11 thoughts on “News/Politics 11-23-16

  1. My favorite golf course in the world closed in 2014. This was the worst thing to happen to Virginia since the Ys invaded. I used to play a quick 18 holes on Saturday at dawn during the first years of the Reagan Administration, and arrive home before my wife woke up. My son made his first birdie there at age 9 on one of our pilgrimages to The Old Dominion. The course is on an old plantation where Lee, Jackson , Longstreet and Stuart met to plan the 2nd Manassas campaign.

    Now I found out South Wales has reopened!


    It happened last spring, but I am so happy I will give Old Trump credit. Now the only question is should we visit at the end of December and play in 30+ degree weather.

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  2. An old friend from the network has taken to posting inflammatory anti-Trump news stories on her facebook page than daring people to disagree or disprove the stuff in the story on penalty of being hidden or unfriended. I’m very disappointed in her. When we worked together we were able to discuss, religion, politics, history, sci-fi, almost anything with humor and respect. I don’t know what’s happened to her. Of course, I am staying off her posts over anything more serious than cats.


  3. One of our former reporters, who now works for television news station, is posting Nazi stories almost exclusively now. You get the feeling she wakes up hyperventilating.

    You can’t help but feel bad for people who are so genuinely distraught and coming unglued over this. Still, journalists have no business posting their political leanings on social media.

    Another colleague, very partisan Dem, has hardly spoken or smiled since the election, he’s in a permanently depressed state apparently. 😦


  4. From Olasky:



    Some commentators during the two weeks after Donald Trump’s victory ridiculed distraught students and Ivy League administrators who offered them coloring books and puppies to cuddle. But maybe the tears shed at Washington’s new direction will be the most educational event of many college careers.

    Many teachers and professors had apparently convinced students that centralized power is a force for progress. Executive orders: good. Supreme Court legislating from the bench: good. Environmental Protection Agency edicts: good. Obamacare maneuvered through Congress: good. …

    … Republicans should remember that Democrats have won four of the last seven presidential elections and dominate three of the five most populous states. Democrats have huge media power and an edge among young people. They would have won in November with a total shift of about 100,000 votes in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania.

    As one WORLD member, Jim Richardson of Oro Valley, Ariz., put it: “God has given our country another window of opportunity to love mercy, do what is right and walk humbly with Him. The question now: What will the Church do with this opportunity? What will the Church do concerning racism, rampant sexual immorality, and abortion? What will the Church do to interact with the minds of the college students who were demonstrating after the election?”

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  5. Forbes ran a very interesting article on Jared Kushner.


    Political pros will be studying the Trump campaign for years to come. Many other candidates will try to copy it. I am not sure it is something that can be replicated.

    Kushner is very bright. He may not be that conservative, but Trump could be getting advice from worse people.


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