12 thoughts on “News/Politics 2-15-17

  1. I woke up to this Tweet:

    So I turned on Fox and Friends. The extremely pretty girl and the two goofballs were explaining how Trump’s “Border Tax” would “bring jobs back to America”. Their guest Stuart Varney from Fox Business Network explained how the Border Tax would actually raise prices and cost American jobs and he didn’t think the Republicans in Congress were foolish enough to pass it. The three Foxlets were stunned. It was like watching Milton Friedman explain basic economic principles to 2nd graders.

    Trump was right. It was much more interesting than the Russia/Trump news on CNN.


  2. One of my more fiercely partisan co-workers is elated and convinced that “this is it” for Trump, he’s on his way out, the Flynn uproar will have him out of office in a flash because — and here I think he was echoing the late-great Dan Rather — it is, after all, worse than Watergate. Right?

    But then I thought, so … we’ll have President Pence then? — I can live with that. 🙂 Co-worker will continue to have 4 years of angst, so I’m not sure why he was so giddy.

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  3. C’mon guys! Enough of the fake stuff. Get to the REAL news of the day! Even Samster is grudgingly joyful: the German Shepherd took Best in Show! We really thought the Dachshunds were better, but if not a doxie, at least a fellow German won.

    Samster is anxiously awaiting a congratulatory Presidential tweet, but if it doesn’t come, we may have to settle for eavesdropping in on the Retail Industry Leaders Association.

    Have a wonderful day! :–)

    President Trump ‏@POTUS 37m37 minutes ago

    Join me live – for a listening session with the Retail Industry Leaders Association at the @WhiteHouse.
    Watch: https://www.facebook.com/DonaldTrump/posts/10158654044805725
    571 replies 541 retweets 2,273 likes

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  4. And for those thinking Flynn could face a felony charge over this, remember, illegally obtained info isn’t admissible in court. The Obama holdovers that leaked it have more to worry about than Flynn does.


  5. Much ado about nothing, but hey, the press have a president to destroy, so throw it all out and hope something sticks seems to be the plan. This is just a rehash of an old story that didn’t work for them last time they tried.


    “Phone records and intercepted calls show that members of Donald J. Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign and other Trump associates had repeated contacts with senior Russian intelligence officials in the year before the election, according to four current and former American officials.

    That sounds pretty bad — but so far, at least, the investigation hasn’t found much other than the contacts:

    The intelligence agencies then sought to learn whether the Trump campaign was colluding with the Russians on the hacking or other efforts to influence the election.

    The officials interviewed in recent weeks said that, so far, they had seen no evidence of such cooperation.

    The probe started with the FBI concern over Russian hacking of the DNC and John Podesta as an attempt to sway the election. So far, though, the investigation can’t even determine if the contacts were about the election at all:

    The officials would not disclose many details, including what was discussed on the calls, the identity of the Russian intelligence officials who participated, and how many of Mr. Trump’s advisers were talking to the Russians. It is also unclear whether the conversations had anything to do with Mr. Trump himself.

    The problem for the FBI in this case is that at least one of their investigative targets, Paul Manafort, has done business in Russia and Ukraine for some time — a point that did arise during the campaign, too. That undoubtedly put Manafort in contact with Russian intelligence operatives, and even Manafort concedes that probability, because Russian intelligence embeds itself much more broadly in private-sector commerce. That’s why Manafort quipped to the NYT that “It’s not like these people wear badges that say, ‘I’m a Russian intelligence officer,’” likely out of frustration over the continuing questions.

    If Trump campaign officials cooperated with Russian intelligence contacts, that’s obviously a very big deal. However, as the Times points out fairly close to the top of the story, the FBI hasn’t found any evidence to suggest it, or that the contacts related to the election at all as opposed to other intelligence gathering or potential grooming. If these officials simply had unknowing contact with Russian intelligence agents, that’s amateurish and careless, but not actionable. Having this probe’s details leak out like this looks at least as careless, and potentially the start of a whispering campaign against the Trump administration from the FBI. Given the leaks that went in the other direction in 2015-16, though, it’s going to be difficult for the Trump White House and Republicans to gripe about it.”


  6. Oh look, we’re finally getting some honesty. Of course it’ll be painted as Trump’s fault, but anyone who shops for groceries knows inflation has been with us for years. And now Obama’s appointee Yellen is talking of raising interest rates maybe 3 times this year, to stave off inflations’ effects. It’s years overdue. She must be relieved that she can stop lying about the true state of the economy, now that a Republican is in charge.


    “The prices Americans pay for goods and services surged in January by the largest amount in four years, mostly reflecting a rebound in the cost of gasoline that’s taking a bigger chunk out of household incomes.

    The consumer price index, or cost of living, rose by a seasonally adjusted 0.6% in January, the government said Wednesday. Economists polled by MarketWatch had predicted a 0.3% increase.”

    “For years low inflation had helped keep the Fed from raising historically low interest rates, but some top bank officials suggest the time has come to be more aggressive. Chairwoman Janet Yellen on Tuesday did not go that far in testimony in Congress, though she pointed out that inflation is no longer “at very low levels.”

    Yellen left the door open for a rate hike in March.”


  7. Frankly, folks, this is why you want an adversarial press.

    Some people who have served in the military under men like Flynn think this is a positive outcome. We have enough despotic Al Haig types in Washington. We need servant leaders; there used to be lots of them in the military.

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  8. A hostile press benefits no one, I think. And it’s difficult for anyone to write about something they really don’t understand. That’s why this article really appealed to me. It’s an open letter to a professor who wrote an article in HuffPo. It’s well written and low-key.

    This article is written in response to Susan M. Shaw’s February 11 article in the Huffington Post, “Dear White, Christian Trump Supporters: We Need To Talk.” (Shaw is Professor of Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies at Oregon State University.)

    Dear Prof. Shaw,

    Thanks so much for opening the door to dialogue in such a candid and gracious way, and thanks for admitting that you’re having a hard time relating to many conservative American Christians today.

    You say, “I don’t think I know how to understand you at all,” and, “We need to talk, and I don’t know how to talk to you anymore.”

    I hope I can help bridge that gap, clear up some areas of confusion for you and, at the least, help you to understand why many compassionate, God-honoring and neighbor-loving Christians voted for Trump….


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  9. There’s a difference between an adversarial press and a hostile press (which is what we have now, unfortunately). Some of what is being reported is legitimate and appropriately hard-hitting, but in this climate who can sort it all out objectively?

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  10. That’s the major problem, DJ. I read through Twitter last night on the Flynn resignation and couldn’t make hide nor hair of what the stories were supposed to be about–they contradicted each other and the headlines contradicted the stories beneath.

    Fake news? How about just some straight facts–surely someone can agree on some facts?


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