13 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 2-25-17

  1. No R&R so far?

    This is trivial, and a couple of weeks ago, .But.
    Remember how I warned you against floor covering that didn’t show dirt because it always looked dirty?
    It really was dirty.

    When I went through ordinary cleaning, nothing happened. It always looked dirty when I finished. But it was still dirty.
    A week or so ago, I spilled something. Was busy and ignored it.
    Later, I came back to wipe it up and it didn’t wipe up.
    So? I took a brush and some 409 and tackled it.

    Not only did the spill come up, but lots of other gunk with it.
    I have since taken 409 and brush on my knees to a large part of the kitchen floor.
    It looks much better.
    But I still don’t like the style. I recommend avoiding it.

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  2. I’m saying, in an offhand way, that some past owners were very careless. I see other evidence of that. I told you about the English Ivy before.


  3. I also told you before that a buddy, Ed, whom I still correspond with on-line, once said,
    “Most automobile mechanical problems occur because of neglect in first echelon maintenance.”


  4. Chas, I moved into a rental house once where the previous renters had left the stove. I wanted to clean it before we used it, so I lifted up the lid to clean around the burners. Grease was in there maybe half an inch thick, with a lot of mouse droppings as well.

    Sometimes one wonders “How did they live like that?”


  5. We’re basically on death watch with my father-in-law at the hospital. Doctor said “less than a week,” but the signs say it is likely to be today or tomorrow. But everyone has been able to be there, extended family notified (he’s the last living uncle on either side of the family), and his pastor and a neighbor who’s a close friend have been by to visit.


  6. Yesterday 71, today snow and wind. But today’s weather seems more appropriate, both to February and to sitting in the hospital listening to the sounds of pending death. He is not in pain, and he has said “I love you, too” to both his wife and his daughter. (He isn’t really talking or opening his eyes, but periodically he opens his eyes and those two did see him alert enough to respond.)

    Precious in the eyes of the Lord is the death of His saints, but on this side death is ugly.

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  7. 🙂 The sun is out today, they can’t seem to decide whether we’ll get rain tomorrow or not. But it’ll at least be very cloudy and in the 50s.

    🙂 Not a lot of daily news stories this week for me, but finished 3 long pieces, all held to run this weekend.

    😦 So much still to do in and around the house, so little time (and, sometimes, energy). I’m procrastinating on finding someone to replace that cracking plaster bedroom ceiling, dreading the hassle and mess it’ll be.

    😦 When it comes to the house now, I seem to get bursts of enthusiasm followed by lethargy and procrastination. I’d really love to get everything “done,” including the painting, by fall (or at least by December), but I don’t know if that’s feasible. It will depend on the other things that need to get done first, I suppose (foundation/window repairs, which seem to be necessarily stalled until after the rainy season is over).


  8. III John 4
    Addison, my oldest Great granddaughter went down trusting Christ this morning. She had been asking Becky some questions and made a decision early this morning and went to join the church and be baptized in today’s service.
    Addison is almost nine.

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