59 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 11-1-16

  1. That’s a pretty little girl with a mighty big leaf.

    Today is All saints Day for some.
    Sometime around 1960 I took a course on Martin Luther at Southwestern Seminary. I’ve forgotten much of what I learned. But:
    Luther wasn’t an easy man to like, but he was a great man. As I said yesterday, he was a good Monk. He didn’t like the way Tetzel was selling indulgences and it set him off.
    He posted 95 articles for debate on the door of the Wittenberg Chapel. (I may still have a copy around somewhere, but I likely left them when I moved.) Many of them were repetitious. The Church didn’t want to debate, they wanted him to recant. This went on for a couple of years until they brought formal charges. Hence, the “Here I stand. I can do no other. God help me.” They were going to kill him but some of his friend kidnapped him and took him to the Wittenburg (I think) Maybe Wartburg Castle. I should look it up.) Anyhow. to a castle where he stayed a couple of years. He had a hard time imprisoned there, but that’s where he wrote “A Mighty Fortress”. The important thing was that he translated the Bible into German. For the first time, the ordinary man could read the Bible for himself.
    It created a reformation.

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  2. We gave out 32 pieces of candy last night. That’s 32 more than we gave out during our 15 years in Hendersonville. The kids were courteous. Elvera enjoyed it.
    We have lots of Mounds, etc. left over.

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  3. I managed to Facetime some of my family and found everyone was gathered at Becky’s house. Got to talk to Archie. At three months, he mostly makes noises which I repeat. Caroline was Lucy from the Narnia books. Actually Archie was superman and his parents were farmers from Kansas, which is I guess where superman comes from.

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  4. I can’t find my copy of the 95 Thesis. I said that I likely gave it away. But I can’t imagine doing sol. I still have my copy of the Communist Manifesto, Grand Inquisitor, etc. While I was searching, I came across a little book called, The Decline and Fall of Practically Everybody”. By Will Cuppy. Interesting little book about such greats as Cleopatra, Nero, Peter the Great, Elizabeth, etc. Problem is, the print shrunk during the years and I can’t read it anymore. Even with my glasses.

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  5. Jo,

    Superman comes from Krypton. He was adopted and raised by a couple from Kansas, Martha and Jonathon Kent, after his planet blew up.

    It seems there were several superheroes out last night. I have some photos of Batman and Robin from last night that I’ll share later. 😉

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  6. Good morning everyone. I am working from home today. I had a treatment yesterday morning to remove some sun damage to my face. They told me there may be some bruising. I sort of look like I took a right punch to my left cheek. I suppose it makes sense that side would have more damage because of driving. I had more than I thought I would have and I also have a spot on my nose that the dermatologist is going to have to look at again. You know the sun makes me happy. I am just going to have to be more careful.

    I can’t find it to show you, but I did see on Facebook last night that for those of you who are not from the South must cease to even try to use the word “ya’ll”. It is cultural appropriation and we cannot tolerate it. So you’s guys better stop it right now!!!!!

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  7. I am just putting this out here in case any of you have about 4 mill lying around with nothing else to do with it. It is a lovely estate with 3 houses. I am not sure if the boats are included or not. Everything is negotiable.


  8. I was up early to haul out some more bags and a cleared-off bookcase for the Salvation Army pickup today. I have to drop the Jeep off at the mechanic’s to get that brake light checked and the oil changed (and a few other things looked at, I keep getting an alert to “check” my TCM or TMC or TPC — I can never remember — system; I think it’s the tire sensors, but I’m not sure).

    And when I had to get the windshield replaced last month, they apparently emptied out the automatic glass squirt-cleaner so I need to get that refilled.

    They’ll have a loaner for me to use so I can then go into work. I have another political roundup to do this week, but meanwhile the campaigns are going nuts with charges and counter charges they keep calling us to write about.

    Last night was pretty busy on our block, kids, big and little, running and screaming. 🙂 Then, after all the trick-or-treating and settled down, someone kept shooting off singular fireworks as I was trying to go to sleep (but was still reading with the light on). Of course every time there was a BOOM!, Tess landed on top of me.

    I’d just get her off and she’d go back into the living room when … BOOM!. Back she’d come, up onto the bed, sailing across until she landed smack on top of me, all 50 border collie pounds of her. Arg. So my special thanks to the guy who couldn’t stop blowing things up last night.

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  9. Oh. I was busy yesterday and forgot to tell you that Cheryl has spotty internet connection. The service people are supposed to be out some time today to look at it. She is fine.

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  10. Hey, y’all. That is spoken by a true GRITS (Girls Raised in the South).

    I am feeling down today. I think they will try another cardio conversion on Karen. I did not stay with her last night. Her Brother, Sis-in-law, and Mother visited her yesterday. Her mom is around 90. Karen’s youngest brother died a number of years back in November so it is a difficult time for their family. I hope Karen can pull through with a miracle from God.


  11. Elizabeth looks nice in both photos. In one her hair looks brown. In the other her hair looks red. Is that from the lighting or from some form of hair color procedure?


  12. Huge leaf and pretty young woman.

    Yeah, sure, you betcha, Kim. Y’all listen to her, now.

    We bought a bag of candy, even though we haven’t had anyone for years. I just can’t stand to have nothing—just in case. Went with individual M & M’s since I know we will eat those, but not so much as some other things.

    My children are simply amazed at what their children are now getting–full size bars and even a whole bag of minis! Some neighborhoods had jello shots and sandwiches! Between the parade candy tossing and the holidays, grandparents have a lot of competition.

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  13. The airport has been rained in and socked in with fog for the past several weeks so seventeen year old son had his first flight yesterday. The instructor had him in the pilot seat with total control from start to finish, which rather surprised son. He did the take off and landing and fifty minutes in the air and had a great time. He goes back again today as his next sport does not start for a week or so. The instructor told son that he can now tell his friends he ran down highway 12 in a three wheeler at one hundred eighty miles per hour.

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  14. As happy as I am for seventeen year old, I am just as sad for fifteen year old who continues to close himself out of all of these possibilities. No hunting (he threatened to kill husband), no driving (he rolled the UTV while driving without permission a year or so ago) and the list goes on.

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  15. Thanks Peter. I printed out the ten pages. I had inspected Amazon where I could get a Kindle copy free. But some thing don’t do well on the Kindle and this is one of them.


  16. And if you watch the video, you’ll notice Batman is older and chunkier. That’s good, our version is too, as you’ll see later. 🙂


  17. Can you get something back if you’ve given it to the Salvation Army already?


    I put something in that I probably should have kept, a gift wall picture (photo imposed on a board) of a yellow lab with his tongue out. Not really my home decor style but … I really should have kept it and put it up when she visits. I know, that’s superficial of me but … Or maybe I could have found a place for it.

    I rarely have regrets when I gift stuff away like that but I’m feeling plagued by that for some reason.


  18. DJ, You should not feel guilty about this. Does she tour your home when she visits? Perhaps she will think it is in your bedroom or your office. Not all things given are displayed in public places. DO NOT FEEL GUILTY. I believe we can release our possessions that we do not need or like into the universe to bless someone else.
    Kim has spoken. 😉

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  19. I am sitting here scanning cards into my new business card scanner (so they can go in a database). It is mind numbing but it gives me time for other things. Mr. P is in the living room and I can hear CNN. All I can say is if you are in the mood to pray, please stop and say a prayer for our country. We are in for a mess. It really makes me want to cry. I really am scared of what will happen next week.

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  20. All right, I’m back!

    My husband and I were away most of last week for our anniversary, though I did post once or twice from our hotel. Then we got back home Friday; I read e-mail and sent one or two, and then we lost nearly all connection. I could read on here but not post comments, and I couldn’t read or write e-mail (though I could see who had e-mailed me). The tech guy seems to have gotten us back up.

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  21. Calfiornia wildlife officials say there is no scientific evidence that the coyote population is growing. That may be the case, they are virtually impossible to track and “count,” but the anecdotal evidence appears to be overwhelming that they are thriving and doing quite well.


  22. I haven’t shared a funny BG story in a while. I saw ex sister in law earlier. Her son lives with Nana and we were talking about how like siblings they are and how it has been good for BG. I had told her how recently she came out of the bathroom mad because Nephew had gone out of town and had taken some of his styling products with her. How dare he!
    She laughed and told me that last week Nephew went to get something done to the tires on his car and called his Nana to come pick him up. She didn’t answer, so he called his mother, she didn’t answer so he called his sister. When they pulled up into the driveway Nana had her car out of the garage and it had just been washed. She was washing BG’s car. Nephew lost it. “Nana you are spoiling her! I can’t believe you are washing her car! Where is she????” Seems the princess was still asleep and since Nana washed her car she decided to wash BG’s.
    I said something to SIL about how rotten BG is. She laughed and told me her mother was loving it. She calls and complains to SIL but she really loves it. She likes to be needed.

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  23. My neighbor is working in South Carolina right now. I think he would be glad to take out a coyote or two if they’d let him. 🙂


  24. Don’t worry, Donna. the Indians have gotten two. They aren’t out of it yet . . . but hopefully will be soon. Chapman is coming in.


  25. Batman and Robin!!!

    Karen and I are having a slumber party in her hospital room. She is trying to stay up until they do the midnight check on vitals. Then I will say prayers. The last time I said prayers, she fell asleep. That was great since she had previously been too anxious to settle down to sleep. Her sister was here today. So she has seen all of her family in the last two days.

    I hope everyone here has a good night’s rest.❤

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