13 thoughts on “News/Politics 4-8-17

  1. My first thought to the Syrian bombing; Its a Clinton move — investigated at home, bomb a foreign country, in other words, Wag the Dog. My second thought, is he allowed to bomb without congressional approval? Apparently Obama wasn’t but he is? And then when I found out a Tomahawk missile cost at least half a million dollars, why launch 59 missiles if this is a one shot deal, why not 30 and save $15 million dollars and maybe fund Meals on Wheels. Its not if one time bombing raids actually accomplish anything except maybe some collateral damages i.e. civilian deaths. And sure enough the airport was operational today. Mind you when you tell the Russians ahead of time who then tells Assad allowing the Syrians to move their jets out of the way, you know you’re just bombing a few acres of pavement and shacks.

    My questions keep piling up — wasn’t Hilary supposed to be the warmonger? Why has he suddenly gone neocon? Was two-three years of tweets advocating isolationism completely meaningless? Why were the same Republican congressmen opposed to Obama bombing Syrian now suddenly so supportive? Why does the media insist this makes Trump appear presidential? Is a president not really a president until he bombs an other country?

    Its a good thing I get my news from late night shows or I’d be depressed and anxious.

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  2. An interesting article by Jonah Goldberg on Syria and rivalries within the White House.

    I agree with him that Trump is not particularly ideological, but I don’t think this Syrian strike is proof of that. I doubt we are seeing a change to a more Clintonian or McCain position of: Assad has to go. Trump is somewhat like Little Bush. He is impulsive and he is a man of action. His instinct is to be aggressive. When he viewed the videos of the dead children, he was outraged and decided to retaliate.

    Like Goldberg, I am somewhat comforted that some of his supporters (like Coulter) are concerned. It was somewhat unnerving when his backers behaved like mindless zombies who praised his every word and action regardless of their absurdity.

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  3. HRW, I agree with you that the Republican Congressmen are being hypocritical. Trump is just being Trump. He is the American Everyman. He doesn’t read books or study policy papers. He watches TV and he reacts.

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  4. What’s goin’ on down there in Texas Ricky?

    First you let some boy win the girl’s wrestling championship, and now a bunch of your boys have embarrassed the US Women’s World Cup Championship Team.

    Where’s the chivalry for cryin’ out loud? 😨


    “The USA women’s football team were convincingly beaten by a team of adolescents in a embarrassing defeat for the world champions.

    They were roundly outplayed, losing 5-2 against FC Dallas Under-15s academy side who took full advantage of their big day.”

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  5. Yes. It is a poorly kept secret. I don’t know anything about soccer, but 7th grade boys against varsity high schools girls in basketball is generally a pretty good game. We had two guys in my middle school who could run 10 flat 100 yard dashes when they were 7th graders. Had they desired and been allowed to pull a Bruce Jenner, they could have won the Olympic gold and silver medals in the sprints as 13 year olds.


  6. As to the wrestling, the person who won was a girl taking drugs, sort of like the German who had the gold medal for the shot put taken away in the 2012 Olympics.


  7. Debra, I believe that you and the other ideological Trumpkins (who are nationalist and protectionist) should be concerned about Cohn’s rise to power. I believe Cohn was voted Globalist of the Year at our recent fish fry.


    The power of a strong Chief of Staff would be enormous in a Trump Administration since Trump often sides with the last person to give him advice. Remember that a strong Chief of Staff (picture Jim Baker not Rence Preibus) controls access to the President.

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