53 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 3-21-17

  1. Been awake since 3. Left BG at the hospital last night crying because I was leaving her then received text messages begging me to come back. I stayed at home. She needed a little alone time to think of the choices she has been making. Her dad was hard on her too. He told her if she stayed on this path she was going to end up either with a colostomy bag or in a grave. He asked her if that is what she wanted–her mother putting flowers on her grave on her birthday.
    The gall bladder surgery may have been completely unnecessary. We will never really know now. Luckily the doctor we saw last night was a dark skinned man with a lovely accent. I explained to her that by his accent he definitely wasn’t from Alabama and was from a different part of the world so he wasn’t some un-enlightened back-woods doctor from Alabama. He was very kind to G and me.
    Not only can marijauna usage cause Continuous Vomiting Syndrome it can also slow down your organs and cause them not to function.
    I had changed my prayer to “Dear God, I need you to jerk a knot in her tail”. Perhaps He has. The rest is up to her.

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  2. Kim, how are her lipase and white count numbers? Praying with you. I woke up this morning wondering how she fared through the night.


  3. The header photo is what happens when a female cardinal realizes that the ugliest and most vile of female cardinals is living inside your window and must be fought. I’ve seen males fight their reflection before, but this is the first year I’ve seen a female do so.

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  4. Cheryl, I’ve seen bluebirds do that.

    When you get old, you need glasses and hearing aids.
    Be thankful for both.
    But the key is the glasses. If you lose your glasses, you can’t find your hearing aids.


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  5. Chas, years ago I discovered the trick to not losing my glasses: never putting them down anywhere except in very specific spots. They have one place they go when I go to bed, one place they go when I nap on the couch, one place they go when I take them off to put on sunglasses instead. Very, very occasionally I place them somewhere else, and then I regret it.

    And having established that habit came in very handy when I got engaged and had a diamond ring to keep track of. I have a total of five places in the house I might put it (including one spot when I wash dishes, one spot when I sleep, etc.), and if I can’t find my ring i look at all five of those spots but I don’t have to turn the whole house upside-down.

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  6. No diamond rings to search for in my house, but the car keys, well … They can be pesky things. I used to have a regular hook by the front door that they’d go onto, but now that the house has been so torn up for months, they’re generally in the back part of the house if I can’t seem to find them right away.

    Or in my hands.

    I went to bed and woke up with Kim & BG on my mind, too. I’m so sorry you’re having to trudge through this. Does she sound at all ready to acknowledge & deal with the marijuana use as being a problem? Praying this is her turn-around year.

    We’re supposed to have rain today and tomorrow, but it hasn’t started yet.

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  7. DJ, I tend to keep my keys in my purse. In Nashville I was inclined to put them in my pocket when I got up; that way I could leave the house before hunting down my purse (if I saw my neighbors going for a walk and wanted to join them, for instance). But if my wallet and my keys are in my purse, I only have to grab it and leave.


  8. I usually throw mine ‘on’ my backpack (that I throw on the rocking chair) that I currently lug to work and everywhere else. Otherwise, I’m fishing around in the backpack forever. 🙂


  9. Oh, that header photo also shows you our bird-feeder setup. Since I used a zoom to get that photo, everything in it is foreshortened and looks closer together than it really is. But in the photo you see our kitchen window, and outside it the sycamore tree that holds all (sometimes it’s “most”) of our bird feeders, and behind it is the garage that often forms the white backdrop to my photos. The tree limb is actually 10 to 15 feet behind the bird, with the garage maybe five feet farther back. You can’t see any of the feeders from this angle, but right now we have six feeders to the right of that large limb and one to the left of it.

    We have three, two large and one small, holding sunflower seeds; one holding thistle; one holding a mixture that includes cracked corn because the house sparrows and blackbird types seem to prefer it and it keeps them away from the more expensive sunflower seed (and no, the starlings never eat there); and two suet feeders. As the weather warms up we will take down the suet feeders, and soon we will put up a hummingbird feeder or two, probably including some hangers that are on other areas besides that tree.

    But you can see how that tree is close enough to the window to allow me to stand at the window, zoom in just a little, and get close-up shots of birds in the tree. They have to get used to seeing me–blue jays simply will not stay when I come to the window and Mr. Cardinal has only recently started ignoring my presence–but most of the birds will continue to eat as long as I don’t make sudden movements. We used to have one of the feeders by the other kitchen window, even closer to it than the ones on this tree, and birds would feed while we ate a meal at the table. But we’ve cut back the shrubs a bit and they stopped coming to the other feeder, and so we moved it to the feeder tree as well.

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  10. Silly Cardinal 😉
    It is gorgeous outside today and I’m going to have the house to myself for a whole two hours…will be cleaning, vacuuming and getting some laundry done with the windows all opened! Friday we are predicted to get 8-12 inches of snow!! Been praying for moisture…but I’m a gonna have to drive into town in that stuff to get to work….where it will be raining and not snowing…weird Colorado…..


  11. Hello, all. It’s a lovely spring day here. We had a late appointment at the office last night. It is always nice to be with pleasant young people. I find myself more hopeful for the future when a young person cares about people and the world. When a young person knows it costs the business more to process a credit card than a check and they sincerely care about that when paying, well, it touches the heart. I have never before heard anyone offer an apology for paying by credit card.

    On my lunch trek yesterday I found a really old dogwood in full bloom. I have a few photos of it on Facebook, and will send some to AJ. That is the nice part of working in a small old town. I find a lot of exceptional old trees that were planted in the more affluent days.

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  12. Kim, you are a brave woman to go through all you’ve been through with BG. I think there are many in our nation, young especially, who have been caught up in that sort of thing and are out of control. We need to drastically decrease availability to drugs. I hope under Trump that will happen. We have an area near our home that has many young effluents hooked on heroin. It just should not be. But we just had a “cool” “President” for eight years who smoked dope when young so how can it seem bad to many with that as an acceptable example?


  13. We have been praying for BG for many years. She is a charming, lovely, beautiful young woman with a lot of potential. There are plenty of reasons to hope for a good future for her.

    Many years ago, a woman at my Bible study was called away because her teenager had been arrested. She gathered up her Bible and hurried out the door, ashen-faced. We all prayed.

    The next week she told us how thankful she and her husband were her son was picked up for shoplifting. “He needed to be caught early before he learned he could get away with it,” she said. “He was horrified and embarrassed. We, however, praise God. I don’t think we have to worry about him in the future.”

    “But,” she continued. “We all need to pray our children will be caught. God can’t deal with them until they have to confront their truth.”

    I was so impressed by her statement. Of course she was embarrassed, but she saw through the social awkwardness to the good of her child. I tried, therefore, to take that same long view with my own children.

    After all, we need to give thanks in everything. (I start a new Bible study on Philippians today).

    This is the hard time for BG. She has to confront the fact God has answered our prayers and she’s apparently allergic to pot. That’s a good thing. She can’t get away with using it anymore. As C.S. Lewis said, “pain is a magnifier to turn our attention to God.”

    It’s not going to be easy. She will struggle. She’ll fall back. She’ll yell at God. But, taking the long view, it is her decision–how much pain she’s willing to endure and for what purpose.

    So, yes, we need to pray.

    I’ve had the sword of diabetes hanging over my head for 30 years since I first had gestational diabetes. I have struggled with this–the unfairness, the bitterness I can’t eat anything I want, the frustration. It’s not in my family, why me?

    You can fill in your own blanks on my attitude issues.

    But I’ve come to see in the last years that I need to thank God for the threat of diabetes–I’m still scraping under the numbers for the official diagnosis. It means I’ve spent the last 30 years religiously walking (which has probably saved my figure). I’ve struggled with “dying to self,” and discipline. I’ve complained, whined, moaned, eaten anything I wanted, felt guilty, etc.

    But because of all that walking, I’ve invited people along through the years. Friendships, relationships, wisdom, prayer, fun, joy, Vitamin D–all have been mine because of those walks.

    I can see fruit now, and I’m thankful.

    Still struggling, but good has come of that physical weakness.

    The same can be true of BG.

    Thanks be to God.

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  14. Some of you may have seen me post this on Facebook a little while ago. . .

    “Emily writes:
    “Because apparently now leprechauns leave you treats on St. Patrick’s Day…. When did that start?! I blame the pinterest moms. Forrest has been asking me all weekend why the leprechaun left treats for his friends at school, but not him. So I just bought all the green and rainbow snacks at the dollar store.
    The note says, “Hey Forrest! I bet you thought I forgot about you. Tricked you!! Make sure to share with your mom! Happy St. Patty’s Day! -Lenny the Leprechaun” ”
    I had never heard of this leprechaun-leaving-treats thing until this year. Anyone know when this started? Imagine the sustained sugar-rush kids are gonna get in the years when St. Patrick’s Day & Easter are close together. (I like Emily’s “I blame the pinterest moms.” 🙂 )
    So what is next? Uncle Sam coming & leaving treats for Independence Day? Please, no!”

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  15. Nightingale put green food coloring in their toilet & told him the leprechaun pee-ed while he was there. 😀


  16. Kizzie, since when have the wee folk of Ireland become so generous, I would like to know. In the folklore of my childhood, leprechauns, when caught, would be extremely reluctant to tell the location of their pot o’gold and would likely try to trick you out of it. A tricksy breed, the fairy people are, and not to be relied upon for gifts that won’t melt into thin air or turn into worthless trash after a time.

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  17. Kim, I would hope the lab examined the gallbladder after it was removed. That was always done when I assisted with gallbladder surgery in the OR. Sometimes – Warning: this may be too gross for some to read – the surgeon, right then and there, would examine the removed gallbladder to see the stones. I remember them saying, after one that was filled with stones like grains of sand, that it was sometimes such smaller stones that caused more problems than the large ones.

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  18. I like the meme that says we didn’t have Elf on a Shelf, we had a BELT. Period.
    I will do Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, oh and I like the Tooth Fairy, but after that I am done.
    Actually, right now I am done. BG is home. I sent her outside to sit in the sun and look at a magazine. I think her dad got through to her today after he F I N A L L Y showed up. I had a wee bit of a fit. I came home for a while. I am tired. I am irritable. I am not fit to be around people. Oh, and I haven’t had a decent meal in a while. Everything I was doing for Lent went out the window a week ago. I figure God will understand and when I get my head back on straight I will start again.

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  19. Thanks for reminding me, Michelle, that I really can’t eat the treats they are selling at conference. I am taking my own bananas and peanuts. Those cakes, doughnuts, and cinnamon rolls just don’t work for me.

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  20. A listing that’s restricted, agent was trying to change settings on it to public for a brief time so I could see it but that didn’t work (she doesn’t want her fingerprints on sending anything to m) — I have word out to a couple real estate folks I know here, one who I think might help as he has a friend who has a premium account. Just need to confirm the listing and have someone copy & paste it to me


  21. Linda took Elvera to the emergency room. Same problem as last year this time. I’m waiting for Chuck to come and take me. I said I would drive over. They reminded me that I can’t drive back.
    I hate this. Last year, they took lots of tests, but nobody did anything for her.

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  22. That leprechaun bringing treats thing is silly, but Nightingale felt “forced” into it with Little Guy wondering why he came to the other kids but not to him. Since she has him believing in Santa, the Easter Bunny, & the Tooth Fairy, telling him that the leprechaun thing is just a story some parents tell their kids might make the rest tumble down. She doesn’t want that to happen yet.

    As for the Elf on the Shelf, I’m so glad she doesn’t do that one. That is nightmare-inducing to me.


  23. The irony of feeling so obligated to tell Forrest to believe in all those imaginary beings and yet, telling him there is no God, cannot be lost on you, Kizzie. Nor the irony of the very people, who assume they are all so free from going with the crowd, having to follow social media and their children’s peers. Perhaps you can suggest that telling Forrest the truth about leprechauns is in order. You can always tell him not to mention it to his peers.

    I always told my children the truth about these things and never had them tell anyone else. I never made an issue of pretending about all of them. “Playing pretend” is something all children do and adults can join in and enjoy Santa, the Easter Bunny or whatever. It should be something the parents DO enjoy, however, not something they feel coerced to do.

    I have one daughter who does the Elf on Shelf in earnest. I am not a fan, but I am the grandmother not the mother. Same with you, Kizzie, but we both have the right to make our opinion known.

    Michelle, well said. I have a friend whose son actually complained about his always being caught. His parents just told him with all their prayers, what did he expect? He eventually got the point.

    I also join you in the diabetes battle. Having gestational diabetes and being on the edge in something on my mind. My recent ER visit and current discomfort is a reminder to make sure this part of my life is also something done as I believe God would want. That is sometimes difficult to discern. I know enough, though, to make some changes.

    Watching the elderly tenderly care for each other is something I see often these days. Yesterday, we spent both the morning and evening ‘weeping with those who weep.’ The beautiful thing was watching both a church family and a Senior living community minister to this person.

    The widower ask my husband’s jam group to hold the jam as usual. He attended, though it was so difficult to do so. His wife had been dead for one week. He asked for “Far Side Bank of Jordan” and the group obliged. As he sat and wept, he was tenderly ministered to by a couple of the residents, while I am sure many of the rest of us prayed for this man.

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  24. Kizzie, the sad part about it is these new fairy fancies are nowhere near as interesting as the old tales. My parents have a whole bunch of old school readers, which is where I read many of the folktales I know. Irish, and Welsh, fairy tales tend to be less centred on the pretty lady marrying the strong knight theme than French or German fairy tales (English fairy tales tend to show the multiple influences of each of the aforementioned cultures). Rather, they are about clever people outwitting elves, or silly people being outwitted by them, and usually have the message that it is no good trying trickery to get ahead in life, as your ill gotten gains will go up in smoke or get you hurt, so honest labour is a safer course. However, the tales don’t moralize, but tell their story through fantastic whimsy. The crassly commercial leprechaun of the modern St. Patrick’s day is very uninteresting in comparison to his folk counterpart. However, now it seems that unless Disney makes a film of a fairy tale, it doesn’t get told to children.

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  25. Though, to do justice to Disney, they did once tell a good (almost) Irish yarn. Anyone remember ‘Darby O’Gill and the Little People’. That banshee scared me silly.


  26. I’ve long wanted to get a courtship feeding photo of cardinals, but it lasts only a moment and there are likely branches between you and the birds, or their angle is such that you can’t see both birds from the side. This one wasn’t a great shot (I had to crop it quite a bit, since I didn’t have time to zoom in), but I saw her fly to him and knew she’d probably get fed, and I quickly got the shot. And it’s “perfect” in terms of positioning, that you can see all of both birds and see the contact in the middle.

    We noticed that when Mrs. Cardinal was throwing herself at her reflection, Mr. Cardinal was in the tree behind her. (I had to keep out of sight while she attacked her reflection; several times she flew off because she saw me. But I could stand around the corner in the living room with just the camera sticking out, or at the living room couch with a long zoom, and try. It took quite a few bad photos to get a couple of good ones–in most the bird was out of focus or I got only her tail since she moved up out of range–but I kept trying because she kept coming back, and eventually I got a few. And then after one such shoot, she flew to the tree and I was there in time to snap the shot I’ve wanted for years.


  27. I had gestational diabetes, too. The disease runs rampant on my father’s side of the family. I try to be careful, but have failures to eat as I should sometimes. Last year I totally gave up sweets except for cough drops for a pretty long time. Being by myself a lot it was easier. Now I find, more and more, that I don’t like sweets very much except for a few choice things like key lime pie. I think I like things that others might call bitter such as unsweetened tea, strong black coffee, dark chocolate, etc. I never want sugar on cereal as Art does. I feel blessed in this respect at this time in my life. Also, I tested as borderline in my twenties back when I drank some alcoholic beverages, wine, and beer. That was a real factor in pushing me towards diabetes. When I stopped having any drinks then that was a blessing health wise. I do not drink much fruit juice either. There are many approaches to help ward off diabetes. Cinnamon helps, and I am wondering if the small amount of aloe juice I drink in water almost daily may be helping, too. I do occasionally enjoy Dr. Pepper at work.


  28. Oh, yes, I certainly do see the sad irony of Little Guy believing in these make-believe characters but being told God is make-believe. 😦

    I did tell Nightingale that I would have told him the leprechaun thing isn’t real, but she thought it seemed like a fun idea. In what she wrote, it sounds like she got a lot of stuff, but it wasn’t really too much. And the note says he has to share with his mom. 🙂

    Hey! Why not with his Mimi, too?

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  29. Well folks, I will be off to bed soon. Must get my beauty rest (or at least my “trying to be somewhat attractive rest”) for my day out with Nightingale tomorrow. I will be getting my first pedicure!

    I learned yesterday that this outing is something Hubby & Nightingale discussed. He suggested she give me a gift card I could use for some online shopping, as a thank you for all the hours I babysit. But she had already thought of taking me out shopping, & getting pedicures.

    Looking forward to this special time with my firstborn daughter.

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  30. Just got caught up with yesterday’s and the weekend’s daily thread. Now those prayer threads, which I stayed pretty well up to date on, make more sense, filling in some of the detail I didn’t see at first.

    Kevin, glad your heart procedure is scheduled now.

    Kim, I’m at a loss for words, not knowing how heart-wrenching all of this with BG must be. Michelle spoke well; I’ll leave it at that.

    Chas, I hope you can get some rest tonight, and I pray Elvera’s medical attendants are able to do things for her.

    Prayers all around, including others I haven’t mentioned.

    Good night, all.

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