25 thoughts on “News/Politics 11-18-16

  1. Michelle, from yesterday.
    Don’t fuss at Obama, the more time he spends out of the country, the better.
    Ideally, he would spend the next two months in Hawaii, golfing at the taxpayer’s expense.
    Then he would go away, like all the presidents before him, did. Except Clinton. Former presidents only cause trouble.
    Go away!
    Time’s up.

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  2. When did people start hurling epithets around?
    i.e. (And not the only example I could cite.)
    If you don’t believe in redefining marriage, if you think men should stay out of women’s restrooms, you are a homophobe.
    Everyone is either homophobe, bigoted, sexist, islamiphobe, and a dozen other thngs.
    I’ve never heard of a Christianaphobe or Israliphobe.
    Christians are the ones being killed throughout the world.

    I think epithets started when people ran out of rational arguments.
    When someone calls someone else a “racist” I figure they had no rational argument against him.

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  3. Chas, The problem is not with the media or the pollsters. The same people who found Trump to be honest and a good role model told the pollsters that they were white and evangelical.


  4. Trump has some good qualities that will be useful as a president. To be honest, I’m more impressed with him at this stage after the election, than I was before. I think he’s actually trying to keep some of his campaign promises regarding lobbyists.

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  5. Well, they “call” themselves evangelical. Wasn’t there a more detailed survey that said many of those self-identified evangelicals weren’t church goers at all?

    The hysteria in the land is very disconcerting. I’m worried this all does not bode well (and I’m talking here about the reaction on the left to Trump’s election). It’s not good.

    I’m praying for peace, calm and at least some level of acceptance. My FB friends are blowing up and can’t seem to get beyond it. They literally see him as a Hitler who needs to be stopped.

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  6. DJ, I use Huff Po as an indicator of what the extreme left thinks. They are in hysterics over Trump’s advisors and possible cabinet members. Pence is a homophobe ready to round up gays and give them shock treatment, Bannon is a white supremacist, Sessions is a racist, Bolton is going to start a war with Iran. But these are only a little worse than what they said about Bush, McCain, Palin, Romney and Ryan. It is time to stop thinking we can make them like us. The only way they are going to like us is if we agree with them 100%, enthusiastically, with a perfect PC vocabulary. Even then if you are white, male, southern or Christian you can get thrown under the bus for the slightly slip of the tongue.

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  7. Who needs Huff Post when you’re surrounded daily by liberals? πŸ™‚

    The reporter who (sometimes) sits next to me (she works out of a couple different offices) said to me yesterday (when I asked how she was) that she couldn’t stop reading everything she could get her hands on for the past week and was very upset.


    I honestly didn’t know what she was talking about until she explained. “Trump” she said.

    She’s literally distraught (as are many of my colleagues).

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  8. DJ, You should tell your colleague that you know conservatives who are just as distraught about the election of the liberal Trump. However, as we watch the meltdown of the liberals, we are feeling better … at least until he actually takes office.


  9. http://theweek.com/articles/662656/beware-liberal-thought-police

    “I get it: I’m a centrist liberal. On most issues, I prefer Democratic policies and want to see them prevail. Having to watch a Republican president and Congress gut programs I favor will be painful, and I suspect those changes will badly hurt large numbers of Americans. But should the pursuit of those policies really be preemptively ruled out of bounds? Listening to liberals over the past week or so, you could be forgiven for thinking that many of them fervently wish they could be.

    But they can’t be β€” because roughly half the country either favors some version of those policies or doesn’t think favoring them should disqualify a candidate from serving as president of the United States. If the 2016 election teaches us anything, it should be that telling people they’re not allowed to think certain things or prefer certain policies, or calling them names for doing so, doesn’t eliminate those thoughts and preferences. It just drives them underground, where they will come roaring back once someone breaks the unwritten rules of propriety by daring to champion them.

    Liberals need to focus on formulating ideas and arguments that will prevail in first-order politics instead of trying to preemptively expel from the debate those defending contrary ideas and arguments. Excommunication may appear to succeed in the short term. But in the end, it will often backfire, empowering the excluded opponents in the bargain.”

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  10. Ricky, I’m still withholding judgement on Trump — so far feeling encouraged by some of his appointments and demeanor. Let’s wait and see at least .

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  11. I know they have to report something on a slow news Saturday. But I suspect I’m not the only one who doesn’t care The Donald arrived at the Trump Golf Course in NJ.;

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  12. Just got a phone call from husband. He got to the worksite and has been chatting with the folk. They believe the Russians voted in Trump. They claim the Russian immigrant populace is staunch Christian conservative and don’t usually vote but this time they voted en masse for Trump. I guess they did not hear that he is anti immigrant. They also said that rich guys do turn in their wives for younger models, not the Christian way but the way it is.


  13. I don’t consider President-elect Trump’s initial appointments to be encouraging. When combined with his campaign rhetoric, it would appear that he intends to reintroduce torture in the war on terror. This is unconstitutional and violates international humanitarian and human rights law.

    Kbells – there are a lot of fake stories out there on Pence and homophobia. However, it is true that he wanted to shift funding for HIV to conversion therapies. He proposed it in a bill before Congress.

    Chas, There still is racism, sexism, etc. in this country. I agree that the PC sorts have gone to far with the labeling, but denying that such people exist is unhelpful. When the President-elect criticized an American born judge as “Mexican” and hence unable to judge his case fairly, I agree with Speaker Ryan, that was textbook racism.


  14. CB, Unless there is another 9/11, I don’t think there will be any more waterboarding. The military and the CIA are gun shy, and rightly so.

    I am more encouraged by who has not been selected. Gingrich does not work well with others and Giuliani is not a conservative. Priebus should be a bridge to Congress, and I think I would rather have Bannon in the White House than creating mischief at Breitbart.

    I had two fears about Trump:

    1. He might be a bigger spender than Hillary. That could still happen with ideas like the trillion dollar infrastructure deal, but I am counting on Ryan & Co. to nix Bush-like spending sprees.

    2. A mistake caused by temperament/ lack of self-control. Beginning with Election Night, Trump’s behavior has been surprisingly good. We have a long way to go, but no bad pictures of opponents’ spouses or Lee Harvey Oswald references is an improvement.

    I’m going to be optimistic. You have to admit that the liberals have given conservatives much unexpected joy with their extended public meltdown.


  15. Oh Rick, he will be a bigger spender unless Congress reins him in. And I think the temperament issue is just waiting to happen, but hopefully, I’ll be wrong. I do think the meltdown will continue for some time. Conservatives should not rejoice too much. Because when they stop they will be full of angry resolve. If it goes as usual, conservatives will overplay their hand. Time will tell.

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