51 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 1-25-17

  1. Good Morning. Yesterday 6Arrows posted about a scam call regarding her computer. I cleaned it up and posted it to my FB page. Several people were familiar with it, having received calls themselves. Last night a friend’s husband, who is in Federal Law Enforcement posted this on the thread. I thought I would share it.

    Kim, I give training on Scams and tell everyone to remember these 3 things:

    Who contacted who?
    Who is seeking information?
    Can I call you back?

    If you get that feeling like you are being scammed, stop the conversation and ask if you can call them back. If they say no? There’s your answer. If they say yes and give you a number, Google the number and it will most likely be connected to a scam.

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  2. KIm’s 8:55 on the prayer thread. My reply doesn’t belong there.
    Kim, I’m sure you are beautiful now. And if I were 40 years younger, I would take you to lunch.

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  3. I know but I didn’t correct him and I copied and pasted from my FB. I tease him enough. One day his wife and I met him for lunch. I walked up and tapped on his car window. He says I almost gave him a heart attack. I asked him why he was so afraid. Didn’t he have a gun. It was locked in the trunk. I call him Barnie now. 😉

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  4. Beautiful photo.

    It’s still cold here and I’m grateful for a good heater in the mornings. And heated seats in the Jeep. 🙂

    I’m doing a split shift today, I’ll be going out (for a while) with the homeless “counters” tonight in what is an annual countywide effort to determine how many homeless are living on our streets.

    Still no word on when my bathroom might get finished. 😦 I may be forced to drop a subtle hint by the end of this week.


  5. It is rather warm here. No need for heaters in the car, but we do have some in the goat water and sheep water and horse water. It is not currently snowing. Though I did see Snowflake out there.


  6. Lovely photo, Kate.
    Art and I had dinner with my CA friend last night. It was great to see her. Our conservative/liberal differences did not have occasion to be a bother. She is traveling to see other family and friends so it will be a bit of time before she and I have more time together. We went to Ruby Tuesday which had very good grilled salmon.

    I was at the office yesterday and got back to it this a.m. The phone is ringing for appointments. Taxes will be the main subject for a few months. Miss Bosley will be a lonesome kitty.

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  7. My friend G who lives in Santa Monica posted this morning his is glad for seat warmers. You must be getting an arctic blast. 😉 Says she that has a space heater in the bathroom of a home with central heat and air. Oh, and I like my seat warmers too!

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  8. All excellent answers–but the keys are still missing. So, no Zumba for me, today. I’ll just have to stay home and work on the book marketing, blog writing, book editing and the blog calendar.

    Oh, and after working and working on it, I’ll ifnally pull the trigger on my January newsletter. The detail work is maddening!

    You all have to be doing more interesting things than this!


  9. I got Hubby a “Tile” four-pack for Christmas. He has one in his wallet and one on his keys. If either are missing, his phone draws him a map to where they are. If he can’t find his phone, any one of the tiles will buzz it, even if it is on silent. The man can lose any of those things in a heartbeat. Might be in the car; might be on his dresser; might be in the bathroom, the workshop, the refrigerator, upstairs where the peeps live, in his bike pouch . . . you get the idea. He’s had to use it twice already (that I know of).

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  10. I bought my daughter in laws tiles for Christmas last year. My mind seems to be skipping things and I’ve been wondering about getting one for my keys.

    OTOH, this is the first time I’ve lost my keys in 35 years– the other time I dropped them in a New England fall and didn’t find them on the driveway until the next spring when we finally got all the leaves raked up!

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  11. How much should I panic. I have had a photo on my mind for a few weeks now. It is a large studio photo of my dad and his 3 brothers and 8 sisters. I went looking for the boxes of photos. I found ONE box. I have been in the attic, under two beds and a closet. I can’t find the rest of the boxes.


  12. Thanks Donna. I may get one of those.
    Michelle, you have to let us know where they were when you find them.
    The keys have to be somewhere. They will turn up.


  13. Zero. You should not panic at all. Either the pictures are somewhere or they are not. If they are, they will show up. If they are not, hard as it is, they are just pictures and people far outweigh pictures, even the most treasured pictures. I know this because I have gone through it with a video of my grandparents and my parents and sibs and me. I was agonizing over it, realized it was not that important that it should monopolize my thoughts (thereby becoming a god) and decided to let it go. It has been gone for years. A few minutes ago, I ran across it in a stack of videos. Though I was delighted to see it, I did not stop to watch it.

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  14. Isn’t it funny how something you lose you find in the last place you look? And it often ends up being somewhere you already looked.


  15. Glad you found them, Michelle.

    We would have gotten heated seats on our new car, if we hadn’t had to buy so quickly. We ended up with one that did not have them. One of our daughters ordered some we could put in the car and then take out. They are not as convenient, but work just fine and we like them. I never have mine on for long, but to take that first chill off is wonderful–especially when it is well below zero.


  16. I had never heard of such a thing as heated seats when I bought my (slightly) used Jeep 9 years ago. I got a few perks in that car that I hadn’t really tried to get. It was a good deal.

    I have a couple hours to kill at home before heading out to cover the homeless count tonight. It’ll be cold, but at least I can go home, riding in my hot-seat Jeep, to sleep in a warm house.

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  17. Heavy reporting today on what the impacts will be from the administration’s sanctuary city remarks.

    A co-worker, in all seriousness, told me today she’s terrified with Trump in power, she anticipates horrors as extreme as a nuclear attack; she’s told her family members to keep their passports current, they may have to leave in a hurry.


  18. I’ve never had heated seats before, but we do have them in my husband’s Prius and they’re nice . . . because we have leather seats and live in the Midwest. If we lived in the South OR had cloth seats, the heat would be completely unnecessary. All else being equal, I’d pass on the leather seats and not have need of the heat. But since we have leather seats, it’s nice that at least it’s only uncomfortably chilly until the heat kicks in, and after that it’s comfortable.


  19. My daughter in TN loves her heated seats, which is funny because she is not someone who loves heat, generally. She doesn’t need to use them much, though.

    I heard of someone who had a cooling system for seats. She loved them, but another woman who tried them thought it felt like she wet her pants. She was not a fan.


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