32 thoughts on “News/Politics 10-7-16

  1. And yes, yes, yes — and Amen — to Ricky’s link at 8:32 — modern-day environmentalism is both a religion and “con game”


    I am a Conservationist. I am not an Environmentalist. What? Aren’t the two the same thing? No, they are not. In fact the two movements are diametrically opposed.

    John Muir was a Conservationist, not an Environmentalist. He saw the wilderness as a “primary source for understanding God: The Book of Nature.” Muir did not worship Nature, as modern environmentalists do. Muir worshiped God, the Judeo-Christian God. So, here is the difference: Conservation derives from the Hebrew Bible. Mankind is to be Stewards of the Land. We are charged to husband God’s creation. …

    Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2016/10/why_environmentalism_became_both_a_religion_and_a_con_game.html#ixzz4MPVpKNRm
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  2. another interesting excerpt from the above link:

    “Most everyone is insecure about something – about many things, perhaps. Long established religions have traditionally provided a framework for ordering one’s life and for reducing this natural sense of insecurity. As we have discovered, there is something about the post World War Two world that has, at least in the West, broken these traditional religious frameworks. Something happened during the war to cause people to no longer trust religious authority. Perhaps it was the sheer evil that was manifest and undeniable during those years of horror. The Cold War amplified that developing sense of insecurity. People started looking for something new to believe in – something that, once again, would provide spiritual tranquility.”


  3. And you all (am I turning southern or what??) have heard about the feud going on between Megyn Kelly & Sean Hannity, of course. Not only will this crazy election year possibly remake both major political parties; it will be fascinating to see what it does to Fox News in the aftermath.



    The big questions, I suppose, are whether Fox News is “big enough” for Kelly and Hannity and, if not, who will be the first to go. I would think that if Trump loses decisively, Hannity might be a casualty.

    What use would the network have for a commentator who shilled relentlessly for a defeated and discredited non-conservative candidate and who, undoubtedly, will spend the next few years accusing “the establishment” of “stabbing Trump in the back”? …

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  4. Donna,


    But if Trump wins……

    Then the dynamic changes, and it’s likely Kelly is out. (Don’t feel bad for her, every network will want her)

    The dynamic then is they’ll have Hannity, who’s obviously Trump’s preferred media person, to get them continued access to Trump. Trump will certainly be more favorable to Fox than the other networks who’ve made it their goal to destroy him.

    Fox wins either way.


  5. If you haven’t heard the tape of Trump describing (in X-rated detail) his technique for sexually assaulting women, that and the hurricane is all you will hear about this weekend. I hope all Christian Republicans will rise as one and demand that he withdraw from the race.


  6. I’m not so surprised at what Trump said as the fact that he said it hooked up to a mic.
    Can you imagine how smart you have to be to accomplish that?

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  7. Paul Ryan disinvited him from the event. It is the time for all decent Republicans to demand his withdrawal. The NeverTrumps have been proven entirely correct. There is no lesser of two evils. There is only evil: A person who brags about being a sexual predator and a person who was an accessory after the fact and an enabler of a sexual predator.

    Jerry Falwell, Jr. and Robert Jeffress need to apologize to their students and their congregation. Ben Carson and Mike Huckabee need to withdraw their support for this monster.

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  8. This may not matter anymore, but here it is anyway. . .

    “To the extent that Trump has a vision for the GOP, it is along the lines of Europe-style workers’ parties (his term) such as France’s National Front. This is an authoritarian, nationalistic, right-wing party whose main goal is to aggressively realign the economy around the interest of domestic workers by fanning the fires of xenophobia and protectionism. George Mason University’s Ilya Somin points out that such a party will have no use for federalism, separation of powers, and individual rights. To the contrary, such commitments are likely to be an impediment to its goals.

    “It is unclear what the full contours of Trump’s judicial philosophy would be, Somin notes, but they are likely to include sweeping executive powers, a narrow view of freedom of speech, and tight restrictions on civil liberties.”


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  9. Kizzie, That is what HRW has been saying. However, today’s events tell me Trump has the same vision as Bill Clinton. He wants a position of power so he can assault women.


  10. I know Trump has managed to survive all kinds of idiotic actions and remarks, but I really have the feeling this is it for him

    Wish there were a way to replace him, but I suppose he’d have to resign (unlikely) and what is\would be the process for replacing a nominee?

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  11. The RNC can replace him. All decent Republicans must denounce him and demand he resign. He needs to know that if he stays in, he will be humiliated in the election.

    Meanwhile, Hannity”s show was stunning. The man is Bagdad Bob or a stupid version of Joseph Goebbels. He spent his entire show attacking the Clintons and saying that “locker room talk” is no big deal. I have been in more locker rooms than Trump. Bragging about sexual assaults is not “locker room talk”.


  12. Ricky, I listened to the beginning of hannity’s show on the radio driving home and abruptly changed the channel when he started going off on Bill’s women — STOP

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  13. Trump’s apology was pathetic like the man himself. Now is the moment of truth for all Christian Republicans. Will you renounce the man who bragged that he can molest married women because he is a celebrity. Will you call on him to step down. All Republican leaders need to stand up. Rep. Comstock of Virginia has called on Trump to withdraw. She is like Travis at the Alamo. Who has the courage to stand with her? Ryan, Pence, Rubio, Huckabee and Carson, Are you men or mice?

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