Peter’s Pack of Pickled Pigskin Picks 2016-Week 10

CUBS WIN! Oh, wrong sport. Let’s see who else can win, other than the “Queen of the Pigskin Picks”. Or, should I say “Princess” to keep with the P alliteration? Anyway, kbells won again (#5) and picked a B1G 10 game for the tie breaker. I picked the other games based on nothing more than fan favorites or my feelings. Get those guesses in by 10:00 PM EDT Friday when Boise State takes the field. 

  1 San José St @ #24 Boise St

  2 Navy vs Notre Dame (In Jacksonville, FL)

  3 Air Force @ Army

  4 #4 Texas A&M @ Mississippi St.

  5 Texas @ Texas Tech

  6 Georgia Tech @ #21 North Carolina

  7 Purdue @ Minnesota

  8 Mizzou @ South Carolina 

  9 Pillow Fight: Florida Atlantic @ Rice 

10 Tie Breaker: Pick winner and final score: #10 Nebraska @ #6 Ohio State

17 thoughts on “Peter’s Pack of Pickled Pigskin Picks 2016-Week 10

  1. KBells and I only disagree on one:. Here goes:
    1. Boise
    2 Irish
    3 Air Force
    4 A&M
    5 Longhorns
    6 Heels
    7 Boilers
    8 Gamecocks (No, I don’t really believe that, but I didn’t believe Tennessee either.)
    9 Rice
    10 Ohio State 21-14


  2. Go Boise
    Air Force
    Texas A&M
    Texas Tech
    Nebraska 35-21 (they are trying to recruit son)


  3. Travis says:
    Boise St
    Air Force
    Texas A&M
    Texas Tech
    North Carolina
    South Carolina
    Nebraska 28-21


  4. How does she do it? You know who I mean. That woman from Alabama who seems to know her college football. Okay, I was off last week on how many kbells has won. At that time she had 4. Now she has 5, with 3 in a row. Yes, folks, kbells pulls of another win by getting 7 correct. The rest of us?

    Ricky, Tychicus, AJ, Chas and Travis had 6.
    I had 5.
    Mumsee had 4.

    The game scores?
    BSU 45 SJSU 31
    Navy 28 ND 27
    Air Force 31 Army 12
    Miss St 35 TA&M
    Texas 45 TxTech 37
    UNC 48 Ga Tech 20
    Minn 44 Purdue 31
    So Car 31 Mizzou 21
    FAU 42 Rice 25
    OSU basketball score (62) – Nebraska soccer score (3)

    Congratulations, we are in awe and wonder at your prognosticating prowess, kbells. What game will be our tie breaker next week? Or does it matter since you keep winning?

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