47 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 11-10-16

  1. Hurrah, Aj is posting early so that I can greet you all before I get some sleep. Very tired.
    I went with some other teachers to the nearby town today and remembered why I don’t go there often. Ukarumpa looks very good after an outing to K92 or Kainantu.

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  2. Good Morning ya’ll….that photo just makes me smile πŸ™‚
    It’s so dark outside…but the calmness of the forest stills my heart…may He be present amongst us today and fill us anew with His Spirit….peace…be still…

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  3. Fantastic smiling kitten photo.

    We took Bosley to her boarding school. Cats grow up too fast!

    Trying to see son this weekend. I went by Karen’s and found out before they left the hospital she was in the good sinus rhythm. So good to see her at home and to glimpse her kitties.

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  4. These next few days will be busy (not that the last few days haven’t also been busy). The midterm concert for the orchestra is happening this weekend, which means more rehearsals. We are playing Mozart’s ‘Symphony No. 40’ (too fast!), Wagner’s ‘Siegfried Idyll’ (too complicated!), Ravel’s ‘Pavane pour une infante defunte’ (lovely), and Mascagni’s ‘Intermezzo’ (nice and simple). Just a sample:

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  5. Good morning. That’s one cute kitten. πŸ™‚

    NancyJill, this: “may He be present amongst us today and fill us anew with His Spirit….peace…be still…” Lovely. I’ve been meditating on Psalm 46 a lot this week, especially verses 1 & 10 (“God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble… Be still, and know that I am God…”), and your post is a great reminder of that psalm again for me.

    Today is moving day, part one! (See request on prayer thread.) First Arrow signs the lease and begins moving in. He’ll be back home tonight, though, and will complete the move on Sunday and start his new job Monday. There are other things he still needs to do around our area (not related to moving) that will occupy him tomorrow and Saturday.

    Last night he went out to dinner with some of his friends. That was about the fifth or sixth going-away party friends have given him. πŸ˜‰ He just walks out the door with a grin and an “another going-away party” announcement. πŸ˜‰

    I’m enjoying watching the transition, although sometimes I tear up a little the closer it gets to the last day he’ll live here. His much-emptier room, especially today, with a number of big things removed and on the way to the new destination, has made the reality sink in deeper now.

    Ah, life. Always changes. God remains good throughout them all.

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  6. An interesting thing happened to me this morning that may be useful to some of you.

    We are invited to a 50th anniversary reception on December 16 at a hotel in Fredericksburg, Va. We accepted and I went on-line to make a reservation to stay there overnight. (I didn’t want somewhere else because I don’t drive at night.)
    Well, I made the reservation and waited for the confirmation on-line. The cost was $121.23 for Friday night.
    The confirmation didn’t come. So , I called the hotel to see what was up. He didn’t know, but said that he would make the reservation for me.
    We completed the reservation for Friday night.
    I just made $32.17 by calling the reservation desk.

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  7. 6 Arrows, you mean a child can move out and take stuff with them?

    When our older daughter married, her dad told her she could leave some of her stuff here for up to a year. (They’d like to buy a house in a year.) Now, me, I’d have said, “You can leave stuff in your closet” (she has a nice large closet) to have a logical limit on “how much” and to give us some use of the room. (Her dad is itching to make her room an art studio, but now he can’t do it just yet.) Well, not only is her bedroom still “full” (it’s hard to imagine she had other belongings in it), but we ended up with some of his stuff in there. So our little girl moved out but her bedroom now has several boxes of Star Wars Legos! We’ve decided just to use her room for storage for now, since we can’t use it for anything else, and we put some of our stuff in there too . . .

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  8. Must…not…get….a….kitty….. AJ you’re killing me with the adorable kitten pics. We are looking for a daschund to rescue so Samster will have a 4-legged companion. He really likes cats too, and they like him, but cats are much harder to keep fenced in.

    Roscuro- thank you for the music. I could work to that all day. :–)

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  9. Cats puke on your sofa and ruin carpet and hard wood, they claw the upholstery. They shed have on the sofa and guest bed. Mostly they require a litter box. I do not do litter boxes. We have a cat. She is 12 or so. I don’t wish her ill health or for anything to happen to her. She is here now and we have come to a truce. I certainly won’t be replacing her though.

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  10. Indoor-outdoor cats are easier (though becoming more rare). I’ve been lucky with Annie, she never clawed the furniture (she likes the cat scratchers for that just fine) and is fastidious about her bathroom habits (mostly goes outdoors, but is good about using the litter box overnight if she must — sometimes there’s 0 in there for a couple weeks running, though). She’s not a puker.

    She does sometimes wake me up too early, though. πŸ™‚

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  11. I think cats are beautiful animals, and I love to watch them . . . in someone else’s house. I don’t want them in my yard, and I definitely don’t want them in my house. I hate it that they kill birds, and I despise cats using my yard as a bathroom. (We have an acre, mostly fenced, and when Misten was here they never came inside the fence. Now we have had to chase them out ourselves two or three times, but they mostly still stay clear.) So basically I’m fine with housecats and with farm/barn cats, not with cats that wander onto other people’s property.

    Years ago (in Chicago) one of my housemates went away for a day or two with a friend from church, and when she returned she showed me a photo of just about the most beautiful kitten I’d ever seen. (Not just cute, but a kitten that would be a stunningly beautiful cat.) She told me that she had gotten it from someone, and that the friend she drove with would keep it if she couldn’t. She told me that she didn’t know if our landlady would allow us to have a cat, or if I was interested. I told her that our landlady had actually specifically said cats were OK, but no dogs. But I also told her sorry, I was allergic to cats and not interested. I was so glad I could tell her I’m allergic, because it was easier than saying, “I don’t want to live in the same house with an animal that uses a litter box, may claw the furniture, will almost certainly insist on being on the furniture, may or may not be friendly, and basically is likely to have this relationship on its own terms. No thanks.” I’ve been strongly allergic to only one cat (a truly beautiful long-haired male owned by a friend in Chicago), and usually only mild reactions or none at all, so theoretically I might be able to live with one, I just don’t want to.

    Well, it turns out that while I am very happy to tolerate other people’s pets, to the point I can pet the cat and praise its beauty (cats tend to like me, even cats that like very few people), my husband is also mildly allergic and he likes cats even less than I do. So I have no fear at all he’ll ever look at a kitten and find it irresistible. Even if we had one mewing outside our front door, I’m sure if it was bitter cold outside we’d find someone to give it to, but we have no risk of taking it in. Kittens are cute, and many cats are pretty, but no thanks.

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  12. Kare, thanks for asking about 5th Arrow. So far he seems OK, but I’m not sure how much he understands about the situation. None of us, as far as I know, has talked with him about his older brother’s moving out, until this morning, when I explained a few things to him.

    He was upset that he didn’t get to go along today, but I told him that the Suburban was very full of things that they needed to take to 1st Arrow’s new place, and that they wouldn’t be able to turn right around (he woke up just as they were leaving) and take some things out of the Suburban so that they could put one seat back in for him to ride in. (Tearful phone call to his dad to that effect about 5 minutes after they’d headed down the road.)

    My conversation with young son led to my telling him that they would all be home tonight, and brother’s other things that weren’t taken will go with 1st Arrow in his car when he leaves again in a few days. He did seem to comprehend that nothing could be unloaded from the big vehicle today, because then there wouldn’t be room for it in the small vehicle next time.

    So he accepted that, and has been fine now the rest of the morning.

    We’re hoping that when 1st Arrow leaves on Sunday, that 5th Arrow will also be accepting of that. It was hard for younger son when 2nd Arrow moved away a few years ago, but she was the first to leave home, and 5th Arrow’s ability to cope with change has, I am so thankful to report, improved a lot in recent years. He used to cry really hard every time his oldest sister left after coming home for a visit, but he hasn’t reacted that way at all for something like maybe the last year or so.

    Progress. God be praised.

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  13. Cheryl, after 1st Arrow takes the rest of the stuff he’s planning on, we’ll still have plenty of things in the basement… Could we bring it over to your storage room, too? πŸ˜‰

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  14. Kim, I just saw the most hilarious billboard and it made me think of you. On one side, a huge election ballot with 3 choices: Republican, Democrat, Canada. Canada is checked. On the other side are three people smiling big . And a bold caption: We Can Sell Your Home.

    The Shipley Team at ERA must have a good sense of humor…or maybe they just know their market. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

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  15. Roscuro, I was just listening to that Ravel piece yesterday as I was doing some lesson planning. It is the first track on a CD I have checked out of the library. The album is called for an Autumn Afternoon.

    There was one piece on the CD that I’d never heard of. (And not the composer, either.) A gorgeous piece so arresting I stopped my work just to listen to it with my full attention. Couleurs d’automne (Autumn Colors), by Gheorghe Zamfir. Have you heard this one?

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  16. I told all of you over on the prayer thread this morning that I USED to be very judgemental. Judge Kim is rearing her ugly head.
    Doesn’t it make you wonder when someone who hasn’t darkened the doors of a church in quite some time asks the question “Who can we get to dedicate/Christen our baby?” Go to church for a couple of months, then ask the minister????

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  17. Once we get daughter’s stuff moved down to where she is working as a paramedic we will have so much room for stuff! I think my husband will be very happy. I, on the other hand will simply think “hmm, more room for Christmas stuff”

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  18. More coyotes. Not good. I have been more alert for them since the wildfires in my area. Sadly, two of the fires which were said to be contained here, were not. They’ve forced evacuations in some areas on Signal Mnt. They are not close enough for us to have to move out, but the air quality has certainly suffered. And yesterday was very windy as well.

    Evening before last, the motion sensor light wouldn’t go on in the back yard, and Samster needed to go out. I started out the door to go out with him, but my husband stopped me and said ‘what are you going to do if you meet a coyote?’ . (I’m on crutches at the moment with a pulled muscle). So I waved a crutch in the air and said ‘I’ll make him sorry he ever set foot in my back yard!’ Hubby laughed and sent me inside to sit down while he took the dog out. I guess I will have to buy that slingshot after all.

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  19. I would think a slingshot would be an excellent option in towns. But you might want to practice with it. Gives more of a sting than shaking pennies. Look what happened to Goliath, after all.

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  20. A few years ago we had slingshots and took them out to some local hunting grounds to target practice. We didn’t use ball bearings, just whatever stones we could find. Even so, it was surprising how accurate you can be with practice. I’m definitely rusty now, but ready to try again. I can’t play around with coyotes; this time, I plan to use ball bearings.


  21. Rocks and pebbles, roundish, will work fine. I am sure either would be enough to get the animal’s attention and let it know you are not amused. But you will need to be accurate. I would not shoot the face, just a body shot. Let it know but don’t make finding food more difficult for it or it will become more problematic.

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