49 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 5-9-17

  1. Donna has an igloo?
    Good morning everyone but Jo.
    good evening Jo..

    πŸ™‚ I had a typo that had me saying “JOY” up there.
    I have known a couple of women who went by JOY.

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  2. Morning, Chas. Just as I was about to type this my computer crashed saying it had no battery. I had only unplugged it seconds before. Always something new.
    On Facebook I saw posts from the US Embassy Port Moresby of our meeting with the ambassador last night and photos of their group on our planes. I was in the second crowd picture on the far side, with my arm propped up.

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  3. OK, here’s what I’m thinking for Saturday: Beer-braised brisket, KrΓ€uterspΓ€tzle (herbed Spaetzl), German Cabbage, Boiled potatoes, and German green beans. This afternoon I’m going to stop at the locally-own grocery store that has a wonderful bakery and get some ideas for bread and dessert.

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  4. Good morning to those to whom the salutation applies! Good day and good night and good all around the clock to the rest of y’all.

    It’s still chilly here. I suppose it will warm back up soon. I was able to open up the windows in the late afternoon to let the breeze in yesterday.

    Your German meal sounds good, Linda. If a Black Forest cheesecake is a possibility, that might work. We have a German bakery near us. You might want to look online at German bakeries to see what they offer. I use to get wonderful gingerbread men from that bakery. Not sure if that is considered German, but it would be memorable.


  5. Kim, somebody needs to get a message to Nana that daughter has burned her bridges and needs to be looking for other lodging. She is not going to resolve the eating difficulty without resolving the drug dependency.

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  6. While look at my website stats this morning, I noticed I’d had a referral from an online encyclopedia about WWI correspondents. Apparently one of those blog posts I wrote garnered interest from historians–and my post about Mary Rhinehart an endnote citation.

    Shocking. Do you think it’s because I’m old? πŸ™‚

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  7. No Michelle.

    It’s because you’re very good at what you do, and at the researching necessary to make it all happen. πŸ™‚

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  8. Thanks, AJ. My husband doesn’t think I look old either, because I don’t have gray hair. It’s worth paying for the hairdresser if that’s the criteria! πŸ™‚

    Meanwhile, can anyone suggest a good biography of King David? Just finished the Samuels and I have questions.

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  9. Kevin punned me last night. Good one! That’s what I like about English and the fact that the same spelling can have different pronunciations and meanings. Like these:

    There’s no time like the present to present the present.
    We polish the Polish furniture.
    The nurse wound a bandage on the wound.

    I’ve got a lot more of these, but the ones above will suffice.

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  10. Peter, we were working on a new style manual for our proofreaders one year, and we also sent out periodic newsletters to them. I didn’t put the material together, but I think I was the editor who worked on the most material for it other than the compiler who actually wrote them. (She wasn’t an editor, though later she became one.)

    I was always working on mental notes of things our proofreaders ought to notice, but might not think about without someone pointing them out, and one time I came up with a list of words that the computerized typesetting process would break at the end of a line, but that might be correct or wrong–for the same spelling–depending on what the word actually was.

    Two examples that come to mind:
    You de-sert your unit when you leave them in the des-ert before des-sert.
    You pre-sent your pres-ent.

    I don’t remember whether those specific examples get hyphenated at different places depending on the word and the pronunciation, but for the newsletter I had two or three such examples.

    And, of course, if you want to tell someone you are sending something again, you use a hyphen so they will know you re-sent it and not that you resent it! We technically wanted authors to speak about coworkers and not co-workers, but the “correct” form simply is too obvious that it includes a “cow” and I kept the hyphen if authors had it in there. . . .

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  11. In my training to be a tutor for the Dyslexia Tutoring Program, we called them tiger-camel words. One of the ways we teach students to sound out words is that if the syllable ends in a consonant, the vowel is usually short, whereas if it ends in the vowel, the vowel is usually long. The idea is that they can pronounce the syllable that way first to see if they recognize the word. The tiger-camel words were always tricky because you aren’t initially sure where the syllables break. There were a lot of neat things about that training and I’d wished I’d known some of them when our boys were learning to read.


  12. What was in the boxes? Spode, antique dishes, books, old photo albums, large framed paintings and mirrors, some ‘junk’ (old holiday decorations), record albums, clothes and dishes I was ‘holding’ for Carol (at lest 5-7 boxes of all that). And a lot of the boxes were empty for some reason — I still had the garment box from my move here and the old box from my first computer, empty.

    When my mom died, I’d packed up the house (hired packers for a lot of the dishes) and it all went into storage, including the sofa and a couple other pieces of large furniture. After I bought this house, I had the storage people bring it all over here and land it in the garage. I’d go through it someday, right? Then I’d add to the pile (thus the holiday boxes and stuff from Carol) through the years. But most of it was from the storage unit.

    I had no idea what I would find but it was an adventure.

    I knew the igloo dog house was in there but never could get to it to put it back into use (that was one of the things that came from my former house that I was renting and it landed way in the back). I’m sure Annie will co-opt it.

    But, yes, that was the “before” picture I was facing last week. How hard can this be, I thought.


    So I have a question about automatic garage door openers. Can you still just pull the garage door up manually? You don’t *have* to use the opener all the time, right? I need to go through the instructions today to figure out how to work this thing, I’ve never had a garage door opener before. Those were for rich people. πŸ™‚

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  13. Ah, 2nd pic — we’re getting there (this was probably on Wednesday). Stuff on the right was all for the Salvation Army (there was more than that). Stuff on the left was throwaway.

    And you can see how bad my poor little old garage door was at the bottom, water damage I suppose. It predated me, of course, by many years. I think it was so light-weight to lift because half of it had deteriorated πŸ™‚


  14. BTW, those clear, weather-tight totes from the Container Store — seen at the left — are wonderful. Lucky for me, too, they were 30% off last week when I had so many to buy. No more cardboard boxes in the garage, empty or otherwise.

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  15. There is a manual release for the garage door opener…not to worry. I hope you sent photos of your new door…I am wanting carriage doors for ours…it is just convincing the Mr around here that it would be a good investment πŸ™‚ (nothing wrong with the current ones, they are in great shape….they just are as pretty as what I would prefer!)

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  16. I did send an ‘after’ picture. The new ‘carriage’ door with the cobblestones looks beautiful. πŸ™‚

    I’m getting close to returning to my internal debate of what color(s) to paint my house. It’s been blue (now pretty faded) with white trim since I moved in, but I’m ready for a change.

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  17. Looks like I’ll be getting a new gardener — the ones we’ve had have curiously vanished, my neighbor also has used them for 20+ years and neither of us has received a reply from telephone messages (her) or my text message last week. They haven’t been by to do the yards for 6 weeks now (they usually come twice a month, like clockwork).

    We’re thinking they had to go to Mexico (which is where they’re from and they’d visit every year) — and that maybe there was a death in the family or some other circumstance that has either caused them to move back or ??

    The new guy will charge $5 more a month but looks like he’ll be doing a lot more than the other guys did.

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  18. DJ, which picture is older? The driveway surfaces are different and I thought the first one looked more like what you were getting new.


  19. The cobblestones start several feet down on my 80-foot long driveway so the closer pic with bags is in front of where the cobblestones begin. Would have loved to do the whole driveway in them, but way too costly — so they only cover areas where the sewer pipe (which needed full replacement) ran/runs

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  20. I am feeling rather accomplished today.

    I noticed yesterday, before I went to work, that the hot wateen heater was not working. I took a semi warm shower and headed out. This morning, I looked for the manual and warranty. I found 3 others, but not the current one. I moved the shelf next to it out of the way, reset the thermal coupling, and on the second round of attempting to ignite, it came back on. The little status light says it is working properly. I am so happy. I looked online, and new ones are over $150 higher than the last purchased.

    This also motivates me to clean out that cabinet and corner.

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  21. Love that look, Donna! It appears your home is about as close to the neighbor’s as our home is. Will you now park your car in the garage? I know, next you need a spiffy new car to match the new drive and carriage doors. One thing leads to another…carry on!

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  22. It’s a work still in progress, the side of my house to the left will eventually get pavers (I had quite a number left over which are stacked in the back yard) but that has to wait until after the foundation work is done.

    I still have to figure out how to set up a pin and program the automatic door opener — daunting! I’ve never had such a fancy gadget before


  23. So are you being sarcastic or what, Cheryl??

    Manicured garden and everything in place?

    Um, no.

    I’m on the left.


  24. DJ, I wasn’t being sarcastic–you are the only person I know who has a gardener, so who knows but that you have a garden, too?


  25. Gardeners mostly mow so I don’t have waving weeds — my neightbor is an avid gardener and puts me to shame. But she doesn’t work and has more time — she also admits to being a bit OCD when it comes to her yard and house cleaning.


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