47 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 3-13-17

  1. It gets late so early!
    Good evening Jo. It isn’t quite bedtime yet.
    Good afternoon Tychicus.
    It’s Monday folks! Up at ’em.


  2. Yesterday, Cheryl used “akimbo” in a sentence and I made a comment about an author who had all of her heroines have their “arms akimbo”. Sometime around 2 or 3 or 4 this morning…lack of sleep because a certain 19 year old has reverted to her 3 year old sleeping habits…I thought of other authors and perhaps editors or publishers using certain phrases…
    Jonathan Kellerman who writes the Alex Deleware series uses vis-a’-vis instead of regarding.
    Many books I have read describe a moment as being poleaxed or being punched in the solar plexus. Lord help you if you get poleaxed in the solar plexus.
    While I don’t think you should dumb things down in writing (I’ve learned some great words and ideas from books) I also think you shouldn’t be pretentious.
    I know several of us answered questions on FB for Michelle one day about the phrasing of a sentence. She wanted it to sound like someone of that time period. THAT is what a true author does in my opinion. She wanted to stay true to the time but she also wanted people to understand what she was saying.

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  3. Lovely flowers in the header. Thank you Janice for sending them to brighten our days.
    The orchid has finally opened all five buds so it has five flowers. I haven’t slowed down enough to take a photo and send it.
    As referenced above. BG was here last night. She is still exhausted and groggy. She is still in some pain. She was fine in her bed by herself until everyone quieted down and went to bed. Then at 11:30 she was standing at the side of my bed wanting me to come sleep with her. I tried to sneak back to my bed several times but she awoke each time until around 3 when it made it all the way…then my phone rang and I trotted back across the house.
    She still hasn’t eaten much and is in some pain and still a little nauseous. I have to call doctors and such this morning to make appointments. She is skin and bones. One of the side effects of the Zofran (nausea medicine) is that it gives her a headache. At least I am getting Gator-Ade down her so she isn’t a risk for dehydration but I would like to get a little more food in her.
    Remember, I was raised in a family that thought if you could “eat a little something” you could survive anything.

    Youngest son came to help his dad yesterday and also spent the night. I told Mr. P that we had two of our four chicks in the nest. πŸ™‚

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  4. I had to go back to yesterday’s thread to remember what I wanted to tell DJ.
    Could you move the 3/4 bed to the guest room? Move the twin beds into your room because two twins put together make a king sized bed and use all of that furniture in the larger room. It would be a “fresh” look for you, almost like getting new furniture without the cost.
    I also like the idea of taking a spool off of the spindle bed and releasing it to the universe. I don’t think it is extravagant to buy yourself a new bed although I would suggest you get a queen size if you buy new. It is next to impossible to find full size bedding anymore. Everything says full/queen and ends up looking sloppy on a full size bed.

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  5. You can still learn things.
    On yesterday’s R&R I happened to mention, WRT another subject, that in Greenland they had APU’s running all the time.
    Mumsee mentioned that hubby’s trucks had APU”s.
    I didn’t know that. I noticed at truck stops, when the drivers were sleeping in their trucks, that the engine was running on idle all the time.
    It must have been the APU that was running.
    I never thought of that.
    And Elvera has a nephew who drives trucks. He came to visit his mother in McCormick, SC and slept in his truck.

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  6. Hi Jo! Welcome home (blog-wise).

    So why is it so dark? I got up to let the animals out, assuming it was 6 a.m. based on the amount of light outside (close to none, plus it’s really foggy). Just as I was ready to crawl back into bed, I noticed it was 7 a.m.! Yikes. Time to get up? In this darkness?

    I can hear our hawk again this morning, a familiar sound every springtime.

    The bedroom window won’t close not, it’s out of whack (window people will fix that when they come following foundation work). But just another thing that goes wrong after you fix something else.

    I’m loving that bedroom ceiling fan, though, it’s virtually silent and moves the air around perfectly to keep the room cool all night long. The bed is feeling ricketier to me, I reversed direction on it last night (so my head and shoulders didn’t dip down so much) in the broken areas, but it’s worrisome as there are lots of creaky noises from underneath and I’m convinced I’ll wind up on the floor one of these nights. I’m going to try to connect with an antique furniture store today (there are several around) to see if maybe they can refer someone to me who can come over and take a look at the thing. In a pinch, I can have it taken down (and in for repair?) I suppose and get my mom’s smaller bed moved in there for the time being.

    Always somethin’

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  7. Ok, Dan the Furniture Repair Man (hopefully) will be getting back to me soon, I texted some photos — I’m thinking that while it may have not been in great shape going into Saturday, the moving around during all that ceiling work did much of the more pronounced damage I’m seeing now. I remember seeing huge plaster pieces falling onto the bed (covered in plastic) during the demolition of the old ceiling and the bed was moved here and there through the room. It was probably already in too-fragile a shape to withstand much of that.


    anyway, this guy is close, just on the other side of the harbor in Long Beach, so I’m hoping he can make an appt to come over this week — in the meantime, I probably shouldn’t be using that bed …


  8. Ok, furniture guy called, I texted him some photos, he says maybe $200 to fix, although that depends on what they find. He’s going to arrange to pick it up and said he’ll leave the box spring and mattress on the floor and I can use in the meantime. He said it’s a “killer” piece, beautiful, says when they’re through with it (I’ll have them refinished it as well, lots of damage on the foot rail from dog claws over the years) I’ll never want to get rid of it. πŸ™‚

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  9. The final call isn’t until 5PM, but it ain’t lookin’ good….

    18-24 inches starting around 8PM, and at a rate of 3-4 inches an hour thru the night and into tomorrow, finally ending around 11PM Wed. πŸ‚

    Just think, only a week until Spring….. 😡

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  10. We’re only supposed to get three to five inches, though we’ve already had a couple inches and I think most of it was supposed to be this afternoon and tonight, so they may have increased the predicted total.

    At our feeder tree, so far today we’ve had blackbirds (red-winged males and a couple of females, cowbirds, and starlings), sparrows (house, American tree, song), finches (house finches and gold finches), woodpeckers (just downy and red-bellied), chickadees, nuthatches, mourning doves, titmice, cardinals, juncos, a blue jay, and my husband saw a hawk (probably a juvenile Cooper’s). The goldfinches are starting to turn yellow in earnest, with a couple of them in quite dappled coloring, the juncos are coming in large numbers and even going to the feeders, and American tree sparrows have come in four or five at a time (I’ve never seen more than two, usually just one). We chase the cowbirds if they’re the only birds around, and we chase the starlings even if the tree is full of birds (since they’ll come in 20 at a time if we don’t keep them moving), and we’d happily let the house sparrows skip us, but everyone else is welcome.

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  11. It snows as I type. The conductor was late to my exam due to an accident that slowed traffic. He said, after my exam, he would like me to come back next year if I’m able, which made me feel very happy. I’m not a brilliant musician, but I love music. My desire was not to be a liability to the orchestra and maybe be an asset – apparently I was, which is all I wanted.

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  12. Oh, and my bedroom window now won’t close. But the window people were going to reset all my windows anyway, so I can wait for them to do that (I’d trust them more anyway) — after the foundation is fixed.

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  13. Storm tips for your pets (I think mumsee especially will appreciate the part where you’re supposed to plan and organize indoor play for your pets)

    Never leave your pet outside during a snowstorm for longer than you’d would want to be out there with them. If it’s too cold for you, it’s too cold for your pet.

    Prepare indoor play activities for your pets who are used to more outside time.

    Stock up on pet food and medicines your animals may need, as winter storms can take out power, close roads, and even trap you in your home.

    Thoroughly wipe off your dog’s paws and belly with a moist washcloth after going outside.
    Snow-melting salt can be very painful to dogs’ feet and cause illness if ingested. Clumps of snow can accumulate between toes and cause pain as well. Dog boots and salves can be purchased to protect sensitive dog paws.

    During the winter, outdoor cats sometimes sleep underneath cars for shelter. Bang loudly on the car hood before starting the engine to give any resting cats a chance to escape.

    Consider giving short-haired or smaller dogs a coat and booties to wear outside to protect them from the elements and the chilly temperature.

    If you lose power, be sure candles aren’t in locations where your pet can knock them over.

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  14. I wouldn’t enjoy it if my bedroom windows were stuck open right now. The temperatures here lately have been in the teens and twenties. Hard to get used to again after we got pampered with temperatures as high as the sixties last month.

    The bird report from here today is the hawk that’s been hanging around lately nabbed a blue jay and murdered it in our backyard. Third Arrow and I witnessed part of the spectacle from the kitchen window. We both had to turn away from watching — too gruesome. The hawk was not much bigger than the jay. A small downy woodpecker held very still on the trunk of the tree closest to the birdfeeder, under which the hawk was taking care of business.

    A few minutes later, daughter looked out the window again. There were no birds in sight, and the cat was sniffing around the area… The brutal realities of the wild — predators looking for their prey, and trying to keep from becoming another’s meal.

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  15. Third Arrow and I saw The Pirates of Penzance this weekend, put on by the drama department of an area school. My two friends in the twice-a-month Friday Bible study I attend each had one child in the cast. One was a policeman, and the other played the Pirate King. Fun show, and incredibly talented singers. I was amazed at the qualities of their voices for high school age. And the guy who played the police chief choreographed the dance moves for his fellow policemen. It was excellent, and he was stupendous! Tall and lanky, he was as flexible in his moves as the Scarecrow in The Wizard of Oz. πŸ˜‰

    The Major-General’s daughters wore long, dressy gowns in the first act, and both daughter and I smiled when we noticed that one of the girls was wearing an old bridesmaid dress of mine that I’d donated to the drama department after my daughters were past the dress-up stage as little girls. πŸ˜‰

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  16. We’ve been so cold this past week that we’ve put on the boxer dog’s sweater and then his ‘jacket’ over top. He has absolutely no natural protection from cold at all. He’ll be much happier this week as it gets above freezing. (So will I)

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  17. I’m happier when it’s above freezing, too. Even a little above freezing (say three degrees) registers to me as quite a bit more comfortable than the same amount below freezing.

    Kevin, from the Rants & Raves thread this weekend, praying for you with your upcoming pulmonary valve replacement. Have you heard from the scheduler yet?

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  18. Now they are officially calling it a blizzard that we are expecting tomorrow. Praying we don’t lose our power (no fireplace, no wood stove, no generator ;-( ). We’ve been meaning to get a generator, but there’s always something else to do or take care of.

    Recently I told you all about how hard-working Nightingale is, specifically that she is willing to work on the rehab wings, while almost half the other nurses won’t. When I remarked to her that that made her an asset to them, she told me that she was told that she is considered a valuable employee there. πŸ™‚

    Earlier today, while out doing some errands, she texted me, saying that we should go out shopping someday soon, & get pedicures together (I’ve never had one, nor a manicure), & that she would buy my stuff. I replied:

    “Sounds like fun! I love you, Honey! (Even when you don’t buy me stuff.)”

    She thought that was funny. πŸ™‚

    Oh! The tea cup & saucer that Chickadee ordered to replace the one that broke came today. That was nice & quick.

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  19. Hubby had a problem with his work truck today. He just texted me that he is still working. I guess he won’t be getting to bed by 5:30 or 6:00 tonight. 😦

    Gov. Malloy has issued a travel ban for tomorrow. I hope that means that Hubby won’t have to go out tomorrow.

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  20. These are the pet tips we’re getting today:

    March 13, 2017 – As the thermometer starts to climb in Southern California, remember when it is hot for you, it is even hotter for your four-legged friend. Dogs and cats do not sweat through their skin. They cool themselves by panting or rapid breathing, which means dogs and cats must work extra hard to stay cool.

    Too much heat can be extremely dangerous or even fatal for companion animals. LA Animal Services reminds pet owners about the hazards of hot weather and how to keep your furry loved ones healthy and comfortable. Here are some pet safety tips …


  21. Okay, time for some fun since several of you are going to be snowed in for a couple of days. Finish this sentence: “It’s so cold in Donna’s dog park that…”

    My entry: … the people have to hold a candle or other flame near their mouth to speak, since their breath comes out as ice cubes.

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  22. 6 Arrows, my guess is it was a sharp-shinned hawk. It and the very similar Cooper’s both eat birds, but the Cooper’s is larger; from your description of the size, it’s a likely sharp-shinned.


  23. Take care out there, AJ, Kizzie, Cheryl, everyone in the path.

    Cheryl, sharp-shinned hawk was the first thing that came to my mind, too. I’m pretty sure that’s what it was. One source I read said Cooper’s hawks tend to be more crow-size, and sharp shins more jay-size (though of course males are smaller than females, so it could have been a male Cooper, but, really, the hawk was only a tiny bit bigger than the jay, so I’m thinking it was a sharp-shinned.)

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  24. It’s so cold in Donna’s dog park that we feel the chill all the way over in Atlanta!

    It’s so cold in the dog park that the visiting penguins are wearing parkas.

    So glad to see Jo is back!!!

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  25. I am awake early because I came home early and crashed. Maybe I will go back to sleep. I am suppose to go visit with friends today but there is a travel advisory for north of Atlanta. Not sure how that will affect plans.

    Hi, Jo, if you are checking the thread out today/tonight ❀

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