45 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 10-31-16

  1. Good morning everyone!
    I guess the ghosts and goblins will come around here. We didn’t have any at all in Hendersonville. We have plenty of candy.

    Did that KBells win the football pool again?


  2. My flatmate told me that my idea of why the washing machine wasn’t working, the hoses weren’t hooked up correctly, was right and she got it to work today.
    I am grateful that I was able to show her the tricky way to clean the screen on our water tank, so now, perhaps, someone besides me will clean it. As this is our source of water, it is important. And the land is on a slope, so you have to lean the ladder against the tank and put a piece of 2×4 under one of the legs. Tricky.
    And then since we had the ladder out, she was willing to climb while I held it to clean out the blocked gutter. Again, when this is the source of your water you need to be diligent about taking care of this..
    And then I went and stirred the ashes in the burn barrel. If you are burning correctly, there shouldn’t be any ashes. Well, the ashes were a foot deep and the bottom with the screen was totally clogged. I didn’t realize that she had done it, but she came by. I told her about the screen on the bottom. So, she took the ashes, must have found the spade, and spread them around the garden. Another problem solved.

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  3. Chas, with all the chores you have been doing, I don’t think that you will be weak and puny. I expect that I will be sore in the next couple of days. It did feel good to use those muscles again.

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  4. Good Morning Everyone. Monday has once again rolled around. It beats the alternative. I had a lazy day yesterday and even fell asleep outside in the hammock. I hardly ever sleep during the day. It was nice.
    Last night we had steak for dinner. You should see a 10 pound puppy dog chewing on a T-bone. Once he had chewed the meat off of it I tried to take it away from him. He grabbed it and ran. Once I got him in my arms I had to pry his little jaws apart to get the bone to throw away. He is a lot stronger than he looks! We had to be careful with it. It wasn’t a choking hazard for Amos but for Miss Lulabelle it might have been. She wasn’t happy she had to stay inside while he got to go outside and enjoy doggy bliss.

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  5. My husband decided he needed to lose weight two months ago.

    (That is me biting my tongue).

    He looked up the Navy fitness regs for his age and began doing sit ups and push ups and to jog/run every morning– including the weekends when I don’t bother and even in the rain.

    He’s lost 20 pounds and is over the requirements on sit ups and push ups and continuing to improve on the jogging, with hopes of someday actually running again.

    Looks great and is keeping it up.

    I’m thankful and, frankly amazed– when not jealous.

    It took me six months to lose 20 pounds 9 years ago.

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  6. I told you before that I lost most of my potbelly. And my pants don’t fit. I’m buying new leisure clothes. but just pull in my suit pants.

    I agree Mumsee. You throw a ball to knock down some pins and pay someone to put them up again. Same for golf. You hit a ball to make it go into a hole. Then take it out to hit it again. People are really smart aren’t they?

    Election is over for me. I went out and voted this morning It was amazingly efficient.
    Yeah. I voted for Trump. I don’t know, but I know he ain’t Hillary.
    Elvera didn’t vote this time. She said she didn’t know any of those people. I usually mark a ballot for her to use. Meaning I get two votes. But she didn’t want to go and I didn’t push her this time.
    It’s such a weird time. Nothing you can do is good.
    But pray.

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  7. Daughter was telling me that she paid good money to be scared and get sick to her stomach. Strange.

    We are at the stage with nineteen year old who is staying with grandparents, that she is thinking of moving on after two years. Eighteen year old daughter has offered to take her place. My dad is fine with that, though he does not want to train another, but stepmom is resistant. She does not want to be abandoned. It is not abandonment. And my dad reminds her that they have a place here if they ever want it but she is resistant to that as well. We will see. The only other option, if daughter moves on, is an assisted living/nursing home arrangement. It would be a win win if they let other daughter serve them. Though she has been a basket case, she appears to be recovering and is a very caring patient person. They would like her.

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  8. The news is official now: 1st Arrow got hired for that big, long-awaited job in his IT field! He graduated 14 months ago with his degree, and after being turned down for several jobs for which he applied, he finally heard about this one in July (11 months after graduation). He applied, got selected for a Skype interview in August, then had a face-to-face interview in September.

    October he had mounds of paperwork to fill out; there was a background check, fingerprinting…

    Late last week he got the official word: he’s in! Starts in November, two weeks from today. 🙂

    He’s packing boxes, preparing to move on to the next phase of his life. A very exciting time for this mom to watch. It’s fascinating to see the opportunities God brings to our young people as they march on.

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  9. Congratulations to 1st Arrow and Michelle’s husband.

    Janice, blessings to you and your friend. You’re so faithful in sacrificing your time to be with her and I know she is appreciating that.

    Jo, you’re roughing it in my world. That’s brave. 🙂

    I like the header, very different! But didn’t AJ say no webs?? 🙂 How is AJ feeling, is that cold all gone yet?

    I haven’t heard from Carol, she didn’t get her phone bill paid so she’s out of touch for a while again. Sigh.

    But yesterday she was looking forward to hearing Ogilvie at their church (where he once pastored — I remember listening to him on the radio as a fairly new Christian). He’s celebrating 60 years in the ministry so was returning to his old pulpit at Hollywood Presbyterian. I’m hoping Carol made it to hear him.

    I am still waiting to hear from real estate pal on the bathroom work plan … Will send him an email today. I really want this done with already.

    We had some off-and-on rain yesterday and through part of the night — very light, but *something.* I still haven’t had to turn on the heater, but I am now pulling on a sweatshirt in the mornings.

    I have a Salvation Army pick up set for tomorrow morning, I need to get maybe one more bag of things and then I’ll haul it all out there first thing tomorrow morning. I love that the hall closet is (mostly) clear now, as is the hallway.

    I’m contemplating tackling the garage … Then I could put the Christmas stuff that’s in the spare room in there. And maybe find my grandfather’s old shaving mirror which I’d like to use somewhere once this house is done. I thought it was in the spare room but it’s not, so it must be in the garage … Oy.

    God is good. We were reminded yesterday at church that his kingdom is forever, it will be here long after all these presidents and president-wanna-be’s are long gone from the world scene, amen?

    I don’t know what I want to happen next Tuesday, only that my emotions *feel* like I want Clinton to lose. But?? What then?

    Either way, His will be done and may we find our joy, trust and hope in Christ alone.

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  10. No candy here and, besides, I get home from work sufficiently after dark (and I have not gotten to the outdoor lighting phase of the house makeover yet). So I’m dropping out of the trick-or-treat tradition this year.


  11. That’s making me smile to hear your good news, 6 Arrows.

    I got the call from Karen last night around 11:30 and had to wake Art to carry me over to Emory. It is 2.6 miles away, so not far. As I walked through the old section of the building, I was thinking I could have been born in one of those rooms.

    I had been given a room number by an operator, so I entered a darkened room with a lady sitting on the bed with her back to me. I thought Karen had changed her hairstyle, but when the lady turned to look at me, I saw she was black and knew she was not Karen. I asked her pardon for the interruption and found a nurse who redirected me.

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  12. This morning I helped take care of Karen, came home and fed Miss Bosley and then cleaned up her vomit, then I had to clean and redress Art’s incision. I bought filling gifts for a shoebox gift for Samaritan’s Purse.. I am trying to have a cup of coffee now while Miss Bosley has cuddle nap time. I wait for brother’s breaktime now for him to call.

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  13. I bought the shoebox gifts last night at Walmart after trying to go to the nearest Dollar General and finding their entire parking lot filled with fall festival celebrations/moonwalk/etc. I need to wrap the box today,. I don’t usually shop on Sunday like that. Walmart shoppers on a Sunday night are a real mixed bag. Especially on the night before Halloween, LOL.

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  14. It is another beautiful day, crisp blue sky with nary a cloud. The winds are blowing from the west…hoping Donna doesn’t wring out all the rain from the clouds before they head our way…we sure could use some moisture. My daughter who lives in Pasadena was thrilled to hear rain falling yesterday….
    We get no trick or treaters out here….when we lived in town I loved passing out candy to the little ones…
    Congratualatons on your 1st arrow’s job 6…..it is a joy to watch out little ones grow into responsible adults….we have one to go…she’ll graduate next May….then who knows….well…we know who knows…and we continually pray for His direction in her life! 🙂


  15. Our first date was me watching husband-to-be bowling in a tournament. His friend was watching me and warned him that he was in trouble as I was too caught up in his bowling. Sure enough, we were engaged three days later. Bowling is a good thing. But a dumb game. Every week I get worse. Maybe it is just me, but we won’t go there.

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  16. Cheryl, Creative Live has some classes this week and at other times on photography and something on Etsy. I think the classes are free on the day of recording live if they fit your schedule. You might like to see their offerings.


  17. Since Hubby goes to bed so early, & the front door & entryway (I won’t call it a foyer, cuz it ain’t that fancy) is right next to our bedroom, we set up a wood tray table with a basket of candy outside the front door. We can do that because we live on a private lane, & I think the only trick-or-treaters we get are those from the daycare next door. (They come to see my neighbor, then stop by here.)

    Nightingale is taking Little Guy a couple towns over, to go trick-or-treating with her best friend & Best Friend’s daughter.

    We hadn’t gotten around to buying the candy yet, so Hubby is picking it up on the way home. Little Guy came down in his costume, with his bag, saying happily, “Trick or treat!” I had to tell him I didn’t have any candy for him 😦 , but will have some when he gets home. 🙂

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  18. It was 499 years ago that Martin Luther posted his 95 Thesis on the door of the Wittenberg chapel. He didn’t mean to start a reformation. And John Huss has been burned at the stake about a century before for less.
    However, a bunch of students reproduced the paper and distributed it.
    It started a reformation.

    Lutherans will likely have a celebration next year.

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  19. And a few Presbyterians 🙂 and other Protestants, of course

    Happy Reformation Day

    As one FB post put it, Luther’s was the first viral post that changed the world

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  20. Luther didn’t want to start a reformation, he wanted to argue.

    Elvera’s giving out trick-or-treat to the little ghosts and goblins.’
    I thing she’s having more fun than they are.
    I hope lots of them come. I don’t want all this candy left over.

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  21. What a blessing your friend Karen has in you, Janice.

    The donations of small furniture items, dishware, etc. are beginning to roll in for 1st Arrow now as he prepares to get established with apartment living. He’s made some purchases himself, like a new desk. He will leave his old desk here, and is still deciding what will stay and what will go with him from his room. The bed for sure is staying — he wants to get a new one, as the current one is part of a bunk bed and is not super long for his 6’3″ stature. 🙂

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  22. Hubby was running late to his doctor’s appointment (longer-than-expected day at work), so he called me to ask me to meet him in the driveway as he pulled in, so he could give me the bag of candy & I could give him the checkbook.

    It probably looked like a drug deal going down. 🙂

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  23. It’s kind of a scary night here. Lots of loud Halloween noises, a few too many older kids out roaming down the middle of the street. And I couldn’t find Annie when I came home, she’s almost always in the house (I get home around 7 p.m., dark outside).

    I kept hearing this loud meowing eventually, she was out on the front porch BEGGING to come in, poor thing. She must have been spooked by all the goings on on the streets and sidewalks. I only tried walking the dogs once on a Halloween night, they were very scared the whole time, too many weird costumes and noises, so this is a night we stay in.

    And now I’m watching “Halloween,” the 1978 movie, which probably is making me feel more skittish.


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  24. Lots of fun at our church’s Trunk or Treat which was held inside tonight since it was pouring. An adorable black cat, a princess, a doctor and Elsa all ran up to hung and kiss my husband. Great work if you can get it with adorables in the room!

    We were surprised at how many children could quote the lines: “Five little monkeys jumping on the bed; one fell off and bumped his head, Mama called the doctor and the doctor said :

    If you get it right I give you a handful of candy . . .

    Fun, but I’m glad to be home. I ate way too much candy.


  25. We have that book checked out of the library right now…

    But is it OK if I quote from years and years of reading that to little monkeys, I mean, arrows? 😉

    No more monkeys jumping on the bed!



  26. Thanks for all the congrats and likes and all and celebrating with me 1st Arrow’s getting the job.

    And if he tries jumping on the bed, he would hit the ceiling in very short order!

    Good night, everyone. Sleep tight.



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