59 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 10-26-16

  1. Having fun using the fitbit my daughter gave me. Made it over 5 miles for the first time today in a couple of months. Good to be getting strong again. So, when I have to go back to the office several times, which is the other side of the playground, I just rejoice in all the extra steps I am getting. And when on yard duty, I just keep walking.

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  2. Good evening Jo.
    Monday night I told a guy I would likely attend his Bible study this morning at 6{45. It’s 6:58 now and I ain’t there. What I forgot Monday night is that it’s dark at 6:45 and I am restricted to daylight driving.
    It’s only a mile down there, but it’s still illegal.

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  3. Interesting header photo. It’s an I Spy kind of photo. It seems I might spy either a baby pumpkin or a funny color mushroom. Will we be given clues? Fun! A very nice diversion during an election season full of pumpkins and weird mushrooms, to put it mildly.


  4. I am having morning sneezes along with my coffee. I hope it is not the beginning of a cold. I was sneezing some yesterday, too. I suppose I’ve had lots of people contacts lately.

    My brother started a job out of his field. He will be selling on straight commission in appliances and cellular in a store. I think it is his first time to punch a time clock. It might just be for the “holiday” season although the store would not make that known. He will continue his quest for other work. At least he is a quick learner so although he has been proud to not own a Smartphone…he will be on the fast track to ownership.

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  5. Good Morning Everyone. My body is trying to get sick and I don’t like it. Yesterday I had to drink a cup of coffee at 3pm so I could function. I was still asleep a little after 10. This morning I can’t wake up and my brain is fuzzy. I already have 10 emails in my inbox–most from Guy so it isn’t going to be an easy day. At least today I am working from home.

    Michelle, how exciting the next year or so is going to be for you. I can’t wait to see what happens.


  6. That is a good one from Pastor Paul, Michelle.
    And to be rich, truly rich, means in the heart, not just in outward possessions and money in the bank, and investments. People can have all the outward trappings and yet have a poverty of heart that they do not understand. I am thankful God said nothing is impossible for Him and He was relating that to a rich man getting into heaven.

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  7. I like Elegant with Playful Purple and the Fiery Front Door. It has been so long ago that we were working on exterior colors I have forgotten what DJ chose. The bath is coming together quite nicely but not as fast as either of us (one more than the other, I am sure) would like. Last night’s discussion was bath tubs.

    I love looking at Houzz for ideas. I like to see what they have done and if I can copy it. Several of the ideas DJ has liked have come from there.
    Are we still doing the niches in the shower walls for soaps, shampoos, etc?

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  8. 36″ 42″ 4 feet, 5 feet, 6 feet …

    My head is swimming, I’m trying to decide on what height beadboard to get for the bathroom — I really have to order it pretty pronto as it takes a long time to ship and things may move fast now.

    6 feet? (ceiling is 96″, how many feet is that??)


    Craftsman style (which is my house) seems to be higher beadboard … If I hang a picture, though, does it go onto the beadboard or above? Which seems like it would hang too high …

    Honestly, I have no idea how this whole thing will look in the end. There have been so many pieces and variables to try to fit together …

    I also have to decide on top and bottom rails or moldings and the place I’m ordering from in Texas has the worst website ever, it’s just not very user friendly for lay people.

    Panic is setting in.


  9. Yes, an inset in the shower tile is planned, anyway. 🙂

    Demo guys are being contacted today to see what their schedules are like; I’m looking at maybe around 11/14 to begin. But it seems like the tile guy would have to come in right behind them? Will have to plan the window install based on all of that, maybe with only a few days’ notice. I’ll probably be without a shower to use (other than at a neighbors’) for 2 weeks.

    I sent an email to my editor yesterday saying I’ll probably either need to take vacation time for this or find a way to work from home a large part of the time if I can’t get time off. I don’t feel comfortable not being here and I want to be able to keep an eye on the animals.

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  10. 96 inches divided by 12 inches per foot = 8-foot ceiling. 🙂

    Since I don’t drink coffee, that math problem was my morning jolt. Thanks, DJ. 😀

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  11. I thought 96″ = 8 feet, but … I never trust myself with math, even when I use the calculator on the smartphone.

    5 feet is good, I think, esp if it can rest on top of the baseboard (5 feet from the floor doesn’t quite clear the light switch on the wall and I guess you want to make sure it clears that.

    I can’t remember if she gave me 5 feet as an option yesterday, seemed like only 6, 8 feet and higher, but I’ll see what I jotted down.

    Meanwhile, my toaster is smoking so that’s unplugged & needs to be replaced. Always somethin’

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  12. So sometimes, like this morning in my panic, I feel like Kim shows up to give me a good slap across the face and a bucket of cold water (“Order the 5ft beadboard. Hang things above or rest them on the moulding”) 🙂 🙂

    Thanks. I needed that.

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  13. Overwhelmed doesn’t begin to describe my state of mind with this bathroom & all the other house decisions I have to make right now. 😦

    Meanwhile, I scheduled another Salvation Army pickup for Nov. 1.


  14. I do math funny. 1 ft = 12 inches
    so 120-12= 108-12=96
    This in no way resembles the confusion of common core math. It is just my lazy way of doing it.
    You don’t even want to know how I figure percentages.

    I wouldn’t trust me to do your taxes or prescribe medicine but if you want to know how much money you are going to make–I’m your girl.


  15. Yikes, that’s really showing your work! Took me a while, but now I see how that all fits. 🙂

    But why not do 120-24 at the end instead of subtracting twelve twice? 24 from 120 takes you four below 100, or 96.

    There, I just shaved off one step for you. 🙂


  16. I hear that in some schools they teach or used to teach the multiplication tables through 12 x 12. So if you went to a school like that you’d just know that 8 x 12 = 96. But I didn’t go to one of those schools, we just went through 9 x 9.

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  17. The light switch is just under 5 feet, so I think the goal in that case is to get the beadboard to cover it completely (you either want it all above or all below the top cap piece??)

    I dunno …. So many little details

    Beadboard is wainscoting (I’m not sure about the difference, but it’s called beadboard in bathrooms and kitchens — the wooden grooved boards (in my case they’ll be white) that go part way up a wall, then the wall is panted above that.

    I have original wainscoting in my living room, it’s wide and maybe 4+ feet tall in there. My living room is all white but when I finally get it painted I want to do a color above and keep the wainscoting (and wide craftsman-style door & window frames?) white so they’ll stand out.

    Stay tuned, I’ll be lamenting over color choices for that soon enough


  18. And I forgot the lead inspection was today. Had to get that rescheduled after the inspector sat outside my house after I’d left for work already. Sigh.


  19. I’ve been so busy today I haven’t had a chance to call the beadboard people, but I rechecked my notes from the conversation yesterday and it looked like 6 feet is the shortest they sell, but maybe not.

    They have a really convoluted website that is impossible for me to figure out unfortunately.

    I got the lead guy rescheduled for Nov. 8, election day, as I’ll be home that morning and not going into work until really late. On the inspector’s voice mail from this morning I could hear my dogs going nuts and barking away as he was standing at the front door with no one answering … I’m here, where are you? he said.

    And the window people keep calling — I have no idea how to schedule or synchronize that bathroom window this far in advance.

    OK, back to my local guy going to Saturday’s Cubs game story …


  20. Sorry I didn’t get on here earlier–my husband and I went for a LONG walk this morning and afternoon. Not having slept much at all last night, I then had a nap. Anyway, one of you figured out this morning’s “Where’s Waldo” shot was butterflies–to be precise, eastern commas feasting on fallen pears. If you look at the outside of the wing, you see why it is called a comma. See the white comma? The outside of the wing blends in with dead leaves, the insides with autumn leaves. They overwinter (hibernate) as adults, so we see adults late in the fall and theoretically also early in spring, and also in summer. I’ve only seen them in fall, except once this summer I think. But this fall I was seeing as many as five or six on those pears (three in the first photo). And I thought the one on the side of the pear tree, with a few late asters blooming behind it, was a pretty autumn sight.


  21. That’s not Bud Abbot but someone else. There are three or four different versions of the skit (one involving vacuum cleaner sales), but this was the clearest on my computer.


  22. #CubsWin!!! 5-1 for the first Cubs World Series Victory since 1945. I wonder if Chas remembers that series, being as he’s the only one to have been old enough then.


  23. And the counter at the top says 54 right now, so 6Arrows is a little off. Unless she had the same math teacher as Lou Costello.


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