40 thoughts on “News/Politics 5-19-17

  1. Nightmares vs. Reality for the NeverTrumpers. It seems their doom filled predictions haven’t come to pass.


    “Trump, the president, certainly has continued his erratic and mercurial behavior in the manner of Trump, the candidate. His tweets are often incoherent (and yet also prescient in odd ways) and pursue the trivial. His habits—largely living alone in the White House, short on sleep, tweeting in the early hours—add to his irascibility. The White House operations reflect Trump’s own impulsiveness.

    But all that said, Trump’s character defects have not so far derailed his conservative agenda, in some part because many of those who hate him—the media, academics, and the progressives—have acted so unhinged that they themselves have lost all credibility and now seem to belong in the pages of the National Enquirer.

    Never Trump cadres rightfully object to the invocation of the classical logical fallacy of tu quoque. While liberal hypocrisy does not excuse evaluating Trump on his merits, in a world of flawed politicians, the media and critics nonetheless focus rarely on Trump’s accomplishments and almost always on Trump’s sins. And they do so in such an unbalanced manner that similar treatment of Obama (daily focusing on Rev. Wright, Tony Rezko, and Bill Ayers; late night comedy about presidential ignorance that the Maldives were in the South Atlantic, or that corpsmen was pronounced with a hard p; daily emphases on serial untruth from the Benghazi disaster to the ACA to the Iran Deal, while mired in scandals that tarnished the VA, IRS, NSA, and Justice Department) would have caused hysteria.

    Trump, it is rightly said, is his own worst enemy. The Never Trump mantra that “character is destiny,” and thus Trump in Nixonian style is doomed, may one day prove true. But for now the media is reduced to obsessions with Trump’s daily portions of ice cream (two scoops instead of one?) or peddles fake news that his wife was once an escort or that Trump frolicked in sick sexual antics in Moscow, and on and on. In the grand scheme of things these obsessions are far less important than the resumption of the Keystone and Dakota pipelines, a 70 percent drop in illegal immigration, and the appointment of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court.

    In the case of Never Trump, a week of relative Trump quiet and good economic or foreign affairs news earns either a minute of quiet, or a begrudging nod, while a media frenzy over another Trump crudity brings out the inevitable “I was right all along.” More glee arises from an unsourced Washington Post rumor than news of new energy development or ongoing restoration of deterrence abroad. All this begs the question of whether the Never Trump group ever remembered why and how such a polarizing figure won the election and the presidency instead of another sober John McCain or judicious Mitt Romney, or what would be the consequences of a failed agenda for the country at large?

    Introspection is not advice to withhold criticism when Trump exhibits his character flaws, but a call to at least appreciate the tragic situation that half the country finds itself in: a flawed character has a better chance of enacting key conservative correctives than did his occasionally moral superiors—a paradox to be explored by reasoned conservative audit rather than through hysteria or self-referential snark.”

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  2. Trump’s reliance on establishment or fringe-right cabinet appointments is going to cost him.
    People were told to become educated and re-educated for those “better jobs” our great globalist experiment was supposed to bring. Now it seems the rug is about to be pulled out from under yet another group of people who bought in to that big lie. It is the kind of thing that whittles away at the support from people who work for a living and are struggling to pay off student debt.

    A student loan forgiveness program for teachers, social workers and other public servants could be in jeopardy.

    The Trump administration will propose ending the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program (PSLF), according to preliminary Education Department budget documents obtained by The Washington Post. The program, which allows borrowers working in public service to have their federal student loans forgiven after 10 years of payments, has been a subject of concern for borrowers and advocates over the past several months amid signals that borrowers may not get the forgiveness they’ve been counting on.

    Some important caveats: The budget documents obtained by the Post aren’t final and, even if the Trump administration proposes ending PSLF, it would take an act of Congress to actually get rid of it. Still, the report marks the biggest sign yet that the worst fears of borrowers relying on the program could come to fruition.
    Alexis Goldstein, a senior policy analyst at Americans for Financial Reform, a coalition of civil rights, consumer, labor and other groups, described the idea of eliminating the program as “horrifying,” noting that a slew of data indicates that borrowers are struggling to manage their student debt, pushing them to put off home-buying and other financial milestones. Eliminating a forgiveness program would only make that worse, she said. “It seems both ill-conceived from a policy perspective and just cruel.”

    The program, which was signed into law by George W. Bush in 2007, faces a major test later this year as the first cohort of borrowers will be eligible to claim forgiveness. Borrower advocates have been warning for years that a combination of a lack of publicity, very stringent eligibility requirements and confusion about the program could mean that many borrowers may find themselves disappointed when they try to access the forgiveness they’ve been counting on.

    An estimated 4 million workers are eligible for the program, according to the Government Accountability Office, but just roughly 500,000 have submitted the necessary documentation to ensure they’re on track toward forgiveness, known as an Employment Certification Form (ECF). Most advocates have assumed that even if the program were to be taken away, borrowers who filled out the ECF forms would be grandfathered in. It’s unclear whether that would be the case if the Trump administration’s reported proposal became reality. The Department of Education didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.


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  3. Yes, Debra. Democrats have their favorite handouts and Trumpkins have their favorite handouts, but both of those two groups agree that the bad old elites, globalists and educated immigrants (taxpayers) should keep paying for the goodies.

    I think you are beginning to understand that Trump doesn’t care about Trumpkins. He only cares about himself.


  4. Ricky, I always knew he was somewhat of a narcissist. But he was the only one on the platform not digging deeper into the globalist hole. Jobs were the main issue, and they still are. These other things (like foolishly tinkering with the Student Loans or turning his administration into a running Twitter feed), while important, are secondary. Unfortunately, they are also the kinds of things that increase the power of his detractors on both sides of the aisle.

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  5. Face.



    “Officials in South Texas have placed a municipal court judge on unpaid leave after it was discovered she’s not a U.S. citizen.

    Corpus Christi Mayor Pro-Tem Lucy Rubio told the Corpus Christi Caller-Times that Judge Young Min Burkett was placed on leave for 90 days with the intention that will be enough time for her to obtain citizenship.

    Rubio says the city never asked during the qualification process to become a municipal judge whether Burkett was a citizen, and says Burkett never tried to deceive or misrepresent her background.”

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  6. Snitches get stitches.

    Once again, McMullin shows his disloyalty.


    “Last week, the Washington Post created a 90-minute wonder with a scoop: leaked audio from a meeting of House Republicans supposedly contained an admission from Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy that Vladimir Putin had paid off Donald Trump. It became painfully obvious that McCarthy and several Republicans were joking during this exchange, but at least for a brief period of time, it was hot news. It did leave another question, though — who was the leaker? Hugh Hewitt asked Paul Ryan about the whodunit this morning, and whether he believed the rumor that former Capitol Hill staffer-turned-presidential candidate Evan McMullin engineered it.

    Ryan … didn’t exactly debunk the idea:

    HH: Second story alleged that you’re worried about tape recordings of leadership meetings. True or false?

    PR: Well, that was, it was, I’ve never seen anything like this. There was somebody who taped a meeting a year ago where our Majority Leader cracked a joke, and then they released the tape of that joke out just a few days ago. And that’s a pretty bizarre thing to happen, so obviously that’s a cause of concern of ours.

    HH: Do you believe it was Evan McMullin?

    PR: I’m not going to speculate on who that is. That’s the name most people, you know, you hear about.”

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  7. Tychicus, There has been no “chasing of rabbits”. Your lunatic is in the center ring of the circus making a fool of himself (and the nation for electing him) every single day. The entire world is laughing.

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  8. We’ve touched on this already, but just take a look at the graph from a major new Harvard study that reveals the true extent of the mainstream media’s bias against Pres.Trump (Harvard, of course, is certainly no bastion of conservative thinking). CNN and NBC take the cake for biased coverage, and the others are not far behind. Fox News coverage isn’t particularly great either, but at least it is close to being balanced. Trump’s coverage has been “significantly more hostile than the first 100 days of the three previous administrations.”


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  9. Tychicus, The study didn’t address bias. It addressed negative coverage.

    Do you think Tyrone Swoopes got more negative coverage than any UT quarterback? And why would that be? At least Swoopes’ errors (unlike Trump’s) were not willful and intentional.

    Here is the latest from Krauthammer.


    He doesn’t like the 25th Amendment idea either, stating that the amendment is for “a stroke, not stupidity.”

    Is Kawhi going to play?


  10. Tychicus,

    CNN is the worst. They ought to change their name to TNN, It’s all Trump, all the time.


    “The most egregious part of the Trump administration is the media’s coverage of the Trump administration.

    Dating back to campaign season Trump, political media disproportionately focused on Trump’s every coming, going, meal, and insignificant oddity. Not much has changed post-election.

    A study recently conducted by the Media Research Center found CNN, the supposed middle of the road network in cable newsdom, devoted 92% of its coverage last Friday to President Trump.

    To get a handle on CNN’s news priorities during the Trump era, a team of MRC analysts reviewed all of the cable network’s programming on Friday, May 12, starting with the 4am ET Early Start and continuing through the 11pm ET CNN Tonight with Don Lemon, a total of 20 hours of material.

    After excluding commercials, teases and promos, our analysts found 13 hours, 27 minutes of actual news coverage, an average of just over 40 minutes per hour. Of that, a whopping 92 percent (12 hours, 19 minutes) was devoted to the Trump presidency, with a mere 68 minutes — a little more than three minutes per hour — devoted to all of the other news of the day.

    With the exception of about 21 minutes of live coverage of a White House briefing about the President’s upcoming trip to the Middle East and a smattering of coverage of Melissa McCarthy’s parody of White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer in an upcoming SNL appearance, CNN used that time to endlessly analyze the President’s firing of FBI Director James Comey, then a three-day-old story.

    Naturally, an overwhelming number of the analysts brought on to discuss Trump were not fans of the President.

    As MRC found:”

    “Looking just at CNN’s own on-air talent, the results were even more tilted, with 69 appearances by anti-Trump analysts, vs. just two for pro-Trump analysts — CNN political commentator Paris Dennard, who appeared during the latter half of the 3:00pm ET hour, and CNN political commentator Jason Miller, a former Trump campaign aide, who appeared in the 8pm ET hour of Anderson Cooper 360.”

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  11. Tychicus, The article on CNN is deceptive or wrong.

    Their nighttime shows do focus on Trump, but their panels are always balanced. They always have at least two Trumpkins. Jeffrey Lord, Jason Miller and the pretty blonde (Kaylee?) are there almost every night. They regularly bring in Guest Trumpkins. They will always have a couple of Democrats, but they also generally have at least one intelligent conservative. In addition, some of their liberal “legal experts” like Jeffrey Tubin and Alan Dershowitz have put on their defense attorney hats lately and defended Trump against charges that he obstructed justice.

    Bret Baier’s Fox show is pretty fair and at a high level. The evening Fox Shows have become pure garbage. They don’t want to show highlights of their side losing 50-0, so Tucker talks about obscure issues and Hannity just acts like Trump’s deranged puppet.


  12. Sorry, That last comment should have been addressed to AJ, not Tychicus.

    And No, CNN is not the worst. As DJ’s chart (which I reposted a few days ago showed) MSNBC is far to the left of CNN. Morning Joe is sometimes tolerable, but evening MSNBC is worse than Fox. These days they just read the latest news and quotes from Trump and laugh for several minutes.


  13. Clock Boy’s 15 minutes are up.


    “A federal judge dismissed a lawsuit filed by Ahmed Mohamed’s father, saying the family will not get a payout from the city of Irving, Texas or the school district for the ‘clock boy’ scandal, DailyMail.com has learned.”

    “Court papers obtained by DailyMail.com reveal on May 18, a judge dismissed the entire case. The lawsuit sought unspecified compensatory and punitive damages along with attorney fees.

    The judge wrote: ‘Plaintiff does not allege any facts from which this court can reasonably infer that any IISD employee intentionally discriminated against Ahmed Mohamed based on his race or religion.'”

    This whole thing was a fraud from the get go. The only one that seemed to fall for it was Obama.


  14. Realignments are uncomfortable. That is what we are now experiencing. But the discomfort is made all the more acute because so many capable people in politics have insisted on hanging on to the old globalist model rather than assist Trump in making the transition. They are unwilling to concede that the country as a whole has not done well. Wholesale de-industrialization has left us vulnerable from without, and widely dissatisfied within. Yet well-heeled establishment Republicans would rather sit back and watch the country burn than coalesce behind a sustainable national strategy.

    Democrats are in complete disarray. The elite establishment wing of the Democratic party has become accustomed to getting its way using identity politics. But eventually, even the Democrats are going to wake up. When they realize they have left their most powerful constituency behind, there will be a correction. Republicans have a window of time to before this happens. Time will tell whether or not they are smart enough to do this. So far, I’m not seeing an indication that they are.

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  15. Ricky,


    What’s the problem? Does the president’s explanation for why he did so not have a point? Comey’s actions thru the whole Clinton email case and the election were pretty nuts. And grandstanding certainly applies to Comey.

    “The White House did not deny the conversation took place, but said Comey’s “grandstanding” on an investigation into Russia’s meddling in the 2016 elections, including possible ties to Trump’s campaign, had hurt relations with Moscow.

    “By grandstanding and politicizing the investigation into Russia’s actions, James Comey created unnecessary pressure on our ability to engage and negotiate with Russia,” Spicer said.

    “The investigation would have always continued, and obviously, the termination of Comey would not have ended it.”

    Spicer also said the real story were the negative leaks.

    “Once again, the real story is that our national security has been undermined by the leaking of private and highly classified conversations,” he said. ”

    And once again Ricky, you miss the real story here, and the real crimes committed. But that’s because like the press, you have an anti-Trump agenda.


  16. And once again, it’s the cowardly “unnamed sources.” None of these “sources” have had the guts to go on the record. That’s why they’re criminal leakers, and not whistle blowers.


  17. AJ, What were the “real crimes” that were committed?

    1. Are you talking about the mythical “tapps”?
    2. Are Trumpkins back to wanting to bring up
    Cruz’ father and Oswald?

    The game is up. Even his paid staff aren’t disputing today’s stories. No Republican in Congress will defend his lunacy.


  18. Ricky, “the rabbits” are from Noonan’s article, referring to all the issues that the MSM presents to us as ‘news’, and much of it was not even created by Pres. Trump, but rather by the folks in the press who would love to see him destroyed. Yes, the biased press from the Harvard study that refuses to cover positive things that Trump does – hence, the almost exclusive negative coverage. You seem to like to chase those rabbits – such as referring to this latest NYTimes story about Trump calling Comey a “nut job” (even if it did happen) as a ‘bombshell’.

    And no, Pres. Trump is not “my lunatic.”


  19. Tychicus, Unlike Trumpkins, I am willing to face the one question which Noonan concluded that we must address:

    The president of the United States has produced a building crisis that is unprecedented in our history. The question, at bottom, is whether Donald Trump has demonstrated, in his first four months, that he is unfit for the presidency—wholly unsuited in terms of judgment, knowledge, mental capacity, personal stability.


  20. Ricky, you obviously believe that it has reached that point – I don’t believe that it has reached that point, but rather anti-Trump folks in the media, academia and progressives are frantically exclaiming that we have reached that point, often using ‘fake’ news to reach their conclusions.

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  21. Tychicus, It is Trump himself who, on a daily basis, displays new levels of idiocy, immaturity and insanity. As AJ has said, he makes it easy on me and the press. He is, like Tyrone Swoopes, continually fumbling into his own end zone.


  22. Tychicus, The writers I follow aren’t in academia and they sure aren’t progressives. The three highest rated conservative publications per Donna’s chart are National Review, The Wall Street Journal, and The Weekly Standard. If you follow writers from those publications on Twitter you will find links to other conservative writers. When Trump does good (Gorsuch, the Cabinet, The SOTU speech) these writers praise him. When he is stupid, lazy or dishonest (unfortunately that makes up about 90% of his Presidency) they are critical.

    All of those writers know the only “Fake News” are the lies Trump spews forth on subjects like “tapps”, crowd size, the reason he fired Comey, voter fraud, etc.


  23. Ricky, by your own admission you follow liberal media as well, and you link to them. Since Trump was elected, we’ve had many fake news articles attributed to unidentified sources. Just in the past two days, two stories were debunked. The first was the that the Assistant AG was considering resigning because of Trump firing Comey, and the other was that Comey was fired because he wanted more money for the Russia probe. Both were reported in the media, and both were false. It’s happening all the time. Those are examples of ‘rabbits’ – don’t chase them.


  24. Not only that, but leaks are coming from people who are not in on meetings, while people who attended those meetings say that the reported items never happened.

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  25. Tychicus,

    I have understood that the WaPo and the NYT the major TV networks and CNN were biased since I was 14 years old in 1971. If you really want to see how biased they are, you should have seen them when we had a real conservative (Reagan) in the White House instead of a lying buffoon (Trump). However, since I have a coherent political philosophy and a basic knowledge of history, economics and human nature rather than simply being a blind cult follower, I can watch and read a variety of sources without being converted to liberalism. As I noted a few days back, the NYT and the WaPo have a depth of political coverage not available elsewhere.

    One of the supposedly “fake” stories was that Rosenstein threatened to resign after Trump had his minions lie about the role of Rosenstein’s letter in the firing of Comey. I understand Rosenstein denied that story, but if you don’t believe that story consider:
    1. After initially blaming Rosenstein, Trump and Co. immediately changed their story and wound up quickly admitting that the lunatic decided to fire Comey before asking Sessions to cook-up an excuse. Clearly, Rosenstein was upset with Trump’s lies and pushed back.
    2. If you still don’t think Rosenstein was upset, consider that after a couple of other Trump bombshells came out, he appointed Mueller as an Independent Counsel with virtually no prior notice to the moron.

    Learn to read like a lawyer. On the second “fake” story, McMaster’s denial of the Blurt to the Russians story was technical and Clintonian. He denied that sources and methods were revealed. Every knowledgeable person now agrees that Trump blurted out the secret and the Russians could determine the source from the nature of the information revealed.

    Trust me. When everything comes out, Trump’s behavior will be found to be even worse than we now know and there still won’t be any Obama “tapps”. I have noticed that even Trumpkins have learned their lesson and have stopped defending the “tapp” Tweets after Trump induced poor Nunes to humiliate himself.

    Debra, The average income of white native-born Americans exceeds the average income of black and Hispanic native-born Americans. Hence the discrepancy between your figure and mine. It is the immigrants that are kicking the butts of white, black and brown native-born Americans.


  26. Correction: The other liberal media sources existed in 1971. CNN was created sometime between 1971 and the time we moved to Washington in 1981.


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