38 thoughts on “News/Politics 10-11-16

  1. I could be wrong, and of course, we’ll never know, but I suspect that the last few weeks have not changed many (if any) votes. More people will be holding their noses as they vote, but those who were going to vote for Trump are still going to. Totally because of the alternative.


  2. It’s certainly complicated. Someone wrote this morning to say the press was told no flash photography because it can spark seizures in one of the candidates. That’s a pretty serious health issues, IMHO. You can serve in the military if you have a problem like that, nor in many other professions, I’d guess.

    May God have mercy–is my prayer for my country.

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  3. I guess I am brainwashed by the news media. I just heard a report on CBS news while I was driving, wherein they were interviewing steel mill operators in PA– alarming us that this traditionally Democrat voting group may head for Trump.

    The mill owner explained that while 75% of his workers (THIS former reporter wondering how he had such a stat) were registered Democrats, 90% will vote for Trump because they believe he will keep their work in PA.

    Ah, so not all Trump supporters are despicable haters, but some may have intelligent reasons for voting against Sec. C?

    Imagine that.

    It’s wonderful to be sitting out on this section of the balllot.

    Meanwhile, vote Yes on Measure Y in Sonoma County. If this election proves anything, it’s the need for stronger libraries!


  4. Michelle, Very few Trumpkins are deplorable haters. All of them have been conned… the Christians, the mill workers, the unemployed.

    All Trump has ever been is a con man. He conned his banks, his ex-wives, his mistresses, his business partners and the poor suckers who maxed out their credit cards to attend “Trump University”.

    This year he conned “evangelicals” and other Republican primary voters. He may yet con his way into the White House, but I don’t think so.

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  5. Now I am upset! My hero Thomas Sowell has gone senile. The problem with the Trump tape WAS NOT the bad language. The problem was that Trump bragged about committing multiple sexual assaults. Sexual assaults are actions not words.

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  6. Personally I think Trump was originally a reaction to political correctness, media bias and the way conservatives have cowed down to the fear of being disliked. They are going to dislike us. They disliked and demonized McCain and Romney almost as much as they did Trump. The difference is Trump had the power to fight back and that was refreshing. The problem I had with him was he used that power against fellow conservative. He wasn’t content to disagree, he wanted to destroy. That was such a lefty thing to do.

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  7. I think disaffected Democrats (of the more middle-of-the-road, conservative variety — my neighbors are a good example, in their late 60s and lifelong Democrats who changed their registration to vote for Trump) are among the wild cards in the race. Polls are now significantly swinging in Clinton’s favor, coming out of last weekend’s craziness. Not surprising.

    Whether that’s a trend that will hold or not — or whether there’s even enough time left for Trump’s numbers to rebound enough to make it genuinely competitive, esp in the battleground swing states — remains to be seen.


  8. The only real advantage Trump has is that people hate, loathe and despise, all at the same time, his opponent.
    Hillary will allow thousands of Muslim refugees into America.
    Trump won’t.


  9. Playing devil’s advocate to Ricky — Trump is a maybe or “don’t know” on what he’d do or not do. Clinton is a “for sure” when it comes to the path she’d want to continue to pursue.

    Listening to Prager again today on the drive in to work, who posed the question “can a sinful person save a nation?” He pointed to God’s using a prostitute to help the Israelites.

    Thoughts? I haven’t had time to mull that one over much and now I’m at work.

    I’m still not voting for president, but find it interesting to follow the back and forth arguments on this whole messy dilemma, especially for believers.

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  10. It’s the end of the GOP as we know it.

    And I feel fine…..

    You can’t rebuild, until you tear the old, dilapidated structure down first. If Trump accomplishes nothing else, at least he’s been a somewhat useful idiot in this regard. He’ll at least have accomplished that.


    “Donald Trump all but declared war on the Republican establishment Tuesday, blasting House Speaker Paul Ryan for his criticism and vowing to campaign as he sees fit.

    “it is so nice that the shackles have been taken off me and I can now fight for America the way I want to,” Trump said during a morning tweet storm that targeted Ryan and other Republicans.

    Later, the Republican presidential nominee tweeted: “Disloyal R’s are far more difficult than Crooked Hillary. They come at you from all sides. They don’t know how to win — I will teach them!””


  11. Yes. The lunatic is out of his cage and is tweeting again.


  12. AJ, I agree with your first sentence @ 1:37. The problem is Trump brings many “don’t knows’ into play. We don’t know if he will start a trade war by accident or on purpose. We don’t know if he will start a real war by accident or on purpose. We don’t know if he will abuse executive power in a way to make Obama look like Coolidge. We don’t know if Trump will cause the collapse of NATO. We can’t assume Trump can do any of the routine things our presidents accomplish. He is a lunatic.


  13. I know this may sound heretical, but with all those “don’t knows”, I don’t know that Trump wouldn’t be worse than Clinton. I’m not saying he would be worse, just that I don’t know. That’s the dilemma for me.

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  14. We don’t know, Kevin. Not ultimately. Clinton’s a given. Trump is showing some very bad signs, but it remains unclear to some extent what he’d do or not do in office. And yes, he might blow the whole world up. Or perhaps he’d be impeached before he could do that, who knows.

    If it really is the “end” of the GOP, what will be in its place that will be competitive on a national scale?

    Anyway, another interesting post from FB today:


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  15. Then there are those who are telling people they won’t vote for Trump just so they don’t have to take the abuse from the Hillary supporters or the Trump haters all the while knowing that they are going to vote for Trump.

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  16. One up side to Trump winning would be watching all the liberal heads explode. Some of their predictions are really over the top. We also all need to remember that we are not electing a king. Whoever wins will still have to obey the law and go through Congress and the Supreme Court. What I worry about most is that a Clinton SC would pretty much make living your faith outside the four walls of your house or church illegal.

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  17. I have not followed the political thread much lately. I do plan to vote for Trump/Pence because I have always been able to compartmentalize in such a way that I am voting for Pence and for the Republican platform. I consider the possibility that under the circumstances of such high stakes that Trump may have been humbled and that would better qualify him for office. Only God knows about that at this point. But if he were to totally reform then the world would get a fishbowl picture of how that works, the difference following Jesus makes in a life. But I trust in God to allow Trump in if it is God’s will. I know that abortion is not God’s will so I will be voting against the democrat’s platform and their candidates. A vote for anyone else is, IMO, a vote for Hillary and abortion.

    When I say that I can compartmentalize, it has allowed me for years to pay taxes that I consider going 100% to support the programs that are not against God’s will. It works the same way with my vote this time around. Does anyone not pay taxes because a portion goes to things that are blatantly against God’s will?

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  18. Janice, I don’t think it is necessary to compartmentalize the fact that one pays taxes to a government that may or may not use the revenue correctly. The lawfulness of Christians paying taxes to a pagan government was long ago addressed by our Lord, who himself paid taxes to the Romans. In the second century A.D., when it was illegal to be a Christian, Justin (later surnamed Martyr after his death by execution) wrote an apology to the emperor Antoninus Pius, pleading that Christians be tried for the lawfulness of their actions, not their beliefs. He touched on the subject of how Christians pay taxes:
    And everywhere we, more readily than all men, endeavour to pay to those appointed by you the taxes both ordinary and extraordinary, as we have been taught by Him; for at that time some came to Him and asked Him, if one ought to pay tribute to Cæsar; and He answered, “Tell me, whose image does this coin bear?” And they said, “Cæsar’s;” And again He answered them, “Render therefore to Cæsar the things that are Cæsar’s, and to God the things that are God’s.” Whence to God alone we render worship, but in other things we gladly serve you, acknowledging you as kings and rulers of men, and praying that with your kingly power you be found to possess also sound judgment. But if you pay no regard to our prayers and frank explanations, we shall suffer no loss, since we believe (or rather, indeed, are persuaded) that every man will suffer punishment in eternal fire according to the merit of his deed, and will render account according to the power he has received from God, as Christ intimated when He said, “To whom God has given more, of him shall more be required.”
    Christians are not going to be held accountable for how the government of their countries spend the money they pay in taxes – the people who run the government are the ones who are accountable. When Paul told the Roman church to pay custom and tribute, he was writing under the government of Nero (Josephus, the Jewish historian who recorded the destruction of Jerusalem, recorded that it was Nero who appointed Festus, who was the second governor of Judah whom Paul appeared before to defend himself) and some of that custom and tribute would have supplied the funds for Nero’s wild and immoral carousing, not to mention other unjust actions by the Roman Empire. So, while we can certainly register our disapproval in lawful ways when our government misspends money (which could include voting for someone we think will do a better job if we live in a democracy), but the weight of the responsibility of where our taxes are spent is not ours to bear.

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  19. From Olasky and the editors at World Magazine:



    Eighteen years ago, a WORLD cover pictured President Bill Clinton next to the headline, “Time to Resign.” Clinton had denied having a sexual relationship with Monica Lewinsky, but her stained blue dress bearing Clinton’s DNA was proof that he had used his power for adulterous purposes, and then lied about it.

    This month a videotape showed Donald Trump making lewd remarks about groping women’s genitals. While many opponents over the past year have criticized Trump’s character, the video gave us new information about how Trump views power as a means to gratify himself. It raised further questions about how Trump would act if elected to the most powerful office in the world.

    Although WORLD over its 30 years has been more critical of Democrats than Republicans, particularly because of the abortion issue, we are not partisan. The standards we applied to Bill Clinton in 1998 are relevant to Donald Trump in 2016. A Clinton resignation would have been good for America’s moral standards in 1998. A Trump step-aside would be good for America’s moral standards in 2016. It’s still not too late to turn the current race between two unfit major party candidates into a contest fit for a great country.

    WE KNOW OUR SUGGESTION that Trump step aside will dismay many of his evangelical supporters, for whom we have high regard. We know they are not the “deplorables” Hillary Clinton despises. They are courageous Americans who realize the desperate situation we’re in because of judges and executive branch appointees who legislate, and a Congress that lets them get away with it.

    For many, Hillary Clinton’s platform is reason enough to support Trump. They and we see big media dumping on him and minimizing her offenses. Some conservative anti-Trumpism looks suspiciously like intellectual snobbery. Nor is Trump unique: John F. Kennedy was also a frequent adulterer. (Kennedy—sadly—made sin look like sophistication.)

    The prime reason evangelicals tend to support Trump is pragmatic. …

    …. Didn’t Trump’s earlier comments also reveal (a lack of character)? Sure. We value WORLD readers who concluded earlier that the honor of Christ made it necessary for Christians not to vote for Trump. We also value those who still plan to vote for Trump so as to vote for the Supreme Court. (We’re not sure we should trust Trump to come through on nominations: If a person is unfaithful to his spouse, he’s also likely to be unfaithful to his country.)

    The new video pushed theologian Wayne Grudem to withdraw his endorsement of Trump and urge him to drop out of the presidential race. The videotape, in the words of Albert Mohler, president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, “revealed a sexual predator, not merely a playboy.”

    In suggesting that Trump drop out and let someone else carry the campaign for the remaining weeks, we at WORLD are not endorsing any other Republican and certainly not Hillary Clinton. We also realize Trump is unlikely to heed our call. We’re aware of the practical difficulties in making a change at this point. …

    … WE KNOW THAT MANY CHRISTIANS, including some of our readers, will say that given the judicial stakes it’s wrong this year to draw a line in the sand. Our call for a different Republican candidate will lose us some readers and donors. But, standing before God, we cannot say that what WORLD argued concerning a Democrat in 1998 should not apply to a Republican in 2016.
    As the Clinton precedent shows, we set the stage for even worse behavior when we ignore blatant offenses. Our journalistic task is to call powerful people to account, regardless of their party, regardless of the politics of the moment.

    We don’t know if God will rescue our nation from the pit into which our politics have fallen. We don’t know if He will rescue WORLD from the ire some Trump supporters will feel. We hope and pray that He will—but if He doesn’t, He is still God, holding the future of individuals and nations in His hands. May His name be praised forever and ever.

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  20. Meanwhile, locally:

    1 detained as Trump supporters protest outside CNN building in Hollywood

    One person was taken into custody Monday evening during a pro-Donald Trump rally outside the CNN building in Hollywood. But it wasn’t a Trump supporter who was taken away in handcuffs by Los Angeles police, it was a woman who allegedly spat on one of the demonstrators, then dashed into a nearby coffee shop.


  21. Thank you, Roscuro. I believe what I wrote was a view I came up with early in my career before I was a Christian, and I did not like how the government spent my tax dollars. It is nice to be in community with people who have been Christians longer than I have. I am still learning every day.

    Since you don’t have the possibility to vote in our election, would you vote or sit this one out (from your point of view), and why?


  22. I am still curious, though … What do people want to replace the GOP? (I’m guessing there are Democrats who feel the same about their party.)

    Political parties are a mishmash, for the most part, and not typically corners for ideological purity (those are your third parties and they win no elections anywhere).

    They are coalitions of interests that overlap and may mostly (but not always) agree. To win national elections, there typically needs to be a bit of wiggle room when it comes acceptance of viewpoints.

    They include power brokers, influence peddlers, politicians with and without consciences, and a range of views that sometimes battle one another when it comes to party platforms, nominees, etc.

    I would agree that the Republican party (and what’s called ‘movement conservatism’ in general) has been woefully lacking a persuasive, intelligent and winsome leadership for some time. I don’t know how much of that is due to the party structure or leadership per se, but it has been a glaring shortcoming that needs to be addressed. Conservatives are now (and are usually) in a minority in this country. Liberalism is always the hipper, cooler thing to be, so it is an uphill struggle in the best of times.

    We’ll see if Trump’s attempt to go rogue and blow it all up pays off. My guess now is that it won’t.

    But I also think the party may learn some lessons from 2016 and find a fresh way forward more quickly than many think it will.


  23. I read the Sowell article and can’t help but think he sold his soul for the Supreme Court and his hatred for Clinton. Nothing else explains how he can misread Trumps admission of sexual assault as mere words. A man admits he can kiss women without permission, grab their genitalia, walk amongst half naked beauty pagents etc and Sowell considers it mere words? Is it delusion? Delibrate downplaying of a serious offense? Whatever caused this blindness, it demonstrates the depths some will descend in the political arena.

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  24. I read the Sowell article and can’t help but think he sold his soul for the Supreme Court and his hatred for Clinton. Nothing else explains how he can misread Trumps admission of sexual assault as mere words. A man admits he can kiss women without permission, grab their genitalia, walk amongst half naked beauty pagents etc and Sowell considers it mere words? Is it delusion? Delibrate downplaying of a serious offense? Whatever caused this blindness, it demonstrates the depths some will descend in the political arena.


  25. Ok. That was a weird double post.

    Some here talk about the better of two candidates. You know Clinton’s plan/ideas so you might gamble with Trump. In terms of foreign policy, that’s a horrible gamble but in the laat debate Trump revealed he may pose a domestic problem.

    When one threatens to jail your political opponent upon victory, we enter third world tin pot dictatorship. At the very least, Trump still won’t read the constitution. Obama despite pleas from some of his supporters did not investigate Bush or Cheney. He knew that would destroy the stability of the political system. Trump doesnt care…its all about himself.

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