17 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 5-20-17

  1. 🙂 Chas in my old neck of the woods…
    🙂 I’m off today and will meet up with an old friend for lunch at our favorite hole in the wall eatery…have been feeling so burned out lately…hoping this gives me the pick me up I need!

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  2. 🙂 First grandchild to graduate from high school. He did well– honors and state honors. He had some years we wondered if he would use that good mind. That is encouragement to the parents of his cousins. Thank the Lord.

    🙂 Nice, festive ceremony. Quite different from what we are use to, but very nice.

    🙂 Open house celebration today. Grandchildren to enjoy. A bit sad they couldn’t all make it. Given the distance, we cannot complain.

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  3. My grass is going to seed. Free seed that is known to grow well in our yard. 😃

    The lawn looks like it needs a haircut. 😞

    Art is still way behind on his work.😞

    Brother is still working two part time jobs. 😃😞

    Son continues moving forward with his program and has summer employment. 😃

    God is ever doing more good than we can imagine despite having to work it all out through weak human vessels. 😃

    Christian friendships. 😃

    Blog family relationships. 😃


  4. Ricky,

    After my 2 years in the Army, ’66-’68, I came home and finished college, Long Beach State. I had been stationed in Heildelberg, Germany, waiting for the Russians to attack. They never did so I just sat and waited.

    When I got back home I never looked at all the front page news of Viet Nam. I didn’t follow the war. Avoidance, I guess. I knew we were on the right side. The long haired hippy freaks were on the wrong side. They still are. The Democrats ran away from the war and left our former allies to the mercies of Communist North Viet Nam and the Khmer Rouge. Just like they left Iraq to Iran and friends.

    The Democrats ran Hillary Clinton for President. I was just flabbergasted, still am! How could anyone, ANYONE vote for her? I do understand Democrats. They do “wrong thinking” as my father used to say. Basically Democrats want socialism. That means they want to take my money and spend it for me.

    Most of the MSM want the same things that Democrats want. The MSM puts out Leftist Democratic news. Most of the time they don’t put things on the news that make their side look bad (“Fast and Furious”, tapping the phone of a journalist, bragging about killing Osama and getting a doctor thrown in prison, blaming a man for Ben Ghazi, etc.). Just like abandoning Viet Nam and Cambodia

    I don’t need to listen to the Democratically controlled media, They do “wrong thinking.” Also, they lie.

    Just as I didn’t pay attention to news of Viet Nam and Cambodia, I don’t like to argue, or even talk about the many foibles of President Trump. I like most of what he has done, I like most of his choices for government positions. I agree with most of the directions he has chosen for our country. He hasn’t learned to keep his mouth shut.

    Allow yourself one post a day against President Trump. Show yourself to be a better man than Trump. Do what he still can’t do.

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  5. Nineteen year old had fifteen year old over a week or so ago. He let fifteen year old have contact with the bio family. That may be why he has taken up stealing again. Or it may just be that his friends stopped buying him junkfood and his addiction got the better of him.

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  6. 🙂 Progress! 🙂 🙂 🙂 A new gardener swept through my backyard, aggressively cutting back the way-overgrown ficus tree and removing dense brush (from the yard behind mine) off of my back fence. Now I can see all the corners of the yard. Next will have to determine if the fence needs to be replaced and who can do that.

    😦 Our plan to do my foundation fixes affordably seems to be on shaky ground (how’s that for a word picture). The roofers last year had agreed to the job, even scoped it all out under there; but Real Estate Pal says he’s not getting call-backs from them. We have no Plan B.

    🙂 City of LA came and replaced my really dead African fern tree they’d planted last year with a really live African fern tree. It’s so beautiful. He says I can’t overwater it so I’m going to plan to water it daily. The rest of the front yard is awful looking, I’m afraid. Will consult with the new gardener about ideas for that.

    🙂 I may get my fixed and refinished bed frame back this weekend after 2 months of sleeping on the box spring and 20-year-old mattress on the floor.

    🙂 It’s taken such a long time — and has caused so much upheaval and stress — but everything is slowly coming together and I should be (I hope) finished with it all by the end of this year. I feel like I can *kind of* see the light at the end of the house tunnel. Still a ways to go, and I’m glad I couldn’t foresee all of the unexpected repairs I’d have to go through when it began, simply enough, with a new roof last August-September.

    🙂 People from Carol’s home church have offered to help keep up with her, with one man volunteering to replace her cell phone next Tuesday and to pick her up for church in 1-2 weeks. Praying for their wisdom in knowing how much to give and for Carol’s spiritual growth after having suffered a few weeks of the consequences of allowing herself to be without a phone (all of her own making).

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  7. 🙂 I have a wonderful husband who tilled the garden today despite working nights and still being in pain from his neck/shoulder issues.

    🙂 Bears!!

    😦 Bears!!!

    😦 We will need to let the soil warm up a bit before planting – shouldn’t be too long. Hopefully I can pick up the rest of the seeds tomorrow after church.

    😦 Still have hives and massive itchiness

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  8. 🙂 Clearing out the bedroom closet floor. My, my, such things in there. Some good family treasures (more old letters from the 1800s, a folder of info on a company my dad once started, the certificate stating the LA City Council adjourned in my mom’s honor after her death — she would have been very impressed by that, really; nice gesture made by our councilwoman at the time); but also a couple pair of beat-up old shoes, and throw-away-worthy randomness.

    😦 Now the living room looks worse again, with a couple of those boxes hauled out there. But it will be nice to have more storage in that bedroom closet.

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  9. 🙂 Roofers/foundation fixers still in line, apparently; they’ve been in Guatemala (their home country) but have a couple roofing jobs and are heading back (I think they’re already here). After that, hoping I may finally get them. Real Estate Pal thinks they’ll be anxious to get a job that takes them under a house rather than on a roof with summer coming.

    Let’s hope so.


  10. 🙂 Found the box with my mom’s childhood brass student lamp, she always wanted to see if she could get it restored — there is some damage on some of the pieces, but I think it’s all there. So I’ll see what getting it put back together again (and electrified) might cost. Very cool piece, with ornate trim, probably 100 years old.

    Also found what probably was my grandfather’s long razor blade, a really ancient little compass in a case, and some wood blocks and wheels, not sure what they would go to or are. And some really long, sharp hat pins.

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  11. 😦 Keva had a meeting with a porcupine last night

    🙂 Thankfully only 3 quills in his nose and it was easy to pull them out. As I gripped each one with the pliers, he shook his head and it pulled right out. No yelping or lingering pain. I carefully checked his whole face, inside his mouth and anywhere else he might have been quilled.

    🙂 I’m glad he’s a timid dog – probably just touched noses with the porcupine – he’s done that to a skunk too (and was not sprayed)

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