enough, and the fledgling saw us (we weren’t all that close, really) and panicked and flew–CRASH–into the side of the house. It landed on the deck and its parent quickly appeared to call it to safety.

    Learning to fly must be a bit like learning to ride a bike. You don’t need to know only how to fly (or ride) but also how to steer and how to brake. I would imagine that learning to fly must be much more complicated than learning to walk. Not only is it adding another dimension (up and down, not just backward and forward and sideways), but you’re up in the air and have to get down . . . and do it without getting spotted by a hawk or a cat. And many of the birds learning to do all of this were inside eggs just two weeks ago.

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  13. As I was watering my new little city tree yesterday, waiting for the bed to be delivered, I noticed a very large black bug scurrying toward the curb to get away from the water sprays. Next thing I knew, a little bird had landed and snatched him up. Not a good day for the bug.

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  14. Better the bird get the bug than the bug get your tree!
    We have had a lot of rain over the past week. Mr. P is trying to hack down the weeds and mow the grass. Everything is a lovely green.
    Just had a really good thing happen. Lulabelle is our wild child dog. She isn’t allowed out front and she isn’t good on a leash. She darts and runs when she gets outside in the front which isn’t a good thing. Amostrained her to come to me when I call because she watched him do it. Well the door didn’t shut all the way when Mr. P went out to mow and Miss Lulabelle got out. She was headed away from the house when he called me to come help him. I shooed him away because he was just a distraction and she always thinks he is playing with her. (I’ve told you before he is her biggest problem). Anyway I took her leash outside and called her while slowly walking at an angle to intercept her. She came to me and let me put her leash on and got told what a good girl she was and even got a treat when we got inside. This is a HUGE improvement from the last time she got out.

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  15. Yes, always praise a dog when he comes to you or lets you leash him up after he’s gotten out. I’ve seen people yell at their dogs (since getting out was “bad”) but that’s a good way to train a dog not to want to come to you next time. Praise, love, treats. Fortify the doors and gates.

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  16. My friend is asking what my plans are for when I’m home. I think, right now, my only plan is to make it through this school year. God is giving me creative ideas each day. Half the class does not understand teen numbers so we are getting out cubes to build them. Had a breakthrough with one child yesterday.

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  17. Happy Anniversary to Peter and Mrs. L.!

    DJ, your parents’ marriage certificate looks like it’s in very good shape yet. Interesting to see that they were married in Minnesota, but both residents of Iowa. I looked up the county names on Wikipedia, and see that Jackson and Clay Counties are not very far apart.

    Your parents got married the day my paternal grandfather turned 53. Hard to imagine him younger than I am now.

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  18. DJ, as I was reading quickly, I thought you said a large black dog was scurrying away from the water spray. Then I read a bird snatched him up. I had to do a re-read.

    And when I saw your post about the very important paper, the marriage certificate, I imagined Miss Bosley sitting on it because we sometimes tell her not to mess with our “very important papers,” and she mistakenly thinks we’ve said it is her new chair or bed.

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  19. Happy Anniversary to Peter & Wife. May it be a special day of remembering the good with affection and holding the bad in proper perspective knowing God continues His working things out each day of our lives. ❤❤ beat as one for eternity.

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  20. There were 3 copies of the certificate all carefully folded into a hard-cover envelope — unfortunately I can’t remember why they had the ceremony in Minn., but my mother did have an aversion of sorts to fussy weddings.


  21. To everyone (except michelle): Good (top-loader) washer and (gas) dryer you love? I need 27-29″ wide by 26″ deep and about 43″ tall.


  22. 🙂 I managed to get the tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers into the ground despite just wanting to lie down in the warm grass and go to sleep. I still have spaghetti squash, zucchini, watermelon, cantaloupe, corn and celery to put out. Then I need to somehow get to town to buy carrot, dill, summer savoury, pea and bean seeds.

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  23. And happy anniversary to Peter and Mrs L.

    Sorry, DJ, I have a front loader and an ancient electric dryer.


  24. And based on my grandparents’ wedding description from the Iowa paper I posted here a few days back, so did her parents. 🙂 Understated to say the least. 🙂 But still written up in the paper (I had my mom’s announcement at some point but have misplaced it — it may turn up yet in some of these boxes from the closets).


  25. DJ,

    Good machines I’ve presently got that have done a lot of loads of laundry and have held up well so far (dimensions approximate):

    Whirlpool Cabrio top-loading washer:
    27 wide
    26 deep
    44 tall

    Maytag Centennial dryer:
    29 wide
    25 deep
    43 tall

    I don’t remember when we bought these, but I know I washed diapers in this washing machine, and it’s been seven years since our youngest potty-trained, so that is at least that old, and I think the dryer is two or three years older than the washer. Multiplied by about 12 loads a week, these have turned out to be a good, nearly problem-free investment so far. (Seems like the washer had a time maybe a year or so ago where it sounded louder than usual, some sort of knocking sound, but my husband got that remedied with little to no expense involved, IIRC.

    Not sure if those models, or similar ones, are available? Good luck. 🙂


  26. thanks 6 arrows — found these too (rated among the best “pair” deals for this Memorial Day on a consumer site):

    Maytag Bravos MVWX655DW top loading washer and matching gas dryer — cost for both together on sale is just under $1,000 and Maytag has one of the higher ratings for reliability. I can live without a lot of the bells and whistles.


  27. I don’t think I could get 2 for much cheaper overall.

    And now my new gardener (I’d asked them to give me a price) said he and his cousin & pals can replace my entire back fence with redwood for an amazing price. They can start Sunday. I wasn’t ready for more upheaval, but maybe won’t get that kind of a deal again. Neighbor says she’d “jump at it,” it’s a “steal” she said.

    Fencing is very expensive and this price is clearly a good one.

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  28. When we needed a new washer, our appliance repairman suggested SpeedQueen. He told us they are more expensive than most, but well worth the price. (I don’t remember how much we paid.)

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  29. Happy Anniversary Peter and Mrs. L!!
    It is snowing…again. We had a lovely dinner with precious friends from church tonight…while at the restaurant the rain began to pour down, the winds were whipping around…by the time we left the restaurant, huge snow flakes were falling…I am so over this snow!
    Makes perfect sense for your parents to cross the state line to marry DJ…we did that…no muss no fuss… 🙂

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  30. Kizzie, Speedqueen (which I’d never heard of) was listed first in reliability, with Roper (the machines I have now that are close to 30 years old) in 2nd place. May tag came in 3rd.

    So I stopped at Home Depot, I’m in love with these machines, but salesperson suggested I double-check my alcove measurements as one of these machines is 1/2 inch wider and the other 1 inch deeper than what I have. Makes sense, and she said the sale is on until June 7.

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