17 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 3-11-17

  1. What a week! Eight days ago we had a funeral for my beloved father-in-law. This week . . .

    🙂 Our daughter whose job is working with the elderly in their homes moved in with her grandmother so that she wouldn’t have to be alone at night. It’s a beautiful pairing, and both are enjoying their time together but both have plenty of their own “space” since our girl is in a bedroom upstairs and Mom is in the master bedroom downstairs. Mom is happy to have someone else to cook for, and our girl, who has such an erratic schedule she usually pulls leftovers from the fridge or makes something on her own, is happy to be on a normal schedule and sharing meals. (She’s still working the same hours at her job, but just making a point to have her sleeping hours be on her grandmother’s schedule, as she doesn’t do when she’s here.) It’s a blessing to “loan” her and to know she’ll be a blessing.

    😦 My husband is still sick, and with his energy level and grief at various stuff, we started the week quite disconnected (not arguing, but just with him so worn down there was nothing to connect to) . . .

    🙂 . . . but I prayed, and some of you prayed, and as hard as this week has been (esp. for him), our union has never been stronger.

    🙂 Our older daughter and son-in-law came last night (and are returning this morning) to help me strip wallpaper, and he found a book I did a couple of years ago of family events from 2011 (our wedding) to 2014, and he looked through it. She and I looked through it along with him (she had never looked through it), and she seemed quite moved and it was a sweet, affectionate evening as we worked and interacted.

    🙂 My sister e-mailed last night. She’d asked me some months ago to give our perspective on a theological issue on which we have disagreement, and I put together some notes but never had a chance to go over them with her. Now her 18-year-old son is taking her position, even stronger, and she is a bit concerned at how strongly he is holding it. He has a chance to do some writing on the subject on someone’s blog, but she told him he needs to explore the other side first, lest he end up writing something he’ll regret later, and she has asked if my husband can talk with him. It’s pretty cool to have someone else’s young-adult son sent your way with a “sic ’em” from his mama, who doesn’t actually agree with us (but is willing to be convinced).

    😦 After weeks of warmish weather, we’re back down into sub-freezing numbers, with highs around freezing. Hopefully the plants that are considering budding have left themselves leeway for this. I know that birds have been pairing up, too, so somewhere in our yard is probably a mama bird hunched down on eggs and glad for the shelter those little twigs provide. Hopefully if that is the case it will be warm enough, soon enough for her or she’ll choose to abandon the nest before the little ones hatch and not after.

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  2. 🙂 I’ve already changed the air filters and smoke alarms. In H’ville, I had nine alarms to change. Here, only two. I discovered that my alarms are also carbon monoxide alarms.
    In H’ville, I only had one in the sleeping area. Close to the garage.
    But I had a policy of never starting the car with the garage door down. I never violated that, even for a moment.
    I need to start on the clocks now.

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  3. My husband will not start the car with it in the garage at all. He had a safety film showing how dangerous that can be, even with the large door open.

    🙂 It is a joy to watch the nursing home patients enjoying the music my husband’s group performs. They do a variety with a bluegrass/classic country/gospel song edge. Everyone senior living/ nursing home has a different atmosphere. The one they performed at yesterday is actually in a hospital. There is a dining area that has a concert for an hour every Friday. It is named after a local man who has volunteered there for years and is in his very late eighties. They always provide a baked or fried treat that patients seldom get. They often have beer or wine, in addition to the usual beverages. The atmosphere is always one of fun and joy and it is largely due to the volunteers and workers. I know one lady who had been here, then another place and asked to come back to this place. There are usually several patients over 100, one just turned 105. If you have to be in a place like this, it is good to be able to choose a place like this. These are not wealthy patients, but those living on SS.

    🙂 My husband’s group was asked to come in for an extra Friday this month, because another person or group could not be there. Right now they only perform the 5th Friday of the month. Others are locked into that schedule. We have been told, over and over, that no one else seems to attract so many patients to come and that they do not respond with such liveliness to other groups. Such a nice compliment and joy for the group to be so appreciated.

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  4. 😀 After all that braggin’ on my hubby–today’s reading included the statement, “Now Moses was a humble man, more humble than any other man on the face of the earth.” I made me think that if we want to see what true humility looks like, that Moses is a good man to study. We don’t get that idea from the movies.

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  5. 😦 Chickadee got so mad at Little Guy that she slammed the bathroom door, which shook the wall, & caused a few of my small tea cups to fall from their shelf, breaking one of my favorites.

    🙂 She found a replacement on eBay, & bought it for me.

    She was very, very sorry for her action.

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  6. I was wondering the same thing, Michelle. I guessed they must roll the cars out or not use the garage for cars.


  7. You guys are SO technical.

    Nobody seems to care that both the Gamecocks and Boilermakers lost their basketball games last night.
    Major tragedy and nobody even cares!

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  8. 😦 The verdict is in. I need my pulmonary valve replaced.

    🙂 They think they can do it with a cath (snaking it up to the heart through a leg vein) and not have to do open heart surgery. Kind of like realizing you can solve your pipe problem with a plumber’s snake instead of having to tear open your bathroom wall. Recovery time is measured in days instead of weeks.

    Now I’m waiting for the scheduler at Cleveland Clinic to call.

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  9. That doesn’t sound like fun, Kevin. Glad they can do it that way, though, instead of something longer and more invasive.

    Michelle–you warm climate people have no idea what ‘starting the car’ means up here in the North. Lots of fobs that start those cars to warm them up before we have to get into them. These are the good modern days. So glad I am not still in the ‘good ol’ days’ when we had to get up in the middle of the night and start the car, so it would start in the morning. All these little improvements are a big blessing, as is having a garage.

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  10. When we were flying C-54’s in Greenland, they had an auxiliary motor running all the time. It was used to start other motors. It was too cold to start the airplane engine with battery power. But when we got one engine going, it put out enough power fro the other three.

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  11. No, little brother, he sold heart valves.

    Husbands trucks often have APU’s, auxiliary power units. Sometimes they work well, sometimes they don’t.

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