Our Daily Thread 2-14-17

Good Morning!

And Happy Valentines Day! 😍

πŸ’• πŸ’ž πŸ’ πŸ’ž πŸ’•

Today’s header is from Linda.Β 


Anyone have a QoD?


75 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 2-14-17

  1. Aj doesn’t count.
    But I still don’t know how I can be first at 7:56.
    I am late because I had to send out a couple of Jacque Lawson Valentines.
    And then TSWITW started bellowing at me to come to breakfast.
    Then I had to take the trash out to the curb because it’s pick up day.

    Everyone be a VALENTINE today.
    When Elvera got up, she asked, “What do we do today?”
    I said, “We’re going to a Valentine banquet at the church at noon”.
    You think she said, valentine, or “that’s nice” or some such?.
    What she said was, “What am I going to wear?”


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  2. Good morning, and happy Valentine’s to all. I got called in to work. Hubby got rained out at his work. 😦

    I read an article this morning on curing Alzheimer’s. Can’t figure how to post link from this phone.


  3. Happy Valentine’s Day! We left a gift bag with two bags of chocolate and a homemade card outside single daughter’s room (my husband’s suggestion to buy her chocolate) . . . but last night my husband announced that for us, Valentine’s Day will officially be February 21. That is a very good idea. I have sinusitis and bronchitis, had my first shower yesterday for the better part of a week in order to go to the doctor, and in general my husband is staying away from me and not showering me with kisses and sweet nothings in my ear.

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  4. Five feet.

    Mumsee used the word “sot” at the end of yesterday’s Daily Thread. I think she was playing off of the crossword puzzle discussion.


  5. So the base of the window is about four feet. Perfect!

    A daughter made a little doll house, well sturdy but small, and it is the absolute favorite place of the little folk. It is more of a puppet house than a doll house and they play everything there.

    I know that if I start drinking, moderation won’t be the name of the game. I am growing vineyards and hops. What can I say. Sot.

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  6. Hey, at the end of yesterday evening, a couple of you posted references to the alcoholism of someone close to you, and I didn’t mean to brush on by ignoring those comments. I’ve been blessed by having none of that (as far as I know) within my family; that’s truly outside my understanding. One of my best friends was an alcoholic before she came to know the Lord in her forties, and I got to know her five or six years later, and we had a man in one country church who would come to church unshaved and smelling of alcohol. Those are my closest encounters with alcoholism, so I absolutely don’t want to come across as a know-it-all. By the time of my last posting last night, I was 20 minutes or so into a nighttime medicine, and thus sleepy, or I would have thought to say something of that kind. (I did think of it as soon as I went to bed.)

    At the same time, truth is truth, and it doesn’t have to rely on our personal “experience” to be true. Neither Jesus nor Paul was married, yet they readily spoke of marriage and children–because they weren’t attempting to say “This is what I have learned from life” but “This is what is true.”

    So I really can’t speak to whether AA works better or not as well as other systems–though I do find it damning that they exaggerate their success rates. But I can say that their 12th step shows them to be setting themselves up as a religion, and therefore they are in grave error and I would never recommend them to someone. No, I would not tell my next-door neighbor, “Don’t go to them!” But I can say that this is blatantly wrong: “Having had a spiritual awakening as the result of these steps, we tried to carry this message to alcoholics and to practice these principles in all our affairs.” That is not neutral; that is religious language. Intentionally or not, AA has set itself up as a religion, and therefore it is a false religion.


  7. Very nice, Linda. What a great item to spur on imagination and play for your grandchildren.

    My husband’s jam group only had a couple in the audience last night (besides me). They jam at a senior living apartment social hall and the seniors were all staying in their own apartments for a few days. It seems the flu or something or other has been rampant and they don’t want to keep spreading it.

    My grandson’s school in TN was shut down for a long weekend for the same reason.

    We have a Celebrate Recovery program at our church. I do not know a lot about it. I do know that we do have quite a few former addicts or alcoholics who are now freed and praising the Lord for it.


  8. I have pondered what to say today and still haven’t found the words. I have never hidden the fact that my mother was an alcoholic here. I did hide it for many years. Most people think my mother died when I was 17. She died in 2009. Six months after my father. It isn’t lost to me that she was buried on February 3, which was their wedding anniversary. I have spent enough on therapy that I could have funded great vacations or a retirement plan–well, I did, just not mine. Every single day of my life I struggle to be happy. I feel guilt over so much and it tries to bury me. I struggle to stay on top. I have taken prozac. Prozac saved my life once. I don’t admit that to many people. The circumstances are still my secret because when I remember my thoughts then they terrify me. This is me. It’s as good as I get.
    I shared things that I thought were helping others and was asked to stop, so I did. I don’t buy completely into AA or traditional alcohol treatment, after all it failed my mother at least 3 times when I was involved. I am told that she finally got sober. Good for her. I called her once and she didn’t know who I was. I never tried again.
    The basic truth is that you know more people than you think you do who have been affected my drugs or alcohol. Just this weekend a friend’s daughter died from a heroin overdose. Until you have walked their path you cannot imagine what they have been through and you cannot judge them. I obviously don’t buy into the theory that you can never again touch alcohol. I remember when I was young and first married and refused to have any in my home. Life has a way of wearing off the rough edges and smoothing things over. I do my best to accept people where they are and not judge. I spent too many years thinking I knew all the correct answers and sitting in judgement. It’s a miserable place to be.
    AA helps some and doesn’t help others. Those I know who have been helped are among some of the happiest people I know. They are generous and they are happy. There are much worse things to be.
    OK. I am done.

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  9. Puppets!! πŸ™‚ Waiting for the show to begin. We’re all sitting on the floor in rapt attention and anticipation … Is there popcorn?

    Happy Valentine’s Day — I need to send on of those lawson email cards to a friend who’s always so good about getting real cards in the mail to me. I did get a card to Carol when I saw her on Saturday along with a framed pic I found that I’d taken of her and a friend some years ago. This is her first Valentine’s day with out her beau who died last summer. 😦

    As for me, it’s another morning with another work bid (this one for the ceiling) set to arrive between 7:30 and 8 a.m.

    I hope you feel better Cheryl, did you already go to the doctor or is that today? I’ve meant to send you an email, but I’m really curious now about those references to the Breeze you’d seen in a book you’re reading. ?

    I was planning to do a coyote story today but looks like instead it will be a story on rain damage that occurred at one of our historic cemeteries. Lovely. I haven’t been there since we were doing stories years ago on major mismanagement out there.


  10. I have window cornices (craftsman style). I have no idea if they’re original, but I can’t imagine they are … although? Anyone familiar with them? It’s like molding that extends out at the tops of the windows to hide the mechanisms underneath where shades, etc. roll up.


  11. I found the article thought provoking. Many people go through treatment over and over again before anything ‘works’ for them.

    I had a church member comment to me once, that our pastor did not realize that the craving for alcohol never left a former alcoholic. I feel bad that I questioned that, by talking about Sanctification. I do believe that temptations can become progressively less as we grow in Christ. Some fall away completely and we move on to discover others. Who am I to say, though, that at some point that craving SHOULD no longer be there?

    Reading the story of how AA began might help to clarify why the term Higher Power was first used. AA has been a stepping stone for many to realize they need God.

    Jesus never scolded the people who came to him for healing. In a sense, they were using him. Some went beyond that; some never did.

    I do know, though, that if you are picked up for driving drunk, you will be required to take a class from one of these programs. That is in MN. I know people who felt they had to go to AA and they were required to pay big money to do so. They did think it was a racket. That angle of the article should be discussed. Unfortunately, there is a lot of money and possessions that go to government entities and those they choose to use in this field.

    The same is true of the Dare Program. We recently had an article about the program in our schools. It has been changed (it was shown to be ineffective) and that law enforcement is not going to stop doing it. The program costs us all a lot of money. My child (only one had it) learned more about drugs than she ever needed to. I believed it did more harm than good. Whether that is still true or not, I have no idea.

    Discussing it does not hurt.

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  12. My mom and dad made cornices for their windows. They were simple boards nailed together in a box shape with the bottom open. My mom covered them with matching fabric from the curtains under them.

    I use valances to achieve the same thing. They are less formal. I have no idea about whether it would have been done originally in a Craftsman style home. I do know that beautiful wood is part of those homes, so it is certainly possible.


  13. Kathaleena, interesting — mine certainly have all the features of craftsman moldings (and they were apparently used in those early homes). I do’t know if these would have been added later or not. But doing a little research on them makes me lean toward keeping them.


  14. The DARE program: my husband, the business guy, always thought it was a mistake. Advertising is good and bad advertising is good. The drug folk got a lot of advertising through that program.

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  15. Kim, my mom was buried on my parents’ wedding anniversary, too. It was also the birthday of the brother we had preach her service–it was a small graveside service, no one but family, because she had kept no friends (except one lady in Florida to whom she had written faithfully since they both were in college).

    I’ve made no attempt to judge anyone. Scripture calls us to have love and truth, both together, neither predominating and pushing the other aside, and that is my attempt. I know that I fail at times. I can come down on the side of “truth” in a way that sounds harsh . . . but that isn’t my heart at all. To make a side note, do y’all have playing in your area a commercial of a couple quickly driving into a parking area because their little guy is vomiting everywhere? That was my experience my first day as a foster parent. I was driving the girls home, and heard a gushing in the backseat and the calm voice of a sister saying “Sister is throwing up.” I pulled over, tried to go out my passenger door for safety, remembered belatedly that my passenger door didn’t open from the inside (I was usually the driver, not the passenger in that car), and then ran around the car. The vomiting was continuous from before I stopped a 55-mph car to the time I got around the car. The little girl’s clothes, the carseat, and the car had all been bathed. Despite my best efforts, my car occasionally stunk of vomit in summer the next two years.

    I hate getting my hands dirty. Anyone who has lived with me will testify that in my house hand towels stay damp or wet because I wash my hands so many times during the day–any time I touch something dirty or anytime they feel wet or sticky. I am not OCD, never have washed them till they bleed or anything like that, but I like having clean hands. But I took that little girl–a virtual stranger to me–in my arms, lifted her out out of her carseat, stripped her clothes off by the side of the road and put new ones on her (it was nice to be driving home and have fresh, clean ones in the trunk), cleaned the carseat as well as I could by the side of the road, and headed back home. For the next 24 hours she threw up every 30 minutes to an hour around the clock (including one or two less voluminous times on the way home), and I went to her every time. By the time she was well, I had her lice too.

    I’m not saying that to say “Look how good I am.” Mumsee has experienced worse, for longer periods of time, and many parents have dealt with serious body fluids. I had foster kids a mere six weeks (one two-week period and one four-week period, the same two girls, plus a few days of respite care). But I use it to say, first, that I deeply love human beings, particularly the old and the young, and second, that I think that what we believe has real-world consequences. It isn’t a private matter. That precious little girl’s parents had made choices that ended up putting their six-year-old in the care of a total stranger when she was that vulnerable. (She was small and frail anyway. Had she been my own child, she would have gone to the doctor before those 24 hours were up. I didn’t have permission from my caseworker to take her, so I didn’t–though I did have a nurse practitioner from church come and look at her to confirm she was not dehydrated.) I loved her, and I think I did so tenderly and well . . . but I shouldn’t have been the one getting up during the night with her. It should have been her own mama.

    There is a lot that Scripture doesn’t address. It doesn’t tell us the right way to choose a spouse (though it does tell us some characteristics required of that spouse), it doesn’t tell us how to buy a house (though it does caution us about the danger of debt), and so on. Scripture’s primary purpose is not a life how-to manual. But I remember reading years ago something that caught my attention: psyche is the word that in English is “soul.” The care of the soul–psychology–is very much a spiritual issue, not one to be given to secular experts and their theories. Scripture has much concern with the care of the soul. Our care for the soul (including matters of those trapped in sin) should include both truth and grace, because with only one, it isn’t real love. Without truth, we offer no help to the scared little girl of an alcoholic mother, or the little girls in the car with a stranger, driving away from home when a child is seriously sick and most in need of a mother.

    I love you, Kim, I really do.

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  16. I’ve been to AA, and wasn’t impressed. The accountability to someone aspect is a good one though. But it works better if it’s not a stranger, at least in my opinion. The only real benefit I saw personally was that if I spent 2 hours with them, that was 2 hours I wasn’t sitting in a bar.

    The bottom line is nobody quits alcohol or drugs until they’re ready to. That’s the reason many go thru rehab multiple times. When a judge orders it you’d think it would carry more weight, but it doesn’t. You/they will never stop, until you/they really want to. And even then it only works if you’re willing to leave behind the people who still do it, and stop going places where you know it’s done.

    But I also don’t believe that an alcoholic can never touch a drop again or it leads to a relapse. That may be true with drugs like heroin and coke however, because a single use can be addicting all over again.

    I’ve been sober for like 2 decades now. I will occasionally take a sip of wine if we’re out to dinner if someone says it’s good. The results are usually the same. Yuck. I can’t believe I used to love something that tastes so awful.

    You can quit if you want to. The problem is most alcoholics don’t want to. I needed a reason to, and I found it in Cheryl, and a new relationship with Christ. Once I found my reasons, it wasn’t nearly as hard as I expected. πŸ™‚

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  17. Husband quick cigarettes when he met me and I told him I could not date a smoker. He had reason but he still gets the urge at times but does not need to fall for it.

    I was a pepsi addict (sugar basically) and still am, even if they say it is not an addiction. I am told it does similar work on the brain as heroin. Anyway, if I don’t have any, I am fine, but if I have one, the yearning becomes quite strong. I am virtually positive, if I start drinking, I won’t stop. Good enough, I don’t start. Others can do what they think best.

    As to AA, looks like it was started by a couple of guys who came to Christ in the Episcopal church and was kind of a Bible study/ accountability deal. Like so many things, it worked well and the world became more and more involved. Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater, as they say.

    When Paul saw the statues to the gods in Athens, he simply said he would tell them about the Unknown God. And did.

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  18. Yes, the prices of the houses were quite appealing. And such beauties in our eye today πŸ™‚

    So bids were high for both new drywall ceiling & new plaster ceiling (more expensive for plaster — though the guy said they’d get it down lower than what he told me today if that’s how I want to do it — and I know real estate pal will throw a fit if I even suggest I’m considering such a thing; a fit; he hardly knows what to make of my love for restoring whats original when the new stuff is better and at least generally cheaper in most cases).

    I want to check with another guy who has worked on the old house owned by my dentist’s cousin (told ya we’re in a small town even though we’re part of the city of LA — I met him once in person at the dog park). We’ve been messaging on FB and exchanging names of workers who are good for these old houses — he wanted the name of my tile guy and I’d asked him for a foundation guy + a plaster guy whom I haven’t called yet).

    Big advantage of a drywall ceiling (along with the new bathroom it would be the only one in the house if I go that route) is it can have that super-duper insulation on top of it that would keep the room more comfortable.


  19. Mumsee, this is what I read about the history of AA (it has never been something Ive studied): “Bill Wilson, one of the founders of A.A., created the 12 Steps. Wilson was a habitual drunk who had two life-changing events that he claims helped him achieve sobriety: 1) he was (mis)informed by a doctor that his drinking habit was a disease and was therefore not his fault, and 2) he had an experience (which he viewed as spiritual enlightenment) that convinced him that only β€œa Power greater than” himself could keep him sober. Attempting to understand his mystical experience, he was led into spiritism, a form of divination condemned in the Scriptures. His official biography indicates that the content of the 12-Steps principles came to him β€œrapidly” through spirit communication. Certainly not from God.” (https://www.thebereancall.org/content/way-which-seemeth-right ) The 12 steps blatantly replace the gospel of Jesus Christ with the gospel of AA–step 12 most obviously.


  20. From an email:

    Any advice on being single on Valentine’s Day? 😦

    “Whenever you see a couple laughing or kissing, start crying and scream at the guy: HOW COULD YOU???!!! YOU SAID YOU LOVED ME! I GAVE YOU EVERYTHING AND NOW THIS???!! IT’S OVER!”


  21. DJ,

    Now that’s just mean. I think ruining someone else’s happiness on Valentines Day is heartless, cruel even.

    This is probably one of the many reasons why she’s single in the first place. πŸ˜€


  22. So I finally figure out I can use Windows 10 emojis by clicking the little keyboard icon. πŸ’₯πŸ’₯

    Now if someone bores me, I can let them know by doing this. πŸ’€πŸ’€

    I can also play with my toys. πŸš‘ 🚜 πŸš“ πŸ›΄

    Plus there’s food. πŸ— πŸ• 🌭 πŸ₯ž πŸ₯“ 🍟

    There’s cool stuff to do. 🎑🎠πŸŽͺ🎰

    And smileys too. 😜 πŸ€— πŸ˜’ 🀣

    So, golf clap for Windows 10.

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  23. My daughter just showed me that I was missing several pages of emojis to choose from.



  24. Linda’s picture reminds my of the foldable indoor playhouse that we had as small children, but we didn’t use the playhouse window for puppet shows; we had a half door between two rooms in the basement that served as a puppet theatre. We’ve lately found the beautiful hand-knit hand puppets that a dear family friend made for us, so now the grandchildren can enjoy them.

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  25. Meanwhile, they really know how to have fun in Idaho


    Three dead coyotes were left on the front porches of Greek houses at the University of Idaho early Friday.

    The Moscow-Pullman Daily News reported that the carcasses turned up between 1:22 a.m. and 4:22 a.m. at Pi Kappa Phi, Pi Beta Phi and Alpha Phi.


  26. Ceiling decision made easier — contacted an ‘old guy house’ blog and he said plaster is gear and should always be retained — everywhere except on a ceiling πŸ™‚

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  27. Peter – It was explained to me that “emoji” refers to the little pictures that appear – πŸ™‚ , while “emoticon” refers to when the symbols themselves show – : – ) . (I put spaces so it wouldn’t turn into another smile emoji.)

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  28. All this talk about Valentine’s Day (a day to eat sweets, right?) and emojis remind me of an Aerosmith song…


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  29. I meant to change to a Valentine photo earlier. This is this year’s Valentine card. I made 29 this year, no two alike, about 20 of them with this template and 10 with a different one. This one went to our newly married daughter by mail; our younger daughter got a gift bag with chocolate and her card. (It’s three dimensional, with each heart standing up behind the one in front.)

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  30. When I saw the puppet theatre, I thought to myself “I can just imagine the shows those grandchildren put on”. But then I realized that their imaginations are so much bigger than mine and I can’t really imagine πŸ™‚


  31. Have I mentioned (I think I have) that Little Guy has made friends with the two little boys who moved into the apartment house next door? The two brothers are 7 & 4, although often it is only the older one who comes out, & they have a little 3 year old sister. It is nice to see these boys having a great time playing in the snow together.

    One day all the children were out, & of course the boys kept trying to chase the little girl away, but she kept coming back. Timeless fun.

    Before the snow, they had made a fort under our porch. πŸ™‚

    We provide them with water (in disposable coffee cups with lids), & sometimes a small snack.

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  32. Now that sounds like fun. πŸ™‚

    My how time flies. Tomorrow we’re getting our taxes done, and when I looked in the place we normally put the W-2 until it’s time to go to the preparer, it wasn’t there. The desktop tray where it goes had been tidied up recently, though, and it wasn’t any longer where I was sure I remembered seeing it before the reorganization.

    Hours later (OK, probably not that long, but it seemed like it), and lots of desk drawers, tool box drawers, boxes near the desk, etc. searched… I still couldn’t find it. So I called hubby and asked him where he thought it could be.

    Hmmm…, he said. Maybe I never brought it home. Let me check the glove box of the car I have with me.

    About 30 seconds later, he was back on the phone. Sure enough, in the glove box. He’d never brought it in the house, so I’d never seen it. I was “remembering” seeing the W-2 in the right place, only that happened a different year. And here I’d thought it had just happened in the last two weeks.

    When something that occurred a whole year ago seems like it only happened two weeks ago, then that’s my definition of time flying!

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  33. I had no siblings but lived on a block with several kids my age (a few fellow-girl scouts and classmates). So glad to hear Little Guy has some kid-company nearby πŸ™‚ Makes a big difference.

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  34. Yeah, I was quite astonished by that too. And why no collies into the final seven? And then all that about “the Irish setter, often considered the most beautiful of dogs.” Um, by whom? It’s not in the top 25 in my opinion! At least the little dogs didn’t win. I was rooting for Rumor or the elkhound, and against the peke, one of the ugliest breeds ever and his father already won in recent history.

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  35. From a story I did in 2013:



    Terriers have often been a favorite of the judges of Westminster, especially in the show’s earlier years, Frei said.

    Chalk it up to the breed’s characteristic spunk that can give them an edge in the show ring.

    “They were bred to look for trouble,” Frei said. “At a dog show, terriers are always out at the end of their leash, looking at what’s going on.” …

    … In the end, a dog show judge has to be “equal part artist and equal part engineer,” Frei said.

    “The sport is very subjective,” he said. “You can put the same seven dogs (from one ring) in another ring the next day and another judge might pick another dog.” …


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