55 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 10-27-16

  1. Good morning Aj.
    Good evening Jo.
    While half awake, half asleep, my mind solved a minor problem I’ve had for decades.
    i.e. Why we had to land at Billy Mitchell Field in Hempstead, NY when we flew our B-29 in from Arabia. It should have been obvious to me all this time

    They didn’t trust us. The Russians had a plane copied after the B-29. Somehow, the flight plan from Bermuda must have got mixed up because a fighter jet came out to escort us in. They didn’t want us landing at a major airport, nor close to NYC.
    This should have been obvious to me all along.
    I wasn’t pondering it. It just came to me.
    We flew out of a military Base in Bermuda.

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  2. Hi Jo.

    I’ve been sleeping OK……. during the day. 😦

    I’ve been fighting a bad cold since Monday so I’ve had plenty of rest for 3 days in a row. But then I laid there until 1AM wide awake. I did get a few hours though, so I’m good. I’m not a 100%, but I feel better today than I have since Sunday. So, progress. πŸ™‚

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  3. I’m glad you are better Aj.
    In answer to a question from yesterday. I didn’t follow professional baseball in 1945. I was 15 and other things were going on. WW II had just ended.
    I have never been a fan of professional sports. I went to see the Boston Braves play somebody in 1951. That’s it for me in professional sports.

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  4. Art and I are at a different doctor’s office this a.m. This is another after surgery checkup.

    Karen has a urinary tract infection. Last time we spoke, she thought she may need to go back to the hospital.


  5. Chas, isn’t it funny how things like that come to you at the oddest times. I have had a couple of those “Ooohhhhh, so THAT’s why ….”
    I also feel that everything that happens to us in life happens for a reason. We may not know at the time but one day it will have prepared us for something. I think I shared one of those experiences last week with Junior and his Bride.

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  6. I love the header photo. I want to be there. Unfortunately Mr. P can’t sit in a car for a long period of time and can’t walk a long distance still. We had been hopeful, but it just hasn’t happened.


  7. Good morning. Lovely header. Those trees are really green still. I’m guessing that was taken some months ago? Pretty in any case.

    We’re past our peak fall color. It wasn’t as brilliant this year, I think owing to the numerous rains we had late this summer and early fall. Seems like I heard dry weather produces more colorful fall foliage, but I could be wrong.

    Looks like we’ve wrapped up the math and hashtags thread from last night. πŸ˜‰ Now on to math and other things with the arrows.

    Michelle, I don’t know. The year has been racing by for me, is all I know. πŸ™‚


  8. I agree with the racing time.

    I took the grandchildren to ‘trunk or treat’ at their church last night. Connor Matthew had the most fun of anyone there. He played every game st least twice.

    Working on apples while waiting for daughter to get home from work. I made 4 apple pies yesterday, and will made at least that many today. We have so many jars of jelly and jam, that I don’t want to make apple butter. Trying to work these up into something we will use.

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  9. OK, I think I’ll go back to bed and see if the answer to my beadboard measurements just “come to me.” Or what plan I should go with for medical insurance.

    I’m feeling very sleepy this morning. I poured the morning bucket of water onto the brown ‘Charlie Brown” tree but it still is brown. 😦

    By tonight we should be getting some rain that will last through morning, then more again maybe early next week. Most of it will hit the mountains north of us in LA, though, but we should get some of it here at the coast. Meanwhile, the forecast said it’ll look and feel like it’s going to rain all day today.

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  10. rkessler WHERE do you get all the energy you seem to have?

    DJ, you may not be at fault over the Charlie Brown Tree. It was likely grown in a pot which does damage to their root system or if it was grown in a field, when they dug it up they may have damaged the root. (I know more about this than I would like thanks to an arborologist being in my BNI group)
    It could also be going dormant for the winter and may spout next Spring. Keep watering it. If it has enough branches, you may want to pinch one off to see if it is green inside.

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  11. The city planted several of the same kind of tree all through the neighborhood, almost all of them are now brown (one at the end of the block is still green, which I can’t figure out). I haven’t seen any discussions about it on Next Door, which is odd (although i haven’t been on that site much lately so I may have missed it). I’ll have to send a picture of it in as a header one of these days. πŸ™‚


  12. Rkessler is a huge encouragement to me, as I have told her. I have known many older women who did all of that stuff but few younger or my age women. I suspect that camaraderie helps and having her daughter around some of the time is probably that. I know when husband is here, it is much easier to do some of the canning and harvesting than when I am alone. There is a lot to be said for relationship. Of course, I could be all wrong and she just has it in herself to do all that which is very admirable and encouraging.

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  13. I am still trying to help my friend, Karen, get through her stuff. She is so kind in her many expressions of gratitude.

    I’ve been listening to buzzing chain saws all day except for time at the doctor’s office. Many big trees are being cut down in a nearby yard. It is so dry that it makes sense before they fall from drought.

    DJ, I don’t know if it is used on trees, but we use to use something called Rootone to help get a good root system developed in new plantings.

    I looked for more Ajuga plants this week to plant on my pitiful dryed out side yard bank by the driveway. I found none to match what I bought last year. Does anyone use a good mail order plant nursery?


  14. I hope AJ is feeling much better from that cold! Virtual chicken soup to you!β™‘ And a Get Well serinade. That’ll make your ears get plugged up and ache.


  15. Interesting noises flow through my window. I just heard God’s name taken in vain. I think a neighbor is having trouble with a Halloween yard decoration. Seems like it would be more appropriate to curse the devil over that.

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  16. Called the Texas beadboard place, she managed to get to me to the correct page on their website where I could view the appropriate mouldings (caps and bottoms). But now I have to pick those out, so I will have to call her back when I figure that out.

    So complicated.

    And all the candidates from our local races are pestering us, trying to get last minute charges in against their opponents. One campaign, which calls all of us continually, called our editor 15 times yesterday.


  17. When I asked the person on the phone for help with advice, she said they just sell the stuff, it’s up to me to figure out exactly what I want (which I understand, but you’d think someone there might be able to help guide customers).


  18. Wainscot cap for the top in case you want to prop anything on top
    Adams casing for the bottom…look around your house at what you have near the floors for baseboards and match that. The Adams casing is likely to match the window casing.

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  19. trying to remember everything for today. Just got back from market and things are soaking. Having the other three in these flats for dinner. It is my aide’s birthday, so taking treats and gifts to school for her and the class. There is a lunch bung for the gal in these flats who is leaving so am taking something for that plus my lunch. Also I already traded someone recess duty so that I would be free to go. Oh, and tomorrow is the high school carnival. As funny as it may seem, I am hoping to get a haircut at the carnival.

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  20. I’m so not ready for winter or gloomy weather. Now that the lovely days of fall are over, can I just fast-forward to late spring? It’s been nice to get outside a bit, but it’s cooler and grayer than I like, and I’m just not ready for that–but I almost never am.

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  21. I was looking at Colonial base but Adams casing would work — my door and window trims and baseboards are very wide and rather plain, not squirly or fancy


  22. c.1900 – 1930. The Classical Craftsman Style is inspired by the Arts and Crafts, Bungalow and Prairie movements. These movements rejected Victorian era excesses and embraced the desire to emphasize β€œman-made” over β€œmachine-made” materials. …


  23. Decisions, decisions, Donna. I do not envy you in your task.

    Thank you for the kind words, Kim and Mumsee. I am not a ball of energy. I just do the next thing that needs to be done. My main helper is almost 5 years old. I just seems that I always have a lot that needs done. I am very jealous of my daughters with bigger helpers. I used to get a lot done when I had my girls at home.


  24. Cheryl & Kare, same with me and gloomy weather. I feel your pain (to some extent — we haven’t had our first snow yet — winter must seem interminable, Kare, with the long cold season you endure).

    RKessler, “do the next thing” is good policy. I have a blank square of paper where I wrote those exact words on one side. On the other side I copied a quote I once saw (don’t remember the source) that says, “Done is better than perfect.”

    I need both reminders.

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  25. Tomorrow my siblings and I are all meeting at our parents’ house to go through things in their basement — old items of theirs and maybe my dad’s parents, too, who lived there before that. Mom wants us all together to see what’s down there and decide who wants what.

    I have no idea what’s even there. We (meaning my husband and I and our children) have so much stuff in our own house, that I don’t know that I have the space for much else, even if I would want it.

    And I’m not good at determining the value of items, either. Maybe I’ll find some things of sentimental value, but beyond that, I know so little of what’s what in sorting through things that tend to be in aging parents’ basements.


  26. And we’re remembering my father-in-law, who passed away a year ago this week. Hard to believe that a year has gone by already since he’s gone.

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  27. We had rain since yesterday, and it’s cold, like low 30’s. I actually broke down first thing this morning and cranked up the furnace and bled the radiators. It’s pretty toasty now. πŸ™‚

    But it’s supposed to be back in the 70’s this weekend with 50’s overnight, so it won’t be on full time yet. That’s good. But alas, another day of blah to go first.


  28. Rainy in Ann Arbor yesterday and gloomy today. Tomorrow sounds better but temps are peaking in the mid-50s. I’m with you, Cheryl. Let’s fast-forward to May.


  29. I kind of like this cooler weather. Let’s not skip to May but stay with this until then. That way we can still have Thanksgiving and Christmas w/out the snow and cold. Of course, some people don’t get the snow, just the cold at their dog parks.

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  30. And a note of sadness. A young man we know had a stroke last week, then another while in the hospital. The doctors discovered a rare disease with little chance of recovery. He died this morning. He was 28 and leaves a wife and two-year-old son, and another child due in January.


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