19 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 11-11-16

  1. Scott and I have decided that if pathology report comes back showing cancer, he will stay with his mom for Thanksgiving and I will go to Bandera with Becca. We’re giving Lindsey option to do either.


  2. Good morning everyone. I made my initial comments on the Politics Thread. I wasn’t noticing. This thread probably wasn’t up yet.
    But I noticed the young woman on the last post yesterday.

    I get the impression that she might have made an “A” in her current events. But she really wasn’t aware of what she was talking about. He talked about problems that she, herself, had never encountered and likely wouldn’t .


  3. Good Morning….I went over to watch the video of the young woman you spoke of Chas….she must have gotten an “A” in her “feelings class”….and she has the “valley girl” inflections down quite nicely! 🙂
    I went to bed at 8 last night…up at 4…that is a nice 8 hours of sleep. Off to work today, dinner with neighbors afterward…hope ya’ll have a wonderfully blessed day…and thanks to those of you who have served in our military….a precious gift of service you have given to us all… ❤


  4. Good morning, all, and Happy Veteran’s Day. Thank you AJ, Chas, and all who have served our country.

    Our power will be out a good portion of the day. (See prayer thread.) I have a meeting this morning, then will come back and take the youngest three kids different places for several hours. Not sure what we’ll be doing yet. Looking forward to our impromptu activity day away from home. 🙂

    Blessings on your day, everyone.

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  5. The two most pertinent cartoons were of Uncle Sam praying and Hillary going out the door.

    I like the one of Hillary leaving. I said before, I just want her to go away. I don’t want anything bad to happen to her. I don’t even care if Obama pardons her, though I wouldn’t. I just want her to go away.


  6. It’s Remembrance Day here, in which we remember all those who fought and died in wars since the First World War, and hold two minutes of silence on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month, when the Armistice was signed at the end of that Great War. We wear poppy pins on our lapels, which we get for a small donation from the Royal Canadian Legion, and the proceeds go to support veterans. I understand the British do the same, but it was a Canadian poet, and army surgeon who died during WWI, John McCrae who wrote ‘In Flander’s Fields”, which is the inspiration behind the practice. I posted this on FB:

    Last Remembrance day, I shared a piece by the British composer, Ralph Vaughan Williams, who fought in WWI and survived to write music for propaganda films in WWII. This year, I will share a piece by a colleague and friend of Vaughan Williams, who died a hundred years ago, August 5, while performing heroic acts in the Battle of the Somme. George Butterworth was a rising composer when he was killed in battle, and ‘The Banks of Green Willow’ is the most well known of the music he left behind him.

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  7. Ricky’s comment about Old Smokey Candy Kitchen on the Politics thread reminded me of Maurice’s Piggy Park barbecue in Columbia, SC. It’s a unique mustard based BBQ that I haven’t seen anywhere else.
    Nobody is neutral about Maurice’s. You love it or hate it. We stop by there when we get a near.


  8. Happy Veteran’s Day and thank you. 🙂

    I had to stay late at work yesterday finishing our Veterans Day story (each of our papers had to have a local piece for this morning’s paper). The main guy I had to interview, though, wasn’t available until after 4:30, he put me on speaker phone as he drove home to the beach from Bakersfield. He was an attorney and was very talkative, long stories to tell — normally a good thing for us, but it was so late and I still had the story to write after I managed to end the phone conversation an hour later.

    Since it was election week I really didn’t have a chance to get to it until yesterday. But I also got a “weekender” done yesterday, so that takes some of the pressure off of today.

    This morning I was up early to get the trash out. Big week coming up with the bathroom finally starting on Tuesday.

    Ann, you and my cat (not adjusting to the new time). I’m so sorry you are going through what you are in your family right now, very tough especially with the holidays coming up.


  9. I see that the Canadian born poet & songwriter, Leonard Cohen, has died. Cohen wasn’t my favorite, probably because the song that I heard the most of his was ‘Hallelujah’; but I respected the man’s talent for words. Tim Challies, a Reformed blogger from Toronto, Ontario, wrote a very interesting story on the background of another of Cohen’s songs: http://www.challies.com/articles/seems-so-long-ago-nancy-2

    In 1969 Leonard Cohen released a record entitled Songs From A Room. The fifth track on that album is “Seems So Long Ago, Nancy.” The song has become one of Cohen’s more popular ones; it has found its way onto one of his live albums and has been covered by several other artists. It is a dark, haunting song that speaks of a young woman named Nancy. The poetic words are difficult to interpret, leading many fans of Cohen’s music to speculate on what they mean…
    Over the years I have had a fascination with this song. It is an awful song, in many ways, leaving Nancy a legacy that few would want—a legacy of promiscuity and self-loathing. I have often felt such pity for Nancy as I can almost feel her sadness and pain through the song. I have wished that someone could reach through the sadness and bring her some measure of peace.
    But the peace never came. Lost in her despair, Nancy took her own life.
    How do I know this? Nancy was my aunt.


  10. Tell me about “Hallelujah”

    I confess that I was not all that familiar with Cohen but I have heard that piece (or parts of it), I found it haunting but not objectionable in any way. My glancing impression was that it was expressing the voice of a ‘seeker’ after God (?), but I have not looked up the full lyrics to give it more study.


  11. Donna, like every Cohen song, there is debate about what ‘Hallelujah’ means. It doesn’t help that Cohen would occasionally add verses to the song. I just get annoyed every time I hear the first lines: “I heard there was a secret chord that David played and it pleased the Lord, but we both know you don’t really care for music, do you?” Being a Christian and knowing the long tradition of music played in worship to God, I find Cohen’s statement in those first lines to be false. Not that I expect Cohen to have known that, but it puts my back up every time I hear it.


  12. Morning, Chas. I actually was on the blog in the middle of the night as I couldn’t sleep. It is time to facetime my friend about my property managers. Then… today is the annual craft faire here. That is usually where I do all my gift shopping. This year I already have things, but you never know. Plus I will be buying food items that are for sale and bringing them home for my meals over the weekend.


  13. It was a beautiful day up here. We managed to put up all our outdoor Christmas lights in warm weather about 55F. We usually are putting them up in -4F or colder. It feels good to have that all done. Now I can start on the inside of the house 🙂


  14. I’m bushed. I thought I had the day off, but there was a lot to do around the house. I finished painting the living room wall that I started two weeks ago (too cold to open the windows and too busy to get to it). I also started the kitchen, which meant going and buying some more paint. Then there were the leaves. I wanted a house with lots of trees, and this one has them. Along with lots of leaves. I didn’t have a pile, I have a mountain. The neighbor lent me his leaf blower for the long driveway, I used a push broom for the back patio and used the mower to mulch them all into the grass. I was still mowing after sundown. I could have done some of the work tomorrow, but we have a family gathering for my MIL’s 82nd birthday. D2 and hubbie are coming for the night, so it’s time to get ready for them.


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