72 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 10-6-16

  1. Thanks for your prayers. The meeting is done. I was very careful what I said and how I said it. I am emotionally drained.
    The principal is going to Australia tomorrow with someone who needs medical tests. She needs the break and it will give me a break. My friend who set aside the hour to pray in California said that she could feel that there was a real battle going on.

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  2. Good Morning!! Kare’s snow has made it to Colorado….here in the forest we are only seeing drizzle but Paul did see two snowflakes!!! 🙂
    That looks like Tess up there…such a beautiful smile ❤

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  3. I thought I would show you this. When you see the guy named Roland — He is convinced that he saw me one night wearing a leather vest for a top. I cannot convince him otherwise although I have never owned any piece of leather clothing except shoes, belt, or purse. The guy, Tony, throws a cast net by holding one of the leads in his teeth. You have to be REALLY good to do that or you could lose a couple of teeth. Page and Palette has already said they would like to have an author event for our favorite author.


  4. Donna, I haven’t participated in discussions about your remodeling. Because I know nothing about it. However, and I may have said this before:
    Never buy something on the basis that “it doesn’t show dirt”. Translation:
    “No matter what you do, it will never look clean.”
    It must have been a fad in the seventies. My kitchen and both baths floors look dirty. Bugs me no end.

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  5. I think you are right Chas.
    I do quite well at trivia. I have a vast storehouse of useless information floating around in my head. What is the acceptable fur to wear if in mourning? Sable of course. Where did the Banks live? Why that’s easy! No 17 Cherry Tree Lane. When I am sitting in my living room I can answer almost all of the Jeopardy questions. Does any of this knowledge help me pay my bills? Nope. Not a dime. As a matter of fact some of my Game Time Trivia COST me money.
    Many years ago a friend’s grandmother got into the final round of trying out for Jeopardy. She said it was a lot harder than you think. You first have to remember to push the buzzer, then you have to frame your answer with “What is…” She never made it to the show.

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  6. My medicine cabinets haven no mirrors….
    I wrote too soon…it is snowing big ‘ol flakes now and it is coming down fast…we won’t get six inches like Kare but I do believe we will have at least an inch…it is so pretty!!!

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  7. We’ve now had about 11 inches of heavy wet snow! The roads are worse than last night so I’m working from home today. I brought my laptop home with me last night just in case and my boss said when I texted him this morning: “good job planning ahead” 🙂

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  8. Oh and my medicine cabinet does not have a mirror – it’s a clean white 36″ tall cabinet from IKEA. Holds a lot. I didn’t need a mirror as I inherited my mom’s beautiful double bevelled edge mirror that she had in her dining room – looks like a piece of jewelry in my bathroom 🙂

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  9. If we get the funnies on Thursday, what difference does Friday make.?
    The most appropriate one was Trump shooting holes in his own boat.
    Friday morning will be busy for me.

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  10. Poor Tess, her shaved ‘do makes her look like a (cow)boy. 😦

    I love the cabinet (this is the new one I bought for the “new” 1923 bathroom look) but it does seem small to me compared to what’s in there now (a gigantic cabinet with an ugly mirror that covers the entire cabinet door). But that’s the idea, I think it will be more proportional to the tiny bathroom space and will fit well above what is a “petite” pedestal sink. At least that’s the hope.

    Once it’s in, it’ll be too late for second thoughts! But that’s partly why I went “small” in what I ordered — the large size of the same cabinet (and the large size of the pedestal sink I ordered) would have taken up the space that my current cabinet/sink do, and they’re really too big, floating way too close to the tub/shower area.

    So we’ll see …


    I feel like I’m flying blind in some of this, fingers crossed that all these pieces look like I hope they will. At least I had a “look” to copy (1920s) — and the help that’s available now on the Internet is really pretty amazing.

    And I’m reminded, too, that I have my grandfather’s “shaving” mirror that’s in the spare room (unused, it’s wrapped up). Maybe it’s time to make use of that somewhere in the house, my mom treasured that simple wood-framed mirror, it hung in our dining area in the house I grew up in.

    The snow sounds wonderful to me — we’re so hoping we get some decent rain this year out here in the land of drought.


  11. Trump shooting holes in his own boat, now that’s funny (because it’s so true!)

    Maybe he can head into this weekend with a smarter strategy.

    Only a month left, it will feel strange to have this election over with — although the national strife that is now our “new normal” will remain.

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  12. Tess and the Annie Oakley the cat will blend well in the new bathroom, which will be done in a lot of white with black accents. 🙂

    Bathroom ceiling light — should it be flush or semi-flush (with a little bit of a stem)? Or does it matter?


  13. Oh, that’s right. Today is Thursday. I have a Friday mindset since tomorrow is a day off for the students. Teachers have meetings all day, but I still think of today as Friday.

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  14. All of the bathroom lights I have seen (except those over a mirror) are flush mount. Semi flush just leaves space for dust to collect and in a bathroom with steam and the possibility of hair spray—who needs that headache.
    Michelle suggested a while back about putting in a fan. Did you look into that? It would pull moisture out of the air, help circulate air, and would make you less dependent on the window opening.

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  15. This from Drudge:
    President Barack Obama spoke to reporters on Wednesday afternoon on the Paris climate change agreement and, almost on cue, NBC’s Ron Allen connected global warming to Hurricane Matthew set to bear down on the Bahamas, the Carolinas, Georgia, and Florida.
    Speaking on MSNBC Live to host Kate Snow, Allen first gushed about how the President “believes so deeply in protecting the environment” that the deal marks “one of the most significant aspects of his legacy” before bringing in Hurricane Matthew as a intriguing “practical matter.” It was “what the president was talking about as the threat that the planet faces and this is what this whole climate agreement signed by 190 nations and now ratified by 60 or so is designed to stop.”

    They don’t realize that there were hurricanes before global warming?
    I have been through hurricanes. The first one was when I was twelve in Charleston.
    When I was working at the SCHD testing lab while going to school, a hurricane hit Myrtle Beach.
    Some of the guys had never been in a hurricane and went over there to experience it. I didn’t go.

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  16. Donna, I bought an outdoor light for my bathroom. None of the indoor fixtures seemed to work and I really like the look of the outside light – now it’s in my main bath and I love it!

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  17. Talk about climate change…it is now 39 degrees, snow is melted, sun shining brightly and crisp deep blue skies above….now that’s what I’m talking about!!
    I just received an email from Donald Trump…he would like me to attend his St Louis debate because I gave input on the types of questions he should address ( I also told him to tone it down and behave like an adult! ) All I have to do is send him at least $3.00 😛

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  18. In Nashville for several years I did an evening job for a few weeks each spring. After the dinner break we had a trivia game, with each row of tables competing against the others. So there might have been four teams with about six people on each team, something like that.

    To my shock, I was actually very good at whatever version of trivia they had. (I stink at Trivial Pursuit. I should be good at the “nature” category, but for that one too often they end up with nothing-to-do-with-nature questions like “Who played the mad scientist on such and such a TV show?”) But the trivia questions they had in whatever set they used had quite a few animal questions. (I even successfully challenged once when they didn’t accept one of our answers; the next night I took proof that it was an acceptable answer to the question, adding the point we should have gotten to our running total.) They had a fair amount of religious questions, which I nearly always knew, and so forth. In general I knew roughly half the questions or even a bit more.

    Sometimes it was funny when I knew the answer to a question but the team wasn’t sure. For one thing, we simply didn’t know each other well enough for the others to say, “If it’s a question about the Bible, defer to Cheryl. She knows the animal ones, too, and she also knows the ones about Chicago.”

    So, one time they asked, “What word, used in prayer, means ‘So be it’?” Well, that’s a super-easy one because it has two big clues, and immediately a couple of us said “Amen.” But someone else said, “It might be ‘Selah.'” Well, I’d already spoken up about an earlier question and told them why one of the choices worked and one didn’t. I could have said, “Amen is used in prayer, and Selah isn’t, and Amen means ‘So be it’ and no one knows what Selah means.” But I figured surely someone else will say those things, because this one really isn’t hard. But they “voted” and Selah was the answer we gave, and of course it was wrong.

    Another time they asked, “What person was considered ‘more popular than Jesus’ among Chicago teenagers in 1996?” (I’m not sure about the year, but somewhere in second half of the 1990s.) Well, that was a super-easy one to me, too, especially since in that year I was not only living in Chicago, but living in a black neighborhood, where Michael Jordan was almost worshiped. Someone guessed Michael Jordan and someone else said Oprah, and they weren’t sure which. But even if I hadn’t heard that phrase at the time it was said, I would have known the right answer, simply because Oprah was popular among middle-aged women but not among teenagers! My team decided to vote. So I raised my hand and said, “I was living in Chicago at the time. Can I vote twice?” I actually thought they might say, “Who do you think it was?” and I would have said, “Jordan–Oprah wasn’t all that popular among teens, but every teenage boy wanted to be Michael Jordan” and that would have made sense to them. But instead they did vote, and they asked me my vote so they could add it twice, and Jordan won and was of course the right answer.


  19. I posted this on FB, for those interested in my conversation. The good canon had a stroke and didn’t remember much, but he stuck to his message and repeated several times: Ephesians 4:32–be tenderhearted to one another!

    Here’s the rest:
    spoke with a lovely man, who had a stroke and “while his brain is there, it’s like a computer,” his son explained. “The surprisingly things will often just come out.” With a glorious British accent, he repeated several times, “EPH 4:32: be tenderhearted to one another.” He didn’t have many memories but said his mother was always quoting from My Utmost For His Highest. He’s only primary resource I’ve spoken with, though I exchanged emails with Brother Andrew.
    Like · Reply · 13 mins
    Michelle Ule
    Michelle Ule The son, grandson, of Eva Spink had more stories and it was a splendid 45 minute conversation with England. Curious, though, to discuss genealogy with a total stranger–and I knew almost as much about his family as he did! LOL. I love being a researcher, but it’s better when I don’t feel like a stalker . . . 🙂
    Like · Reply · 12 mins
    Michelle Ule
    Michelle Ule He met Biddy as a child at some point, doesn’t really remember–and why should he?–but I’m awed that I spoke with someone who spoke to Biddy who of course spoke to Oswald Chambers, who became a Christian through Charles Spurgeon.

    It feels like a connection to history this morning. 🙂

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  20. Thanks for light info — I’ll look into the fan

    Meanwhile my car won’t start so I’m waiting for a tow to the mechanic’s

    Climate change has been going on, let’s see, ever since the world began?

    Its become a political cause, we have very little scientific ability to project decades ahead. But the catastrophic mindset has become almost a religion

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  21. My husband bought a handy-dandy new tool. A few months ago he was removing some paint, and I mentioned a drill attachment that’s a sander, and he looked into it and got one, and it saved him a lot of work. Well, we have a tub that has gotten very seriously dirty through the years. (Iron in the water here stains badly, and that bathroom had some young residents who didn’t scrub it as much as they might have done, or more likely not at all.) Well, everyone in the family has gotten into the task of cleaning that tub this summer, but it has a layer that simply refuses to come off. And it occurred to him that they just might make scrubbing attachments for drills, so he looked into it, and sure enough, you can get several different varieties of brushes and pads. So right now he is “drilling” with his cordless drill in the girls’ bathroom, and earlier he got the spot around our own tub drain that just would not come clean for me. If anyone has a bathroom that has such impossible spots in it, and of course a tub or sink that isn’t vinyl, it might be worth looking up. Check out drillbrush.com.

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  22. Battery is new, oil light goes on though — I still get power, just nothing in engine turnover

    My mechanic is just a few blocks away and they usually have loaners


  23. It is getting dark outside….I think a see a few snowflakelettes….the climate is a changin’ again!
    Praying for my loved ones in FL and Myrtle Beach….sis and brother in law and their kiddos live in St Augustine and Jacksonville…and precious friends in Myrtle Beach are preparing for the effects as well….I am sure the bordering storms will be hitting around you as well will they not Janice?


  24. Battery checked out fine, and I replaced the alternator fairly recently — so the working assumption (until mechanic knows otherwise) is the starter.

    Mechanic had a loaner available, CRV, so I was able to get in to work.

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  25. Working from home is boring – no one to talk to. I’m pretty much done everything I can from home – deleted lots of emails, cleaned up my desk top, archived last years information. Hmmm….what now?

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  26. I work from home all the time, too. I take little breaks to go for a walk, or put in a load of laundry, or have a snack, or check the blog. And sometimes I’m not as productive as I might be as a result. (It’s easier when the work is rather steady and I stay in the habit of doing it!)


  27. Or this could be what’s wrong since I have one of those keys (still haven’t heard from mechanic):

    Many vehicles have a special ignition key that is electronically coded to start your vehicle. If the key or the system is having problems, the symptom may be the same as a faulty starter.

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  28. DJ, I hear that is a problem with the newer push start cars. The starter “reads” the key. So it is possible that you can be at home with your car in the garage and your key in the house and your car will start. When you leave the grocery story and your key is still in your house your car won’t start. I don’t trust the push start cars. The key to my new to me car is a gigantic black key. It looks like some sort of hard plastic and goes into the ignition. I still like a metal key and really wish we still had the kind that if you lost the spare you could go have one made.


  29. OK, so the official diagnosis is some plastic gizmo in the steering column broke and so the start gears aren’t turning. Gizmo needs replacing. There’s a $129 kit for that.


  30. Janice, I have my Keva, but he’s flaked out on his bed and just looks at me as I go by (unless I open a package that sounds like the cheese package).

    I have managed to give my bathroom a deep clean (on my “lunch hour”) which hasn’t happened since May!! I’ve also stripped and remade the bed, but with the winter quilt – summer quilt is washed and in the dryer. Oh and I’m roasting beef bones in the oven – I guess I’ll make stock with them too. I’ll make a nice meatloaf for supper with roasted potatoes and carrots – not something we usually get when I’m at work.

    I may need to head outside and check how deep the snow is now and see if the plough has gone by yet.


  31. I had a ‘keyless’ ignition on a loaner once, very weird.

    I have what’s called a sentinel key — so it has to be pushed to unlock doors, ignition, etc. I’ve had the car now for 8 years so it’s probably a bit worn. I remember buying a spare at the Jeep dealership when i got the car but I have no clue what I would have done with it. 🙂

    Kare, sounds like your house will smell yummy by tonight.


  32. I guess the city is getting ready to enforce its “Unreasonable Water Use Amendment to the City’s Mandatory Water Conservation Ordinance”

    Monthly fines start at $1,000.

    But I did get a free tree from them.


  33. Kevin, on the boundary of Prince Albert National Park, Saskatchewan – my work, which is 20 minutes east of me got 14 inches.

    And my day isn’t so boring anymore – one of the bones fell off the top of the pile and leaked juice all over the oven bottom – windows are wide open to clear the smoke. It’s a good thing it’s slightly above freezing or my furnace couldn’t keep up.

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  34. Ugh – it’s so burnt on and I don’t have oven cleaner, nor do I have time to use the self clean. Guess I scrub.


  35. It looks like today is a bad day for cars. 😦

    Cheryl’s car, our only car, broke down a few miles from home today. We had it towed to my brother in laws shop. He’ll look at it tomorrow and let us know the verdict. 😦

    So she will be working from home tomorrow. We’re not sure if we should get a rental or not. so the sooner we know the issue and price, the better. We knew we’d need a new car soon, but didn’t want it to be this soon. Plus we had hoped to keep her’s as a second car, so who knows. We’ll see.

    Prayer would be appreciated. Thanks.

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  36. About the dog next door who barked for five hours yesterday morning. They were taking the dog out for a walk when I got home, and I didn’t ever get over to their house later. But we’ve heard nary a peep from the dog or seen it since. Perhaps they were dog-sitting. Thanks to those who shared their ideas on it.

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  37. I wish I could work from home, but that’s kind of hard for a teacher. I suppose I could use Skype or some other online video chat program. Hmm. “Hey Mr Superintendent: I’ll take a cut in pay if I can teach form home!” Think that would work?

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  38. NOTE TO AJ, Chas, Mumsee, Kbells and Janice: You need to re-choose your pick for game #9 in the Pigskin Picks. Tychicus caught an error in my pick, noting that the UTSA vs Rice game is next weekend, not this one. Please select between UTSA and Southern Mississippi. My apologies for being imperfect.

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  39. Oh Kare, get Chery’s drill scrubber!

    Picked up the Jeep, cost $350, could have been worse.

    My friend/ex roommate — they just got a very large inheritance from his dad — just bought a new car, 3 rows of seats (for grandkids) all the bells and whistles — moonroof, sunroof, visual navigation system. Sounds sweet.

    Got home to chat with neighbor (who leans toward paranoia when it comes to crime) — she said some suspicious characters parked right in front of my house today, so she made a Uturn (she was on her way out somewhere), drove into my driveway and they took off.

    I probably don’t worry enough about being broken into. But then again … We’re not supposed to worry.

    I lock my doors but otherwise my place is probably easy to get into. Thankful for watchful neighbors (they have surveillance cameras now, too!)

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  40. Faucets and accessories (towel rail & ring, vintage glass shelf …) ordered.

    On to light fixtures

    Then tile/beadboard

    And that should (I think?) just about do it.

    Oh, not quite — still have to figure out a window.



  41. Donna, I used to have neighbors who had a note on their door with “Premises under surveillance” and some clip art of a camera. Only they didn’t have a security camera, so I guess I must have been their surveillance. (They traveled a lot, and I did watch over their place, including putting packages into their house if they weren’t home when something was delivered.)


  42. My neighbors have surveillance cameras, including some pointed right onto my driveway — so it’s legit for me to claim they’re being “watched” 🙂

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  43. We have a problem. We have a couple of trees we need to cut down so they don’t fall on the house. They are mostly dead locusts. But, I have reason to believe there is a wild honey bee hive in one of them and we don’t want to take their winter supply of honey and leave them to starve. They are hard workers and worthy of their pay.

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  44. Mumsee, if you cut the tree and the honey spills, they will collect it and move it. The issue is more finding a new nest than having their honey taken.


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