20 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 4-29-17

  1. oh, good, I can be first on this page. 🙂
    🙂 Praise. I have been wanting to download how to videos on my sewing machine for 2 1/2 years. I asked my kids for help and no one could help me. This week I was talking to a friend who teaches preschool next to me and she mentioned what good ideas she gets on the I internet and everything she downloads. I stopped her and asked could she do it for my sewing machine. The next day she handed me a flash drive with 25 videos on it telling how to use every feature of my machine. Incredible. I may actually sew.

    😦 I helped some folks out with moving and getting places this week and my car was overheating. I figured it had no water in the radiator. 😦 Then I couldn’t even get the hood up to add water.

    🙂 🙂 All of that meant I had to go to the autoshop. I talked to a fellow whose sons I have taught. We figured out that no one has ordered any parts for my car. The two of us Made a list of everything needed and then I emailed it to him. I told him I planned on being here for another four years and wanted the car in good shape. He will take care of it. HOORAY

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  2. Jo, you likely have a hood release somewhere on the dash, or under the dash on the inside of your car. Pull it and the hood will pop open.

    It seems strange to hear Nancy talking about snow. I may have to turn on the air conditioner today. I was planning to wait until May.

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  3. Chas, I pulled on the hood release many times, it didn’t work. The mechanic adjusted something so it will work now. Of course it worked for him. But it did get me the help that I needed.

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  4. 😀 We are up in the forties and thrilled. The ice is receding. The birds are happy. (I think) The sun is shining.

    🙂 I feel like I have finally caught up from our vacation time. It was so nice to make a big batch of chicken broth last night. I freeze this (with the chicken) in batches to have handy when we want to pull it out and make into soup. We had one batch of soup last night. Today I was able to remove the fat and freeze the rest. We still have left-over soup for a couple of days and four more containers of the broth w/chicken in the freezer. It is nice to eat out, but so nice to have some homemade again, too.

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  5. I don’t have time to rewrite all this, so I’m copying it off my FB page. We saw The Promise last night, a film about the Armenian genocide. Someone asked my reaction, and here it is:

    Several thoughts. The Armenian genocide/ethnic cleansing was terrible, of course. I’ve known about it for years after reading a YA book, The Road from Home. This was a fascinating slice of history, but the movie was uneven. The opening in Constantinople was sumptuous and so very interesting to me–a writer from that time period. It then, of course, became the grim story of what happened.

    Unfortunately, the plotting took away from the poignancy and historicity of the story–becoming in some ways an Armenian version of Dr. Zhivago. I didn’t need the love triangle, I didn’t need the “modest” sex scene and I didn’t need the ridiculous–in the midst of intense tragedy–overboard scene. It took away from the power of the history.

    Most significantly, however, both my husband and I–well read individuals–never understood why the Turks “came after” the Armenians. We needed the context of the WHY. So, I googled and read aloud all the way home.

    As a result, I see the horror as more awful within the context of people continually choosing to terminate an “inconvenient” individual, whether they are innocent (98% are innocent) or a hindrance to their personal depravity.

    That’s a pretty strong statement, but the Armenians living on the Turkish coast near Aleppo had nothing to do with the events in eastern Turkey, Anatolia, from years before. Yes, the Turks/Ottoman Empire may have been moving Armenians south (Syria) as …See more

    The Bottom line, people should see this movie so they will be informed about what happened, but recognize it is a weak FILM because of how the director plotted it into melodrama.

    That being said about The Promise, I have a philosophical question to movie theater owners. Is it REALLY necessary to bombard my senses with horrific literal overKILL previews before a movie I know will be sobering and of historic significance?

    Do I really need to be traumatized BEFORE the film I came to see begins? (I’m looking at Ridley Scott here–which is all I know because I had to close my eyes to endure the three minute preview). Who thinks a miserable futuristic space killing machine preview should be run before a historic film set 100 years ago–that, admittedly, is also about murdering but not so gratuitously.

    I think I’ll write another letter to the owner of the Roxy Theaters–we’ve corresponded before–about the inappropriateness of their previews. They need to at least come close to matching the feature film I paid for, with time, quiet and pacing–not to mention genre.

    And the last post as I get off my soapbox: what does it do to the soul–not necessarily the spiritual soul but the over all soul in the sense of life, beauty, and tranquility–if you fill your mind with such grotesque–if not beautifully crafted–image…See more

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  6. 😦 First time in 38 years we do not have a cat. Kali was an intense character with lots of wiles, survivor instincts, and vexing issues with me.

    We miss her.

    🙂 Daughter got a fellowship to pay for her eyeglass ministry trip to Nicaragua this summer.

    🙂 The fellowship requires her to give a presentation on her research (cataracts and ptergiums) to people in her program. This should introduce USC’s Keck medical school to the needs of a medical clinic currently being built in Sabalos–who can always use help.

    🙂 As the medical school is interested in programs like this, CR’s presentation could increase help to the most impoverished region of Nicaragua. Rejoice with us.

    🙂 She also will be spending two weeks in Uganda in early July (July will be a very busy month for her on 3-4 continents), also with school overseeing and assisting at a rural medical clinic outside of Kampala.

    😦 It gives me the willies but doesn’t bother her, to make an airline reservation into Entebbe airport! (My parents were in the Tel Aviv airport when the planes returned from the raid on Entebbe back in the pre-Dark Ages).

    🙂 Considering having her stop off in Sicily on the way home to visit Hill for a couple days. We’ll need prayer on how to figure out the airlines for that one. 😦

    😦 Eldest son was laid off from his job last week.

    🙂 Daughter-in-law promptly got her teaching credential reestablished and the local school district offered her any of the six math jobs currently open or any coming up soon.

    🙂 Son has had two interviews this week with a second one next week. If he can find work in our town at a comparable salary, this will be a total win.

    😦 Stargazer continues hunting.

    😦 At the present moment, only one of my four children is gainfully employed full time. No, they don’t want to move to Texas, but it’s hard to believe smart, hard working, educated, and ethical people can’t find work–at this moment in the People’s Republic.

    🙂 Other than that, the weather is gorgeous and our lives overflow with thankfulness.

    200% of annual rainfall now in the reservoirs . . .

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  7. 🙂 Mrs. B. and I enjoyed a nice trip to Chicago last weekend for an ultimate Frisbee tournament with high school teams from all over the country, including our son’s school. He graduated last year, so isn’t playing on the team, but he’s helping to coach the “B” team, and we still enjoy watching may of his friends from last year still playing on the “A” team. Both teams did a little better than their initial ranking.

    🙂 “The spirit of the game” is highly valued in ultimate Frisbee. It’s always supposed to be a friendly competition with great sportsmanship and camaraderie between opposing teams. The good attitude is one of the things that makes the game fun to watch. At many tournaments each team ranks each opposing team for spirit, and an award goes to the team with the highest spirit ranking at the end of the tournament. Our school’s “A” team got the award this time in their division, and the “B” team our son coaches placed second in their division. So we are proud of our son and his friends.

    🙂 Only 11 days until I get my new heart valve. Assuming all goes well I’ll be back home raving (or ranting) about it two weeks from now.

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  8. Ultimate does have rules. It reminds me in different ways of basketball, soccer, and football. It’s played on a field roughly the size of a soccer field with end zones. Each team has seven players on the field at a time. The disc moves only by being thrown. Once a player catches it they have to stay put until they pass it to someone else. A point is earned when the disc is caught in the end zone.

    The sport’s been around since the late 60’s. There’s even a professional league. (A pro player we know gets paid $100 for a season – wow!)

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  9. Chas, Ultimate frisbee is a really fun game, but if you decide to play with teenagers be sure to come out and rest every few minutes. I was playing a few years ago with boys in my Sunday School class. I leapt 4 inches in the air (my maximum vertical leap) to catch the frisbee and a boy who played safety on the high school football team decided to take my legs out from under me, just like in the NFL. Unfortunately for him, I landed right on top of him and so I went unmolested for the rest of the game.

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  10. I watch the game and wish I could play but I simply don’t have the stamina to run back and forth like that. I’ve always said the same thing about soccer. I’d have to come out after about two minutes. And rules are you can switch players only after a point is scored (except in case of injury).

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  11. Chas, I’d never heard that before about dribbling. I looked it up and found out that when passing was the only way for the ball to advance, the dribble evolved as a way for players to “pass to themselves.” Tricky, those players were.

    In ultimate, passing to yourself is theoretically possible but I believe it’s not allowed.

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  12. Kevin, It really reminds me of soccer. I think it takes even more endurance than full court basketball.

    About the time I turned 50, I was playing Capture the Flag with our youth. I was embarrassed to discover that the only person I could catch or outrun was a chubby girl. Fortunately, one of the boys sprained his ankle and I was also able to catch him as he limped around.

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  13. That’s one reason I play defense (goalie if possible) in soccer–less running. I also enjoy the challenge. But I haven’t had a chance in maybe a quarter century or close to it. I could about keep up with 11-year-old boys.

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