37 thoughts on “News/Politics 10-31-16

  1. Hillary can’t be a Trump plant. She was there before he was. She was there before Obama. She has been there since 1992. Remember the “two for one” theme?
    Double the pain, as I remember.

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  2. Ricky, as I have said before…nothing else makes sense.
    Chas, I tried to explain the two for one thing yesterday to someone. They didn’t understand why that was a bad thing. I will give her this, I think she has been the brains behinds “the Clintons” all along. He was more palatable, but she was smarter.

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  3. Former President Clinton is a personally charming man– like many adult children of alcoholics. He made a lot of friends among the military in Hawai’i by playing golf with them and being totally genial.

    His politics were unpopular and military wives distinctly didn’t like Mrs. C, but they liked him.

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  4. I agree about Bill, Michelle. Like Rush says, he would be a great guy to smoke cigars and chase women with.
    Nothing good can be said about Hillary.
    I mentioned before that the Secret Service calls her plane “Broomstick one”. I don’t know if that is true.


  5. Well this is interesting! A strategy for “resetting” the election, & ensuring that neither Trump nor Clinton win in the Electoral College. The preface (from Facebook) I am sharing here is more detailed than the actual article, which is brief. . .

    “I posted the link to this article two weeks ago, and re-post it today, with a little added strategic commentary, for those who’d really like to hit the “reset” button on the 2016 Presidential Election. What follows is of course subject to a general “low chance of success” caveat, but if by some chance a lot of voters decided to take this up . . . well, stranger things have happened.
    The “Stupid-Simple” part of the article’s headline is decidedly misleading, of course: this is a three-quarter court heave at the buzzer. But when you’re down by one with time expiring and the ball in your hands, what do you do?

    I start by observing how narrow George W. Bush’s electoral college victories in 2000 and 2004 were. Had there been a third-party candidate to poach just one State from Bush in 2000 — any State, no matter how small — neither major candidate would have won the necessary 270 electoral votes. And had just a handful of low-population States, or one populous one, defected to a third party in 2004, same result: neither major candidate reaches the magic number 270.

    What that has to do with the current election: Let’s say the electoral map turns out exactly as it did in 2000, with just one exception: Utah breaks for McMullin. Result: Neither Clinton nor Trump reaches 270.

    So if you really want to try this gambit, how do you vote for President?

    (1) If you live in a State (Utah, Idaho?) McMullin has even an outside chance to win, vote McMullin;
    (2) If you live in a State (New Mexico?) Johnson has even an outside chance to win, vote Johnson;
    (3) If you live in a Purple State that went for Bush in 2000, and where no third-party candidate has a plausible path to victory, vote Trump;
    (4) If you live in a Purple State that went for Gore in 2000, and where no third-party candidate has a plausible path to victory, vote Clinton;
    (5) If you live in a solidly Red State that Clinton isn’t threatening to flip, vote third party;
    (6) If you live in a solidly Blue State that Trump isn’t threatening to flip, vote third party.

    All six of these things are critical. The goal of this gambit is an Electoral College stalemate: reproducing (as nearly as possible) the 2000 electoral map, but with one or a few States breaking third-party. But for that stalemate to have the proper effect, the popular vote totals for Clinton and Trump must also be as low as possible so that neither has the leverage of a plausible claim to a “popular mandate.”

    Any chance of success for the strategy really depends upon the Mountain States of the Far West, and the possibility that McMullin and/or Johnson might poach 3-4 of them. With their small populations and low numbers of electoral votes, think of them as Hobbit-States — the little States that might, like Frodo and Sam, rattle the counsels of the Big Operators. If they have the audacity to deliver McMullin/Johnson victories, and Clinton doesn’t carry any of G. W. Bush’s former winning States, there’s an outside chance the House of Representatives will give us a sane President.

    Not much hope. Just a fool’s hope.”



  6. Jake Tapper of CNN actually asked John Podesta…

    “Well, can’t you admit Hillary brought this on herself?”

    The look on Podesta’s face was priceless… it was, “What in the world are you doing? You’re supposed to be on our team.”

    Tapper… for a brief shining moment… turned into an actual journalist.

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  7. Very good article, Michelle. Thanks for linking. Rosaria wisely speaks of the LGBT community as fellow image bearers. Absolutely true, and an important distinction from Jen’s reference to the community as our brothers and sisters in Christ. Sounds beautiful, but what a sad deception to believe that the latter is true.

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  8. I have some political-related questions if anyone cares to answer.

    Background: My 19-year-old has voted in one past election. With the presidential election coming up next week, not surprisingly our family has been getting lots of flyers in the mail, mostly encouraging us to vote for Republican candidates, as my husband and I had registered as Rs many years ago when we moved to this jurisdiction. Most of the flyers are addressed to “The [our family name] Household.”

    However, there are now also flyers addressed specifically to our 19-year-old who has not registered as a D or an R or an I or anything. (She’s registered to vote, of course, but they don’t ask anyone to state a party preference anymore.)

    I’m wondering why all the mailings going to her are pro-Democrat/anti-Republican? How is it the Dems seem to know she’s an eligible voter, and the Reps don’t?

    I don’t know if I’m overly suspicious, or if this is related, but a few years back, our township clerk, who oversees voting in our precinct, sent out postcards endorsing a Democratic candidate for a position in state government, telling everyone to go vote for him. I can’t remember if her official title was included on the mailing, or if it was just her, personally, as a private citizen, but it was her name in the return address portion, and it struck me as very questionable that she was involving herself in such an effort, given her prominence at the town hall where our elections are held.

    So I’m wondering who all has access to voter registrations, and if she is possibly involved in getting information about newly-registered voters to party officials of her preference only?

    Just seems strange that all my daughter is receiving is one-sided toward the Dems when she didn’t declare a party preference and has only voted Republican.

    Comments welcome, anyone who has any.


  9. Voter reg info is public for the most part, we access it here when we need to look something up — campaigns can use that

    I like Tapper, he’s usually pretty good


  10. Thanks, DJ. That makes sense — both of your points.

    I wonder if the Republicans have given up on that demographic — trying to target the youth vote as part of their strategy?

    Interesting link, Tychicus. I recently looked at my state’s voting statistics for past presidential elections, and for our primary this year. The state hasn’t gone red since Reagan, and Trump didn’t win here in the primaries, but who knows? HRC didn’t win in the primaries, either. She lost big to Sanders, who beat her in every county except one. Trump didn’t perform as badly in the primaries as she did. But Hillary still got more votes statewide than Trump did.

    I live in a slightly blue township in a very blue county in a moderately blue state. I have a hard time envisioning red for our state in the presidential contest, but I suppose it could happen. But if there’s a red landslide nationally, we might be one of the few states attempting to build a wall to stop it. 🙂


  11. HRW, My son made me aware of some unusual statistics in the Dallas Independent School District. 70% of the students are Hispanic, 25% are black, and less than 5% are white. However, the individual schools tend to be overwhelmingly black or overwhelmingly Hispanic, particularly in the high schools.

    This explained an unusual phenomenon I observed in a girls’ high school volleyball playoff game a decade ago. My son’s suburban school had 6 girls who were over 6 feet tall. Four went on to play volleyball in college. Their opponents were from Dallas Thomas Jefferson. 11 of the 12 girls on the Dallas team were Hispanic and none were over 5’5″. They had one black girl who was 5’7″ and could jump. I found myself rooting for the Dallas team, because they were physically overmatched, but played with great heart. The saddest part of the whole night was that my son’s school had 500+ fans and the Dallas team had zero fans, though the game was played at a neutral site closer to their school. In the last game, three of us started cheering for nice plays made by either team. This drew the same sort of dirty looks from our fans that I am currently getting from Trumpkin neighbors. However, when you are known to be a Confederate, you can get away with a great deal.

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  12. HRW, I think Trump thinks he can be his own ground game, and he may be right. My older and less educated neighbors are currently riled up like rabid dogs. I think this may be a year where many college graduates are completely disgusted and stay home, but the true believer Trumpkins will definitely vote.


  13. Someone said our local cruises, going both north and south, are all booked in the days immediately following the election next Tuesday.


  14. Somewhat related to the video.

    My city is probably the most left wing in Canada. The core is socialist and the suburbans are liberal.

    I teach in a school where over 60% of my students come from housing projects full of single moms, immigrants, and those who for one reason or another didnt succeed. As a jr girl volleyball coach we play large suburban or exurban schools. My team and school is one of the most ethically diverse in the city (white, Arab, Kurd, Turkish, Pakistani, Sikh, Afghan, Vietnamese, Chinese, Somali, Carribaen, Central American, etc) . The first thing my team notices about the liberal suburban schools is they are all tall white girls. Now their parents will honestly say they are not prejudiced but there’s a reason they live in the exurbs and its not that they enjoy paying twice as much for a house.

    If you want to annoy a community, change the high school boundaries. The wealth liberal west end was horrified when “their” high school’s boundaries were expanded to the inner core of the city.

    As an aside, two years ago my girls won the city championship. My starting lineup was Turkish, Vietnamese, , Pakistan, Arab, Nigerian and one “Canadian”. Only two parents showed up to watch. The other suburban all white team filled the stands.

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  15. Ricky, I wrote my last comment before I read your previous comment. Right now my ethically diverse team is overmatched for exactly the same reasons you mention. Shorter ( except a Somali girl), no experience in high level athletics outside of school, and very little parental interest (except a Kurdish/Arab mom who can yell in three languages in one sentence, thankfully she only swears in Kurdish).

    Not sure Trump will have the ground game. His supporters are sparodiac voters and Republican policy of strigent voter registration and ID may actually affect him more than Clinton. Women and minorities are highly motivated to vote and the Clinton team will make sure their registration is in order and they get a ride to the correct poll booth. Apparently exit polls at advance voting in swing states indicate a Clinton lead. If Trump supporters wait til election day they may be discouraged by long lines.

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  16. HRW, I had forgotten that you coached volleyball. What a great sport! I hope to see a girl from my Sunday School class play in her first playoff game tomorrow. She goes to a small rural school, but they have a great coach.

    Unfortunately, the best integration program I ever saw was Katrina. That tragedy spread black students from New Orleans all over the Southern states. The New Orleans students that moved to my son’s school generally did well.

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  17. HRW, From what I am seeing in Wise County, Texas, Trump supporters don’t get discouraged easily. In the primaries, there were times when Trump’s lack of an organization and a ground game hurt him. However, I have never seen people as riled up as they are now. In 1980, I waited in line for two hours with hundreds of largely conservative young people to vote for Reagan. We all lived in apartments because we couldn’t afford houses with the high interest rates. It was a happy, optimistic atmosphere. Reagan ran that kind of campaign. This year people are just mad, very mad.


  18. Oh, I’m sure Trump doesn’t have a “ground game.” He didn’t in the primaries either.

    The question remains, will it matter? We’ll all know in a little over a week I suppose.

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  19. And then we can all go on a cruise somewhere and forget about it all

    Unless …

    We’re all part of a Twilight Zone episode and this week will never end?

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  20. Michelle, I posted that Butterfield article to Facebook. My close friend in CA has disputed it with a comment. I will not answer her liberal slant. It is just another thing for me to be sad about today.


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