13 thoughts on “News/Politics 3-13-17

  1. The national review is being cute. They’ve constructed an extreme strawman of the democratic position and then say they are retreating from it. In fact the Democrats are not retreating. They continue to think the election (but not the vote) was hacked, Trump and/or his associates have ties to Putin and the oligarchs, and now they think the firing of a federal attorney is connected to his attempt to investigate Russian influence.

    The attempt of the Review to turn the tables and insist the Obama White House set this up is amusing. Argument by distraction other wise know as look a squirrel can’t be taken seriously. They’re only being mildly more rational than Trump


  2. HRW,

    Or, and much more likely the case, the firing of partisan US attorneys is standard practice. Democrats pretending otherwise, and that it’s an effort to undermine the “Russian investigation/witch hunt,” is the real “strawman.”


    “It’s only natural that a president will want his power wielded by his own appointees, whom he trusts to carry out his policy program.

    In March 1993, Janet Reno began her tenure as President Bill Clinton’s attorney general by summarily firing United States attorneys for 93 of the 94 federal districts (one, Michael Chertoff, was retained in New Jersey, at the request of Democratic Senator Bill Bradley). That is more than twice as many as Trump attorney general Jeff Sessions fired on Friday.

    Indeed, there were only 46 Obama-appointed U.S. attorneys left for Sessions to relieve because Obama appointees fully understood that this is the way things work. Many of them had already moved on, in the expectation that the president elected in November would replace them — an expectation that became a virtual certainty once it was clear that this change of administrations would be a change of parties, and visions.”

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  3. I’m quite familiar with the American practise of firing everyone when there is a new president. I don’t understand it given Democrats and Republicans really aren’t that different but I know the practise. However, that’s not the point. The point is simple —- The national review is wrong, the Democrat narrative of a compromised president is still very much alive.

    The problem for Democrats or anyone else is to keep track of the competing narratives available to criticize Trump.
    For example;
    I think he’s one trip to Mar A Lago away from spending more on vacations in two months than Obama did in a year
    The Chinese have approved several patents for Trump Inc far quicker than normal
    Jared Kusher has received preferential treatment in a NY hotel deal from Chinese companies.
    etc, etc,

    The stench of corruption is so overwhelming the narratives compete for attention and Trump supporters twist themselves they end up thinking microwaves have cameras and wiretaps,

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  4. HRW, Bill Maher was right about one thing. The left (including the press) has been crying “Wolf” for years. They tried to describe Little Bush and Romney as Attila the Hun. Now, at a time when we need a credible independent press, half of the country doesn’t believe a word they say. Half the country doesn’t even believe the press when they are simply reporting Trump’s own words.

    Now the wolf is really here. True, he is a bumbling comic wolf, but he is unfit for office and press coverage has virtually no impact on his support.

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  5. The Right has made the same mistake and I largely blame Fox News. By trying to elevate blunders such as Beghazi and Fast and Furious into major scandals, Fox tried to claim Obama was evil and corrupt. He was neither. He was liberal, unprepared and somewhat disinterested. The Bushes and Obama are basically decent, but inept. That is why there is such a bond between Little Bush and Michelle. Those three couples respect each other as decent humans. Both Clintons and Trump are completely amoral and corrupt. Sooner or later the Democrats will find their Trump. When they do, payback is going to be terrible. Trump has erased any rules relating to decency or truthfulness.

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  6. I’m a big fan of Bill Maher, he’s not afraid to be critical of anyone and at the same time he gives a platform to all types of opinion. Allowing Ann Coulter, Milo, etc to speak on your show allows them to open their mouths and reveal their idiocy instead of letting them soak up positive attention from their echo chamber.

    I wouldn’t be as harsh on the Clintons as I would be on the Trumps. As for the Bushes, the senior one deserves more respect than junior. And the Obamas outshine all of them in terms of personal and family decency.


  7. The reaction to Trump’s “tapp” allegation against Obama was an eye-opener to me. Not a single Republican in Congress defended the truthfulness of Trump’s statements. Not a single member of Trump’s own staff could offer evidence to support his claims or would even say they personally believed them. They would only say that Trump believed the accusations were true. Yet several intelligent people on this blog expressed confidence that Trump was right and that he had proof. My Democrat friends think all Republicans have lost their minds. It doesn’t make them feel any better when I say that I still consider Trump to be one of them.

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