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  1. Morning. It’s been a rough night. BG was much smaller the last time the two of us slept in a twin bed together. She continued to throw up ebn after two doses of zorcoran sp? And two shots of financing sp? We got into a room about 11:30 and someone has been in to do something almost every hour. The hospital staff has been great

    In addition to everything else she has a severe kidney infection. They just gave her something for pain and are now fitting her for blood clot prevention sleeves on her legs
    Mama if feeling and I am sure looking a little rough
    Please continue to pray and thanks for the prayers so far

    Funny side note. Exhusband left areoun 9:30 last night. He kissed her and told her he lived her then as he walked past me he said I love you. Without thinking I said ” you too” he stopped and came back and said we do have a chill together. While it is now a brotherly/sisterly love I am thankful we can still each care for our child”s other parent.

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  2. I have a question.

    I am thinking of getting Alexia.
    I understand that Alexia knows everything.
    You can ask:
    Alexia, what time is it?
    Alexia, what is the temperature in Charleston?
    Alexia, who was the 28th president of the US?
    Alexia knows everything that is in the Cloud.

    Problem is. I think you have to have Amazon Prime to have Alexia.

    Question: Does anyone have Amazon Prime and is there some reason I might want it ? Besides Alexia, of course. I don’t think I want Alexia if I have to get something else I don’t want.


  3. Chas, we usually don’t have amazon prime, but right now we do. The main reason to have it (the only good enough reason, as far as I know) is that it offers free two-day (?) shipping on most items. So if you order from amazon a lot and it’s a nuisance adding enough stuff to an order to get the free shipping, Prime is useful. I recently placed an order that would have had $14 in shipping (the item itself was only about twice that, because it was heavy), and with Prime it was free. If you don’t have Prime, sometimes they seem to wait around to ship it just to make you want Prime; you get it consistently fast with Prime. Sometimes that matters, and sometimes it doesn’t. We’re doing some work on our house, and speed might matter, so we have Prime.

    With Prime, there are some free movies (though my husband and I only found two we wanted to watch, one for each of us, when we went through the list) and some other perks. For instance, my credit card is an amazon one (1% cash back–well, amazon rewards, usually–on most purchases, 3% on amazon purchases), and they recently changed the rewards program to 5% back on amazon purchases. That doesn’t pay for itself, but it provides a decent discount anyway. But unless you order from amazon a lot, I don’t know how Prime would be worthwhile. But since it’s just $99 a year, if it is worth it for the feature as part of its price, then you could figure that in addition you have free shipping on orders.


  4. i have Amazon Prime and I love it (don’t have Alexia, though). With Prime, you get free one-day shipping on everything sold by (or delivered through) Amazon. You might be surprised at the things you will want to purchase through them and have delivered right to your door the next day. They also have a “subscription” service through which the products are cheaper. For example, I have cat food automatically delivered every month. There are also other benefits that I don’t use related to Kindle downloads and video streaming (movies, TV shows). At least check it out. I think it’s up to $100 a year but well worth it, IMHO.

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  5. Nice elk herd. I’ve seen a couple of cows, but not a bull (not in the wild, anyway–I saw a couple bulls behind a fence once, some sort of exotic farm or something, we saw them as we drove by).

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  6. A good place to see elk is the public golf course in Estes Park, Colorado at dusk. It has the best grass in town. I confess that it was hard to keep my head down during the swing with a big bull standing 30 feet away.

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  7. Ricky, I had an elderly friend in norther Arizona whom I referred to as my adopted grandma; she died six years ago, into her nineties, after several years with Alzheimer’s, but for several years she kept up her own tiny house and occasionally I’d travel to Arizona to see her.

    She absolutely loved to take me to see places I hadn’t visited. One day we drove off on old route 66* to go to Oatman because mules hang around the town because the residents fed them. Sure enough, we saw some feral mules. Another day she asked if I’d ever been to “the river” and when I asked which one and I hadn’t been, we drove over, an hour or more to get there, and once there we found a place to eat, ate, and drove home.

    Well, she told me on one visit that she was taking me to one of her favorite restaurants. It was atop a well-known mountain in town, or at least my parents had talked about going to that mountain in the couple years we lived the next town over, but I’d never been there. As I recall, she didn’t tell me ahead of time what was special about that mountain, but maybe she did. At any rate, we drove up the mountain and went inside and found a table. And we were facing a gigantic picture window. On the other side of that window was a wagon load of hay and a rather rustic scene, and as we ate mule deer (does) wandered in. The deer were eating the hay when a cow elk came in, carefully chased them away, and went and ate herself. She was beautiful, and I got some decent photos of her. It was a special treat because my friend had chosen it for my pleasure; the fact that she chose to share it with me made it extra sweet.

    As we drove home later, I saw three skunks playing on someone’s lawn. I’m assuming they were half-grown kits, but they were tumbling around, and I told her. She didn’t just say, “That’s nice” or “Ew, skunks.” She stopped the car and we laughed together at the pretty animals. It didn’t occur to me even to try to take a photo through the car window, though I don’t know how well it would have turned out if I had. (Skunks are one mammal I’ve never photographed; that was my best daylight sighting of the critter.)

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  8. That’s quite a confab in that photo! What’s up?

    We’ve had Prime for years and it’s the only “TV” we have, so we watch movies off it when we can find one worth watching. The free shipping is the main draw.

    We have several friends with Alexa (is there an I in that?). When you call its name it “awakens” and answers whatever your question is. (Favorite questions: “What’s the weather like in _________” and “tell me a pirate joke.”) My Adorables think its hilarious.

    It can be handy, but it’s also listening to you all the time.

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  9. Good morning! That is a splendid photo of the elk! We do have a few of those around these parts but we don’t see them too often.
    Continued prayers for BG ❤


  10. Thanks Linda, Cheryl and Michelle. I am seriously considering it.
    Though I don’t order anything from Amazon except Kindle books. I don’t know if “Alexa” has an” “I or not. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her in print.
    You can say “Alexa, play Merle Travis” and she will play something like “Sixteen Tons” .

    I’m not surprised, but I wonder about the significant of “She is listening to you all the time”. I know everything, including this, goes into the cloud.

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  11. Good morning!

    Yes, we were that close. I took the picture from my car, by the granddaughter’s school. About half of the herd had already moved on.

    Sorry to hear about BG. In my experience, zofran and Phenergan are not very effective on a paradoxical reaction to marijuana. It just takes time for it to get out of her system

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  12. Ricky!!!!! That’s way too close to any elk – especially a bull!! My park warden husband would need to come talk to you 🙂

    We have elk up this way too – sometimes see them on my way to work.

    Our blizzard has finally stopped and I will attempt the drive to work this morning.

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  13. Good morning. Nice header, RKessler. Sixth Arrow recognized those as elk right away.

    Good to hear your update, Kim. I was awake a lot last night, and praying for both you and BG often, as well as others here. So many deep trials.

    Widespread power outage again last night. Power went out sometime after 3:10 and before 5:27, and wasn’t restored until 8:10. That’s in addition to an outage for two hours yesterday afternoon. It is still extremely windy around here, and won’t calm down until around 5:00 this afternoon, so I wouldn’t be surprised if our power gets knocked out again.


  14. Alexa, isn’t the info Chas wants available on Siri on his smart phone? Seems like a person can ask Siri a lot of things and get an answer, beyond “why are fire trucks red”.

    The problem with it listening to you all the time, Chas, is that it is listening to you all the time. You tell Elvera that you love her and sweet nothings, it is listening in. It also has been known to order things mentioned and then ordering more when the tv news picks up the story.

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  15. I hadn’t thought of that Mumsee. It stands to reason that she might order something she heard on TV.
    What is Siri? I have an IPhone, but don’t use most of the apps.


  16. I think what happened was, some child ordered a doll house without her parents knowledge and the news people picked up the story. When they told the story on tv, Alexas all over started ordering doll houses.

    I don’t know what Siri is, but I think all smart phones have it. You can say, “Siri, what is the temperature in Anchorage?” and it will tell you. All about internet connection. She does not order things for you though but I think you just want to know stuff. I believe, anything on the internet is available to Siri.

    That is a question for your grandchildren. I am just relating what I have been told and seen with my children talking to Siri. Which they are not allowed to do in my presence but they wanted to show me how it worked.

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  17. Alexa, I have to say, sounds like fun — especially if you can get private jokes. Who knew? 🙂

    A lot of my co-workers got the “dot” for Christmas this year (the smaller Alexa) and one of them had his at work one day. He asked it “Do you know what time it is?” And she answered: “Does anyone really care?” You’d have to know the song to get a chuckle out of that but it had us all laughing.

    Like Linda, I love Amazon Prime — it’s not just for books. Amazon has everything (usually for less $) including OTC medications (I buy my aspirin there now), vitamins, bedding, towels, pet food, clothing, shoes, food, lamps, ceiling light/fans (I’ve been trying to find one for my bedroom since that ceiling is going to be opened up anyway), shampoo, bathroom fixtures, tile, shower curtains. And more, including off-the-wall things you wouldn’t know where to go to find (those rubber door stops, for example).

    I have to say, Amazon has created a great business model — and they’re generous and good about returns (I just returned several bathroom remodel items I wound up not using to them, no problem. As soon as the shipping label they provide for you is scanned at the UPS store, your refund goes into your account pronto.)

    With Amazon Prime, I suspect you just naturally start to shift your buying habits toward Amazon to take advantage of it. “I wonder if they have that on Amazon?” And yes, they almost always do.

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  18. I came home to BRUSH MY TEETH, shower, change, etc. I am packing a small bag in case I stay again tonight. I promised Mr. P I would take a nap but that didn’t happen.
    They are taking her down in a bit for the scope. I want to be there when they bring her back. Mama Bear doesn’t like it when Baby Bear has to have anesthesia.
    I think we are on the right path for a few things and the hospital physician has strongly suggested counceling once this is over (hospital stay) about her eating habits. I think I finally have Papa Bear on board with that. He has never understood the need to pay someone to listen to your problems.
    Let me run. I also need gas in the car.

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  19. Kim, glad you 2 survived the night. Maybe you’ll get some answers and it will be a clarifying life moment for BG when she starts to actually feel “good” again.

    Election night was smooth for me — I had 2 LA City Council races to follow and both incumbents won easily with 70%+ of the vote. It was over before it started. The reporter I carpooled with, though, had some very tight local city races she was covering so I had to hang out until she was done. She kept telling me she could “uber” home and I should go without her but I figured something awful would happen to her worthy of a Criminal Minds episode and it would haunt me forever so I stayed. I dropped her off and then I got home at around 2:30, I think.

    Not able to sleep (the downside of late night shifts for me is that I then have to wind down somehow, I can’t just go to bed as sleepy as I may have felt just a couple hours earlier trying to stay awake at my desk), I finished scrubbing down my kitchen counter grout, a chore I’d started that afternoon. I don’t think I got to sleep until 4 a.m., was up at 8:30 this morning. They cut us some slack on the day after elections, so we usually wander in by around 11 or so.

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  20. I do a lot of my online shopping on Amazon (well, I don’t do any other kind) but I feel bad about not supporting other businesses and letting it all go to Amazon. So I try to order some from CBD and plant magazines and the fabric place. But it is a lot easier to just go to the Amazon. Imagine what that is going to bring us to in the future.

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  21. The “listening to you all the time” would keep me from getting it. I did hear the dollhouse story. (The girl’s parents donated it to someone, I think.) I also don’t want a camera on a device that might be recording something. Not that I have anything to hide, but that it is a genuine invasion of privacy and one never knows how it might be used.

    I don’t like targeted internet ads, either.

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  22. Mumsee, true, the mom-and-pop shops have taken a real hit. I jut heard that the Family Christian Store chain (I’m not sure if they’re only here or are everywhere?) is finally throwing in the towel and going out of business. I hadn’t been to our local one in a couple years, but last time I was there they said they were shifting away from books to more gift-type items, including some unusual hand-crafted merchandise provided by Christian missions overseas.


  23. Probably, 6. 🙂



    After 85 years of operation, Family Christian has announced it will close all its stores, which will impact more than 3,000 employees. The chain of more than 240 Christian-themed merchandise stores operating in 36 states bills itself as the world’s largest retailer of Bible-related books and music.

    The company was founded in 1931 as Zondervan Corp. in West Michigan and grew to become the nation’s largest Christian publishing house. Harper Collins acquired the company and renamed Zondervan’s bookstores to Family Christian stores in 1997. …


  24. More from that same article:


    … FCS’ financial woes began when sales steadily shrunk from $305 million in 2008 to only $216 million in 2015. …

    In a press release, Family Christian cited “changing consumer behavior and declining sales” for its insolvency. …

    “Despite improvements in product assortment and the store experience, sales continued to decline. In addition, we were not able to get the pricing and terms we needed from our vendors to successfully compete in the market,” Family Christian President and CEO, Chuck Bengochea has explained. …


  25. Chas- I have Alexa on my Kindle Fire, but I don’t have Prime. I hardly ever use it, but now I think I’ll ask it for pirate jokes.


  26. DJ, yes, the whole chain is going under.

    I liked Christian bookstores when I was a teenager and into cute bookmarks and such. As an adult I have found they rarely have a book I want; they usually spend way too much shelf space on trendy (bad) books, and if they happen to have a book that interests me, I probably already own it. I’ve seen some exceptions in individual stores, but not in chain stores. So the loss of Border’s was sadder to me than this one.


  27. Windows has Cortana. I’ve shut her down as much as possible. I’m quite capable of typing what I need to know, and I don’t like talking to strangers. As far as I’m concerned, a computer program that connects to the Internet is like talking to a whole bunch of strangers. On the accidental orders, though, that can only happen if you have allowed your credit card to be connected to the account that the voice activation software is connected to – so if your computer/tablet/phone is connected to, say, a Google account that also has your credit card information because you buy music from Google Play or rent videos from YouTube, then it is possible that it could happen. However, if you are like me, and use prepaid cards to buy anything off the Internet and don’t have a credit card, there is no financial information that the computer can use, so no accidental orders can take place.


  28. I will be sad when most stores go under because of people buying online. All things change, however.

    I bought two items at Amazon last year for Christmas gifts. I was sorry I did so. One had to be shipped and that is why I went to Amazon. I just had one shipped to me to wrap and give to the person. I was shocked to find the gift in a Walmart box–both of them were AND an invoice with another name on it, showing a lower price than I paid. I could have gone right to Walmart online and saved money. It was a live and learn for me.

    We tend to grab things in one store–whether online or in a physical building. We are usually willing to pay more for the convenience. Amazon uses that tendency to its advantage. No one can fault them for that. It is the name of the game.


  29. Roscuro won’t talk to strangers. That is mostly a good idea. But that means she wouldn’t talk to me if there were ever a Whirrled Views meet up. I say that because no one is stranger than I.

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  30. Family Christian was very poorly managed and has never acknowledge their actions several ago forced several publishing houses into bankruptcy. We hate to see any bookstore go–and it will be much harder to find Christian books elsewhere.

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  31. Peter, probably if I met you I would be very quiet at first – Mumsee and Aji suun can confirm or deny the truth of that as their experience guides them. I actually much better at writing/typing to strangers than I am at talking. It isn’t just face-to-face talking that I have trouble with, as I hate making phone calls and avoid it whenever possible (email and texting help here). Yet, I can type posts on here and other places with little difficulty. In the era before the Internet, I probably would have written many letters. My grandmother loves to read my letters, but when I visit her, it takes me a while to be able to start talking to her with ease.

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  32. One of the reasons I would have saved money is that I could have ordered those items from Walmart and just picked them up locally. One still had to be sent out, but that price was already more than added to the item bought. The other item was not being shipped anyway and I had to go to Walmart anyway.

    Lots of stores are stocking less and just ordering them for you to either pick up at the store and be sent directly to your home with no shipping charges. I hate ordering clothes or shoes this way, but did for one pair of shoes, since I knew I would never find them in stock.


  33. I liked the Lighthouse much more than Family Christian Stores — the had a much better selection of books in general (but lower prices on just about anything could be found on Amazon).

    There was a Christian store in our area in the 1990s that had the best Reformed title selections (they specialized in that) but I believe they were bought out by Christian Family – I was really sad to see that one go.


  34. Well, let me think. As I recall, Roscuro is a gabber mouth to strangers. Perhaps you all remember when she came here and got caught up in a conversation with the border guards and nearly missed her flight. That girl can talk…. Total strangers, they were.

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  35. Mumsee, you know very well I had no choice but to talk to them. In fact, I didn’t do that much of the talking, but rather was talked at. They were a bunch of young guys, and I sometimes, in the middle of many other emotions and thoughts, had the impression that they were trying out interrogation techniques on me. The Catch-22 they threw at me – that I either a) stop lying about going to work in the U.S (because I insisted I was not going to work) or b) they would ban me from the U.S. for life – was a real piece of psychological thumb screwing, especially since I wasn’t lying. With all of the complaints in the media of people having nasty U.S. customs/border crossing experiences since a certain travel ban, I keep thinking, actually it has always been that way.


  36. Husband ran into testy border guards on his last trip. Going into Canada, they let him take the box of apples he had bought for the family but coming back, they were quite agitated and said he only got off because one had seen the receipt and where he bought them. They were astounded that Canada had let him in with them. And then they came back to say apples did not matter….


  37. Roscuro, I identify with most of what you say, including that I don’t like to pick up the phone and call someone (unless it’s a friend, but not a business call). I don’t like getting my hair cut, getting a new person each time, and being expected to chat as though we were friends. Somehow it’s easier at the grocery store, maybe because there at least you’re face to face. But I prefer writing letters and e-mails, and from time to time I will send a card or a letter, sometimes even a package, to a friend “just because,” partly because I know how nice it is to receive actual mail.

    Yesterday a couple of men must have thought me either quite rude or quite weird, or both. They had a stand inside the local Kroger, and one could sign up to win $100 gift card. I usually don’t bother doing those things, but I figured they probably had a small enough number of people entering that it was at least some chance of winning. So I started to pick up a card, saw that it asked for phone number and not e-mail address, and put it down and walked away. I was in rather a hurry since my husband was waiting for me in the car, not feeling well. So one of the men said, “Did we offend you?” I said no, and they said, “Well, you walked away so quickly.” I said, “It asks for a phone number, and I don’t give that out.” Their stand was a newspaper stand, and they said they only call you if you win, so I said OK and filled it out. As I filled it out, they asked if I get the paper, and I said no, I don’t live in town, but my in-laws get it. So they asked where I lived and I told them, and they said they’re offering a good deal and I said no thanks, but I know I walked away rather abruptly. It was just “OK, I know you have to do your sales spiel, but I just got back from visiting my newly widowed mother-in-law, I have a sick husband in the car, and I don’t have time to say ‘no thanks’ six or eight times when I already know my husband doesn’t want the paper.” In fact, if we walk past someone in a mall who is calling out to people, selling something, he takes hold of my arm and keeps walking. It’s not that he thinks I’m going to stop and chat, but it’s a protective move and a “Let’s not linger.”


  38. Mumsee,maybe U.S. customs attracts a certain personality type – the kind that likes to have power and throw it around. They flat out told me that I had no rights – something which isn’t true, since Canada and U.S. have treaties about the way they treat each other’s citizens – and I get the impression from other people’s stories that the U.S. border is almost like a no-man’s land, where the rule of law to protect people from unlawful detention does not apply. So, if you are the kind of guy who likes making people writhe, that might be the job for you.

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  39. I see, while I was typing, that Mumsee was adding to her interesting version of events. Though they did call Mumsee’s place – but know, that just before they made that call, they warned me that if my story didn’t match Mumsee’s and IdahoMike’s story, then I would be banned for life. They also asked me, when I agreed to their terms, if I was on any kind of medication or drugs. I laughed at that point, it was so ludicrous. I wasn’t banned, so the stories must have matched.
    I was however, warned that next time I wanted to do something out of the goodness of my heart, I needed to have stronger ties in Canada (apparently my parent weren’t a strong enough tie) – yes, those were the words used. They also apparently flagged me, so that the next time I entered, I was again asked about possible employment – thankfully, that time, my reply in the negative was accepted without further ado. The third time I entered after that [The U.S. is unique in making one have to go through customs while merely stopping over in the airport between international flights – I didn’t have to go through customs while transferring in Belgium.] the computer system was down, so I entered my information on a paper form and got on my flight home.


  40. Oh, and Mumsee isn’t quite correct in saying I nearly missed my flight. I did miss it. I hadn’t bought ticket insurance, but the lady for the airline promptly rebooked me anyway, for the next flight. That is how I ended up getting to Idaho by way of New York City. I was in JFK for three hours (or was it five), and caught my first and last glimpse of Manhattan as we took off for Salt Lake City, which is another interesting place to see from the air.


  41. Phos, you should have gone to Mexico and come in that way.
    I think I told you at the time, Tell them you’re going to Myrtle Beach. Half of Canada is there in March.

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  42. Ah, that was my problem. I can’t ski to save my life, have never even fired a gun, and haven’t the looks for being a film star – haven’t got the money for any of those three things either.


  43. Chas, I have actually both exited and re-entered the U.S. by way of Mexico; but that was several years before I went to visit Mumsee. It was cheaper to fly from Buffalo to El Paso, than it was to fly from Toronto to Chihuahua. So, we drove across the border from Canada to the U.S., got a flight to Dallas and then on to El Paso, were picked up and driven across to Ciudad Juarez, went through Mexican customs and then on to Chihuahua, and then did the trip in reverse ten days later. I don’t recall having any problems at the border when re-entering the U.S. from Mexico, though we did have to wait a while in the customs office. The worst thing about that return trip was being grounded for several hours at Dallas due to a storm.

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  44. It is amazing what one can find on YouTube. To rephrase Stevenson, “the [Internet] is so full of a number of things, I’m sure we should be all as happy as kings” – but we aren’t and the potential of the Internet is used for deception and mockery and hatred.

    Quoting Stevenson has reminded me of a song which quoted the same line:

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  45. Roscuro, that was hilarious! Fifth Arrow and I about split a gut watching that! Nothing like planks and brick walls to get the guffaws and tears started. 😀

    And speaking of pirates, as we were farther upthread, my best friend’s daughter is in a high school production this weekend, The Pirates of Penzance. I’m not familiar enough with the show to know which would be a good song to post, but have at it, any of you who are — I will enjoy. 😉


  46. I’ve just read through the posts for today, and my heart is full of love for you all. I am missing being here.

    I am so sorry to hear about BG. Praying for her recovery. Hearing about your time at the hospital, Kim, is reminding me of all my hours there last year.

    Again I will try to take Karen for an appointment tomorrow. She cancelled the one for today. She went to my dentist yesterday and she has a badly abcessed tooth that requires extraction at an oral surgeon’s office. Her dentist had failed to treat it after two visits. She was treated so kindly by everyone at my dentist’s office.

    I have been out shopping for office supplies today. Isn’t that what a day off from work is for?

    I heard it will be down in the thirties tonight and up to seventy tomorrow.

    In the tax office I have opportunities to chat with many people. I have to switch on that persona which is not natural except for when I am wired on caffeine. My brother, the salesman, always has more curiosity about people than I do. It tends to slow him down on processing paper work, but people may find him more personable in contrast to my more reserved manner.

    My phone talks to me only when I say, “Okay, Google, navigate to Such&SuchAPlace.” Then the nice lady in the phone speaks so I know the fastest route and notifies me which lane to be in before upcoming turns. I do not know if she is Siri, but she can be funny when she goofs up on pronunciation of certain locations.

    We have Prime for quick delivery and good deals on some items. I have bought office supplies and had the subscription plan which have a discount if you ordered five items at the same time each month. I got cat food, cat litter, deodorant, a case of canned lentils, and a case of canned garbonzos. After three months I was overstocked so I have cancelled, but will order by subscription again. We have not had time to try the movies yet. I have also found Wal-Mart has free to my door delivery if I order around fifty dollars worth of product. They are excellent here, too. There is not a cost to buy through Wal-Mart like the 99 dollar annual charge for Prime. We also have a business membership through Sam’s which probably also has free delivery on some things.

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  47. Thanks for reminding me. Cat litter. (I don’t buy it often, one bag has lasted me literally a few years since Annie mostly uses the outdoors.)

    Kim mentioned earlier today on FB that she’s spending another night at the hospital, I haven’t seen any updates since then. I imagine today was filled with tests. Poor BG, poor mom. 😦

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  48. Kare2012, Next time I guess I’ll just drop a ball on the other side of the fairway. Those elk may have been used to the golfers. I was told they came down onto the course to feed most evenings during the summer.

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  49. Mumsee, how is everyone at your household?
    👴🏼 👵🏼 👩‍👦 👩‍👧 👩‍👧‍👦 👩‍👦‍👦 👩‍👧‍👧 👨‍👦 👨‍👧 👨‍👧‍👦 👨‍👦‍👦 👨‍👧‍👧
    🐶 🐱 🐭 🐹 🐰 🦊 🐻 🐼 🐨 🐯 🦁 🐮 🐷


  50. Success, I jump-started the TV tonight — it had ‘frozen’ on me a few nights ago but I haven’t really had the time or patience to deal with it. Paddles! Actually, I just unplugged the power cord for about 10 minutes tonight, replugged it all in & that did it.

    How’s your situation going Kizzie, did the cable people come over to replace whatever needed replacing?

    I’m working from home tomorrow morning, not sure what time the plumber is coming over to snake the kitchen sink — then the foundation guy comes for a free estimate at around noon. I’m re-motivated to roar through as much of this as I can, as fast as I can, just to get this all behind me.

    On Alexa, I remembered why my co-worker had brought it in that day, we’re apparently trying to work with them to get our papers’ stories into Alexa’s data base for referrals. 🙂 Overheard him talking to someone on the phone about it today.

    What a strange world we have now, I still remember electric typewriters when I started in this business.

    Liked by 1 person

  51. What a collection of emojis, both at the link and here! I will try some out when my brain isn’t fried. 😉 It’s past midnight here — time to get to bed.

    Roscuro, I’ll have to listen tomorrow to the Pirates of Penzance selection you posted. Sleeping kids downstairs next to the computer room and temperamental speakers that sometimes blast out sounds one isn’t expecting. And no headphones for me to listen quietly. It looks like it will be a good morning wake-me-up. 😉


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