37 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 3-27-17

  1. Cheryl, Indiana used to be the real powerhouse in basketball. Their coach, forgot his name, was so controversial, they finally had to fire him anyhow.
    And that was it.

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  2. I am traveling to Goroka with friends in the morning. The flight is at 7am so we are all being picked up at 5:30, oh, well. It will be my one day out of Ukarumpa since Christmas. It is hard for a single to find a ride anywhere, so I organized a flight. They fit us in on flights that are going on to other places. We will be picked up to return in the afternoon.

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  3. Bobby Knight. I remember him throwing a chair and getting tossed from a game. That was when I used to watch basketball. Quite a personality.

    Good morning all. Have a great day! :–)

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  4. Lefty Drisell of Maryland tried the Bobby Knight thing a couple of times, but it didn’t work for him. Lefty was a good coach and was good for Maryland. I remember the game where he outcoached the great Frank McGuire and beat SC by one point.
    That game is the reason they have a shot clock in basketball.

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  5. Good Morning. The weekend was busy with having to take Missy Prissy to work and deal with her drama. She isn’t liking the way things are going and she and the boyfriend are doubling down. He has suggested that he buy her car from her father so no one can take it away from her. Just wait until he finds out how much it is to insure her! She is horrid to me then turns on the charm with her dad. Good thing I am taking a Boundaries Sunday School class at the Baptist church. Rather than get tangled up in her stomach hurting yesterday morning, I left. She wasn’t here when I got home and didn’t get home until midnight. I took all of her medications to her room and put them on her dresser. She can start taking care of herself.
    Mr. P and I had gone to the garden store Saturday afternoon, so yesterday afternoon we worked in the back yard. Lot’s of weeding to do and we planted some shrubs on the south end in front of the fence to give a little more privacy. Once I get a couple of more things done I will send some photos to AJ for all of you to see.
    I am getting back on the “wagon” I was on before BG ended up in the hospital. I am tracking nutrition again and I exercised this morning.

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  6. I was afraid of that. It was a photo of Presidential candidate Arnold Weaver seeking refuge in the closet during last night’s hail storm.

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  7. I was listening to a station out of Dallas on the way home last night. It said golf ball to softball sized hail, along with tornadoes. No tornado damage when I stopped listening. Hope you and yours are well, Ricky.

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  8. Good Morning! Snow is still melting around here…but it will be quickly replaced with two storms this week…we love the moisture around here! I heard about the gargantuan hail in TX….praying all are safe…we are having hail damaged Subaru fixed in a couple weeks…8500 dollars worth of damage and they will have my car for 3 weeks…

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  9. Chas, IU just fired their head coach again (and have hired another) after years of the faithful fans saying that the coach just didn’t push the guys to play to their potential. He was (apparently) more into building their self-esteem than into pushing them to help them really excel. But it isn’t just at IU that basketball is big in Indiana; we have several colleges that excel, and it used to be really important on the high school level, too. My husband played in school, but he never managed to get to the physical bulk needed to play in college (he’s tall but was really skinny then).


  10. This weekend is the Mt. Gilead Women’s retreat. My friend Dawn Miller Gould, who directs the retreat and is speaking at the kick off luncheon on Friday, just posted this very insightful reaction to the current chaos in her life. Some of us could benefit from her wise words, too:

    Any time we are aren’t in control…like the death of a loved one, unexpected change in our health, or a loss of job, we feel like we are in chaos.

    We equate our ability to control everything around us with calm and as soon as we lose our perceived control we think that things are chaotic and dangerous.

    Just because I am not in control doesn’t mean that things are chaotic to God.

    Anytime we have the opportunity to rely on God and glorify Him by persevering, by being gracious under pressure, by trusting in things unseen…like heaven and like His goodness in the midst of suffering…then we can trust that things are not chaotic in the big scheme of things…but merely extremely uncomfortable for us. Yet our sufferings are accomplishing greater things.

    Paul writes “We were under great pressure, far beyond our ability to endure, so that we despaired even of life. Indeed, in our hearts we felt the sentence of death. But this happened that we might not rely on ourselves but on God that raises the dead. He has delivered us from such a deadly peril, and he will deliver us. On HIM we have set our HOPE that he will continue to deliver us. Then many will give thanks on our behalf for the gracious favor granted us in answer in the prayers of the many.” 2 Corinthians 1:6

    The calm in our lives comes not from our ability to control of life’s situations, but rather from the ability to surrender to God in the midst every circumstance that knocks us off our feet and causes us to despair.

    In those moments of surrender we find the calm our hearts need and our souls long for.

    That ability to surrender is not natural or easy, but is comes from being utterly dependent on God to let go.

    “Lord, may you help us to pursue genuine peace, that is truly surrendered and reliant on you and the not the veneer peace offered by this world, that is so fragile and fleeting.

    “May we glorify you and trust that you in the midst of circumstances we see no solution to this side of heaven…knowing that our situation is not chaotic to you…but that you have a plan. In Jesus Name. Amen.”

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  11. My insurance company, USAA, said the most expensive payout they had ever was following a freak hailstorm in Washington DC that pummelled a huge number of cars–many, of course, parked at the Pentagon.

    Considering they also cover homeowners insurance, that always surprised me. We don’t get much hail out here in California and I’ve rarely, if ever, seen hail bigger than the eraser on a pencil–and even that might be an exaggeration.


  12. Dog park Jerry is coming around today with a friend who has a jackhammer. They’ll look at my driveway to see if they can do the job to excavate leaking pipe and replace it. They could start tomorrow. Real Estate Pal says it’s a 3-day job. Since roofers seem to be occupied and not immediately available, this may be a way to go. We’ll see.

    Then we move on to the foundation which hopefully roofers are still able to do for less than the fancy seismic safety companies are quoting me (they’re all over the map with estimates, but none of them are affordable really). We have 2 of their detailed reports, though, with a 3rd opinion/report set to come after April 4, so we have info in hand, just have to figure out how to do the fix without the high cost companies doing the work.

    Then … I can get these wood windows repaired and refitted, which is only a 1-day job.

    And then … dare I say it? I think I’ll actually be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel of what has turned into a whole house project that began last July.

    Just left with painting, rebuffing the wood floors, a few changes to the kitchen … Then my Jackie Kennedy tour. 🙂

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  13. Graupel. We get graupel sometimes.

    Graupel (German pronunciation: [ˈɡʁaʊpəl]; English /ˈɡraʊpəl/), also called soft hail or snow pellets, is precipitation that forms when supercooled droplets of water are collected and freeze on falling snowflakes, forming 2–5 mm (0.08–0.20 in) balls of rime.

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  14. Cheryl, I think I mentioned that I got a master’s at Purdue.
    I learned to dislike Indiana U. then. But their greatest rival, one they disliked most was not IU, but Notre Dame. ND was always a problem in those years. They had great football.
    Gary Danielson was the Purdue QB in those days.


  15. I remember going into work at the former paper some years ago and the calls started coming in from the locals: “It’s snowing!” We took some photos and it did actually look like snow. But meteorologists we called said it was graupel.

    More recently, I remember seeing it piled up along the road coming home from work, and there was quite an accumulation in one of the supermarket parking lots.

    I can only imagine what the dog park must have looked like.


  16. That happened in Colorado more recently, I believe, lots of roofs & cars really damaged.

    New dog park visitor works for SpaceX (they’re local & now have an added spot in the port) and was wearing a sweatshirt that said OCCUPY MARS 🙂

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  17. When my husband and I were dating, one day I was on the phone with him and then hung up to drive to the store. (I wasn’t at home when we talked, so I think I was going from one store to another rather than driving home.) I’d no sooner got on the road than hail started coming down, and it wasn’t tiny little pellets. I found the first opportunity I could to U-turn and head home and get my car into my carport and me into the house. I grabbed a hailstone on my way in that was the biggest I’d personally ever seen; it wasn’t golfball-sized, but was more than an inch across, maybe two inches. I was happy to get inside the house.

    One trip that my husband and I made to the Smokies, the week before they’d had a bad hailstorm. Many trees were down in Cades Cove (still with green in their leaves, so obviously they’d been knocked down alive and not that long before), several buildings at the timeshare were being re-roofed, and we heard that many cars were damaged. We were glad we had chosen the week we did! But that timeshare was largely destroyed in the fires this past fall. I don’t think I’d want to be their insurer!


  18. From Real Estate Pal:

    “Yes, Jerry emailed me last evening and this AM, he is going to call me when they are on the way and I will meet them there. Jerry’s desire, as is mine, is to not get people ripped off for work that is basically straight forward. This may be a great solution to your problem”

    So looks like this job could be done this week. yay.

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  19. We were working moving firewood yesterday. Took a break under the wood shed roof to let a quick shower of graupel fall. The day before, it was hail that drove us under shelter. Today we just worked in the rain. But the daffodils and mountain lilies that were under a foot of snow a couple of weeks ago, are opening up.

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  20. We had a freak hailstorm with marble-sized ice pellets a couple of summers ago. It tore great holes in the plant foliage, but what most people seemed bothered was the damage done to car bodies – one of our acquaintance was so disgusted because he’d just bought a new truck. We get hail on average once or twice a year, but normally it is gravel sized, which just bounces off most surfaces.


  21. Chas, I remain deeply grateful to Purdue for their APA referencing guide. Everytime I write a paper, I use their site to make sure I’m referencing correctly. All the schools I’ve gone to recommend it.


  22. As michelle said, we do get hail but pellets are small and bouncy for the most part. I remember getting caught in a hail downpour a year or two ago — around this time of year — when I was driving to the pet store with the dogs in the Jeep with me. Poor Tess came undone at the clattering noise (and the thunder also) and wound up cowering on the floor near the passenger seat.


  23. Looks like driveway demo could begin tomorrow, they’re still putting together a bid, checking different websites for supplies they’ll need to get the most value and hold costs down as much as possible. Old concrete can be dumped at a cost of $490 (bin rental).

    Exciting to see progress on one of the big jobs still hanging over my head.

    Kim, I posted a real estate article on FB earlier today re the LA market currently, kind of interesting.


  24. Did I read that DJ is having people demonstrate on her driveway tomorrow? Is this some sort of women’s march, or is it a border collie thing? or maybe coyotes picketing for more respect in what she writes?

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  25. Finally got the written bid late tonight which was very detailed and, in the end, not cheap, but I think is probably as fair as I’ll get — 4 days’ work. It’s going to be loud, he said to warn the neighbors.


  26. He even included a diagram. His partner in this is a retired LA city worker who worked on city sewer lines, so I’m guessing he’s experienced.

    Not going to be pretty.


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