57 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 11-17-16

  1. I know some of you have sent me pics. I had already downloaded some but they’re in the computer that died. I have a new one, but it’s Windows 10 and I can’t figure out how to download them yet, but I’m working on it. 🙂

    Please bear with me.

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  2. We are home and the house is cold. It was 57 degrees when we walked into our house around 9 p.m. last night. It was warmer outside.

    It was great to have early Thanksgiving with Wesley. We went to the new Waco Mammoth National Monument site, a joint effort between the Federal government, the city of Waco, and Baylor University. Many years ago we thought Wesley might become a paleontologist so that added a bit of special to the visit.

    The chill in this house has ripened overnight so I think I will attempt to turn on the heat. Heater don’t fail me now!

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  3. Yesterday, I discovered that moving a pool table (even one that I had disassembled) down stairs is a young man’s game. Luckily, I had a young man to help me.

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  4. I saw the header duck, too.

    The heater is working and warming up the house nicely.

    The gigantenourmous hotel/resort we stayed in was the Grapevine Gaylord close to DFW airport (Dallas/Fort Worth). It is the hotel used by the Cowboys football team. I saw at least one guy arriving who looked like a football player, but I would not recognize any on our home team, the Falcons, much less any on other teams.


  5. Donna, that looks gruesome (bathroom to be lovely one day soon)! You’ve been doing a great job on your projects. I need to do some home projects, but it seems so overwhelming.

    Yesterday was Karen’s birthday. Art and I sang to her as we were driving along somewhere in Louisiana. She was touched by our duet and cried. I think that was tears of joy and not tears because we hurt her ears.

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  6. Oh, Donna! I now understand what you’re going through!:-) My prayers for patience are with you in the bathroom demo! On the plus side, it’s an exciting opportunity to make the room into what you want!

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  7. Janice. I may have told this before. But:

    There used to be a time when Dallas and Fort Worth were bitter rivals. It is said that Amon Carter, publisher of the Ft. Worth “Star-Telegram” would take a sandwich and sit on the curb eating it rather than go to a restaurant in Dallas. I don’t know if that was true. I tell you that to say this.
    Dallas and Ft. Worth used to have separate airports. Dallas had Love Field, a dangerous airport near downtown Dallas. Ft. Worth had a nice, large airport about half way between Ft. Worth and Dallas. It would have made a great joint airport, like Greenville-Spartanburg is in SC.
    Problem is. They named it “Amon Carter Field”. A Dallas traveler would go to Shreveport before going to Amon Carter Field. Love Field carried most of the traffic.
    I see they hade reconciled their differences.
    Ft. Worth people probably go to see Dallas Cowboys. They wouldn’t have when I was there.
    I have flown into DFW.

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  8. AJ Hang in there. It gets better. I still haven’t completely conquered the photo issue on my new computer. I used to be able to open a photo in Microsoft Office and edit photos. Now I have to just click and click and click until I get somewhere close and don’t exactly know which click saves the photo to my computer. 😉

    Chas, no, because you would be removing a tub/shower combo and inserting a shower and having a closet put in. DJ is doing a lot more. She had to take it down to the studs and rebuild.

    I have admitted to myself that I am the little devil on DJ’s shoulder luring her into going ahead and fixing the half bath as soon as she can. She had to replace the toilet yesterday…she’s halfway there! All she needs to do is order the vanity we picked out yesterday. It should be there by the time the other bathroom is back in working order. I have justified it in my mind. Not so sure she appreciates me right now. 😉

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  9. I would think Love Field would be closed. It’s too close to downtown.
    Dallas is an eastern city.
    Ft. Worth is “where the west begins”. That is mostly true. They were entirely two different cities at the time. But Ft. Worth no longer has the stockyards. That made the character of the city in 1960.

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  10. Chas, To show how much things have changed, Dallas and Fort Worth people now have to go to Arlington to see the Cowboys. North Dallas now reminds me of the nice New Jersey suburbs of NYC. The outer suburbs such as Frisco (where all the Fortune 500 companies are moving) look like Los Angeles.

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  11. Yep, I can already envision the cute new space-saver vanity in what i’m calling my water closet (because it was, literally, the closet to the spare bedroom that they outfitted with a toilet and HUGE vanity w/mirrored medicine cabinet). The door hits your knees when you’re using the toilet, I kid you not. 🙂

    It’s back to work for me today while I also try to connect with the bathtub restoration people (the next thing that HAS to be determined before moving on to put the real bathroom back together again).

    The guys did jerry-rig the shower back together in there, though, so I can use it — it’s got the hand-held and stationary shower heads attached, but the tub, of course (while all that debris is gone) is not very appealing. But I have some heavy plastic I can lay in there for a super quick shower if needed (and I may need it this morning).

    I also need to find someone now to put in the new pet door in the wall, in preparation for a new sliding door in the back of the house that won’t have one of those annoying pet door glass panels that limit the opening and use of those doors.

    It’s one of the hardest things about owning a house on your own when you’re not handy and don’t have people automatically who can help. My cousins are coming over Saturday, he does a lot of his own work on the house he’s restoring, but he hasn’t offered to do anything for me yet and I don’t really want to ask/presume he would. I’ll start poking around to see if I can find someone in the next week as the new door goes in on Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving.

    I may see if one of those guys, while they’re here, can do it for some extra money either officially or on the side …

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  12. The ‘roofers’ who demolished my bathroom — he was showing me photos of his ranch in Guatemala (which is where they’re from originally — and they still spend time there), he just bought some new cows he was very proud of. The grass there is bright green and tall enough to hide his son riding a horse, all you could see was his head! It looks very beautiful and lush there.

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  13. I just had to jump in & say that. I am actually still behind on reading comments. Been behind since last week, except for the prayer thread & the secret room.


  14. My sympathies, AJ. I have down more manipulation of programming in order to make the Windows 10 system work than I have ever done before, and learned how to use Command Prompt and Windows Device Manager. Google is your friend, because chances are someone else has had the same problem. I found that a lot of the weird glitches ceased when I switched the sound control system from the Realtek the Windows 10 uses automatically to the Windows sound control, which is available but hidden. For some reason, doing that straightened out glitches that seemed totally unrelated to sound.


  15. OK, I ordered the installation service through Amazon for the dog door purchased through them, so that’s resolved. Someone in this area is supposed to contact me to set a time up for next week.

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  16. I am always amazed when I see workmanship like that. Think of the time and the effort that went into that. And remember, it was before nail guns and power saws and power screwdrivers and Home Depot. I would be thinking of some way to keep that visible and move the bathroom to an insulated out house.

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  17. Yeah, people who know construction are marveling at all of that when they see the pics.

    It is kind of cool looking. But I need my bathroom back. 🙂

    (The “before” look: walls were covered in square peach tiles, blue speckled linoleum on the floor & acrylic tub/wall liner in the shower area — it had been done like that probably in the ’60s? I’d love to see what the real original bathroom must have looked like in ’23 — though that may be the original cast iron tub that was uncovered.)


  18. Among the design battles I fought was keeping that big window space right in the shower/tub area — that was common in 1920s homes (though someone had “filled” it with a metal louvre window, probably also around the 1960s).

    Everyone (except Kim, who stood her ground) kept telling me “No Way” can you keep that big window, go for a horizontal slider at the top of the wall. But I knew that would look too contemporary. So the new window will be a double hung from Anderson with that privacy glass in the bottom panel.

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  19. Poor real estate pal gets exasperated sometimes — but eventually it got to where he’d ask me how “attached” I was to something before suggesting a change (even the old toilet!) 🙂

    My neighbors’ house inside also has all the craftsman moldings, but they are not the ‘restore’ type, they’re the ‘update’ type so their house in general has lost many of the original touches. It’s just a different mindset, neither is right or wrong, but restoring homes probably is more of a challenge than just changing out what you want to change out.

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  20. THe photos and Windows 10 drive me crazy–I can never find them either and Apple is the pits trying to get along with it. I can no longer just move stuff over, I have to do all sorts of gyrations that I never remember and then the PhD is called in to help his mother. I don’t know what I’m going to do when he moves on! My husband refuses to get involved with the interface between those two different operating systems.

    What can I say? I’m back to not being able to get the garage door opener to work. Sigh.

    (Ha, but last night, neither could the aforementioned PhD!)

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  21. IN the patio or ON the patio? If it’s “in” it, as in imbedded in the decor somehow, then I’ll definitely think you’re too attached to it.

    That reminds me, though, of the time my brother came to visit me in Nashville when I was doing much reworking of my new house, and an old toilet sat on my back patio. He told me that was a very redneck location for my toilet.


  22. DJ- Hey, I have seen some rather decorative flower arrangements in old toilets around these parts.

    Chas- The last time I went to the Dallas area (Denton about 2.5 years ago) it seemed like the “Metroplex” started at the Red River.

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  23. Ricky- I guess you didn’t notice the note about adding an 11th game this week in the Pigskin picks because of the fact that the Florida-LSU game is a makeup from week 6. So go tell me which team you pick in the Northwestern @ Minnesota game.


  24. When we first moved into our house in Baltimore (1979), a lady down the street had an toilet seat propped up against a tree in her front yard and on the lid was written, “Apt for rent.” We called her “the toilet-seat lady” ever after.

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  25. Several communities near me were settled by German immigrates. Many of them did not believe in having bathrooms in the house. It was un-sanitary. I have been in several old farm houses where the bathroom was on the back porch (enclosed of course). A lot of houses did not have the kitchens attached, because of the heat and the likelihood of it catching fire.


  26. KIm, in the old plantation days, when they had a “big house”. The kitchen was always detached from the hours. They cooked with real fire in those days. They have one of those in Brookgreen Gardens, near Myrtle Beach.


  27. and here I aam with a computer that does or does not use the a key, one never knows. It takes a long time to type something when you have to add or delete the letter a from all the words


  28. Kim, you reminded me of my grandparent’s house on an Alabama farm. When I was very young we used their outhouse. Then they built a bathroom on the back of the house. It was freezing cold to get a shower in there. The earlier washtub baths by the fireplace were warmer as I recall.


  29. I am glad I am not the only one frustrated with the photo thing a ma jig on Windows 10. Life was supposed to get easier with all this technology, but I tell you, it was a lot easier just bringing the negatives into the store. 😀

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  30. Toilet attachment and kitchen detachment — always interesting to come here and see what the conversation is all about. 😉

    Hang in there, DJ. Progress is messy. 😉

    I went to a one-room country school for my early education (through the end of 3rd grade), and the bathroom was the outhouse on the school grounds. No excessive asking for the restroom pass, especially during those brutal Upper Midwest winters.

    My first piano teacher did not have a bathroom in her house, either. I remember seeing a little ceramic pot or something similar partway down the hallway one time. Can’t remember if I ever needed to use it while there.

    The first home my husband lived in as a child had no bathroom, either. They moved to the house my mother-in-law is currently in when he was about 8, and that had one bathroom for the family that eventually grew to 10 members.

    And I thought two bathrooms for eight people when all our kids were born and still living here was a challenge!


  31. We still use Windows 7 at work and I have a Mac at home.

    I remember washtub baths and the outhouse at my grandfather’s house in Iowa


  32. I remember hearing complaints about Windows 8, and about Windows 10 ever since it first came out. For some reason, I don’t remember hearing anything about Windows 9. Was it a decent improvement on 8, or not around long, or non-existent, or what? I never heard of it, that I recall.


  33. Well if the lady in India who does tech support for Verizon is to be believed, and I have my doubts about that, Windows 10 is causing widespread mayhem for low bandwidth plans. She says the operating system is eating it up. I’m at the highest level I can get because FIOS isn’t yet available in my area. But another street I can see from my house has had it for years. I’m done waiting. Tomorrow I call the cable company. I’m done with this.

    It’s also led to a great deal of difficulty in loading photos into the header. I have several more shots from Donna, but I can’t get them to load before it times out. It’s frustrating. I’ll keep working on it.


  34. How incredibly frustrating that must be, AJ.

    I googled Windows 9, and apparently that got skipped. I didn’t read any of the articles saying why, though. Don’t really need to know that bad, I guess.

    Bible study tomorrow morning. We’re in 2 Peter. Meaty stuff, in both 1 Peter, which we studied just before this, and in Second.

    Off to bed soon, so I can be rested and better able to dig in tomorrow morning at the study.

    Good night.


  35. I haven’t switched to Windows 10 yet, as I was told upgrading to it on an old computer csan cause more problems than it’s worth. So I’ll wait until the Win7 goes out.


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