7 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 4-8-17

  1. So, I wrote this blog post on Tuesday which many of you read, about my mom’s charm bracelet. http://www.michelleule.com/2017/04/04/charm-bracelet/

    A lot of people liked it, including my brother and his wife.

    Right after my dad died in 2003, I went on a writing spree–finally relieved of the emotional pain and work of caring for him. One of the pieces I put together was a story of that 1970 summer we spent camping in Europe. I based it on the yellowing notebook my mom made me keep.

    I resurrected it from an ancient file in the computer we recycled last week and started reading it.

    Then I started editing it. I’m 1/3 of the way through a 60K word doc and we haven’t been there a week yet!

    I’m thinking of repurposing the story into a coming of age memoir based around the charms my mom purchased on that trip.

    The writing surprises me–it’s not that bad. I haven’t to get through the whole thing, however, before I can figure it if there’s something here for anyone else.

    In the meantime, it’s a joy.

    I also need to rewrite/correct sections of Poppy and then return to deep research on my next project, coupled with writing lots of blog posts. But I like this life and am thankful for the gift of being published.

    Oh, my second brother thinks Mom’s charm bracelet is in his house somewhere–he remembers showing it to his daughters a dozen years or so ago. I’m hoping to get some photos of the real thing. 🙂

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  2. It’s gotta be there somewhere 🙂 Sweet memories. And charm bracelets are back in style now, right?

    🙂 😦 A big (as in bigger than expected) house task on its way to completion. Never thought I’d have to replace so much of that broken sewer pipe, but it could have been worse had more sections on the public right-of-way required replacing as well. Dodged a bullet that may come back to hit me later, but maybe not. It’s a roll of the dice, perhaps, but one I had to take. Meantime, I bought some “Root Kill” solution and will have a plumber come in to snake the entire line every year. (Roots won’t be a problem for all the new plastic pipe now under my driveway, but it remains a threat to the older remaining clay piping under the city sidewalk and street where it connects to the city’s main line). I may also ask if there’s any upgrade in my homeowners’ insurance I can make to maybe partially cover that possibility in the future (provided it doesn’t drive the cost of the insurance policy sky high)?

    🙂 Found out the guy who lived in my house for some time probably in the 1960s-70s(?) is still in touch with my insurance agent and comes back to town to visit old friends now and again (he lives in NM, I think is in his mid-70s?). I told my agent I’d love to pick this guy’s brain about the house from those days, such as what the original bathroom may have looked like?? I’m thinking they may have been the family who added on the kitchen and ‘bonus’ room & did the bathroom in peach tiles & blue linoleum. It also has me thinking about doing more research on the house and putting together a little history of it for future owners, should it survive the big earthquake yet to come. 🙂 My agent said he’d mention my curiosity to him.

    😦 Sadly, my agent also told me the man’s wife committed suicide while they lived here — hung herself in the garage. That was so hard to hear & to think about, the sadness they must have experienced while living here with that … The stories these old houses hold in their walls, filled with life’s happiness and tragedy and drama through the generations … (My neighbor said it was her understanding that two sisters had both our houses built — mine in ’23, hers in ’25 — as they wanted to live next to each other; I did some research on the house when I first moved in, remember finding that the man who built my house was a carpenter by trade and I thought he was the original owner who lived here, but I will have to revisit some of those city documents at the historic society archives; would LOVE to find an old photograph of the house).

    🙂 More rain last night and today, our drought conditions have finally ended.

    🙂 Grateful for the guys who have helped me in all my house projects. This last job proved challenging but they soldiered through and I know I’ve saved a lot of money over what it would have cost with someone else. Not counting the pavers and sand I’m buying on my own, the work itself with the piping, some plumbing & day laborer costs thrown in, should run a few thousand dollars (under $5,000 I think, but I haven’t received the final bill yet, been paying them as we go). It was projected to be a 4-day job going in, but obviously turned into a whole lot more.

    Lesson: Get a dog, hang out at the dog park. 🙂

    Or don’t buy a house. Then you can just call the landlord. 🙂

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  3. Got an email this morning from a friend who keeps track of everything. He reminded me that I was baptized 45 years ago today. hadn’t thought of that event in years. I was in college and my Mom and my grandparents came.

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  4. Jo, I don’t know the date of my baptism, but I once saw the date recorded for the night I “prayed to receive Christ” and it was February 45 years ago. I don’t know how long after that I was baptized, but it would have been roughly 45 years ago, as well, possibly the same date. Only I wasn’t in college, but headed toward kindergarten in the fall.

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  5. Last night we had a (belated) celebration for my son-in-law’s birthday. (Younger daughter was out of town last week.) My husband and I were both tired after an emotionally and physically draining week, and honestly I didn’t want to have people over, though I knew it would be good once we did.

    Younger daughter cooked the requested catfish, and I made a bunch of side dishes (including a roasted potato dish he loved). Our kitchen isn’t large and we don’t have a toaster oven (a kitchen basic in my opinion), so younger daughter and I staggered dinner prep and oven usage (I baked the sides that needed the oven, left them on the stovetop to stay warm, and then she made the fish and I reheated the sides in the microwave). Everything about the evening was sweet, including younger daughter playing the piano (at son-in-law’s request) while we sat in the living room and talked afterward. (She has been shy about casual playing for other people, though she has done recitals and accompanies at church sometimes–but if we’re in the living room when she needs to practice, she asks us to leave.) The newlyweds were as affectionate as I have seen them, and I really think they’re good for each other, which is a blessing to see. (She shows maturity in an area or two where she didn’t used to, for instance.) It was kind of odd at the end of the meal and visiting to have everyone leave to go home. (Until my father-in-law died, younger daughter lived with us, but she moved in with my mother-in-law four or five weeks ago. A year ago both girls lived with us, with our older daughter marrying last summer.)

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  6. I was wide awake for about two hours last night.
    This morning, I didn’t want to get utp.
    But I thought that Tychicus might be preaching and I asked the Lord to bless hsi work.
    But it was 12:30 in Prague, and a bit late.

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  7. 🙂 Today was the first day we’ve had that really felt like spring. Little Guy spent most of it outside playing with his friends. Some of that time, I was babysitting, so I read on the porch while he played.

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