Peter’s Pack of Pickled Pigskin Picks 2016-Week 9

It’s World Series time! And just what does baseball have to do with the Pigskin Picks? Not much. Except this year the two MLB teams playing are both perennial losers who are having a great year. So, in honor of that, this week’s picks include lots of perennial losers. So, four pillow fights instead of one, all three military academies and three games involving once-great teams on the comeback trail (Auburn, Nebraska and Florida State). Have fun, folks. Don’t forget to get those guesses in by 7:00PM EDT Friday, as two of the military academy games are under Friday night lights. And remember to pick the score of the tie breaker, chosen by last week’s winner (for the 4th time), Kbells

Pillow Fight #1– UConn (3-5) @ Eastern Carolina (2-5)

Pillow Fight #2– UNLV (3-5) @ San Jose St. (2-6)

Pillow Fight #3– Georgia St (2-5) @ South Alabama (3-4)

Pillow Fight #4– Louisiana Monroe (2-5) @ Arkansas State (2-4)

Comeback attempt #1– #7 Nebraska @ #11 Wisconsin

Comeback attempt #2– #3 Clemson @ #12 Florida State

Military Academy #1– #22 Navy @ South Florida

Military Academy #2– Air Force @ Fresno State

Military Academy #3– Army @ Wake Forest

10. Tie Breaker; Pick winner and final score (Comeback attempt #3): #15 Auburn @ Ole Miss

26 thoughts on “Peter’s Pack of Pickled Pigskin Picks 2016-Week 9

  1. Eastern Carolina
    South Alabama (One of my diploma is from here)
    Arkansas State
    Florida State
    Go Navy Beat Army
    Air Force
    Ole Miss 38 to 35


  2. This happened to me last time. I don’t know what does it.
    1. E. Carolina
    2. UNLV
    3 S. Alabama
    4. Arkansas State
    5. Nebraska (Purdue gave them a fit, but I’ll take them.)
    6. Clemson
    7 Navy
    8 Air Force
    9. Wake Forest
    10 Aubuern 21-7


  3. Is this an exercise in futility? We’ll see.
    UConn – I have friends who live in Storrs and visited the campus once.
    San Jose St. – because I cannot stand anything from Sin City.
    South Alabama – I’ve met someone who went there. Wonder who?
    Louisiana Monroe – I’ve been through Monroe several times. It is a beautiful city.
    Wisconsin – Ever since Nebraska came to Missouri and won by mistake, I’ve rooted for the other team.
    Clemson – I like Tigers, and FSU is not in it this year.
    Navy – Like Kim said, GO NAVY!
    Fresno State – The Falcons have their wings clipped this year.
    Wake Forest – The Knights’ armor is rusty.
    Tie Breaker Auburn 42 Ole Miss 14 – I like Tigers.


  4. I’ve never participated before because I didn’t think I knew enough about the teams. Now that I’ve seen Peter’s reasoning, I guess I’ve got as good a chance as he does.

    South Alabama
    Arkansas State
    Air Force
    Auburn 17-7


  5. Wait no more! ATTAGAL kbells! She did it again, getting 8 of 10 correct. This week she got the closest to the tie breaker as well. Can you say “dynasty”? Five times this Southern Belle has outdone the competition.

    Here are the results:
    kbell 8
    Mumsee 7
    Tychicus, Chas, Kevin and Kim 6
    AJ and PeterL 5

    Game scores:
    ECU 41 UConn 3
    SJSU 30 UNLV 24
    So. Alabama 31 Geo St 10
    Ark St 51 LA Monroe 10
    Wisc 23 Neb 17 OT
    Clemson 37 FSU 34
    SoFla 52 Navy 45
    AFA 31 Fresno St 21
    Army 21 Wake 13
    Auburn 40 Ole Miss 29

    So, Queen of Pigskin Picks, what game will you beat us at next week?

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