19 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 3-18-17

  1. 😦 This was certainly not a good week for us.

    🙂 OTOH, I am grateful for good medical personnel, including dentists etc. I am also grateful for good medications being available to us and decent health insurance. I am grateful for inventors and entrepreneurs who develop things to make our lives more comfortable and better in many ways.

    😦 Feeling sad for the husband whose wife died unexpectedly this week.

    🙂 So glad to know they are both believers. So glad to know we have a God who sees and cares about us.

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  2. 😦 A pretty early spring turned into a cold late winter. So far (more than halfway through the month) March has been colder than February, and we’ve had more snow than in January and February combined!

    🙂 The birds have shown up in good numbers, though, and given me a chance to get some great photos. Cardinals don’t particularly like our feeders, so they (esp. the male) only show up if there’s actually snow on the ground. Right now it’s late enough in the year that we have a mated pair, so we’ll only get the one male and one female, but they’re showing up regularly and also showing up in the blue spruce in the front yard. (Perhaps they are nesting in it, or thinking about doing so.)

    🙂 Son-in-law and two daughters, and maybe a young man from church, are coming today to get the last of our wallpaper down. (We got maybe 70% of the living room last week and didn’t start on the bathroom, with two people working, so with four or five we should easily get the rest of it and maybe have a chance to patch the walls, too.)

    🙂 It’s warmer today, so already most of our snow has melted. We had highs in the thirties most of the week–I think we saw low forties yesterday–so warmer weather is welcome.

    😦 I’m guessing we won’t get daffodils or tulips this year. The crocuses bloomed and then it got cold when the others were coming up, so I’m guessing we missed out on them. Oh well. As long as we get dogwoods and the other tree blossoms, and the wildflowers, the bulbs are optional.

    🙂 My husband seems to finally feel better (not totally well) after weeks of being sick.

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  3. 🙂 A busy week that pretty much flew by

    😦 House remains a complete and total disaster zone following last weekend’s explosion from the bedroom for the ceiling replacement. I haven’t worried about putting the bedroom back together again yet as now the bed, which was broken (or maybe just further broken than it was?) needs to be dismantled and hauled away for repair — there’s still plenty of room in there to do that.

    😦 Still waiting on on a couple big jobs — excavating a broken clay pipe from under the driveway and doing foundation fix. It appears the roofer (and jack-of-all-trades, generally) can do the work, I’m just not sure when. Probably in 2-3 weeks though, at least that’s what I was led to believe. Pipe especially is pretty urgent at this stage.

    🙂 There has been much progress on the house since all this began with a new roof late last summer. But it doesn’t particularly look like it. Still, the bathroom remains cute.

    🙂 Very, very grateful I can finally get some of this done, even though it turned out to be much more than I ever dreamed would be necessary. 😦

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  4. 😦 I called the city to come fetch their little tree, which I’m pretty sure has once-and-for-all bit the dust. I asked if they could put in a new one. We’ll see. They said they’d be out but the little Charlie Brown tree still (barely) stands, wilted and brown, still tied to the stakes.


  5. I had loved the movie, & read the book years later. I was surprised at how the main character in the book changed in a way that did not happen in the movie. Still liked the book, though.


  6. One of my mom’s all-time favorites, I read it when I was in my 20s but had already seen the movie by then. Poignant.


  7. 🙂 I am sitting at my desk reading my Kindle and otherwise minding my own business when this sweet voice says, in my ear, “Low Battery”.
    I have women that I can’t see running my life. Almost every time I go out in my car, there’s this female voice telling me what to do.
    And I usually do what they say. I have been trained.

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  8. Speaking of hearing aids. (You didn’t know that?)
    We were talking the other day how Alexa hears the secrets you talk about in her presence, and likely records them.
    In discussions with my audiologist Thursday, I discovered that she knew how long I wore my hearing aids each day. Somehow, the signal in that tiny device gets into the cloud and she can pull it out. I wonder how it transmits?
    I can’t get away with nothing no more.

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  9. Very futuristic …

    🙂 Finally got the dogs to the dog park for a late afternoon break. Confirmed with real estate pal that roofer will be available and able to do driveway pipe excavation & foundation when he’s finished with his latest tile roof job.

    😦 Surely there’s nothing else to discover after that. Is there? I feel like I’ll have done everything pretty much.

    🙂 Beautiful day out today.

    🙂 Still scrubbing down kitchen tile — I’m starting to like it again 🙂

    😦 Carol now suggested I come take her to the library tomorrow after church — since, after all, the library IS open on Sundays now. She also spent what she had left from a $100 payment she received just a couple days ago, $2.60 on sodas from the mini mart across the street. She is now officially overdrawn by 66 cents until she gets paid in April.

    😦 Worried about Kim & BG. Updates?

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  10. Dj, I am thinking that you should go rent a jackhammer to just get started on the job. Let them finish it, but you could have the fun of demolition of the driveway.
    I am just your animal pals would love it.

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  11. 🙂 Addison was baptized today. Glasses and all.
    Addison is my oldest great-granddaughter.
    They had a reception after church in the clubhouse in Chuck’s development.
    III John 4

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