Our Daily Thread 2-20-17

Good Morning!

And Happy President’s Day.


This morning we’ll play “Where’s Waldo?”

How many Waldos do you see, and what are they?


Anyone have a QoD?

51 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 2-20-17

  1. Today is a sad day at our home. 😦

    Later this morning I have an appointment at the vet for Nosy cat to be put to sleep. She is the black and white kitty. She’s nearly 20 and has seriously declined in the last couple of weeks. As much as I hate it, I think it’s time. 😦 She has been a good pet, and we’re gonna miss her.

    This is the part of being a pet owner that really sucks.

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  2. So sorry to hear about Nosy, AJ. That is sad.

    Art and I are at the doctor for his heart checkup. I am hoping he gets a good report.

    As we drove home from the office last night, around 10:00, Karen called and was having breathing problems. Since I was driving I could not talk. I have not gotten her when I tried to reach her at about 11:30 last night or this a.m. I hope she is okay. I think she is all stirred up about politics which she needs to not think about.

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  3. Good Morning Everyone. Yesterday was a nice, warm, sun shiny day. We did yard work, sat outside, Mr P listened to music, I read…it was a good afternoon. We did see a swarm of winged bugs on the south side soffit, so the pest control people will be here this afternoon. I just had the termite inspection done the end of January and have paid for the next years termite bond so there is that. I took a photo to show them. This morning I can’t see them but it is still early and the dew hasn’t burned off yet.

    On a more humorous note–Yesterday I was at my Baptist church Sunday School class on BOUNDARIES. The class starts around 10am or whenever the women stop talking. I had stepped out for a minute before class started, when I came back into the room I got a pen out of my purse and notice I had missed a call. It was from Guy at 9:54 on a Sunday morning!!!!! Seemed like the perfect time to practice a boundary. 😉

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  4. AJ, I am sorry you are having to help your Kitty over the Rainbow Bridge. It is amazing how those critters worm their way into our hearts and it hurts so much to let them go…

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  5. AJ, sorry about your feline friend.

    Is Waldo two great blue herons high in the trees? Can’t tell for sure, but that or something similar is my guess.


  6. Oh, this morning is the first time I have awakened “not sick” in nearly two weeks. I still have a bit of drainage, but I feel like I’m finally almost OK, and now my husband needs to go to the doctor. 😦 It is in the 60s here this week (!) and I did take some time yesterday just to sit outside, and I think that was super helpful.

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  7. I know DJ and I seem besotted by the weather, but it’s the only non-political topic going on at the moment. The hills in Sonoma County expect 6 inches of rain in the next 24 hours. I’m just thankful my daughter flew home last night (and is at work already this morning).


    BTW, at church yesterday, a little boy was holding a girl EMT playmobil plastic figure wearing a replica of my daughter’s uniform. “That’s a little eerie,” she said to me!

    I’m going to have to buy one, along with a Martin Luther action figure from the same company. LOL

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  8. AJ, I’m so sorry. Hard-hard-hard. I can understand why people decide not to go through it again.

    Is the kitten doing OK now?

    It rained all night and is still raining this morning here. Not super-heavy, but steady, nonstop. I keep hoping my little LA city tree will be revived by it all. It still looks forlorn but there are green branches sprouting through the tired brown ones so I’m pretty sure it isn’t dead. It just still looks dead for the most part. 😦

    After today, it looks like we have a string of dry & sunny days until next Monday when more rain is forecast. Our temps will be in the high 50s, no higher than 60 on the warmest day — which, unlike in Cheryl’s state, is actually chilly for us, of course 🙂

    I went to bed early last night and feel very rested after what was a pretty busy weekend. Annie Oakley was irrepressible this morning, though, pouncing on me and insisting I get up at 6 a.m. It worked, of course. She made her way out to the front porch twice to make me get up 2 more times to let her in the front door. Then she was tearing through the living room, someone found the key and wound her up tight apparently.

    She’ll nap all day now, naturally. Because that’s what cats do.

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  9. I think it was sleeting and hailing and raining while we were doing the chores this morning. Nice to have spring in the air. Planting has already begun. I did chop some wood to get a fire going. I may go start it but it is already up to warm in the house.

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  10. Cheryl, glad you’re feeling better.

    Janice, so many people are strung out on politics right now. A few people I know can think of little else.

    I’ve found myself (mostly) avoiding the national feud and take great encouragement, always, in God’s rule over the nations. I have no idea how this will all turn out (the election of Trump), where it will all be in 6 months or a year from now. I’ve seen nothing like it in my lifetime and what seems to be only a deepening division among the people is genuine cause for concern.

    If I weren’t a believer — and if I put all my hopes in politics as so many do — I’d be much more anxious about it all.

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  11. Well I’m home and it is done. 😦


    They were like 60 ft. up. I’ve never seen birds that big that high up. 🙂

    I’ve highlighted them now, because I’m learning to use Paint, and have some closer shots for later.


  12. I can’t see any Waldos. There are a couple of things in the upper right of the picture that could be birds at a distance, but I couldn’t really tell if they were birds or just seed pods, so didn’t want to make any false claims.

    Day three of sun and warmth. It is nice to have such weather on my time off. It is Family Day here in Ontario, so we get a holiday.

    Sorry about your cat, The Real. It has been a long time since I had any pets, but I remember how it felt when any of our goats died and the day my guinea pig was found dead.


  13. DJ, this is more of a historical than a political question so I’ll post it here, but is it really worse than say the late 60s and early 70’s, with the ongoing anti-war protests (Berkeley students were also involved in those), terrorists attacks like the one in Munich during the Olympics, homegrown terrorists like the Symbionese Liberation Army (yes, they were more strange than anything, but they caused considerable chaos), and the ongoing race riots?

    When my mother was expecting her first child, in the last year of the 1970s, her mother once said, “I don’t want to discourage you dear, but it is a terrible world to bring a child into.” My mother went on to bring three more children into that world, and now they are grown up, three of them have children of their own and two of those great grandchildren are already teenagers. In the words of the Preacher, “there is nothing new under the sun” and “do not inquire what is the reason that the former days were better than these, for you do not inquire wisely concerning this.” I think that perceiving the present as worse than the past is part of aging – I have noticed it in myself, as I move from my twenties to my thirties – that our minds become less elastic and able to respond to change, and so we fear it more than accept and adapt to it.


  14. Roscuro, your question was not addressed to me, but I do have a degree in History so I will add my thoughts.
    1. Your preacher is correct. There is nothing new under the sun. Just read Genesis.
    2. A do think that as a whole, society was nicer in the earlier part of the 20th Century. Some of what is going on today, people wouldn’t have allowed. I think social media is ruining what is left of our “filters”. People say things on line that they would NEVER say to your face and it has somewhat trickled into “real” life.
    3. I think our fear of things being worse today and into the future is that the past gets tinted a rosier color with time and we think that if it is this bad today and it wasn’t that bad before, then just how bad will the future be and we worry about our children and grandchildren.
    4. We only saw it in the newspaper once, sometimes twice a day then and only for 30 minutes each evening on the National News. Not everything that was only pertinent to a local community got picked up by the national news. I think the 24 hour news cast has ruined a lot more than it has helped. In my little corner of Alabama I don’t need to know that someone entered a high school in then Northwest corner of Washington state today. It only gives others the idea to try the same.

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  15. I would compare this period to the late 1960s, 1970s. In fact, if we all live long enough, there might be a broad sweep of time evident that actually connects that period with this (with perhaps some quieter times in between). I think with the election of Trump, however, there is a “wild card” element that I’ve not personally witnessed in the US before.

    I realized belatedly today that it’s a holiday. We work holidays like these, of course, but with the rest of the world “off” I actually found a parking space on the 2nd level of the parking structure to our building (which has numerous tenants) rather than on the 4th floor.


  16. But yes, there was a lot of chaos in the late 1960s — I’ve written here before about 1968 in particular. The assassinations alone that took place in the U.S. in that decade were shocking.


  17. And while our minds may become less “elastic” with age, we have the benefit of real-life history & context. Just my thought. 🙂

    I agree also with Kim that the 24-hour news cycle and, what has driven it, the Internet has had a major impact on the culture and what is considered acceptable or not.


  18. DJ, when ants leave the parent colony, the breeding ants have wings. After a “nuptial flight” (yes, that is what they call it), Mama Ant finds a place to make a nest, bites off her wings, and settles down to domestic life. So one can in spring see great swarms of winged ants.


  19. Re: Phos’s question.
    I agree that the 24 hr news cycle has contributed to the chaos. And the social media has contributed a lot of chaos.
    I pretty much ignored the sixties and seventies carryings on. None if it affected me.
    My source of news was Paul Harvey. That’s it.

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  20. So, as a follow-up question, if one felt capable of safely ignoring what did not directly affect one during that 60s and 70s period, what is it about this time period that makes people feel they dare not ignore it? The 24-hour news coverage has been mentioned; however, some of the worst gloom-and-doom people I know do not have a television or use conventional social media like FB. Furthermore, I have read analyses that continual coverage of disaster-like news only makes people callous to it.


  21. We were more regional. I am sure that when the Watts Riots were happening in California no one in Alabama felt like they were in danger of having sympathetic riots here. Some of that regionalism has been lost because Freedom Riders came into Alabama to fight segregation. Some of it is because TV has unified us. I would have no fear of going to California and functioning as a woman on my own with my child. I “know” several people in California now. I watch TV about different areas of the country, so because I can identify with someone in California I feel the need to help them when they are in need. In the 60’s and 70’s I couldn’t text DJ or call Michelle. I would have had to make a long distance , rather expensive call to a land line and they may or may not have been there to answer. I would have had to mail a letter that could have taken a week, sometimes longer to reach one of them. We were more distanced.
    Some of it is a lack of boundaries. Long ago there was a sense of “those aren’t my people”. Now we think more globally. It also is a difference in some of our thoughts and patterns. Buddhism teaches”that to live is to act, and actions can have either harmful or beneficial consequences on for ourselves and for others”.
    Lots of people who (I know) have rejected Christianity feel themselves so enlightened because they have read a book or two on Buddhism.
    I can clearly remember in the 1980’s questioning why I should care about Aparteid. It was across the Atlantic in Africa!!!! That had nothing to do with me. Now I can’t believe I thought that way. I know missionaries in Africa and I know people actually FROM Africa. They are more real to me.

    Did any of that make any sense or did I just ramble?

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  22. To clarify a little more from my first sentence above. People tended to live where they were born and raised. The Watts Riots wouldn’t have effected anyone here because most of their family was here.
    A few years ago when Baltimore rioted I was terrified because my husband’s son, daughter in law, and two grandchildren live not too far from Baltimore. It wasn’t much of a stretch of my imagination to think the rioters could decide to go burn down a nice suburb and that people I loved would be harmed. Because we are no longer regional I care about what happens in Baltimore.
    Roscuro and I have both been to Mumsee’s, now I care what happens in her are of Idaho (still not sure exactly where I was because to me the mountains were on the wrong side from where I thought I was, but that’s a different story).
    Because I have been to Michelle’s I care more that her home could be in danger from the flooding. Last night she posted a stretch of interstate on which I have traveled. Seeing that and somewhat envisioning where I was last June I cared a little more.


  23. And I still think it’s the ‘age of Trump,’ if you will, that has brought a new sense of being unsettled — mostly among my liberal friends, but overall and in general, too, I think. He’s not like any president we’ve ever had and tends to act and react in ways that we cannot necessarily predict, let alone always understand.

    Some of my liberal friends are coming absolutely unglued, of course. Me, not so much. But there is a general sense that we’re in unchartered waters in the U.S. right now.

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  24. I’m just so forlorn without the ability to do laundry . . . I wander the house checking the hamper and then have to deal with the emotions–my washer needs a new part that hasn’t arrived yet! 🙂

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  25. I think of Michelle when I am opening cans. I bought husband a fancy dancy electric can opener as his hands can no longer hold on to the regular one. I can rarely get it to work. So husband bought me two P38’s. They work fine.


  26. Thanks for the thoughtful answers. I think being more aware of those not in our immediate vicinity is a good thing in many ways, but it requires balance and maturity to be able to place such news in its proper context.

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  27. I mentioned here before that we are reading the book Dead Wake: The Last Crossing of the Lusitania, by Erik Larson. We are 130 pages into the book and have just come to the end of Part I (of V, followed by the epilogue). It is May 1, 1915, and the Lusitania has just sailed out of New York, bound for Liverpool. The day is described as cool, gray, misty, with patches of fog.

    And as I sat on my living room couch, reading to the children this rainy afternoon, the grayness of the skies outside the east window behind me slowly turned to whiteness, as the encroaching fog began closing in around our house.

    Very moving, that God gave us that powerful, closely-matched visual aid to accompany our reading at such a pivotal point in the story.

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  28. Oh I am late to the blog! I am so sorry to hear of your precious kitty AJ….never easy…how blessed we are to love and have been loved by such beautiful creations of our Lord….
    Long day at work and I am heading off to try to get some sleep… and I only see one Waldo up there…. 🙂


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