11 thoughts on “News/Politics 1-2-17

  1. Here’s an interesting piece. And it is a good example of the positive effect Trump is already having on IT. Let’s hope more businesses start to hire locally–even foreign businesses who operate here; because whether foreign owned or domestically owned, companies who operate in the US should be hiring US citizens:

    To counter President-elect Donald Trump’s likely move to curb or tighten hiring on H-1B visa, HCL Technologies, India’s fifth largest software company, is taking steps to reduce reliance on visas and carrying out a local recruitment program worldwide.

    Asked about the possibility of a backlash against the IT industry in America after the debut of Trump-led government, HCL Technologies chief financial officer Anil Chanana told the Indian affiliate of CNBC about the company’s new strategy to keep their services going.

    In the U.S., HCL Technologies hires about 16,000 staff and 65% are already American workers. With total of 110,000 employees and annual revenue of $6.6 billion, HCL along with its subsidiaries, operates in 32 countries around the world and is the third-largest business process outsourcing services provider in India. It offers services in technology, enterprise consulting, applications consulting and information technology-enabled and infrastructure businesses, reported Nikkei Asian Review.

    In contrast, HCL’s Indian competitors have hired a lower percentage of Americans as part of their workforce in the U.S., with 50% of Wipro staff in the U.S. being locals and even lower percentages for TCS and Infosys, said Kuldeep Koul, senior research analyst at ICICI Securities in Mumbai.

    “HCL Tech is the least impacted by the H1B visa issue,” said Koul.

    HCL’s competitors rely more on the H-1B visa program, under which 65,000 temporary workers and an additional 20,000 employees with advanced degrees from American universities are allowed to work in the U.S. every year. About 86% of these visas issued to workers in computer-related occupations in 2014 went to Indians, according to IT magazine, Computerworld.


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  2. http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2016/12/30/why-did-obama-pander-to-the-un-s-stunning-anti-israel-bias.html

    “Opposing Israel is The One Ring that binds us all. It is the sacred god that must not be questioned. So deep runs this bias against Israeli transgressions, that to call it out is to arouse immediately incredulity and ad hominem abuse.

    So entrenched is it, that few noticed how on the very morning of Resolution 2334 a motion seeking to stem the flow of weapons going to what the UN itself fears are genocidal killers in South Sudan failed.

    The Security Council could not even bring itself to adopt the simplest of resolutions calling for a seven-day ceasefire to halt the tragedy of Aleppo. Yet when it came to pushing through a final year-end condemnation of Israel, the Security Council suddenly mustered the will to act.”

    “Note that this is the same institution that chose to elect Saudi Arabia—yes, elect an absolute monarchy—as chair of its human rights committee, and then decided to pass a motion condemning Israel’s human rights abuses.”

    “Our unwillingness to hear outside our own echo chambers has severely limited our ability to innovate solutions. A critical mass of Arabs, Muslims, and leftists still struggle with Israel’s historic legitimacy, leading us to constantly overplay our hand at such venues as the UN. Like a broken record, we are guilty of repetitive sloganeering, lazy thinking, emotional decision-making, and a dogmatic approach to what should be the art of politics. We have allowed our political, religious, and ideological tribalism to shape our emotional response to the point of developing an unhealthy obsession with Israel. It is post-truth.”

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  3. Interesting piece on Obama (with some references to LBJ)



    He is Lyndon Johnson without the expertise.

    Man, that did not go as planned at all. …

    It is a shame that Lyndon Johnson did not live long enough to see his 1964 election reprised. …

    … The key difference is that while Johnson may have been a rotten S.O.B., he knew what he was doing, more or less. He didn’t fumble into Vietnam in 1965 — he lied about his intentions in 1964. He was sufficiently intelligent, and sufficiently a man of the Senate, to understand that the particulars of legislative architecture were going to be the deciding factor in the success or the failure of his programs. He knew that they would have to be revisited over the years. He was a deeply weird man — and a monster — but he was also a resident of the real world.

    Barack Obama? Less so. …

    … But Democrats should be asking themselves what Barack Obama has accomplished, too: He has decimated their party. The things they care the most about are, from the progressive point of view, mostly either in stasis or in regress: climate-change legislation, economic inequality, abortion, transnational governance, etc.

    The Left is strangely focused at the moment on exotica such as which dressing room transsexuals use at the gym and whether nonconformist bakers can be obliged at gunpoint to bake a cake for Bill and Ted’s excellent wedding. Their national leaders are elderly, intellectually narrow hacks of the kind who give hacks a bad name. Their great hope is an author of self-help books who smoothed her academic career by pretending to be a Cherokee.

    Barack Obama, bless his heart, still hasn’t figured out that the job of the president isn’t giving speeches. And when was the last time he gave a speech that was worth a damn, anyway?

    No, that did not go as planned, at all.

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  4. No, LBJ was not a good man, but he did know how to call in a favor, “where the bodies were buried”, who to squeeze, and how to get something done. I doubt anyone else could have gotten some of the things done that he did at the time that he did.
    Obama? Not so much. When have we ever had someone with so little experience? I am no Trump fan but at least he has experience in something—not diplomacy that’s for sure, but he has run a business or two.


  5. And I read this last night, definitely worth reading the whole thing; would love to send it to a liberal friend or two, but ? … I probably won’t dare 🙂 :



    Last winter, when the Republican presidential primary was in full swing, I had a late-night dinner with a campus minister who was working with students at an Ivy League school. Describing the college climate, he said, “Everything’s about race now. Two years ago it was sexuality, then came the Obergefell decision, and they decided they won. Now it’s race. The four-hour conversations students used to have about heteronormativity, now they have them about white supremacy.”

    I thought of that conversation when I read Columbia University professor Mark Lilla’s long and anguished post-election essay in the New York Times, calling on his fellow liberals to abandon the extremist identity politics of the academic progressive movement. “American liberalism,” he said, “has slipped into a kind of moral panic about racial, gender and sexual identity that has distorted liberalism’s message and prevented it from becoming a unifying force capable of governing.” Indeed it has.

    For his trouble, one of Lilla’s own colleagues compared him to David Duke and accused him of “making white supremacy respectable again.” Other leftists have compared Trump voters to lynch mobs, and the other day a Slate writer declared that 2016 was the year when white liberals could finally see “our unjust, racist, sexist country for what it is.” …

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  6. From the comments on BHO and LBJ:

    “Obama like his fellow Dems and too many Repubs in Congress chased the media spotlight way too much. But his biggest mistake, made by every President since Jefferson, was to view the Presidency as a Partisan Power Perch, rather than a non-partisan Process Manager. A courtroom cannot function without a neutral presiding judge. A sports game cannot function without a neutral referee. Obama should have been smart enough to see that Federal Gov cannot function without a neutral Chief Exec. Officer as process manager accountable for producing good decisions and results from a creative conflict process.

    DJT is not a Republican partisan, and if he sticks to his guns to force partisans into a constructive process, with deadlines and accountability for quality, he’ll do much better than BHO. It feels good that someone who has managed big, complex projects is going to be in charge.”

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  7. Who can forget Obama’s response shortly after his 2008 election about how legislation and other issues would be worked through w/the other side?

    “We won.” And, “elections have consequences.”

    Not a good or gracious attitude for either side to have.

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  8. DJ, You know how much I love Kevin D. Williamson. However, the next time he visits his alma mater in Austin he should visit the LBJ Library.

    Most of the legislation that is bankrupting the country, that promotes sloth, that made healthcare ridiculously expensive, that inserted the federal government’s toxic hand into education was passed under LBJ.


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  9. I enjoyed my trip to the Johnson Presidential Library. The creepiest thing was listening to his conversation with Mrs. Kennedy. Such as lecherous old coot and she worked him with that breathless little voice of hers. Colonel Corn Pone indeed.

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